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Dieting is not easy. No matter if you are trying to put on weight lose weight, or you have dietary issues, keeping on a schedule can be a challenge. It takes discipline and organization to succeed. And if you are on the go, travel allot, and eat out mostly, it can be virtually impossible to stay on course. Enter the HowUdish app to the rescue. Once you set up your diary profile like low carb, high carb, vegan, gluten-free, or whatever, this app finds meals at restaurants that meet your needs. It shows pictures of the dishes and even shows you nutritional data like Calories, Protein, Total Fat, and Total Carbs, as well. As with most apps, you can save favorite dishes, share them with friends and put together a list of restaurants that cater to your dietary needs. If you are on a typical diet to simply lose weight this app can be a great help keeping you on track. But if you are on a specific diet because of health reasons then this app is essential. Don\'t leave home without it! EasyAppFinder gives it 5 Stars.
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HowUdish: Dieting & Nutrition

by Felix Culpa Publishing, LLC

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 124.14MB
Version: 1.0.19 (8)
Released: 2017-10-18
For ages: 4+

As seen on Men's Health and Medical News Today!

Keep your diet on track with HowUdish, the app that helps you find dishes suited to your diet at nearby restaurants. Then join our community and share your diet goals & successes!

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a healthy diet is minimizing temptation when you're out. With HowUdish, simply tell the app what kind of diet you’re on and find healthy, local menu options.

You’ll also find a network of dieters who can share their diet meal plans, favorite restaurants and healthy recipes that match your dieting goals. Find like-minded dieters, chat and keep each other motivated!

Whether you’re low calorie, low carb, high protein, high fiber, low fat, balanced, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, on the Atkins diet, looking to bulk up, looking for the losing fat secret or more, you’ll make staying on top of your diet a breeze with tasteful, healthy meals.

The HowUdish iPhone app makes it easy for you to keep eating meals that fit your dieting goals even while on the go. Get the secrets to eating well, staying fit, dieting and health!

Join our Social Network of Healthy Eaters
> Share your diet plans
> Chat and make friends with fellow HowUdish users
> Find and share tasty and healthy recipes
> Chat and share pictures of your favorite meals
> Get recommendations for tasteful diet-friendly dishes

Your Key to Disciplining Your Diet:

Set A Goal
> Input your current and target weights
> Update your weight while tracking your meals

​Devise A Strategy
> Select the diet(s) you're following
> Choose anything from low carb diets, low calorie, Atkins diet, vegetarian meal plans, gluten free, vegan and more

Find Healthy Eats
> Discover new places to eat healthy, tasteful meals for any diet
> Swipe and save on diet-friendly dishes at nearby restaurants
​> Plan upcoming meals from nearby dishes and stay on top of your diet

Know What to Eat Before You Go
> See what recipe matches your diet - check ingredients and more
> Get detailed nutrition info on dishes that interest you
> Check the calorie count for each dish to maintain your weight loss goals
> Keep your calories in check with portion control

Notifications & Dish Discovery
> Get notifications for your meal schedule
> Notifications show you nearby dishes fit for your diet

Pay It Forward
> Rate and report dishes and restaurants
> Tell friends that are on the same diet about these tasty, healthy meals

Keep Your Diet Social
> Eat out, have fun and stay on track
> Chat with other dieters & stay motivated!
> Network with like-minded friends & share tips

HowUdish Premium
> Get the most out of HowUdish with all new Premium features!
> Unlimited swipes, saves and access to recipes of your favorite dishes
> Search for dishes and restaurants anywhere
> Swipe the wrong dish? Use the Oops! Button to go back
> Cheat mode: See the least worst options to cheat on your diet
> No ads!

Notes regarding subscriptions:
> You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly subscription.
> Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
> Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.
> Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period.
> Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
> Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to HowUdish, where applicable.

For more information please review our Terms and Conditions:

HowUdish is how you stick to your diet. Find anything from gluten free, low carb dishes to healthy plant-based meals that keep you skinny, taste great and are nearby! Keep up your lifestyle and diet meal plan with HowUdish!

Download now to start achieving your diet goals today!
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Customer Reviews
A nice food app

Every time I think of opening the app, I get super hungry because I know I’m going to see some pretty amazing (and healthy) dishes bailable from near by restaurants. I like how the dishes that I like get saved for me to review in their own separate tab within the app. It’s also great that you can even save the recipes in case you don’t want to eat out. The community tab is pretty nice to have because it gives you the ability to talk to other people who also want to eat healthy. There are a few things that would make this app even better. It would be nice if it had a daily/weekly planner. This would make it easier to decide what to eat each day all organized in one page. I think this would make traveling much easier knowing where to go and what to eat ahead of time. It would also be nice if it had an integrated map on the section where you look up restaurants. Sometimes seeing the different restaurants on a map may make choosing a dish a bit easier. I like the app a lot. It’s a good option to have instead of having to carry a bunch of recipe books for healthy eating.

Love this app!

This is an awesome app to find healthy recipes on the go and share with a community of food lovers like myself.

Tinder for Dining and Dieting

How u dish is a pretty awesome app for someone like me who sticks to a very specific diet lifestyle. Eating low carb while dining out is so much easier when you can scroll through the app and find local spots that cater to your specific needs. You can also browse by recipes and even save recipes for making at home later. The only con is that it looks like they're still adding restaurants. Hopefully as they become better known the options will increase. Definitely an awesome tool for anyone co Scopus aboit their food choices.

Dieting made easier

My husband likes to eat out but I have tried Paleo and am now on Atkins, so it is difficult for me to not to panic, especially so in our small town of home cooked, fried foods. HowUdish has already helped me locate great options that suit my carb allowance, so I won’t have to say no. How great is that? P.S. It is also great for out-of-town food terror. (I know most dieters know exactly what I mean!)

Healthy-ish Chef’s Thoughts

This app works great and seems to be pretty accurate when suggesting places to eat. Living in LA there are so many choices, but I’m able to narrow that down using the app since it shows me what’s in a 15mi radius. I’d suggest making sure the nutritional facts are all 100%, but other than that, great work! Excited to see what’s next.

Great app when eating out!

This app is great to search local restaurants that have your diet restrictions. I also like seeing the calorie count so I can add it my meal plan and make sure I am on track. The only thing I didn’t like were the photos... defiantly do not match what is served.

Got potential

This could become a very helpful app, but it needs more development. In particular it could you some learning capabilities (I like seafood but avoid pizza, and anyone looking over my shoulder as I used the app would’ve gathered that but the algorithm didn’t). One major issue that I expect will be solved over time is the over reliance on stock photos. If you’re going to use the same model as a dating app, then you must concede that it’s inappropriate for everyone on it to post pictures of fitness champs and claim they’re you. On the positive side, I was happy to find that the app knows just as much about menus in my suburban county as it does about those in the city where I work. Minor nit: I couldn’t log in via Facebook, but maybe that’s a good thing these days.

Unique angle to dining out

A clever app that frames eating out in a unique new light. In a smaller city where there is smaller scale in restaurants and users, a number of establishments are lacking. But this can change as more adopt this way of approaching what to eat where, within a nutritional lens. A minor issue was the swiping motion: success rate in swiping left or right but low, so resorted to the red X or green checkmark. Otherwise, interface is sleek and has a quick response overall.

Healthy Eating

First off, the concept of this app is absolutely fabulous. As an avid health & fitness nut, I constantly watch my diet. Some might say my diet is restrictive but its what fits my lifestyle! I love how this app provides specific plates versus restaurant suggestions based on type of food. It’s a great idea if you like to try new restaurants with plates that will fit your macros (or diet). There is an interactive option which yields recipes from the community. It’s a great way to implement new recipes into your cooking while also seeing that an average person can cook easy, healthy food! Not only do users provide recipes, but also little health and wellness tips! There is remarkable versatility in this app, all of which pertains to a healthy lifestyle. Recipes, weight recording, & MEALS! One thing that could be fixed is accurate photos of the meal suggestions. Overall, it is very user friendly and the concept is beneficial to people who care about the food they eat.

Find Restaurants & Recipes that Suit Your Lifestyle

All of us have a certain food preference for one reason or another - low carb, gluten free, vegan, etc. - in today’s world. Focus on diet and wellness is on the rise, and if you’re looking to stick to your diet plan - this app is super convenient. Nice platform and easy to use, allows you to enter all your personal information (gender, height, weight and weight goals) in addition to diet preference. Once you do that you are supplied with a list of different restaurants near you that are serving food within your diet preference AND you can also snag some of the recipes, which is nice. I dig this app so far and will continue to use alongside MyFitnessPal while keeping track of my calories and exercise. Seamless interface.

Great concept but need some work

Great pictures 5 stars this gives you an idea of what the dish is, even though it not from the restaurant it’s great. Diets offered 2 stars This is obviously bias but there are some limitations with the diets that limit my options. Adding in pescatarian, halal, kosher can help increase the interest to a bigger base. I understand it will take some time to get there. Restaurant/meals offered 2.5 stars After you start swiping the same type of restaurants show up with the same meals I was expecting more options in fact I know of more options in my area that could have been added. There should also be a way to search for a restaurant and see what they have Aesthetic of the app 5 stars App has a great look and feel to it. It’s easy to use and it makes it easy to pick good meals. They should have some sort of social media aspect added to it but it’s great looking app.

A must have for vegans/vegetarians!

There are a lot of things that are promising about this app, that with a few updates and perfecting the functionality, could prove to make this app a necessity for anyone who’s trying to be conscious in their diets. This app has so many different options for so many different lifestyles, and the customization is definitely a huge pro. For me personally, I am a vegetarian who is looking to lose a few pounds. This can be hard sometimes with such a busy lifestyle. I usually find myself eating pasta or other high carb, high calorie options when I go out to eat, and usually at the same restaurants. HowUDish makes it easier for me to turn around that bad habit, even with my heavy dietary restrictions. It was so simple and took under two minutes to customize my diet and start getting option suggestions. I love the “tinder-esque” swipe left swipe right layout that is provided for the meals. It makes it very simple to select and save the meals that I like and the meals that I don’t like. It even provides where I can get this meal locally, the nutrition of the content, and photos of the meal (although it would be REALLY cool if the photos were of the actual meals from the establishments listed). There’s a progress tab that allows me to track my weight loss progress, eliminating the need for the other apps that I used to use that were SOLELY for tracking calories and tracking weight loss. The only issue I had was that once I swiped that I didn’t like a food option, it continued to pop up on my feed as an option. Sometimes, dishes would pop up two or three times in a row. I’d love to see more different and more “out of the box” vegetarian options, and less of the same dishes popping up in my feed. Overall though, this app is awesome. Even for the times when we can’t decide what we want to eat or where we want to eat out, I’ll whip out this app and maybe even find some new dishes and new restaurants to try out! I can’t wait to see what the updates bring to this app, HowUDish is something to be excited about!

Food Freedom

Being on a diet of maintaining a certain lifestyle can make eating out feel like cheating or can derail all your hard work. This app changes all that! I felt like this app helped me stay in control while enjoying a bite away from home. The community aspect was great! Highly recommend for anyone who cares about what they eat!

Get this app!!

This is an app I was hoping would come out one day--and voila! Here it is! Whether I've been focusing on adding particular foods or excluding others, there are times it is it SO challenging to come up with ideas for what/where to eat. This app has all of the dietary options I've gone through in the past, which is fabulous--and it can only get better from here! The social aspect within the app is really great to bounce ideas off others and find what's working well for them. The developer is also on the feed getting feedback and gathering ideas for future tweaks and additions, so I'm very impressed with that. I'm excited to be able to add actual food photos from locations! I'm especially looking forward to being able to add restaurant and dish suggestions to the app, and to search on a map (on my way home, running errands, etc.) instead of searching by dish first. Definitely recommend this app!!

A dietitian’s perspective

HowUDish is a unique app that helps you find dishes that fit with your diet and lifestyle. I enjoy the notification reminders that suggest different dishes for you to try. Since this app is new, dishes are limited. I was unable to find dishes for a gluten free and high protein diet in my area. I was only able to select a balanced diet. The pictures shown do not look like the ones from the restaurants, so it would be nice to see actual pictures. Also, I’m unsure how accurate or where the nutrition info is coming from. Overall, this app is a great tool to use for someone who is traveling or starting a new diet and trying to find places to eat. I think with some adjustments and additions this app will be very helpful for many people.

Making Dieting More Fun!

Whether I run out of time to cook or just want someone else’s kitchen to get messy, eating out tends to happen more than it should. With help from HowUDish, it is now significantly easier for me to find local dishes that meet my diet criteria. As a bonus, it introduces me to interesting recipes and new restaurants. The social feed from other users of the app is fun to read if I’m waiting for takeout or eating solo. I’m trying not to use cheat mode very often but it’s great that I can! Really the only thing I might change is the photo accuracy - while the pictures are gorgeous, they don’t always match the dish exactly. Overall a great tool for a really diverse audience, and I’m looking forward to using it even more often when I travel. Keep up the great work!

Considers vegans and vegetarians!!

After trying out a couple of diet and nutrition apps, I must say, HowUdish come out tops. The fact that vegans and vegetarians are considered in the app really amazes me. Since we seem to be minority, only few apps consider us when a general app is developed. So far so good, I have been able to set and monitor my meals and nutrition goals. I know what to eat, when to eat a particular diet, and what to avoid. I can also save my favourite meals for next time. If you will like to keep your diet on track, HowUdish is just the perfect app you need.

App has lots of potential - GlutenFreeGal

This app has the starting of something really great. It has the ability, or will soon, to find all the restaurants in your area that fit your specific diet, ie: low cal, gluten free, etc. Right now all the pictures that come up to show a specific food item are stock photos and are not actually from the restaurant you are looking up, they are general photos that the algorithm has found. I found this to be a problem personally because I can only guess what my meal might look like, not to mention, the same photos come up time after time and gets a little boring. Though people are invited to upload their own photos, so I am assuming that when enough photos come through, they might take place for the stock ones. Also, even though restaurants come up showing they have gluten free food items, there is no particular safety attached to that and to someone with celiac disease like myself, means the food is gluten friendly not gluten free most likely. But it does give me a better idea of gluten free items restaurants offer so from there I can always call and check up to see how safe the actual restaurant is. And as of yet, it is not a complete compilation of restaurants in your area but I’m sure in time that will change as more are added. I do think it’s convenient having a basic idea of the nutrition scale attached to each item, but again, this isn’t for that specific recipe, it is a generality based on a recipe the algorithm found, I believe. So, the nutrition information might not be as precise as it looks and should be taken with a grain of salt. Overall the idea is great but I think the app has some work to do in order for it to really take off. I will check back with the app at a later time and see how it has evolved.

A Dish & Restaurant for Every Preference

I’m not on a super strict diet but I often have really specific cravings. Sometimes all I want is a plate full of perfectly cooked veggies. Sometimes I want a more normal balanced meal. HowUDish has shown me specific dishes based on those preferences at restaurants near me that I didn’t even know about! So yep this is good if you are on a specific diet and want to eat out, but it’s good for everyday use for those of us who just have a specific craving going on!

Lose IT🎄🎄

It is the best program of its type. After a bit of experimentation I find it flawless, efficient and accurate. Good job!🌷🌷🌷🌷🎄🌾🌾

Very nifty app to get new recipes

Cool to see what other people are up too


Lost 10 lb, and ties into Fitbit perfectly. Starts to know your preferences and makes it easier every time you use it!

Great Tool for Accountability

Tracking food is essential for me to lose weight and so easy with Lose It. Also, the goal aspect of the app motivates me to stick with it.

The best for encouragement!!!! And Tracking!!!!

Love the app!!! I've lost 40 pounds!!! Great for encouragement and keeping your weight loss organized and going forward.

Excellent App

Have used this for several years now. It's definitely helped track calories and weight. I've lost 38 lbs and this app was a big part of it. Yay! #Winning.

Great app

Very easy to use and stay on track with. I've lost 121 pounds in the past 190 days. The more effort you put into this app, the more benefits you will receive.

Great way to lose weight I lost 20lbs

I went to nutritionist, but that didn't help so I looked through the App Store and came across this app which helped me lose 20lbs

It works.

I find that the accountability is a necessity- frequently I'm surprised by the numbers. It becomes simple math - calories in vs calories out. Very useful app.


This is an excellent app for staying conscious of and motivating healthy eating. It has been central in my success at losing over 35 pounds I 6 months.

Reliable! Easy to use!

Incredible app, easy to use, been using everyday for over a year and never have had a problem! Impressive


Great capacity to create new food, vast database of restraints and groceries, and helpful charts to visualize results.

Excellent App!

This app is great it has assisted me over the last 6-8 months to track and make smart choices each and every day.

Right tool for the job

Great app and easy to use. It provides the feedback I need. Great tool once I committed to losing weight.

Excellent app

This app has help me a lot to stay focus and lose the weight. It has done that and more. Keep adding more foods!!!

Lose it

This is a very easy to use app that helped me lose the weight very easily. It has also inspired my family to join along.

Comprehensive database

For a free app, this has a more complete data base of foods than the much more expensive weight watchers.

Need metric system but great

Very helpful app it really came in handy when I set my goal to lose wight. Best one on the appstore

2 Years!

I've been using LoseIt for over two years. It not only helped me to meet my goals, but to maintain and further improve.

Amazing app!!!

This app is amazing I recommend it for everyone who wants to lose weight I started 2 weeks ago and lost 4 pounds!

Get it!

I lost 25 lbs with this app. It's easy enough to use and once you log in food and add your own recipes its even better !

Sooo Helpful

This app has helped me do everything I need in order to accomplish my goal of eating and living healthy. I love it.

What You Don't Know = POUNDS

With lose it....you now know reality and can do something about it! It's the friend/coach you need!

Great app!!

I have had great success with this app. In fact I recommend this app to my patients who need help with their weight.

Great app!

After searching for hours, this app has seem to be the most useful! It's very easy to track progress and daily goals!

Didn’t know I needed this app!

As someone who is trying to lose weight and maintain a high protein diet, I didn’t realize how much I needed this app! Finding things to eat when I’m downtown can be difficult, so it’s nice to know what kinds of macros I’m committing to before I step into the restaurant. The ads can be a little annoying, but they haven’t really impeded my use of the app so far. Definitely recommend this app for people who like to eat out but are trying to stick with a diet - it’s a lifesaver.

Love lose it

Lose it has helped me lose 60 pounds in 4 months by keeping me honest. Much better then carrying around a notebook.

Love this ap!

Makes it super easy to be accountable of what you're eating and what you're burning with exercise. Wonderful tool.

My daily partner

Once I applied myself to use this daily, it has definitely helped me in monitoring my intake and losing weight.


There is nothing that helps lose weight more than this app! It has become a ritual as firmly ingrained as my morning coffee!

Lose weight!

I have lost 20 lbs with this app-- it is so user friendly that's it is really hard not to use it on a daily basis!!