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The iPhone and iPad can be very helpful to a person with a hearing disability. Not only do these apps help them communicate, but they are also good at teaching their friends and family skills like sign language. If you have a hearing impairment , or are the parent or friend of someone who does, take a moment and see what we found when we set out to create this category.

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Released: 2011-11-09

Download Size: 1.34 mb

EasyHearingAid is an application to assist hearing impaired people with different sound frequencies.

EasyHearingAid is designed for people who have recently started to develop hearing loss in one or both ears.
Using headphones, your iOS devices mic, and the apps simple interface, you can easily adjust sound frequencies to obtain your optimal listening experience.To help with a serious conversation with a colleague at work or just chatting with friends, EasyHearingAid can assist you.

People with no hearing impairment can also use EasyHearingAid to experience a loss of hearing. If a friend or family member has recently developed a hearing impairment, this can assist in the understanding of what they are going through.

Linked with Facebook, you can share your experience of using EasyHearingAid directly through the apps interface.Message from the creator:

After loosing hearing in my right ear, I started frequently attended rehabilitation programs to try to deal and improve the problem. I thought it would be wonderful if an application could assist in this rehabilitation, so EasyHearAid was born.
Please note:

This is not a hearing aid.Effects will vary for each individual.
Technical functions:Frequency adjustment for each output : Classification 13
Output settings store and call : 3
Output volume adjustments : 5 levels
Designed in Japan.
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Released: 2011-08-16

Download Size: 30.73 mb

Hearing Aid TicTacToe

Students with hearing loss will learn the basic vocabulary and functions of the parts of their hearing aids to report problems. This ability is important to develop to assure that a student with hearing loss has equal access in the classroom as mandated by IDEA 2004. This is a fun way to learn about hearing aids using picture, label or function card decks. A Matching Game is also included for a total of four different games. Answers are provided. Data sheet and sample IEP goals can be downloaded from the website.

Appropriate for Grades: Preschool – 8
Number of Players: 2-4

At Rule the School we believe in fostering the independence of students with hearing loss through self-advocacy. Visit us at www.rule-the-school.com.
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Released: 2012-07-24

Download Size: 30.82 mb

Keep informed on important announcements wherever you are.

Now the 3 million Australians with hearing loss can no longer miss information typically delivered by audio or loudspeaker announcements!

Receive pop up messages to your phone by time and location, to keep up to date with the most current announcements– while you are out and about.

For instance, people with hearing loss in Victoria can receive bushfire alerts.

• Set categories of interest useful to you
• Search other areas or allow the app to follow you as you move
• Post alerts and share information to the community by location and time
• Available in multiple languages at the click of a button!

Now with added features:

• Flashing visual alerts in colours that you choose, by connecting a Wi-Fi lightbulbs to your setup at home.
• Choose to show an indoor map for detailed posts at selected venues, similar to a shopping centre directory.
• Automatic prompts within a specific location, targeted to a select group of people as they move about

“After a road accident in my area, the app kept me safe and away from bad traffic” - Joe

OpenAccess Alerts is a multiple award winner by Conexu.

Winner 2011 Telstra Innovation Challenge
Winner 2012 Excellence in Social Participation award by National Disability Services.

Also used as the Official App of the 2012 Australian Deaf Games, the pinnacle sports event for the Deaf community.

Powered by Conexu

NB: continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
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Released: 2011-08-16

Download Size: 69.94 mb

Rule the School Self-Advocacy Board Game © 2008 Monica Faherty

Students with hearing loss must have the knowledge and ability to speak up for themselves and their needs in regular classrooms in order to have equal access to their educational environment as mandated by IDEA 2004. Teach and practice basic knowledge and socially appropriate ways for students with hearing loss to advocate for themselves. Students learn and review vocabulary such as middle ear, audiogram, etc. and problem solve commonly occurring scenarios in a board game format. Data sheets and sample IEP goals can be downloaded from www.rule-the-school.com. The game can be individualized by using only the vocabulary and challenges applicable to your student or child.

Appropriate for: Grades 2 through High School and Parent Education
Number of Players: 2

Rule the School believes in helping students with hearing loss learn to help themselves. Visit us at www.rule-the-school.com.
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Released: 2009-08-16

Download Size: 6.11 mb

Here is an easy way to learn the American Sign Language Alphabet.

Have you ever wanted to be able to spell in sign language? Here is your chance. This app helps you learn the essentials of sign language quickly.

In the game mode you have increasingly more difficult levels that will enable you to identify all characters in an instant. You have 30 seconds to recognize as many signs correctly as you can. Identify more than 20 correctly and the next level will be unlocked.

Tap the reverse button to switch between sign language view and alphabet view.

Make it a multiplayer game: Give your iPad to a friend and start spelling words. Have your friend identify what you are spelling by simply pressing the corresponding buttons.


Visit WWW.BIDBOX.COM for more great apps
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Released: 2011-05-10

Download Size: 18.03 mb

Signing Savvy Member App is for members of Signing Savvy. Signing Savvy is a complete sign language resource that includes a sign language dictionary containing several thousand high-resolution videos of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs used within the United States and Canada. Signing Savvy also includes a host of resources and tools to use while learning sign language.

The Signing Savvy Member app includes a subset of the member features available in a streamlined fashion on your mobile device. The app features the ability to search for and view thousands of high-quality sign videos, build your own vocabulary word lists and share them with other members, view other members shared word lists, create virtual flash cards out of word lists to practice your signing, and much more.

If you are a full member on Signing Savvy, you can login and use all the features of this mobile app. If you are not yet a full member, you can use this app to view the Signing Savvy Sign of the Day.
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