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by Anthony Byrne

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Download size: 52.48MB
Version: 1.6
Released: 2012-11-19
For ages: 4+


The best sheet music reader for the iPad and iPhone keeps getting better. RealTunes is your assistant for creating your own virtual fake book in which you can view and listen to examples of all the music in your library.

Your Library
RealTunes includes a handful of public domain example files to get you started. RealTunes also includes indexes (by title and composer) for the Real Book CD-ROM series (PDFs not included). PDF files from the CD-ROMs, as well as your own PDF music files, can be easily downloaded via Dropbox onto your iOS devices where you can view, print, and organize your music in any way you like.

The PDF content for the Real Book CD-ROM series is not provided with RealTunes! That material is under copyright and must be purchased separately by the user. Once obtained, the CD-ROM content can easily be downloaded into RealTunes via Dropbox.

Dropbox Integration
Content can easily be downloaded from your Dropbox folder (a Dropbox account is required). This includes Real Book Volumes 1-3 CD-ROM content as well as your own PDF sheet music files.

iTunes Integration
Browse, preview, and purchase titles from your RealTunes library in the iTunes Store. Search for and listen to titles from your device music library while viewing the sheet music in RealTunes.

Other Features
• Organize your music the way you want with Tune Lists. Make your own lists as easily as creating a playlist in iTunes.
• Tune Info Editing - For any user files you have added, you may now edit the title as well as add composer information.
• Thumbnail Scrolling - For multi-page PDF files, you can quickly scroll through thumbnail images to get right to the page you want.
• AirTurn Pedal - Support for the AirTurn page turning pedals has been improved.
• iTunes Integration - Searching and previewing of titles in the iTunes Store has been much improved.
• Contextual Help - Much of the Help content is now available right in the places where you need it. Just look for the help icon on any screen.

Whether you are a beginning student or a seasoned professional musician, RealTunes is your study guide for the vast repertoire that makes up the jazz idiom.


• The CD-ROM content for the Real Book series is not required nor provided with RealTunes

• RealTunes is available in many countries. The selection of music in the iTunes store may vary by country

• Downloading from Dropbox requires a Dropbox account and Internet access

• Some PDF documents may not be compatible with RealTunes
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Customer Reviews
Just don't get it

Like another review, I spent several days know trying to get this working, with no success. I am missing something but I have no idea what.

Do not waist your money!

Not sure what good this app is for other than it getting you to spend $4.99 for no content. Meh!

Great app - especially for students of jazz

This app is so much better than looking through the books. A real timesaver.

Awful app

I played with this app for 3 hrs attempting to load titles... After no success at all.... I contacted via email.. The response was pretty prompt. I was given the same instruction as in the directions and videos.. I noticed the video asked for cd rom's... I was told that the material was copy written and that I need to make direct purchases for any music... The cost per book was 29.95. No cheaper tHan the hard copies I already own. Complete rip off

No tunes

No music comes with this app!! You have to pay $20-40 to buy and download each book!!!

IOS 8.0 Completely messed up this app

I’ve been using this app for a long time. The IOS 8 downgrade put a keyboard in the middle of my songs and the keyboard won’t go away. I have a show tomorrow, and I’m having to print out songs the old way. Thanks a lot, Apple.

Difficult to Load

You have to load tunes from Dropbox. So I paid to download all the Real Books online. I tried to transfer from Dropbox, but the PDF file names don't match this apps' designated file names so it won't load, leaving the app useless for me. Disappointed.

Great App!

I love this app and how I can study tunes while riding the train or in my down time when I'm unable to practice on my instrument. It also takes me to the iTunes store so I can hear other versions of the tunes. I have been turned on to a lot of different artists and have increased my music library. LOVE IT! Looking forward to updates.

Useful and Fun App

Real Tunes is great. It is a lot of fun to discover forgotten songs in my library and hear new versions of these classics via iTunes. Sure beats having to lug around those books. Nifty integration with DropBox that works very well.