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Trawler Boating Forums

by Social Knowledge, LLC

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 198.95MB
Version: 7.1.1
Released: 2012-05-17
For ages: 12+

Genres:Social Networking

TrawlerForum.com is the leading online community for Trawler Boats. Our Mobile App allows you access to our forums. You can post questions from the dock, or even while at sea. Upload photos of your Trawler, find great tips & tricks from other members and even get involved in regional meets. Tons of technical help on all aspects of a Trawler, from cleaning and maintenance to

You can visit us online at http://www.trawlerforum.com
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Customer Reviews
Ton of good info!

Polite folks, all willing to help newcomers!

Great resource

Community of knowledge that is very helpful

Slow boats and quick wit!

What more is there to say! A wealth of information in an easy to use interface.

The best

I have found a lot of very important information on this forum. It is invaluable to a trawler owner.


We just purchased our first trawler, and this forum has provided invaluable (and sometimes hilarious) information. I've been able to obtain information and often answers on almost every topic of interest. If you're only going to subscribe to one forum (as unlikely as that is), this is the one!

Always room for improvement, but good!

It is taking getting used to, but it is a fairly well functioning app. One fix that is needed is the message orientation cant seem to be changed. Even though i change preference to sort the messages from oldest to newest it doesnt work on my ipad pro. It's always newest to oldest. A suggestion would also be to make the date orientation changeable for the "unread" reading selection.

Wish there were more like this

Great app

Great app, great group!

Excellent app and great group of friendly, knowledgable people.

It works !!!

Great app on my old 3GS iPhone, functions as it should.


It's a good app when it works. Sometimes it buttons don't work unless I turn the screen orientation.

Great app!

Love it and use it daily! Great onfo

Back arrow icons do not work?

When I read a post I cannot go back with icon in upper left corner What am I doing wrong?

Great App, used daily

Great App, used daily


As a mod for the forum I am not totally objective but I am able to do everything including moderator functions that I can with the laptop. App has never crashed or locked up. Trawler community is very helpful.