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USA Tides Free

by Verona Solutions, LLC

(14 user ratings)


Download size: 27.96MB
Version: 5.0
Released: 2011-09-23
For ages: 4+


USA Tides provides marine tide information for all tide stations in the the US.

Information is displayed in an easy to read format that gives you tide events as well as sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset.

You can choose tides for any stations and any date. Tide stations include primary as well as sub-stations.

Application includes:

* Tide data
* Tide graph
* Tide stations sorted by state
* Favorite stations
* Station distance from your location
* Station map
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Customer Reviews
Location required, or it doesn't work.

This little iPad has location services turned on, but I am often out in the Great Wide Open where there is no WiFi. No, there is no GPS on this unit. App not working. I use my cell connection for a hotspot. The app from Shelter Island can figure out where I am, but not this app.

Use to like it

I really liked the graph view as I frequent a shallow bay that needs a 6 foot tide to launch, and being able to change the date was great! Sadly the update to v5.0 has reduced the app to three blank screens and a pop up.

What happened to this app?

Works perfectly for me now that I resolved my own operator error. Thanks to the developer for reaching out.

Latest Update is great

I LOVE this app. Now that I updated my iOS it works perfectly.

Bad first impression of newbversion

How can you mess up a simple app!! I lost all my favorite stations. And now I have to have location services just to use it?? LS is great for 1st time set up. Zero reason to be mandatory...


If you have trouble with new update, delete it and reinstall it.

Horrible - update doesn't work

Latest update doesn't do anything except keep loading. Removing app looking for another

Stopped working???

After last update I do not see any tides? What the what? Fail!


I absolutely hate the last update. Change for change sake.

Great app!

Love it!



Amazing and FREE

This app is now my go-to app for tides. I love how it actually shows on a satellite map the actual location of where the tide station is so there is no more guesswork about its exact location. This helps find the closest tide station to you by GPS. I also love the graph form of the tide schedule and the ability to add the tide stations to my 'favorites'. Keep up the good work and I will tell all my friends.

Legit Tide Schedules

No need to spend money on the other apps. Just go with this basic but reliable app.

Please make a windows phone version


Easier to read

If the lines for the feet ran all the way across the screen instead of hiding behind the higher tides it would be way easier to read When your checking the tide in the am for the pm you can't see the feet markers on the graph. The lines should not disappear

Works great

I use this a couple time a week on the Potomac around DC and its always accurate and fast

This is great one

I like a lot that is easy to use this but I have a little problem with crashed or frozen this. Pls fix it something is better. Thanks!

Great app

Very accurate around the bay area at least..


Perfect app-does what is says and very handy.

Just what I was looking for. : )

Just what I was looking for. : )

Easy to use, reliable, fast

Gets the job done, all you really need. I use mine to track tides for fishing. I like the graph display as well as ability to enter future dates for planning fishing trips. Nicely done.

Does its job

I have had no issues of crashing or freezing. This app gives me the info I need when I need it. For free.

Wouldn't load

Would be useful if it worked


Crashes too much. Cannot use it. Using iPhone4s. Works well on my ipad2 though.

Couldn't run it.

Froze my iPad and I had to reboot to use anything.

Handy App

Good app. Handy for boating and when going to beach.

🌴 perfect! 🌊🐬🐳🐟🐠

πŸŸπŸ πŸŒŠβ˜€πŸ¬πŸŸπŸ³ love it❕❕❕❕

Ap works great

Finally a tide app that works and is quick and easy to use.

Tide data free

Nice easy to use app! Exactly what I was looking for.

Good app.

Exactly what I need to get a leg-up when going fishing.

Limited date range, requires online access

This app does a good job with limitations: (a) requires internet access and (b) limited date range. Internet access is a limitation when out boating and limited date range restricts planning. I do quite a bit of cruising in British Columbia so B.C. support would have been nice. The interface is good. It is easy to find tide and current stations either on a map or by list. It would be even easier if tide and current stations where not represented the same (like have different color pin/text on the map/list). If this app worked off of a local file, supported predictions based on user entered date range, and supported B.C, it would have been perfect for my needs.

Great App, Easy to Use

Great app. Does exactly what it says it it do. US locations are plentiful.

Not good for amateur beach goer

This might work well for a serious boater, but very difficult to read and understand when I just want to know if the tide is low enough to walk my dog. I checked with my regular site online and it is way different. This may be a great app for the serious boater, but I found an easier free app for me.

Wouldn't load at all, worthless.

Wouldn't load at all, worthless. Deleted 5 min after I downloaded it.


Does exactly what is says. Quick easy tide info. Even has push location services to find your location. 5 stars.

Best one

Great for Oahu

Great app - CHANGED MY MIND!!!

Easy to use. Gives me basic info about tides so I know how close to put my beach blanket. Nope - now it's not working. Just keeps trying to open.

Great app

Very easy to use app with all the info I was looking for. Doesn't show every single location or beach, but enough for casual use.

Nice easy to use tide chart application.

Application is easy to use. Functions well. Information is laid out well for fast navigation. Advertising is low key and unobtrusive.