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Released: 2012-01-11

Download Size: 6.87 mb

Drinking is addictive.
But playing Drinking Games by App Holdings takes you far beyond than getting addicted to drinking!

You’ll find yourself glued to your phone all day long playing different games on this app every hour. There is no time for boredom with this app on your phone. Pass time at school, office or home. Share the fun with your friends. Happiness and hangover is contagious.

The new version 2.1 comes with a bundle of surprises.

•30 new dares for custom games
•Made compatible with iOS 8
•And many other general improvements on looks, feel and performance
•Spin the bottle now to booze!

Booze like a boss and bust all your stress.

This is by far the best app of its kind in the market. Let us tell you why:
•It is a free app. Drink to dirt for no cash. Purchase the full app to hit the best hangovers ever!
•It comes with the biggest collection of games available in the market
•Frequent updates will keep you from the boredom of playing the same game everyday
•Positive customer feedbacks
•Fair advertising policy for the free version of the app
•It is a whole package of fun that comes in a small app (6.6 MB) which will not eat your memory
•This app is designed with catchy simple graphics to make it run smoothly on your handset.
•Available in 16 languages including English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish and Traditional Chinese.

Free version of the app comes with
•100+ free drinking games
•Option to play a random game by simply shaking the phone
•Free decks of cards
•Free coin simulator
•5 in 1 App games
•Option to save to favorites

Full version offers you
•Over 250+ drinking games
•No Ads or banners
•Free disc simulator (up to 6)
•Unlimited access to future updates
•Unlimited app games

This app is solely created for purpose of fun and entertainment. It does not glorify drinking nor alcoholism. Nor do we advocate the abuse of alcoholic beverages of any brand in specific.
We recommend this game only for adults over the legal drinking age of the respective country.
We offer no warranty for the information provided in this app, either expressed or implied.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-01-25

Download Size: 0.19 mb

The famous sexy dice landed on your mobile in a soft version for lesbians and gay! Spice up your evenings and your married life. The principle is simple: to shake or touch the "actions" and "body parts". Very comprehensive with 10 shares tender or 11 body parts among the most erogenous!

Here are the possibilities for action:

- Fondling
- Kiss
- Touch
- Lick
- Massage
- Tickle
- Chew
- Blow
- Flick
- Pinch
- Fondling

And body parts:

- Breast / Torso
- Back
- Buttocks
- Lips
- Stands
- Belly
- Neck
- Hands
- Legs
- Earrings
- Sex ...

Tip: To hear the sound of the dice Put your iPhone ringtone. Good fun and feel free to leave your comments and suggestions, thank you.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-10-27

Download Size: 26.81 mb

⌦ Game in 3D
⌦ Movement of dices in real-time

2 games in 1 for your biggest pleasure.

A combination of the famous hot dice rogues.

Spice up your evenings with your partner.

The purpose is simple: shake.

Sex Dice 3D Lite : 2 progressive levels.

More than 12 possibilities for the actions.

More than 12 possibilities for parts of the body.

You can CHANGE LEVEL with the heart of the thermometer (slide)... Give free to your imagination….. and if you like this app please rate it...

"Sex Dice 3D Lite" works with Iphone 4/Iphone 3GS/Iphone 3G/Itouch and Ipad.

⌦(5 Stars) "Woo HooooWoooo..... YeAeh HaaaahhH..?!"
Jade Prest (United Kingdom)
5th Jan 2011

⌦(5 Stars) "This game is hella decent!"
ShesAVeryFreakyGirl (United States)
6th Feb 2011

⌦(4 Stars) "Tres bien!"
Alwksia4636 (Canada)
29th Dec 2010

⌦(5 Stars) "Genial! Après une soirée bien arrosée nous connaissons bcp mieux nos
voisins!!!!! HOT HOT HOT APP"
Loulou11200 (France)
12th Dec 2010

⌦(5 Stars) "Jeu très bien fait, amusant coquin... +++"
DeJenny (France)
21st Dec 2010
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2011-05-05

Download Size: 13.65 mb

Love Dice are funny and sexy…

Pure erotic: No matter whether you want to get in touch with someone through a funny dice game, want to spice up your sex life or as a fun game at parties: the love dice just make a lot of fun and are always good for a surprise.

By shaking or tapping the dice are moved and the words on the dice (body part + action) create sometimes funny, sometimes highly erotic combinations.

As a highlight, you can choose from many color combinations (dice and background).

As additional functions, you can change the words on the dice by yourself (eg for an X-rated version), or add a third dice to the game (way of behaviour)
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2012-02-26

Download Size: 7.63 mb

★★★ 5.000.000 users can't be wrong!
This app will turn any boring party into a fascinating and fun evening…


This app comes from the developers with top hits like "Adult truth or dare" and a lot other successful party apps!

Everyone knows them, everyone has played them before: party drinking games! Included are the world's six most popular drinking games, each with its own look and gameplay!

The following 6 games are programmed individually and now together in this awesome party app:







We want to strongly point out that all players of all those games must be at least 18 (21) years old and are aware of the danger of alcoholic drinks. Who takes alcohol to a large extent risks the health. Who is playing drinking games, must deal responsibility with this topic. We recommend drinking games exclusively with soft drinks/water/milk, etc… to play. We accept no liability for any damages, injuries or illnesses to persons or objects of any kind!
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2009-02-04

Download Size: 187.12 mb

Easily the best “Beer” App you can have and the by far the most fun. Stop playing against yourself and compete against the world! Start with training yourself via the 33 Single Player difficulty levels all against 11 unique characters! No more playing a empty room! Unlock characters as you progress in the game, each harder then the last.

Beer Pong has Real Money Tournaments & Multiplayer via Skillz! Compete against your fellow Beer Pong Fanatics in 1 vs 1 real money games. Bet as little as .60 a game to $12 a game for a chance to win $20! Besides that , we have weekly tournaments with cash prizes! The next level of mobile gaming has arrived.

With so much to do you will not put this game down.

Unlock more tables to play with in game, purchase specialty tables, or even better unlock all tables at one low price. Of course we can't forget the all new drunkenness effects.


Real Money Tournaments & Multiplayer via Skillz!

Career Single Player - Now based on progressive difficulty increase with 33 levels and 11 unique characters

MultiPlayer – Play Against a friend with Pass and Play locally.

Online Play – Real Money Tournaments & Multiplayer via Skillz!

Table Selection – 20 different tables to choose from, unlock, and buy.

Single Player – Play 11 different AI Challengers all with different abilities.

Music – 3 different tracks to choose from or turn off completely.

Drunkenness – The more cups you have to drink in a game the more the camera sways and tilts as if you were drunk!
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-12-01

Download Size: 18.8 mb


Some people just don't know when to call it quits. Millions of you tapped Tipsy home in Done Drinking. Well, Tipsy's gone and done it again, and this time he's not alone.

Hellooooooo...Lola! Take the lovely lady for a stroll - how far can you get with her? Lola's not your type? Try Clumsy Monkey?

Still not satisfied? Tag a friend in. Make your mark, snap and send it!

Done Drinking Deluxe includes JVL's unique Global Leader Board - an exciting way to see how you measure up against the world's best!


* More characters with "create your own" option
* Snap + Send: email screenshots to friends and family
* Post your scores to JVL's unique Global Leader Board - compete, compare, conquer!

Join our community at:

Find us on Facebook at:

Follow us on Twitter at:

Visit us on YouTube at:
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2013-01-10

Download Size: 18.51 mb

See how dropping a glass size could improve your looks over 10 years

Magic mirror which shows the user how much better they will look if they drink less alcohol.

Developed for the Scottish Government in their "Drop a Glass Size" campaign.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-07-07

Download Size: 2.39 mb

iDrinking Games helps you break the ice and bring life to the party with these all time favorite drinking games and tons of new ones.

With more than 100 different games to choose from, choose from card games, dice, coing games and more. Review the rules or learn a new one and let the party begin!

Create your own collection of games and save them in the FAVORITES file.

Share games with your friends with FACEBOOK option!

We recommend these games to be used with alcoholic beverages, this way you´re guaranteed to have the party of the century. You can´t resist!
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2013-02-13

Download Size: 37.69 mb

Drink Two is a drinking game, for sure there is no doubt. For those who like to party, come see what it's about. There's drinking, kissing, stripping too - all the things you like to do. And if you're shy, have no fear! That's why God invented beer. : )

New in version 4.1, choose from two game modes - "Classic" and "Everyone who... Drink Two."

** If you want to use user generated "Everyone Who... Drink Two" cards in either game mode, you must have iCloud Drive turned on in your phone's Settings and it must be enabled for Drink Two. **

Classic Game Mode

How to win

Everybody starts as a freshman and the player who graduates first wins. But just like in real college, it's not about who graduates first, but who has the most fun along the way.

The symbols on the game board determine what happens when you land on them. Land on a star and you’ll receive a Challenge Card. After seeing the Challenge, you get to choose who you’re going to compete against. If it’s a Staring Contest, you might pick Julie but if it’s Thumb Wresting, you might pick Brian. The winner gains 3 credits while the loser drops 2.

Land on a magic hat and you pull a Spell Card. It might entitle you to a one minute Massage from the player of your choice or perhaps it will let you choose two players to Slow Dance for a minute. There are seven delicious spells in the game you’ll never know what you’re gonna get until the card flips over.

Land on a beer mug and get ready to learn about your fellow players. For example, "Everyone who might be up for a sleepover tonight, Drink Two!" Or, "Everyone who may one day be open to the possibility of a threesome, Drink Two!" The Everyone Who… Drink Two’s get racier as the game progresses so expect Senior Year to be quite personal.

See that picture of Mugsy in the upper left corner of the game board where he has four arms? Tap him to bring up the House Rules. That’s where you get to decide how much extra drinking and stripping is going to happen in your game.

Tap the Mugsy in the upper right corner to access your game's settings, which includes creating your own "Everyone who... Drink Two" cards.

One thing is for sure - every time you play Drink Two Classic, something amazing and memorable will happen!

Everyone Who... Game Mode

To start the game, each player creates their own "Everyone who... Drink Two" card and shares it with the world.

How to win

Pull user generated "Everyone Who... Drink Two" cards one at a time.

The first player to drink 10 times wins!

It's a simple game that can be played anywhere.

Let me know if you have any requests for improvements in either game mode and I'll get them into the next update: Justin@DrinkTwo.com.

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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2012-10-26

Download Size: 22.23 mb

Welcome to Ring Of Fire! The world famous party game! (Also known as kings).

Haven't got a deck of cards for your party? No problem, just download this app for an instant game of Ring Of Fire on the go.

With smooth graphics, clear text and easy controls, the only thing you'll need to do is make sure your party guests aren't texting your friends while you're not looking ;)

This app was formerly published by Daniel Johnston, and is now owned by Chequered Ink Ltd.
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-02-23

Download Size: 4.48 mb

GET INSPIRED WITH A LOVED ONE TODAY by joining over 9,000,000 people who have already spiced up their sex lives!

* * * * *
"Every time I whip this app out my girl's eyes light up" -Nater1067

* * * * *
"Easily the best sex position app out there. Full descriptions and pictures. Easy to select different positions. THE BEST" -undreamtHYPE

◆ 26 fully illustrated positions (upgrade for all 115!)
◆ Helpful descriptions for every position
◆ Organized into 7 categories
◆ Streamlined, easy-to-use interface
◆ Optimized for the best performance
◆ Save your favorite positions
◆ Share positions via email and Twitter
◆ Randomly cycle through all positions (try shaking for a new position!)
◆ Threesome positions: a 69 Positions™ EXCLUSIVE!

Upgrading bonuses:
◈ Over 110+ excellent positions (and more with future updates!)
◈ Optional passcode lock
◈ Check off completed positions
◈ Send feedback/suggestions within the app
◈ Priority updates
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2009-12-22

Download Size: 1.81 mb

Adult foreplay game to enhance intimacy.

- Over 70 sensual actions.

- Levels of intimacy to allow actions to build upon each other.

- Actions by gender.

- Supports two or more players.

- Add or customize your own actions.

- Enable or disable players or actions.

- Two play types - random selection or turn based.

- Customizable action duration.

- Password protection.

- Best features, graphics and actions of any app on the store!!!
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2011-05-22

Download Size: 13.74 mb

Hot Sex Game Special Edition

Hot Sex:
★Multiple Players
✮ Adult Sex Fun
✮ Designed for Men and Women
✮ Professional design
✮ Kamasutra Sex Music included to set the mood.
➥ Random Sex Acts
➥Record your Sex Acts.

The Hottest Sex Game.- MILLENNIUM REVIEWS 2011

Download today and start having a fun sex life...
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iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-03-23

Download Size: 54.39 mb

iSexSpinner is a unique way to search, find and learn more about sex positions, and play with your partner. The two spinning wheels represent the two sexes and as you roll them with your fingers the man and woman join in the way the body postures indicate.
● 100+ sex positions
 (full version) ● Retina compatible brilliant HD illustrations, the best on AppStore! ● Motion Picture effect as spinning positions ● New CALENDAR to record events
 ● New PARTNER CONTACT LIST with photo ●

Quite easy and straightforward to browse and find visually any positions based on the postures of the two sexes. Touching the screen you can find a description with customizable names for easy understanding.

iSexSpinner is not just one of the most comprehensive collection of 100+ sex positions, but you can learn more about the historical background of the positions based on the ancient text of the indian Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga or the arabic The Perfumes Garden, with practical advices to experience multiorgasms.

● Unique spinner browsing by body postures

● 100+ beautiful illustrated (and exciting) sex positions
 (full version)
● NEW Motion Picture effect as spinning positions
● Unique extreme sex positions
 as all possible postures paired
● Calendar to record your delightful events with notes and safe sex indication
● Position categories from exotic to 69
● save your favorites
● add notes to position or event
● Descriptions by players’ names

● Unique gameplay to spin up your sexual life

● Customizable by gender and name

● Share your position by user defined name to poke friends

● Facebook compatible, share your position with friends
● Special never seen User interface with colored wheel
● smoothing background music

BUY FULL version for:
● Position Spinner Game
● Sex Diary calendar with unlimited events
● More 100+ positions

More then 10 millions user, one of the first on AppStore! Try why iSexSpinner is one of the most popular worldwide!
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(74 user ratings)

iPad iPhone iPod 

Released: 2010-06-29

Download Size: 34.06 mb

The new and improved Position Decider game! Now with even more sex positions. Check it out, its free.

Challenge yourself to memorize all 150+ positions. It won't be easy, but it also won't be boring.
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