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Sailboat Championship

by Infinite Dreams Inc.

(6 user ratings)


Download size: 129.39MB
Version: 1.62
Released: 2010-04-02
For ages: 4+


We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in a sea racing experience like never before! It does not matter if you are a novice or adept sailor - Sailboat Championship is the best sailing game you can find! Participate in thrilling regattas and fast paced races against computer-controlled opponents, compete online with players from all over the world, upgrade and unlock new boats, complete amazing and action-filled courses and collect all in-game trophies and gold awards! Become the ultimate master of Sailboat Championship - the only true and addicting sailing simulation with unique gameplay for your device.


"It looks and plays great, the only thing missing is the feel of the wind" – GameStyle
"Definitely for fans of sailing or those looking for a more relaxing game" – AppSpy
"If you are a fan of sailing, you will absolutely love this game" – AppVee
"Offers some quite intelligent touches to the racing genre" – 148Apps
"Racing against the AI is really fun as it is varied" – TouchGen
"The graphics are gorgeous! Simply amazing!" – PocketFullOfApps

If you experience a problem with downloading, installing, buying or using our products or services please contact our support team. Follow Infinite Dreams to stay up to date with news, reviews & community giveaways.
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Customer Reviews
Definitely worth the $

If you even have a remote interest in sailing, get this. Great game, excellent sailing physics. Money well spent. Challenging and fun. Water effects are amazing (ala Wave Race 64).

Sailboat Championship 2013

Could be a great game if they would improve boat steering. One time out of 10 the steering works like it should. The rest of the time it is slow and sluggish and doesn't make for good gaming experience.

User interface challenge

Concept and setup theory great but I consistently found that once past the tutorial the helm control was such that it was impossible to efficiently turn the boat. Also the sheet control sometimes appeared and sometimes did not I get the impression that it is not quite as stable as it should be

Good program for a novice such as me

This is a well-designed program with realistic wind characteristics and accurate -- if simple -- tiller and line controls. I especially like the clean graphics and the basic tutorial since I have little experience sailing. The regattas are challenging and the time-keeping encourages you to sail the same course several times in order to improve your skill steering, tacking, and judging when to jibe. Music is appropriately relaxing and the messages and tips are useful. Worth the time to explore and enjoy!

Great game… needs more

This game is super awesome. I would have suggestions for an update though. I would have different types of boats (such as catamarans). And this game would be so much better with head-to-head online racing. Overall great game :)

Great balance of fun and accurate sailing!

I am both a casual gamer and have sail experience. This game delivers a nice balance of realistic sailing with creative audio/visuals and fun gameplay. The game feels quite polished too (as you know that can be a rare thing in the AppStore at times). I hope they keep updating this app with more levels. Very fun!

I love this game!

Best game on the iPhone!

Jet skis are the worst

Amazing sailing app, idreams makes beautiful apps that are chaleging to the mind and fun to play. It's like the original grand turismo but for sailing and with amazing graphics. The only absolutely terrible part is the " bonus" levels have you piloting noisy jet skis. I hate jet skis. They don't belong on the water let alone in this beautifully rendered sailing game. Kill the jet skis in the next update and replace them with opti's or AC 72's. old chis crafts or Rivas would be acceptable power options.

Needs tilt steering

Great game. Great graphics. Challenging. Please add a setting that lets the user turn by tilting the device. Steering with the wheel gets funky when your thumb drifts to its center.

Great sailing game -- need more courses

This is a great sailing competition game, sailing either against the clock (your previous times) or multiple AI boats. Beautiful graphics and definitely a game where you can improve your time as you improve your skill and get boats with better capabilities. I was impressed by the update to the 2013 version in terms of graphics and controls, but disappointed that there weren't new levels or courses. I know these guys have moved on to other apps, but I suspect there others like me who would kick in some extra bucks for new courses and regular updates.


Love it

Update isn't necessarily an upgrade

I had Sailboat pro 2010. Great fun. 2013 update generally has the same courses. Missing: the bonus courses with the airplane. Frankly, I thought they were the best part of the game. Graphics are improved for the new version--went from excellent to even better. Prettier. Still no tiller steering option. Overall, I highly recommend.

Good game

This game is well made, it feels pleasant to sail on my iPad. Still, control is hard, need to practice a lot! Two concerns: 1 With the newest update, the second mission chapter disappears. 2 I hope I could race with my friend, not just compare scores. Anyway it's a good game, worth the price.


Really great application. I hope idream will add multiplayer option and more stages.

Great game!

Incredible game with awesome graphics! IDreams know how to make cool games!


Wow! Really fun and realistic! I am a sailor and found this game to be the best sailing game I have ever played. Great graphics and sound effects along with neat music. Worth the money!

Fantastic Update

Long one of my favorite games, I always thought the graphics were pretty good to begin with, but wow, the latest update is night and day. Amazing job.

What a fantastic update!

I'm running this on my iPad 3, and I have to say that Infinite Dreams did an incredible job on this update! The graphics update is stellar! It went from being a really nice and interesting game to a showpiece game. The additional tweaks in the gameplay balance have made this feel like a completely different game to me. Honestly, Infinite Dreams could have packaged this up into a new game and asked people to pay, but instead they took care of their existing buyers and made this a free update. Great job, Infinite Dreams! Thanks so much for this update!!

No Hardness Mode Selector

This game is way to hard. After buying it, I was only able to complete 2 races and it will not unlock any further courses unless you win enough stars. You have to beat a specific time to win either bronze, silver or gold medals and get a star for each. If you win at least silver on each course, it WILL NOT let you move on. This would be a fun little game if they didn't choke you down with time limits. Stupid and a waste of my money.

Nice but crashes

I loved the app but it crashes after the second race! When I get two stars, the screen just goes completely blank.


This game is fun but very, VERY hard

Wish it was slower with ARCADE or SIMULATION mode

Menus got me really excited. Looked like it was awesome. Then the game started and became a bit cheezy. I wish it was slower... Much slower... So one could really work on angle to the wind. Its so fast that it feels more like a motor boat. I also dislike the ding ding when passing a bouy. I was hoping for slow and relaxing. I had just bought sail sim and virtual skipper for pc and was really hoping it would be more like those sims. I think it can be done... Look at train sim. I know this isn't a sim, it's a game. But I still think it should have more of the feel of sailing. Maybe it will get better... I just started playing. Hoping i can control the sail myself that may change it more from steering to sailing. update... Just found that sail helper was on by default. Better with it off... But still way to fast and squirly. Change cheezy rushing wind sound to the sound of cutting through waves. The current sound is like diving 100mph in a car. Biggest wish... That it was 90% slower, allowing more fine Control with steering and sheet control. Player could choose arcade speed or sim speed at start menu! I own and sail 3 hobie 16's.

Great fun

Learning the "ropes" takes awhile, but excellent game overall. Only up to 3rd level but impressed with intuitive controls. I race Radio Controlled sailboats (6' long model of 12 meter) and I have finally found a 'landlubber' substitute, Thanks, and keep updating the sim to refine its realism.

Great game!

This is a great game if you're a sailor, or if you're learning sailing. There are a few things that could make the game even better, though, such as a tiller option, jib option, and go anywhere/adventure mode. It would also be great to add online multiplayer.

More levels please!

Wow I finally unlocked every level. This is a beautiful, and realistic sailing simulator. It would be fantastic to have a "free sail" level with changing conditions so I could practice and teach basic maneuvers (tack, jibe, etc.) It would also be fun to have a level with a larger version of the ship or maybe a dinghy to see how the boat reacts in different situations. Thanks for many hours of fun, and hopefully more!

Great game, but should be a universal!

There is no real difference between the iPad and iPhone versions. Great game but one star for not making it a universal app. I bought both versions so they have my money and a one star review for the iPad version and a great five star review for the iPhone one.

Nice game, but...

... it doesn't make sense to stall on gybes. In real life, this just doesn't happen. You may loose some speed by not doing it correctly, but you never get on irons when running. It also doesn't make sense to sail faster when you are close hauled than when you are running. It seems that they can easily correct these mistakes, but otherwise game is fun and addictive.


Frustrating and unrealistic. Very disappointed. :(


This is lots of fun! Waiting for sailing season to start. This gives me a nice taste in the mean time. Suggest tiller option. Glad I purchased. Worth the $3!

Really Fun! Addicted in Minutes!

I grew up sailing and this feeds my addiction of wind, water and speed. Please add a tiller option! Steering needs just a little tightening. Please keep supporting this app!!!!!!


You will love this game if you're a sailor!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Challenging and fun

The new modes are at the end (bonus races) and are pretty cool considering they are pretty different than the whole sailboat racing experience. The graphics are great as are the boats. Pretty cool game, there are few games that keep me going through the whole thing, and now I'm working on bettering my best times and making the boat faster with bonus points. Great game, very much worth the money!!!

Lot's of fun

This is a lot of fun. It isn't a sailing simulator, it is a really fun sailing game so don't get hung up over how accurate it is. Great graphics, good controls ( though I would like to tilt the ipad to control the sail ).

Not for sailors

If you sail and were looking for a game to come close to simulating what it is like to be at the helm you will be disappointed. This is a racing game disguised as a sailboat. And it is actually hard to follow the line because it moves so quickly. Would not recommend

One of the Best!

This is one of the best games I have ever played on any platform. It is very simple to learn but pretty difficult to master. Anyone with any interest in sailing should check this out. It is well worth the money.


These 'new modes' do not exist, and the developer will not reply on twitter or the app forum. This looks like a marketing scam.

Sailing is fun!

I have no experience with sailing whatsoever, but I really enjoy this game. The sailing is tricky, but it wouldn't be as much fun if there was no room for improvement. Lots of achievements to strive for, many unlockables, smooth video play, great graphics and really nice soundscape. Recommended for anyone who likes water-based games.

Slow progression, tricky control scheme

First and foremost, this game looks and sounds great. But once that novelty wears off, you're basically left with one mode of play that must be mastered in order to unlock features that should be more readily available. The manual control scheme definitely hard pickup, but thankfully the game offers penalized assistance with the mast. Perhaps nautical experience IS required to fully appreciate the patience of playing the same maps repeatedly, cause I'm missing the fun.

Great fun

This is a real treat. It's a little tricky to advance to the next stage, but I'm OK with that because it is so fun and intuitive to play. Big question is, where are these new modes?? I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Great game, but...

This is a great game, with great graphics. The only issue I have with this game is how impossible it is to gybe without slowing down to a complete standstill. If the developers could change this, and maybe make it a bit easier to advance to the next level, this would be the greatest game in the App Store.

Close to perfect

Let me start by saying that I love this game and that everything included in it is top notch. As someone who grew up sailing and racing sailboats I think you did a lot right. But... I think a few additions would make tis game perfect. 1. A true start to each race with the boats trying to time their starts perfectly. This is arguably the most intense part of sailboat racing. 2. Wind dead spots and stealing wind. If I'm on a reach between the wind and my competitor, it should slow him down some. 3. More tracks that are longer. I know an iPad game isn't going to have a crazy amount of content, but the tracks aren't exactly the most complicated thing in the world. More would be nice. Regardless, I love this game and recommend it to any sailers out there or anyone interested in a strategic racer.

Much more fun than racing cars!

Very pleased with this game. Strategy, wind, boat....it has it all. Don't think you have to be a sailor. Any strategy or racing fan will love this app.


The slow frame rate makes this game virtually unplayable, as soon as an update comes out greatly increases the lag I will edit my review.