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To stay on top of your profession, today's hair stylists need to keep informed and organized. These hair stylist apps can help you organize your appointments, show you new and trending styles, and learn tips and tricks from some of the world's most famous hair stylists. Don't be left in the dust by your competition……. Keep moving forward, keep growing, stay organized, and never stop learning …………..

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Released: 2012-05-12

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Actual users feedback:
"Great tips on everyday women lives"
“Omg so much fun, educational and entertaining! Thanks for all your work to make this.”
“This app has been my guide for a lot of things such as helping me with my diet and eating well , style and fashion tips.”
“This is seriously the best thing that ever happened to me! I'm completely obsessed because it has EVERYTHING!”
“There's no trash, pointless information or junk. This app only consists of interesting facts, styles, news and advice. This is a girls bestfriend in an app”

The Allwome app is like a subscription to a glossy women’s magazine, but better, faster, easier, and constantly bringing you new tips and tricks when ever you are . 25 million women are visiting the site and app each month to get the latest in love, fashion, beauty (hair&makeup), style, dating and women’s health. From the hottest date spots to what to wear when you’re there, from cocktails for your next girl’s night in to easy man-friendly dinner options, allwomenstalk is your go-to spot for suggestions and advice.

With more than two million downloads, allwome is a featured app in almost 100 counties as

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Over 50 thousand articles for the stylish and successful woman are already available for allwome readers, and new content is being added every day. Join the big community to read, share, and discuss articles like these few hottest topics:

+ 65 Fast Ways To Lose Weight
+ 27 Recipes for Homemade Hair Growth Treatments ...
+ 22 Best Exercises For A Perfect Bottom
+ 20 Tips on How To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You
+ 42 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Looks to Try ...

You can easily share your favorite allwome articles with other stylish friends via Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.

Over 200 talented contributors are constantly bringing you the best content in popular categories:

* Love
- relationship advice, from flirting and dating to LTRs and proposals

* Beauty
- makeup advices, beauty tips on how to play up your best assets and how to be beautiful every day

* Fashion
- the latest fashion trends, style tips, the hottest designers, and how to make every style work

* Dieting
- easy diets to try, healthy lifestyle advice, and fad diets to avoid

* Travel
- travel tips, exotic destinations, and advice on what to do when you get there

* Health
- get the latest on mental, physical, and emotional health info and tips for women

* Lifestyle
- fun DIY products, book reviews, decor, cooking and other lifestyle topics

* Makeup
- easy application tips, dramatic evening looks, and beauty product reviews

* Hair
- stunning hair styles and the most flattering cuts for your style

* Money
- tips on where to spend, save, and splurge to get the most out of your paycheck

* Movies
- whether you love new blockbusters or old classics, we’ve got you covered

* Celebrities
- get gossip, celebrities news, and little known facts about all your favorite stars and celebs

* Accessories
- the best jewelry, bags, and shoes, and where to find them

Please get it touch if you have any ideas, feedback, issues via app@allwomenstalk.com
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Released: 2012-11-27

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Find your perfect HairStyle here!

Finally, the ‘oh-well-this-will-have-to-do’ times are over and gone for men’s hair styles. We are glad. Styling is not only for women any more. Men also do more than just towel their hair dry. Look at our gallery of the trendiest men’s hair styles. They are as wearable as they are easy to care for. This leaves time for the important things in life.

This app is full of cute trendy haircut ideas for boys and guys. Learn hair care, styling tips, and browse pictures gallery of popular hot mens hair styles from short to long, from straight to curly, from classic to the latest modern hairstyles.

View the best men's hairstyles for 2012 and 2013. From short and cropped to long and blown-back, we have all of the best men's hairstyle options for you.
The app includes: The latest news in men's style and fashion trends, plus menswear designer fashion shows, grooming tips, and the best and worst dressed celebrity men; The latest men's clothing styles, fashion trends, and tips.
Haircut trends for 2013
Slick Comb Over
Short Crop
Quirky Quiff
Medium and Messy
Long and Parted
Chic Shaved
and etc
The latest news in men's style and fashion trends, plus menswear designer fashion shows, grooming tips, and the best and worst dressed celebrity men.

NOTE: The application doesn't require internet connection or wifi.


★ 2012 & 2013 hairstyle trends!
★ Men's Hair Styling Guides & Tips!
★ Allow to save your favorite styles!
★ Haircut Ideas, Celebrity Hairstyles, Fashion & Grooming!
★ The Coolest Hairstyles for Men!
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Released: 2012-12-10

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Understanding the needs of today’s modern professionals, at The Barber Club we provide a wide range of services to help make sure you’re always smart, well groomed and ready for business.

Whether you’re just in need of a general tidy up ready for your next meeting, some relaxation with our signature corporate image style haircuts services or a modern, textured haircuts, The Barber Club has just the thing.

The BARBER CLUB team is a leading group of professional barbers and artistic hairstylist offering quality services.
We believe that customers should be able to enjoy a friendly environment service.

The BARBER CLUB shop is designed with you in mind!
You’ll notice the difference the moment you walk in the door. There is a big screen T.V in the waiting area, fresh Magazines and the Memorabilia through out the store.

Sensible pricing, convenient hours, and a staff trained in customer service for guys hair grooming.
The BARBER CLUB concept is unlike any other salon in Australia. Since we’re a hair salon specializing in men’s haircuts, you can rest assured you’ll get a great cut every time.

With the Barber Club, you can :
1) Receive latest offers via Push Messages
2) Use our Loyalty coupons to get freebies
3) Capture a hairstyle that you'd like to style
4) Use our inbuilt QR scanner to get specials
5) Get the latest on men's grooming
6) See our image Gallery for some new Styles
7) Book for our services from your mobile device.Synch your appointments with your device calender.
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