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Wind forecast for Windgurus

by Flytomap

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 14.22MB
Version: 3.4.4
Released: 2011-08-08
For ages: 4+


realWind provides you with a wind forecast for any location on earth!
For boaters, sailors, surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, and paragliders:

**Real time observations, so you know what's going on!
... and accurate forecasts, so you will always find the best conditions for your sport!

** No need to figure out your Lat, Long or Zip Code. Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch does it for you!

Try it and you will love this app and its features!

"Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life."
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Customer Reviews

A cold front blows into my area. I’m a licensed pilot and I keep tabs on weather forecasts BUT when I’m not flying, I’m typically working outside on a couple of ranches we have in Texas, and wind plays a big role on what “chores” I might or might not be able to do. This app has historically been exceedingly inaccurate in advising what the winds will be like in an hour, or the next day. In fact, after today’s strong cold front blew in (out of the north) the app shows surface winds will be blowing from the southwest, not only for the next several hours, but throughout the entire next day.

Not the Best

This app is very basic and rudimentary. There is no help or how to use instructions. You just have to figure it out on your own. You can't change any settings like wind speed measurement. It only displays speed in knots, I want it in MPH, but knots is all you get. Also, it's a static display, there is no animated movement showing trend. When you change between different type of map displays like street, topo, bing, it takes forever to load the screen, and I have super fast internet connection. I think I wasted my money on buying this app. Going to delete.

Very basic, no mention of wind level

Ok is that all there is to this app. One wind map, no level at which its at. If you took the time to do this much, how about finish up with details on wind level. Just surprised this mad the App Store with so many great weather apps. What niche does this app fill?

Use to, but no longer will connect to the Internet

App people. Please listen to us and fix this. Useless now!


App does not work. Cannot connect to wind server. Junk and a waste of money

Waste of money

I turned location services on and off, data on and off, wi-fi on and off, nothing works. It's a waste of money. Don't bother. Do they have a way to refund? Not the money but the point. They provide no service but get to keep my money. What is their incentive?!!!

Error on connecting to server

Ever since I downloaded the app I have never been able to use it... Only wasted $2 but hopefully the issue will be resolved.

Please help us get our app back!!!!!!

We miss realWind. It's been a life saver and like I said totally dependent on this app. Hoping its a temporary crash during an update and will be back soon!!!! Thanks so much & a reply with details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nan & family

Waste of $2

This app does not work. Keeps giving an error message that it cannot connect to a server even though I'm on my home network. What a waste.

Works now

I previously reported that this app didn't work. After going into settings and turning off location services for this app only it began to work. Previous entry: (Worked great when I first installed it, but has crashed every time since. I even deleted it and reloaded it to no avail.)


Working great now. Problems no more.

Great for sailors

Really helpful for cruising sailors. Makes it easy to decide if/when to go. I'd have given 5 stars if the predictions went out a little longer. I've had none of the problems noted by other reviewers.

Something is Wrong here!!!

Just gave your realTide App (5 stars), but the realWide (1 star) because it keeps on stating that : No Internet. Even thought there is internet?!?!?! Please advise or update ASAP

Needs Improvement

Same complaint as reviewer #1, jefhemz. App location services warning keeps popping up every time I try to pan or zoom to a location. Also would be nice to have explanation of symbols and full data as shown on real NOA wind/weather charts. App needs some work.

Requires location enabled

Would be much better if it allowed users to enter a location instead of requiring location enable. There are many cases where opt to keep location services off. Also, app crashes when panning when location not enabled.

I love this app.

It couldn't be more simple. I have been following friends delivering a boat from MA to the BVI. With this free app. and iBoattracker I'm able to see into there wind future. I have recommend it to many of my sailing friends. if wind matters to you get this app.

Worked once and looked great

I was going to use this for sailing but it has crashed every time since I first installed it. The first run looked like it would give me great info but I have not been able to use it. One star until they fix it.