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Today, it seems like everyone wants to take better care of themselves. A healthy body leads to a better quality of life, as well as helping the body to fight off disease and many forms of cancer. With many different approaches to getting fit and staying active, people are turning to, and creating more creative ways that keep things always fresh and fun. Cross Training is the art of combining a number of sport activities into one comprehensive training regiment. Different sports require and build only on certain muscles while other muscles are not used as much. By training in multiple activities like running, biking, swimming, climbing, martial arts, or wrestling, the cross trainer develops all disciplines thereby raising and increasing that persons overall fitness ten fold. These cross-training apps help keep people informed with good advice, things to watch out for, methods and ways to better one's training. If you are serious about cross training, these apps for your Apple device are sure to come in handy.

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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2012-12-14

Download Size: 403.82 mb

The trend-setter for effective whole-body training for men and women – variation and fun factor guaranteed. Your personal coach Calistix puts together a virtually unlimited number of workouts out of more than 200 exercises for you. Tailor-made and sport-methodically sensible. Each workout and every goal get customized to your needs while always involving all your muscle groups and body parts. No more one-sided workouts that let you miss the desired effect of an attractively well-shaped body! Calistix is the key to more muscular strengths, stamina, balance and a holistically better well-being.

Top features **PREMIUM full version**:

-More than 200 exercises for power, stamina and balance (incl. warm-ups & cool-downs)/ all sport scientifically tested and approved by fitness professionals
-Tailor-made, sport-methodically sensible workouts
-Selective workout length: 5, 10 or 15 minutes/ all exercises also available separately
-Specially designed exercises for men and women, male-/female-mode changeable any time
-Complete voice-over for all exercises, goal announcements and operation tips, as if your personal trainer was right next to you
-All exercises with full text instruction regarding the starting position, movement and claimed muscle groups
-Customized goal setting and power motivation via audio that boosts the fun factor
-Innovative news & reward system: get pulsating pro tips and stunning rewards as you keep training continuously with Calistix
-As reward you may also receive new exercises for download – guaranteed WITHOUT In App Purchase
-Motivating Calistix soundtrack that dynamically adjusts to the exercises in the workouts over and over afresh. Alternatively u may also choose to listen to your own songs via iPod during your training.
-Presentation of your workout results in 20 strikingly deep statistics (Current/Week/Month/Year and Overall statistics for training time, exercises, reps, workouts, difficulty level, goals and claimed muscle groups)
-Integrated BMI calculator and indication of calorie consumption
-Complete Facebook integration – share your statistics, rewards and individual comments on exercises with your friends on Facebook (incl. posts-preview-function)
-Simple notification system, that reminds you on your workouts at a designated time
-State-of-the-art design for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 with stylish and animated graphics
-Portrait and landscape mode for all exercises and workouts available – for an ideal training experience
-Ease of operation
-Fully operational without internet connection
-Available languages: English, German, Russian & Chinese, changeable any time via your iPhone settings

Follow the fitness trend and train your body holistically fit. With Calistix – Proud to Bfit.
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Released: 2013-04-11

Download Size: 51.91 mb

Learn the most effective full body workout in less time than you thought possible.

Whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran...

This is the ONLY app you will ever need to get into amazing shape, fast!

Features :

8 Rock Solid Full Body Workout Videos
Pre-Set workouts with 3 difficulty settings
Personal Coach with Voice Instructions
High Quality HD Videos
Developed by a Certified Personal Trainer

5 STARS!!! - "Building me up - I like it a lot it's great fun and fast, I look good." - Fabion Wiggins from the UK
5 STARS!!! - "Loved it - Amazing, I'm in love with this app" - JuNogueira95 from Portugal
5 STARS!!! - "Nice - Simple and effective" - jswilkins1 from the US

Circuit Training 360° Free is the only app you'll need to burn fat and build muscles.

We have the most user-friendly interface that allows you to follow along and do an intense workout at your level and pace.

Our proven system allows you to build muscle and tone your entire body in just minutes per day.

•If you like Full Circuit Training FREE, check out the full version which features:
More workouts
Random & custom workouts
Landscape mode
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2013-04-02

Download Size: 51.34 mb


Want to learn the most effective way to do workout your entire body in the shortest amount of time possible?

Whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran...

This is the ONLY app you will ever need to get into amazing shape, fast!


Features :
24 Rock Solid Full Body Workout Videos
Pre-Set workouts with 3 difficulty settings
Personal Coach with Voice Instructions
High Quality HD Videos
Developed by a Certified Personal Trainer

5 STARS!!! - "I just started using this app and I can honestly say the training is the real deal! Feeling the burn even on the beginner course."
5 STARS!!! - "The advanced workout is seriously hardcore…anyone thinking you can't get a solid workout from an app needs to this first."
5 STARS!!! - "Feeling the burn baby..and I love it!"

Circuit Training 360° Pro is the only app you'll need to burn fat and build muscles.

We have the most user-friendly interface that allows you to follow along and do an intense workout at your level and pace.

Our proven system allows you to build muscle and tone your entire body in just minutes per day.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2011-11-10

Download Size: 21.09 mb

★★★★★ "If Apple made a fitness app, this is what it would look like."
★★★★★ "Simply the best gym app available"
★★★★★ "It's the perfect app!"

★★★★ "...it's a comprehensive selection of fitness based tools that makes it great for exercise fans." - 148Apps.com

★★★★ "Those serious about working out and tracking their activities should leave their log book at home" - Apptudes.com


FitnessFast makes it easy to track all your fitness activities in one place. With FitnessFast it's easy to stay focused, track your progress, discuss and engage with other members.

Recording and tracking have never been this easy. With the most features, best tools and, fast and seamless interface, FitnessFast makes logging your workout session a breeze.


✔ Exercise library with instructions and animations (Cardio, Abs, Arms, Back, Chest, Legs, Shoulders).
✔ Create custom exercises with custom notes.
✔ Add custom photos to each exercise.

✔ Pre-built workout library - comprehensive and well thought out routines to keep you going.
✔ Create custom workouts.
✔ Set reminders for each workout.
✔ Advance features - notes, target sets and reps, supersets, 1RM calculator and workout summary.
✔ Track daily workout time – track the total time you spent in the gym.
✔ Auto Rest Timer customized for each exercise – timer between sets.

✔ Track daily sleep.
✔ See how sleep affects your workout or body weight.

Body stats:
✔ Track full body metrics (weight, chest arms, etc).
✔ Add photos (Photo blog) to track progress.
✔ Auto calculate your BMI, Body fat and Lean body mass.

✔ Graph everything - workouts, exercises and body stats.
✔ Advance graphs for in-depth analysis.

Community Forum:
✔ Share and interact with fellow FitnessFast members.

✔ Share via Facebook and Twitter.

Export and Import
✔ Export and import full database file.
✔ Export data as CSV file via email.

Enjoy your workouts.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2012-04-18

Download Size: 28.72 mb

FitPlay brings you the best workout and fitness videos from the world’s best coaches. The high quality video workouts cover a broad spectrum of activities to improve your strength and health including:
- Cycling
- Treadmill running
- Yoga
- Kettlebells
- Soccer
- Tennis
- Golf, and more

Our coaches include the best in the world including Ironman Triathlon competitor Troy Jacobson, pro sports trainer Mark Verstegen, kettlebell expert and physical therapist Missy Beaver, and more. The workouts and training routines you’ll find with FitPlay include the same workouts practiced by Baltimore Ravens football star Ray Lewis, Gold Medal Olympians, baseball greats. From Crossfit to Spinervals, some of the best workout methods are here.

In addition to workouts you can do at home or on the road, FitPlay includes free preview content and fitness related help videos covering injury reduction, nutrition, and general health.

Hours of high quality workout videos
Free video previews and samples
Fullscreen video playback
Workout tips and inspiration
Stream videos anytime
AirPlay support: play videos from iPhone or iPad on your AppleTV
Restore existing workout purchases anytime
Direct feedback to the FitPlay team

FitPlay is the best way to lose weight, reduce aches & pains, boost your energy, get stronger, improve flexibility, get faster, boost endurance, and improve your health.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2011-06-25

Download Size: 74.33 mb

Chosen by Apple as New & Noteworthy and a Health & Fitness app of the year!

"You don't need any exercise equipment for this program, but expect to use every part of your body" – LifeHacker.com

"Gorilla Workout is a real-life, workout video game for men and women. As you exercise, you pass its fitness levels. So kicking your own butt actually feels fun and rewarding." - BloodSweatAndCheers.com


Welcome to Gorilla Workout, the all bodyweight exercise program used by over 1,000,000+ people across the globe. We've been translated into 5 different languages; praised by Apple, CNN, Lifehacker, and countless fitness blogs; and we're available on practically every device available for one reason: We're the simplest and most effective solution for getting fit using just your own bodyweight. After your first workout, you'll know why!

Our daily bodyweight only workout routines combine cardio and strength training interchangeably, to achieve maximum results in a short amount of time. Each exercise targets specific muscle groups to help you strengthen and tone your core, abs, chest, back, arms, and legs, and lose fat. With no need for gyms or fancy equipment, every workout can be done in the smallest of spaces and in practically any location. This is the perfect fitness app for people who want to get into seriously great shape, lose weight, and gain strength without breaking the bank.

In addition to the Gorilla Workout program, we also release specialized Signature Workouts once a month. These programs help you focus and attain specific goals such as 100 Pushups, 200 Situps, 25 Pullups and 200 Squats to help you reach your highest potential.


- 40+ bodyweight exercises including push ups, squats, and burpees

- 4 fitness levels so no matter what kind of shape you're in you're guaranteed a great workout

- Cross training to maximize cardio and strength

- Easy to follow day-by-day workout regimen containing hundreds of unique workout routines based on your fitness level

- Real life video demonstrations and detailed text description of each exercise

- Full body workouts that will target upper body, lower body, and core while also vastly improving your cardio endurance

- Social abilities like sharing via facebook and twitter

- Gorilla Workout is a global app, so once you purchase you get it on all your devices (iTouch, iPhone, iPad, iWatch)


Gorilla Workout contains 4 levels that provide different workouts depending on your current fitness level. Level 1 is for those of you who are just getting into the fitness game and will have you starting with exercises like wall push ups, air squats, and lunges. Level 4 is for the extremely athletic type, where you'll be performing intense exercises like burpees, pistols, and one arm push ups.

Every exercise comes with a detailed text description on the muscle group worked, how to perform each movement of the exercise, and even contains a video of a real person performing the exercise so you can always ensure your form is right.

You'll start at Day 1 in each level and work your way through a day-by-day workout routine that will push you to make it to the next level. Once completing a workout you can share on sites like Facebook or Twitter to get encouragement and motivation, or for bragging rights if you’re competing amongst friends.

These workouts were designed to work every muscle group, so strength and muscle gains will be easily attainable in muscles like arms, abs, chest, back, and legs. Gorilla Workout is not only about strength and size though. Each workout will vastly improve attributes like agility, vertical leap, and cardio endurance.

Don't forget to like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/gorillaworkout and follow us on Twitter @GorillaWorkout https://twitter.com/#!/GorillaWorkout
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2013-07-19

Download Size: 47.52 mb

iGrade is the top collaboration App assisting Personal Trainers and Members manage their Schedule, Practices, Results, Competitions, Attendance and overall Communication.

iGrade can be used by Personal Trainers or members individually or in collaboration with each others.

- Unlimited Members, Groups, Activities and Categories
- Multi weight Results with 7 Results Types
- Attendance Module
- Notes with Text, Audio, Video and Photo attachments
- Members mass email
- Members Import (CSV, Text File)
- In App Tutorial
- Universal Support (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Premium Subscriber Functionalities (requires a recurring monthly In-App Purchase of $.99 per month):
- Sharing and Synchronization Function
- Cloud Sync and Data Storage
- Real Time Statistics
- Member Report Card, PDF email or AirPrint
- Customizable Events Tracking
- Data Import, Export, Backup and Restore in the Cloud

Privacy Policy: http://zyscompany.com/content/privacypolicy
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2012-10-19

Download Size: 59.64 mb

Build muscle and shed fat with the most advanced and best reviewed kettlebell app on the market
Whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran...
This is the ONLY app you will ever need for your kettlebell workout!

Features :
10 Beginner Exercises
10 Intermediate Exercises (Watch video carefully to see intermediate exercise variation)
10 Advanced Exercises (Watch video carefully to see advanced exercise variation)
30 Total Rock Solid Kettlebell Workout Videos!

Pre-Set workouts with 3 difficulty settings
Personal Coach with Voice Instructions
High Quality HD Videos
Developed by Chris Dill an Agatsu Certified Kettlebell Coach and Certified Kettlebell Training Specialist (KBTS)

5 STARS!!! - "Brilliant! - Fantastic app, well worth paying and upgrading to the pro. Really good for beginner kettle bell users and then you can progress through the levels as you improve. I use this app 3 times a week when I do my kettle bell training and it's really great." -Cfp30 from the UK
5 STARS!!! - "Great App! - Such a user friendly App! I love it and can't wait to show some mates!" - Simmo587 from Australia
5 STARS!!! - "Superb App - The KettleBell Workout App will kick your *ss. I don't know if I'ver ever had a workout this good in my life. Not only do I love the information in this app, but I'm also hooked on the videos. It's obvious a lot of time was spent making this app. Download this app and get on the path to changing your life." - Ac0704 from the US

Kettlebell 360° Training System is the only app you'll need to lose weight, get toned, or build muscle.
We have the most user-friendly interface that allows you to follow along and workout at your level and pace.
Our proven system allows you to strengthen your entire body in just minutes per day.
Download the KettleBell Workout 360 Pro App now!
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2013-02-16

Download Size: 34.16 mb

Want to improve your technique in your favorite sport? Maybe get stronger or faster or jump higher?  Whatever your goal, ProTips4U can help.  This new app offers sports training instructional videos from the nation’s top athletes, coaches and trainers.  No matter your age or sport, our training tips will take your game – and your workout -- to the next level!  ProTips4U features training and workout videos for baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer, boxing and MMA along with 20 other sports.  You can also order autographed memorabilia and view interviews with your favorite sports stars.

Check out just a few of our more than 110 Pro Tips coaches:

Football – Arian Foster
Basketball – Paul George
Baseball – Hanley Ramirez
Hockey – Dustin Brown
Soccer – Abby Wambach
Track & Field – Bryan Clay
Tennis – Tracy Austin
Rollerblading – Chris Haffey
Fencing – Mariel Zagunis
Billiards – Jeanette Lee (“The Black Widow”)
Swimming – Rebecca Soni
Bodybuilding – Ronnie Coleman
MMA – Cung Le
Boxing – Floyd Mayweather, Sr.

Take it from soccer superstar Abby Wambach: “If you’re learning from the pros, you’re learning the best information.  ProTips4U can help you be the best you can be.”
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2011-11-02

Download Size: 4.87 mb

Tek:Fit is the most advanced app dedicated to the Crossfit community to date.

If you live far from a Crossfit affiliate, travel frequently, or don’t have regular access to
the internet, but still want to be able to keep up with your workouts, then this is the app
for you.

If you want to log your workouts, graph them to see your performance over time, as well
as see reports on your overall performance, then this is a great app for you.

This app was developed with the Crossfit user in mind. We queried trainers, experienced
athletes, as well as newbies and asked what they wanted in an ideal fitness app.

As a result, Tek:Fit is intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to find your workout, get
the necessary timers, log your workout and graph your performance with just a few

You can choose a workout by name, the type of exercise you want to do, the kind of
equipment you have available, or by workout length.

You can even scale the intensity of your workout to customize it exactly for your needs.

There are 200 workouts in the database and more will be added in the future.

There are countdown timers, a stopwatch and specialized timers for the most common
Crossfit workouts like tabata, tabata this, tabata something else, and Fight Gone Bad.

The stopwatch and countdown timers have a voice prompt every 30 seconds that tell you
you how much time has elapsed so you don't have to stare at your phone anymore. Just
plug in your headphones, put on some tunes and the app will interrupt your song, notify
you of the elapsed time, and then continue playing your music.

If you workout with a friend, you two can focus on spotting each other and just let the
timers tell you the elapsed time through your speakers.

We are not affiliated or endorsed by Crossfit HQ.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2013-06-26

Download Size: 7.44 mb

Do you lose track of where you are in your workout? Or have to keep staring at a clock on the wall? And you don't have the patience to play with some fancy app with all the features you'll never use.

Focus on the workout, and let TimedTrainer handle notifying you when to move onto the next exercise.

Even while it's locked, and while you're playing music, TimedTrainer lets you track your Crossfit, HIT, or Tabata workouts.

TimedTrainer is designed specifically to create your workout in just a few seconds, so you don't waste your time fiddling around with your phone instead.

There are no frills, and the idea is very simple and flexible for all your workout needs.
1. You create a new workout, and add intervals/rounds.
2. Each round has a duration and an optional rest period.
3. You can have unlimited rounds in a workout, and then repeat/loop it unlimited number of times.

For example, today I feel bloated, so I want to work on my core. How about I create a "Bloat Buster" workout that has:
- A minute of crunches
- 30 second plank, rest for 5 seconds cause planks hurt!
- A minute of bicycle kicks
Let's repeat that 5 times, and go!

Swift, Sleek, and Smooth, that’s what we are aiming for, and I bet you are too.

TimedTrainer is great for:
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Weight Lifting
Martial arts drills
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2009-12-14

Download Size: 22.04 mb


UltraTrainer is your virtual coach, trainer, and training partner. It is a revolutionary timer which was not available previously on any mobile device.

There are two types of intervals which can be mixed in UltraTrainer:
- Traditional Intervals
- Randomized Action Intervals

In a traditional interval, the interval is a specified duration. This is what you would normally expect from an interval timer. Routines such as Tabata, HIIT, etc, are incredibly easy to setup and modify.

The Randomized Action Intervals is where UltraTrainer truly breaks new ground. UltraTrainer will call out Actions for you to perform in random order AND at random times that you control.

For example, if you are shadow boxing or hitting the heavy bag, you would normally think of a combination of punches and throw them. Instead of consciously coming up with the combination, UltraTrainer can tell you what punches to throw. It can call out 'JAB!', then a second later 'JAB CROSS!', then a second and a half later, 'CROSS HOOK!', until the interval ends.

This is how UltraTrainer can be your virtual coach/trainer/training-partner: you can not train reactionary reflexes without somebody or something telling you what to do in random order and at random times.

Martial artists can work on reflexes by creating timers that randomize movement ("Forward!", "Backwards!") and actions ("Sprawl!").

Cyclists can simulate mountain road courses by setting up intervals that randomize pedaling speed.

Crossfit athletes make HEAVY use of timers for quick high-intensity workouts. The sample timer "Fight Gone Horribly Wrong" is based on "Fight Gone Bad" but with a twist. Each of the 5 stations is called out in random order and the duration at each station is randomized between 20 seconds and 1 minute. The result? A franticly paced workout because you never REALLY know when the next station will be called out so you have to try to completely exert yourself at the current station.

For a complete workout, you can set up a Timer Group which will play individual timers back to back. Start out with your favorite Warm Up timer, then run through your favorite Training timer, and end with a Stretching timer. UltraTrainer will run you through your full workout automatically.

Exclusive to our products, users can browse the Timer Exchange, a community where people freely exchange timers. Search, browse, and download timers that other users have uploaded. If you want, you can upload your own timers to share with others.

You can also trade timers directly with a friend using E-mail, or the clipboard to transfer them other ways.

UltraTrainer can be used for martial arts, mma, boxing, bjj, circuit training, interval training (Tabata, HIIT), Crossfit, yoga, meditation, cycling, running / sprinting, swimming, time-management, multi-stage recipes for cooking, weight lifting, stretching, and anything else you might be able to think of. As you can see, UltraTrainer can be used in all sorts of situations.

Features in UltraTrainer:
- Timer Exchange community
- Runs in the background
- Random interval actions
- Copy/Paste Intervals and Actions
- Rearrange intervals
- Delayed start time
- Over 70 included sounds
- Record your own sounds
- Large portrait or landscape countdown timer display
- Help system explains each option on the current screen
- iPod music playback control lets you pause/play the current track or move to the next track from the countdown timer screen
- Pause the timer to temporarily halt the activity
- Timer state is saved if interrupted
- Will still run if screen is locked
- Intuitive setup
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-10-22

Download Size: 91.13 mb

Fresh, fun workouts at your fingertips! Use Workout Trainer to get in *your best shape* with thousands of multimedia workouts and custom training programs. Workout Trainer is a TOP app in the App Store -- download it now for FREE!

Whether you like doing bodyweight workouts at home or lifting weights at the gym, Workout Trainer will help you get and stay fit with thousands of workouts just for you. Our expert coaches will guide you through every exercise with timed, step-by-step audio, photo and video instruction - complete with the motivation you need to crush your fitness goals! Choose your area of focus: weight loss, chiseled abs, tight glutes, strength training, yoga & more.

Take advantage of these awesome features to help you lose weight, tone up, and get strong:
• Follow along as our coaches guide you with audio instructions and progress cues
• See beautiful exercise photos and videos that explain every move
• Complete our free virtual fitness assessment for tailored recommendations
• Schedule workouts and get reminders on your iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch
• Fresh content with Workout of the Week challenges + new programs
• Enroll in custom training programs that help you achieve your goals
• Create your own workouts: use our exercise library with instant audio
• Learn new exercises or perfect your form with Exercise 101
• Follow our TRAINERS who post workouts, tips & photos to help you stay motivated
• Share workouts via Text Message, Email, Facebook and Twitter
• Play your favorite music while working out (Spotify, etc.)
• Discover our 20 million member community of exercisers
• Try workouts from the community


NEW: Stay on track and reach your 2017 fitness goals faster with the support of a dedicated trainer. Browse through hundreds of real coaches and select your perfect match for 1:1 Online Personal Training. Get started with the flexibility and affordability you need, for as little as $30/week. That's a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal trainer at the gym!

Our trainer tools help you coach your clients near and far!
⊕ Build your brand with an innovative Trainer profile that showcases your specialties
⊕ Grow your business with our Online Personal Training marketplace - it's easy & FREE!
⊕ Take on remote clients in your off hours and earn extra income
⊕ Maximize your time by creating and sending easy-to-follow workouts
⊕ Use our extensive 2000+ exercise library or add your own moves
⊕ Track client progress and hold them accountable in a fun way
⊕ Connect with Skimble's 20 million member community
⊕ Learn tips & tricks from other experts!

Sign up as a 'FITNESS PROFESSIONAL' to set up your free TRAINER profile!!!

Workout Trainer can synchronize your calories burned during workouts to the Health app on your device. Everything tracked in Skimble's Workout Trainer app also syncs with the www.skimble.com website so you can connect with the active community that has made Workout Trainer a top free iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch app in Healthcare & Fitness.

Optional: Unlock the full experience with a PRO+ membership! Bonus: new subscribers can enjoy a risk-free 7-day trial period. After the trial, your iTunes Account will be billed $6.99 per month. This auto-renewing subscription gives you access to everything in the app, including existing and new custom training programs developed by our certified personal trainers. This subscription will automatically renew within 24-hours prior to the end of each billing period and may be managed by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

Privacy Policy: http://www.skimble.com/privacy & Terms of Service: http://www.skimble.com/terms

* What are you waiting for? Download WORKOUT TRAINER and let's go! *
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