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iTunes U

by Apple

(683 user ratings)


Download size: 53.72MB
Version: 3.6
Released: 2012-01-19
For ages: 4+


iTunes U provides everything an instructor needs to bring the classroom together on iPad—build lessons with apps and your own materials, collect and grade assignments from students, start class discussions or talk with students one-on-one to answer questions and provide feedback.

iTunes U also allows anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to learn from a large collection of free education content via public courses from leading schools, universities, museums, and cultural institutions.

For Instructors:
• Plan lessons, grade assignments, and stay connected—right from your iPad
• Add your own teaching materials—including worksheets, web links, photos, and videos from a variety of document providers
• Engage every learner using apps, books, videos, podcasts and more from iTunes, App Store, and iBooks
• Add instructions or comments to PDFs and photos with built-in annotation tools
• See when students have viewed or completed assignments and remind students of due assignments
• Grade student work and track student progress in the grade book
• Use the single-student view for individual attention at parent-teacher conferences
• Answer questions or provide video feedback in 1:1 chats or start class debates using group discussions
• Keep students prepared and in the loop with notifications
• Institutions using Apple School Manager and Managed Apple IDs can import rosters to streamline course creation
• Teachers affiliated with qualified institutions can publish courses to the iTunes U catalog to make them available to anyone for free on iOS devices

For Students:
• View assignments and updates in one place, and check off assignments you’ve completed
• Submit your work in private courses from any Apple creativity app, many third-party apps, or as annotated PDFs and photos
• Open audio or video files directly in other apps
• Ask instructors questions or have them review your work with 1:1 messages
• Start or join group discussions with your class
• View your grades and instructor feedback on all past assignments

Browse a rich catalog of free education content:
• Choose from a variety of free lectures, videos, books, and other resources on a wide range of subjects from leading educational and cultural institutions around the world
• Share your favorite courses with friends using Twitter, Facebook, Mail, and Messages
• iTunes U includes materials from Stanford, MIT, Yale, La Trobe University, University of Tokyo, Smithsonian Libraries, National Theatre, and many more

• Participating in courses requires iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
• Built-in PDF or photo annotation requires iPad (4th generation or later), iPad mini (version 2 or later)
• Publishing public courses to iTunes U requires teachers to be affiliated with a qualified institution
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Customer Reviews
I don’t know what I was doing but

Eh kf kjbyok lkhj

Apple is a scandalous company

My purchase history has been deleted by apple to cover up the fact that they took my money for an app they sold me then later took back from me. This purchase was stored in my iCloud account on my payed iCloud Drive. Yet they can go in and Hilary Clinton my data and records to suit their deniability when they retake what they sold . Or do I not actually own my data stored in there. And why is there a reply limit in this community? Why am I suddenly unauthorized to post on a thread I initiated? Is apple attempting to censor people from implicating them in fraud? Why does apple irresponsibility misuse terms such as “store” and “purchase”? Could someone other than one of apples brown nosing minions answer these questions?

Getting worse

It got a lot worse and the ux is terrible. It used to be one of my favorite apps 😢


Great app




I purchase songs and they don’t download to my music but apple charged my account and deducted the money. When i get a email from apple and there’s a report problem link. When i try to sign in to report the problem it says my Apple ID or pass word is incorrect. It’s not I know my account information. I won’t ever put money on my account again and I won’t try to purchase music from them again.

Moved Courses to Podcast??

Supposedly a number of old courses are now podcasts. I say supposedly because they just don’t show up in the podcast app. Also, why would I want to mix my podcasts and iTunesU courses? This is a huge step backward.

Why Discontinue?

Doesn't make sense, they're not podcasts. Decisions and design across the board have suffered in the past few year. Whether the stock shows it or not Apple has peaked and will lose its charm if something doesn't change. With love, get back in touch with your customers.

Cannot add a class

I downloaded a class years ago. I have played it before. Since the soundfiles' metadata say that the files are part of a class collection, I cannot put them into a playlist as music files. They show up in the iTunesU list as part of a class, but the class will not copy itself to my phone.

Collection migration

You guys managed to massively mess up a great thing by moving the “collections,” ie. lecture videos with no accompanying bells and whistles, to the Podcasts app. Like many things that Apple has done in the last few years, this migration was sloppy and full of flaws, not the least of which is the fact that I can only seem to access these collections from my iPhone running iOS 10, and not from my flashy new iPad Pro running iOS 11. This migration has destroyed everything I loved about iTunes U and what would have been a crisp, clean 5 Star app is now useless to me and only gets one star because that’s the worst review I can give it.


A couple month ago I stated getting deductions on my bank account. I have repeatedly called and emailed for help with this. I get the generic “someone will get back with you shortly”! It’s been two months and many phone calls later. I have yet to hear from anyone. I don’t download music or videos. Not impressed with your customer service.


Nice one


He has seventh son Mmrjm he's the most

Why would you get rid of this feature?

This was the only thing apple had in scoring number one in education What a failure to remove

Good app but needs multitasking

The app works great but it needs to get full multitasking support for iPads

Needs an Apple TV App

This is a wonderful app that I have been able to use well for learning new things. However, since so much of the content consists of video, This needs an Apple TV app. With an Apple TV app, I and other learners can watch the lecture on the Apple TV, while we use our iPhones and iPads to take notes, follow along with the readings, and communicate with other students.

Nothing really makes sense

Classes are organized in a way that is confusing and I end up going to the wrong classes. It should be orginized like PowerSchool, but a bit different to give it its own unique design. I’ve been trying to figure out how to work this app and I’ve been really struggling. Please make this less confusing!

Not accessible

Tried to access "Playwriting" by National Theatre. No captions are provides. Inaccessible to deaf & hard-of-hearing people.

Podcasts feedback

Since I cannot rate the Podcast app directly, Apple please forward this feedback on to the appropriate people. Please bring back the ‘Up Next’ feature!!!!! I use that tool ALL THE TIME for deciding what order to play my podcasts. Your new layout is not as user friendly to how I’ve used the app. I’m one of those loyal podcast listeners that has helped podcasting become the presence it is today. I’ve been using the Podcast app for 8 years, and I HATE the new UI. PLEASE FIX IT!!!! Thank you!



Buggy !!

Little buggy, needs to be updated.



Best app ever invented on any platform

I mentioned this app while in grad school interview for an anesthesia program. The lady in the panel looked around the room and also vouched for this app. Needless to say, I got in and for years prior while preparing for that amazing journey, I used iTunes U for organic chemistry and biochemistry refresher courses. I can't say it enough, BEST APP EVER INVENTED. Yaro


SWe) gg🦈🌙🦏🐂🐖🦍🦐🐉🍃🍃🍃🌱☘️💐🌪🦍🌙🐉🐂🦈🦀🐷🏄🏻🦈3aqw,s#waasqq,c. Ref,e,e🐷🐷😆🦍🦍👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👦🦀💐💅🏾🐉💐🦀💐💐😆Wz,zeW:/-w2💫,,awAw,wqq🦁🐱Ed,🏃😶☹️🥕😶🥕🐘🥕🥖💅🏾🐉☹️🍃🎟😆🐘🦀💫🏃🥖🥖🐠🐙

Used to be Great, Broken Now

Please update/fix. I can download the app but it will not load now that I've updated my iOS. App is 5 stars when it works.

Now pay monthly

This is the future, pay for it!! Now instead of finding what you want to buy, you have will be charged to look for what you want to buy!! Bunch of jerks!!

Great content you cannot delete

Just installed on a new device & it loaded courses I took 5 years ago. I have dozens of "assignments" and notifications for courses from 2012! That was fine except that due to bad layout it seems like you can't delete anything, and even if I wanted to keep the old courses I think I'd have to manually click through dozens of assignments to get rid of them. Fun fact: when you view the library in "Shelf" layout (iOS 10.3, iPad4) the "Edit" button & menus are obscured behind the top navigation bar, so it seems like there's no way to delete anything! The grid view works fine. Pls change scroll view insets. Content is generally good, and it's cool that this is becoming more of a teacher's tool than a student's tool. Will go look for new stuff now...

Awesome App!!!

This app Just Like a treasure for me.

iTune U

Awesome app🎶💯 Wisdoms and knowledge to expand the mind in keeping up educational 💯

Add My School

Add Strayer University to this app please.

Yeah only reason that I still use an iPhone

All the updates for iPhone are trash but this is the only gem that keeps me using one.

Needs certificate feature

I would really like to see a certficate or Class completion printout you could generate from the grades page. As of now I have to do everything manually one by one in a PDF. If you could check mark all the students that passed and share to printer and have them all print this would be amazing!

iPhone only???

Why is high level education restricted for 5" screens? This can be extremely complicated classes. Why not Apple TV? Why not iPad? Why must I watch on a tiny screen? What type of sense does that make? Isn't it Apple that's always saying every app should be multi-screened? They can't follow their own instructions?


I'm very grateful for this application!! I found out about this 4/2/17 and I've had this app installed forever. I love it. Some much knowledge!

Keeps Getting Better!

The more recent updates have turned iTunes U into one of the best teaching tools I've seen! One thing though that still needs some work is the built-in PDF annotation tools. If Apple would match them to the built-in iOS 10 mark up annotation tools it would be almost perfect! This would add the ability of shape recognition, the loupe, and signature annotations. Students could get arrows, perfect boxes, comment bubbles, stars, etc. to help make their assignments even nicer before handing them in. Please Apple, add the iOS 10 Mark Up annotations to the iTunes U built-in annotation tool.


Can't view music without going through tons of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect to lose all your 4g data allowance

I was downloading video lectures at home. The following day it did not realize it was not over yet. In less than 30 min I get this message from my carrier saying all my data for the month (1gb) was gone... I mean, most programs let you know when you go from wifi to 4g data... but not iTunes U, and I think that is a big flaw. Tre problem is that I actually needed my data at that specific moment I was depleted...



Does Not Open After Download

Well its pretty pointless to download when you can't open it afterward. It just says "Downloaded", when usually you can "Open" an app after the download. This app is not working on my MacBook Pro version 10.12.3.

ممتاز وجميل

رائع ومميز

Not so user friendly

What's an Enroll Code? How do I delete courses? Actions that are intuitive on other apps are not on iTunes U. I really like the idea of it, but the execution is awkward. Ah, okay, I just used Google to find out how to delete a course. The first instructions that came up say that one needs just tap Edit on the upper left of the screen. Edit does not appear on the upper left of the screen...unless you drag the screen downward, which I just did accidentally. I'd like to see the bearded, pierced nosed hipster that thought it would be clever to challenge people's intuition by cleverly hiding essential functionality. Well, I guess I do feel smarter for having figured it out finally. Mission accomplished. Stiil, just one gold star for you!


f school yo

I can't even down load it...

I wasted a whole hour trying to download it now I have a load of home work...

Student Perspective

I really do love iTunes U from a students perspective in some cases. My school uses iPads on a daily basis and therefore the program is used a lot for various course work during the week. --One of the great things about Apple is being able to reach all the same information wherever you go, using any different device. However, this is not the case with the iTunes U program. It would be really great if the program was accessible from a Mac, showing you the courses that you are currently enrolled in and allowing you to pull up posts and lessons from your teacher.

Not the best, but free and bountiful

Hard to navigate, but full of treasures. Feels like panning for gold. You'll do a lot of searching because there's lots of mud and lots of loot. Recommended with reservations.

A broken product Paraded as essential

I have an aversion to this app in particular. It loves to kick you out of documents you're working on in the middle of class with no way to retrieve it. Data is constantly lost especially on multiple page assignment, where if you don't scroll to all the pages with writing, it becomes deleted. Editing documents is a chore because it's so awkward since you have to both make the text box, move it, then tap on it to type. EBackpack is superior in every single way since it doesn't crash constantly and is easy to use. So teachers, please stop using this app. It is a downgrade to eBackpack in the student experience.

Help is a joke

I hate my iphone. Still losing files

Needs to be MacBook Compatible

I need this to be macbook compatible too! For a company all about connecting your devices why can't education be connected also??? please fix this! I really want to do my courses on a proper laptop as well as my iPad.

Snap : petedaboss22

Hop on board before its too late, #1 unsigned out of the 412, repeteoconnor.com (No need for studios, producers, audio engineers, managers, etc. when you do it all yourself from a home built one) $$$

Can't download videos

Constantly telling me Retry or Done