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Sailing & Boating Community

by Social Knowledge, LLC

(26 user ratings)


Download size: 113.84MB
Version: 5.4.12
Released: 2010-11-24
For ages: 12+

Genres:Social Networking

Cruisersforum.com is the leading online community for Sailboat owners, Cruisers and Boaters. Our iPhone app allows you to access our forums on your iPhone so you can post questions from the dock, bay or anytime aboard. Upload photos to let other Cruisers know what you are up to and stay connected with other boating and sailing enthusiasts. This app also enables you to check our classifieds for currently available boats or crew positions, get the up to date information on navigation and keep up with the latest innovations from boat builders. Liveaboards will find this app especially useful when planning the next leg of a cruise.

You can find our site on the web at http://www.cruisersforum.com

Install this FREE app and start sharing your knowledge with other sailboat owners and crew.. We are looking forward to seeing you on the forums from your phone!

This universal app also fully supports the iPad!
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Customer Reviews
Please let me pay you to disable ads

I would give this app 5 stars, but the ads are very intrusive and often weird. I would gladly pay for an ad-free version. As it is, I find it almost unusable and will probably go back to using the browser. Even if they were less frequent or somewhat relevant, I’d probably just deal with it. The ads that come up are very odd, enough that if anyone were to glance over my shoulder and see it on my screen I would be embarrassed. I understand the need for ad revenue, and I would gladly pay for ad-free! Other than that, the app seems solid.

Stop dunning me

I wrote a review already. Stop asking. Adequate app.

Great Forum App

This is as good a forum app as any I have found.

I like it

I like it as a beginning sailor and future boat owner there is alot of shared know how

Pretty good app and an excellent community

I like it. There are only two things preventing me from a 5-star rating. You get a lot of the functionality of the website, but most of the settings can only be changed from the website. I only have my phone for browsing and more functionality would be very helpful. The second thing is ads. I know they're usually a necessary evil, but I would be more than willing to pay a little bit to get rid of the ads. A paid version would be pretty cool. Other than those two very minor and ultimately inconsequential things, I love this app.

Great community, responsive app!

Nice app, nice people

Best sailing forum hands down!

Great forum to meet other sailors, ask questions and learn.

If you update it, you will get adverts

"Bug Fixes" translates to we are now going to start displaying advertisements

Love it

Easy to use, works great every time.

Great information place

Moderators keep a strict code and the information shared in above all there is many knowable sailors willing to help others and it is a great sailing garage sail source! Thank You Very Much My FRIENDS

Very active group

With a great wealth of knowledge sprinkled with a lot of sarcasm.

Search function problem

It's a nice, clean looking app, but I can't get good results from the search function. Search results from Google are much better--more specific. Ex: Prosine low bus voltage

Cannot sign up

Cannot sign in. Multiple attempts to sign in. App says I am spam.

Crashes every time

This version just crashes upon opening. What a waste of time. The old one worked, this one is junk. Guaranteed to crash every time you open it. Total crap. Wish you could give a zero star rating.

Evil App

Can't make it go away.

Won't let you sign in

App would be nice, but there is a bug where if you sign in the app just try's to load, and never succeeds. So you can look at the forums but you can't post or reply.


I can't believe they are so corrupt that the review form comes populated with a pre-written review. Really?! This app crashes constantly. It crashes while you are writing a post, it crashes when you open threads, and sometimes it just crashes for fun. They have had time to fix it, and they have done nothing. Nothing at all to address the constant complaints posted in the forum. FIX IT!!


Buggy app that replaced a functional one. Neither the developer or Site Team shows any interest in fixing bugs in a TIMELY manner. Therefore I strongly recommend you do not bother downloading it.

Great app!

Very easy to use and handy. I wish it worked for all the forums I follow!

Very Nice App

Really nice app for the IPAD

Great forum

CF is a great forum , info, tech advice you name it there's always some there to help!

Nice read!

Have not used much but when I do use cruisers forum it works like its supposed to. When looking to plan ahead on my cruise this app ha been very informative!

Useful site

Lore of useful information. Great access to the sailing community.

Works great.

This app seems to do a good job of presenting the information.

Great app

Great app


Great site with good info.

Great site!

A must for anyone on or interested in boating as a life style.

Needs some work

I think the forum is a great resource for cruisers. However, the app falls far short of using the full site, and I avoid using the app.

Great App

Most enjoyable Forum for me to use...always enjoying and respecting the opinions of others...

Love it!

A very active and informative Forum. I enjoy the information I can gather and the social interaction.

Best cruising forum out there.

Best cruising forum out there.

Great App

Intuitive to use and very stable!


Great app and it does everything I want from it.


Great layout, nice app. A place to find great info and ideas for all serious boaters

Unique app

Just love being able to pick the brains of so many boaters with real experience, rather than just folks who are trying to sell me something. Also, full of entertainment value. How else to find and converse with so many boaters full of so much knowledge and experience ?!

Great app

Excellent app, have been a member of cruisers forum for years, glad someone wrote an app for it.

Great forum

Educational, entertaining, well organized, and easy to navigate.

Among the best

It is among the best sailing compendiums on the Web. Lots may be learned here, and even friendships made.

Very useful sailing forum

Maybe the best real world help. Some of the "regulars" belittle others' opinions probably because they have small penises, but the vast majority offer a community of boat owners

Love the Cruisers Forum

This forum is Such a treasure trove of tips and knowledge. I use it daily, both to ask questions, and to simply learn from other people's questions and answers. It is the best!

Amazing Site!

Love the forum. I use my iPhone & it works great-no problems (I'm on it daily) Great information on many topics from experienced sailors, funny stories & nice people. Enjoy reading & sharing about things that I love. Something for every type of boater.

Great app

Works great. Lots of good information on the forums.


Would be 10 out of 10 if I could figure out how to start a thread from my phone.

Great site!

Packed full of great info provided by experienced folks. As a person new to sailing, I find this forum very helpful. Thank you!!


There is a great deal of expertise to be found on this forum. Many active cruisers from around the world, some world-class advisers, and relatively few jerks. The app itself has been buggy as of late. I keep havin to uninstall/ reinstall.

Great app

I haven't had any issues with this app not working

Better than using a web browser.

Was good, now trash. The new update doesn't work. Please fix. Still waiting for fix months later. This is much easier than using a browser. I wish all forums would developed an app. Great job. I use it daily and cannot think of any thing that would improve it.

Great forum!

Great group on here! What else would u expect from cruisers!

Forum search and external link in-app

This seems to be more smooth than the full version when using the iPhone. It allowed login, search, and direction to and from an external website as it should. The search bar hides a little at the top of the small screen. Info on this site is very useful and the community is quite helpful with informed members on hand.