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Ear Trainer

by Dev4Phone

(75 user ratings)


Download size: 96.76MB
Version: 4.1.1
Released: 2010-05-25
For ages: 4+


Listening is the most important skill in music, and this app will help you to listen better.

Ear Trainer is an educational tool designed for musicians, music students and anyone interested in improving ones musical ear. It has over 260 individual exercises that are conveniently placed into nine different areas of study. It is also possible to create custom exercises so that you can practice exactly what you need.

No need to be an expert, Ear Trainer is suitable for all users from beginner to very advanced. No matter what level your musical hearing skills are, Ear Trainer will help to hone them.

* Built-in Exercises *

- Interval Comparison (48 different exercises)
- Interval Identification (30 different exercises)
- Chord Identification (48 different exercises)
- Chord Inversions (24 different exercises)
- Chord Progressions (25 different exercises)
- Scales (24 different exercises)
- Note relative to chord (18 different exercises)
- Relative Pitch (12 different exercises)
- Melody Exercises (38 different exercises)

Each exercise has a short description of its purpose and optional preview. A virtual piano keyboard and note view in each exercise helps you visually understand and analyze the notes that have been played. To aid your progression you can compare the different options after answering. (You can even play the virtual piano if you like!)

As you work through the exercises, statistics are collected so that you can see your progress.

The questions in the exercises are randomly generated so you can do them over and over again as many times as you like to continue to hone your skills.

* Custom Exercises *

Users can create their own custom exercises to match their desired areas of study and/or skill level. The following areas are available for custom exercises:

- Interval Comparison
- Interval Identification
- Chord Identification
- Chord inversion
- Chord Progression
- Scale Identification
- Note after chord

* Share Custom Exercises *

Custom exercises can be shared with friends and class mates through Email, AirDrop and iMessage.

What our users says:

***** Must Have!!!
This is the best Ear Trainer of all I tried in App Store, everything works just perfectly. If you are interested in improving your musical hearing you must have it.
***** Amazing
I have been using this app every day for just about a year now and the result are simply amazing.
**** I'm in my second third semester as a music major and I have to say, this is a great app for any music major, or anyone looking for ear training. I like that I'm able to switch between different instruments, it makes hearing the notes on the instrument you're use to a bit easier for me.
**** Excellent outil
J'ai testé des nombreux programmes d'entraînement et de reconnaissance musicale sur iPhone et celui-ci est de loin le plus complet et le plus intéressant.
***** Complimenti! Grande versatilità e facilità d'uso. Ottima per principianti, ma anche per chi vuole approfondire la conoscenza dell'armonia. La uso sempre con i miei allievi.
***** I love those chord progressions
I was hoping that someone would make an ear training app that did chord progression but I didn't think anyone would, then you did

For more information please see: www.dev4phone.com
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Customer Reviews
Great app for developing your ear

In a few days after doing the app exercises, I notice the difference 👍

Awesome app.

I have totally improved my ear since using this app. I wish I had known about it earlier.

It’s just OK

Their samples for guitar sound just like the piano sounds it’s kind of ridiculous.

Best aural skill development app!! Practice at your fingertips, unbelievable!

Finally... After so many years struggling to find way of developing aural skills!.. The best app yet. I wish I had it XX years ago!!!

Best ear training

This is the only app you need for ear training. Nonetheless, it would be very useful if I could answer through my keyboard using MIDI. Amazing app!!!

Versatile and useful app

This app has almost limitless combinations of varied and practical exercises. It is a bargain and is far better than any other relative pitch training app I've used so far. Kudos to the developers and look forward to (hopefully) more updates.

Really works.

Great practice and training. Well organized. Seeing improvement. I play violin. Easy to take with and practice while waiting in line, on the bus, or anywhere instead of wasting idle moments on the Internet.

Even helps bass players!

As a bassist I’m always trying to expand my music knowledge beyond “one more at a time”! This program helps me develop and hear multiple harmony and notes at the same time!

Great to improve ears

It’s easy to use and lets you improve in increments


This app is amazing. First time I feel my ears are actually getting trained. There are loads of exercises at different difficulty levels so you can work your way up comfortably at your own pace. Plus custom exercises so you can train exactly what you want to practice. The included glossary and links are helpful for the beginner music student. And the option to play along with your own instrument via the microphone is an awesome surprise feature. The app has a very simple interface, but it feels very polished and the details make me feel it was written by an experienced music teacher. A must buy!

Intuitive and effective.

Easy to use, this app helps interval recognition. Try it and enjoy your music a bit more. It’s great as a supplement to classes.

Seems good to me

Seems good to me so far

Absolutely with the price and your time! Real results!

The method, scope, and detail included in this product make it well worth the price. The results I've achieved in the last 5 weeks (investing 1.5 hours/day, 5 days/week) far exceed my expectations and have given me significantly greater confidence and proficiency in my improvisation and songwriting.

Useful and effective

Definitely worth the investment

This snob likes it!

I'm critical when it comes to music training apps. In fairness, I've only been using this one for a week or two, but so far I'm quite pleased. I use this with headphones and the quality of the piano sound that generates the tones is quite good (I've tried some apps where the tone is so unpleasant that I don't want to use it). This app is pretty simple and straightforward. Easy to use. Customizable. I like it.

Practice hearing Dom7 chords and V/I progression

I just finished Jamey Aebersold jazz camp and learned I need to learn to hear the Dom7 Major and Minor chords. I set up to just use C key until I hear it without error, then add C and F key, then 3 keys and work my way up to all 12 keys. Great learning and ear training tool for hearing chords Update May 2017: A year later and I love this program.


You'll have better luck learning to ear train if you try and sing back what you hear even if ya don't sing


You need this if you're a professional musician!

Is good app

Doing this review with Russian accent... Is good app. Leetle buttons are hard to press sometime. But is good. I use in morning while having breakfast. (No, not Vodka... is too early for "lunch").

Great App

Really nice to have ear training on the go. Love how it tracks your progress and the settings are super customizable. The exercises are progressive and well ordered.

Thorough, useful

I wish I'd studied ear training in school, but this app is filling in that gap for me. I've learned a ton and practiced for hours on this app. Full marks.

Great tool for improving musicianship skills

This is such a well thought-out ear training app! I appreciate that sounds and concepts are presented in a very isolated and logical manner, with plenty of options for customization. There is material in here for a beginner and advanced musicians. Definitely lots of challenging stuff to keep you busy! Highly recommended.

I ❤️ it

It's a good way to learn and kill time.


So easy to use.

Great and fun!

Really well done. Makes ear training feel like a game :)

Well thought out

Love the progressive nature of the exercises. Most definitely a permanent addition to my ear training repertoire


Great app really comrehensive

Fantastic - well worth the investment

A phenomenal app. Buy it, use it daily, and enjoy the benefits.

Your solfege syllables are wrong...

Please research sharp and flat solfege...also "immovable do". Some example: Do Di re ri mi fa fi sol si la Li ti do And Do ti te la Le sol se fa fe me re Ra do 5 stars after you fix the solfege syllables...

Awesome sauce

It is as stated in the subject

Great app- easy and effective!

It has a lot of options and will keep you interested. My go-to app for ear training.


Great practice and simple to use.


I love this app but the only reason I am not giving it a five star rating is because if you find a mistake in the melody and want to fix it, you can't. This is a great app but I wish you could fix this.

Awesome blossom.

Really detailed app to really get your ear up to par

Incredible App

Will take your musicianship to a whole new level!

Ear Tester I presume?

I don't know why the named this app Ear Trainer because this app does not teach you how to identify interval, chords, etc. All it does is TEST your ears. They should call it Ear Tester. Very deceitful. You will have to learn the skill of note, interval, chord, etc identification with something else then use this app to endlessly TEST yourself.

Best all in one ear training app for iOS

Everything you need to pass your ear training exam and brush up on your aural skills. The only thing it is missing is a rhythm section for dictation. If the they adda rhythm module with a 2 and 4-voice dictation module then they will be on par with other desktop apps.

Excellent ear training tool!

Woohoo! Customization! I can now make my own interval identification exercises for thirds only. Glad to finally get back on track using this app which has been the only thing I've ever found to effectively allow me to distinguish between harmonic m2 and M2 consistently. Please fix the incorrect display of enharmonics - F and F# may sound like a m2 but they aren't! Lots of these popping up. Please please please make the interval identification have more sections. I'm still stuck on thirds after more than a year. This app was SO helpful on learning 2nds that I wish it could help me on 3rds but doing 2nds and 3rds together harmonically is just too much at once. Doing them separate and then together would be the best!!! I'm a professional musician but have always had trouble with identifying intervals, especially harmonically. With a brief daily practice using this app I can now consistently identify the difference between m2 and M2 harmonically and m2, M2, m3, and M3 melodically! I wish this app had identifying harmonic thirds by themselves before combining with seconds because my ears are getting overwhelmed but that is my only wish to improve the app. The addition of the melodic aspect is great.

Love it!

It's an amazing app, huge help in my practice. I'm also recommending it to all my students. Thank you for making it so perfect, I wouldn't change a thing on it!

Very useful and effective app

I use this for personal use and as a supplement in teaching piano and voice students. Not many frills but a lot of substance.

A Great Ear Training App!!

I really love this app! It is helping me to train my ear and to be aware of different pitches, when ascending and descending .

One of my favorite apps

The new custom lesson feature opens up endless possibilities for this app. Great job, guys! In the future it might be cool to be able to edit the voicing of the chords a little more specifically, to move towards a study of the art of counterpoint. I use this app every single day, and my ability to hear pitch relationships has gotten much stronger. It's not a "game," but it is a lot of fun, like any well made tool. I don't know of another ear training app that does chord progressions. I always look forward to their updates, because they sometimes come with new lessons. Maybe some tutorials to explain some of the theory behind the lessons would be interesting and helpful. But if you are already studying music, and using this as a supplement to hone your skills, this is perfect.



Great. App!!

I've worked with quite a few music apps. This is the first music training app I liked and enjoyed using. Both in app features and ease of use make this app a perfect educational tool if you are self taught or used to a classical learning environment.

I'm already seeing the benefits

I make music as a serious hobby but I had neglected ear training until recently. So I am in the first exercises. But already I feel that I'm improving. It's a great, simple to use app. The interface could look better and the text could be enlargeable, but hey.

Will not launch after 9.3.1 update

Start screen appears and then disappears Right away


Helped me focus on some of my weaknesses. Well thought out, easy to use, very helpful.

Short, Sweet, To the Point

This app is just that. The exercises are straightforward and easy to follow. The progressing in difficulty of exercises keeps them interesting and challenging. Though I've been studying music full time and working on my ear for about four years now, I still have trouble working my way through some of the exercises. I had the free app and was excited to upgrade to the full app. The only thing I could imagine improving the app is customizable exercises. Regardless, this is an incredibly useful tool for developing one's musical ear.

The whole game is incorret

I was playing the game and I came across that the notes do not match. For example, the notes could be C,D, and C# but what they say is the note is E, F and Eb. It's highly annoying.