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We put together a round-up of some great dog and cat apps that are sure to please. Are you having problems with your dog chewing or jumping up on your favorite chair ? Want to train your cat better ? There is plenty or info here that will help you tame even the most unruly little critter. Download a dog app or a cat app and take control of your pet. Or just download some of the other cool and funny apps we compiled for you.

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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2011-01-07

Download Size: 14.98 mb

A very cute and addictive spot the difference game. Spot all differences in random pictures and beat the highscore.
Enjoy beautiful pictures of cats and kittens and beat todays highscore!

Uses Gamecenter: Beat todays, this weeks and the overall highscores.

Also make sure to check out our other(spot the difference) games!
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2009-11-11

Download Size: 37.31 mb

Discover the ADDICTIVE GAME that keeps you guessing about dogs.

LEARN ABOUT DOG BREEDS: from beagles to rottweilers through visual recognition.

FUN MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ format tracks your progress as you go. The app keeps you challenged by remembering what you got right and wrong!

*NEW* FLASHCARD QUIZ lets you really test your knowledge of the dog breeds.

BROWSE & SEARCH FOR THE DOGS YOU LOVE to learn more about the breed's history and facts.

AMAZING PICTURES of a large variety of dogs that inspire learning.


There is no better or easier way to introduce yourself to the world of canines!

You won't want to put it down once you start!


- PROGRESS TRACKING with stats & auto save

- BROWSE & SEARCH lets you look at all the dogs


- LOTS OF FUN! And you're learning!
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2011-01-12

Download Size: 26.81 mb

A very simple, easy to use cat clicker iPhone and iPad app for clicker training cats (or dogs). Or your husband or wife : ) I pretty sure it won't work with kids, though!

How it works:
When you touch the paw on the screen, your iPhone/iPad "plays" the clicker sound. You can choose different colors for the paw on the screen and set the background to either black or white.

You can also train your cat by making it touch the screen of your iPhone/iPad with its paw, this way the clicker sound will be perfectly timed with the desired action.

The iPhone/iPad cat clicker app also includes short instructions on how to clicker train your cat and photos showing cats being clicker trained with this app.
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