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4th of July

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Released: 2013-07-19

Download Size: 101.15 mb

It's the 4th of July and we'd like to celebrate it with you. All of our funny characters want to join you to celebrate this very special day, so from each of their habitats they are waiting for you to make all of the fireworks explode.
Download the app and join us!!!!

Note: it works placing the device over the image marker that you can download for free in the following link:

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Released: 2013-06-07

Download Size: 12.5 mb

Festively salute the USA by playing 4th of July Solitaire!

Enjoy klondike solitaire, spider solitaire, freecell solitaire, yukon solitaire, and even more, all for free!
This free card game comes with beautiful, easy-to-read cards, and a full-screen layout that makes it easy to play on any device! You'll be shooting fireworks off for this amazing solitaire app!

• Classic Solitaire (Klondike)
• Freecell
• Spider Solitaire
• 9 GREAT games in all!
• Playable in landscape AND portrait mode
• Undo Button
• Patriotic 4th of July Theme!
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Released: 2013-06-29

Download Size: 44.75 mb

Take stunning pictures of a live background with your own custom fireworks. Celebrate Independence Day with us and get this beautiful app for FREE for a limited time!
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Released: 2012-06-20

Download Size: 30.73 mb

Celebrate your independence with 4th of July Mahjong!

With 11 challenging and layouts, great sounds, and patriotic backgrounds and tiles, you'll feel like lighting off fireworks all year long!

4th of July Mahjong features:

• 11 fun 4th of July themed puzzles
• Undo button
• Shuffle button
• High score and best time saved for each layout
• Easy-to-use interface
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Released: 2013-07-02

Download Size: 7.73 mb

* Enjoy July 4 with your kids
* Perfect app for smaller children
* Learn about the USA and its history in a playful way
* Have fun drawing and coloring!

With this fun game for small children and children, you can learn about the USA and its symbols and icons in a playful way. Just tap the respective picture and start drawing and coloring. This is fun for the whole family.

- iPad/iPhone compatible
- Optimized for Retina display
- Select colors and brushes
- Send image to email/twitter
- Save image with or without background
- Undo, erase and delete
- Load own pictures from camera
- Regular updates
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Released: 2011-06-28

Download Size: 3.53 mb

M.A.S.H. 4th July is a fun twist on the classic fortune telling game, MASH (mansion, apartment, shack, house). Find out about your 4th of July barbecue where hilarious things may happen! Will Nick Cannon stop by with cupcakes or will Cody Simpson sing a song for you? Only this game can tell.

Proudly featured by Apple in New and Noteworthy in Kids and Games!

Try all of the mash games:
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Released: 2012-07-03

Download Size: 73.38 mb

Happy New Years!
Happy 4th of July!
Happy Birthday!

No matter what day you are celebrating, Musical Fireworks 3 is here to help!

Create and share firework shows with friends and family!
Includes 14 gorgeous backgrounds and 1 animating background!
Includes 9 wonderful songs including “Saints” and “Happy Birthday”!
Supports iPhone and iPad. Perfect on the iPhone X edge-to-edge display!

Oh, and did we mention VR?! A great way to try out your new VR headset!
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Released: 2012-07-04

Download Size: 4.2 mb

** 67% OFF TODAY ONLY **
** SAVE $2 **

** #1 Bestseller Fireworks App in US **

AppAdvice on 07/04/2012:
"Real Fireworks Artwork 4-in-1 is the most realistic fireworks simulator out there (sound effects included)."

AppleNApps on 07/04/2012:
"A Fireworks app that offers the best simulated fireworks on iOS."

AppSafari on 01/02/2012:
"INNOVATTY, LLC has done a fantastic job with the graphics and audio; it is almost like viewing an actual fireworks show."

From the creators of Real Fireworks Artwork 4-in-1 app for iPad comes Real Fireworks Artwork Visualizer app for iPhone; The most realistic fireworks app that creating a spectacular and mesmerizing fireworks show like never seen before. The app is also an interactive visualizer that responds smoothly and beautifully to swipe gesture. Moreover, the app allows for screenshot capture giving users the ability to create stunning and cool wallpapers. Last and not least, the app is an amazing drawing pad that allows for creating awesome artwork with different colors and glow. The whole family will enjoy it.

Get this app now and start have fun ...

Main Features:
- Customizable Realistic Fireworks Show
- Interactive and Fun Visualizer
- Cool Wallpapers Maker
- Amazing Drawing Pad

Other Features:
- Screenshot Capture and Sharing
- Smooth Graphics
- Awesome Glow
- Multi-Color
- Easy to Use

- Presettings
- Color Mode
- Tail Length
- Fireworks Size
- Particles Size
- Gravity
- Auto-Play
- Sticky Touch
- Fireworks Sound

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- Instagram
- Tumblr
- Flickr
- Email

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