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NOAA Buoy and Tide Data

by Verona Solutions, LLC

(1 user ratings)


Download size: 23.19MB
Version: 8.01
Released: 2009-07-04
For ages: 4+


The first and still the best, NOAA Buoy and Tide Data allows you to retrieve weather data from NOAA's National Data Buoy Center. It also provides tide predictions for the US and Moon phase information.

The perfect tool to help plan your time on the water.

**For a map of buoys locations, go here: http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/

* NEW - Home page lets you keep your most commonly used data in one place.
* Search for buoys by name.
* View buoys near you with customizable search radius.
* Use GPS or manually entered location.
* Map of buoy locations.
* Detailed live buoy data with access to location specific forecasts.
* Save your favorites for easy access.
* Quick access to buoy's website from within the application.
* Buoys sorted by proximity to your selected location.
* Tide Predictions.
* Moon phases.

Data can include wind speed, gusts, and direction as well as pressure and other relevant marine data. This data is dependent on the buoy since not all buoys have the same sensors.

If you participate in activities where marine weather is important, you need this app.

Great for:

kite boarding
and any activity where marine weather conditions are important.

If you fish at sea like we do, this is a great app for you.

Another quality App brought to you by boaters and fisherman. We use our products everyday and listen to our customers. If you have any issues, please contact us. We will reply.
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Customer Reviews

No other app combines the features and usability found in this one. As avid boaters, my husband and I rely on it all the time.

Wave Height

This app does not make use of reported wave information

Very few listings

I boat on a large lake with numerous buoys and the app shows one or two on the lake. Junk

Doesn’t seem to work.

The app is slow and doesn’t seem to work. I would like a refund.

Should have read reviews

2nd re-write: The developer responded the same day as my review, and provided instructions to disable automatic user location (set Auto-Retrieve to off). Having downloaded the app again and making the location changes, I am still nagged with a pop-up error, "No Location. Access to location denied! Check Settings." Another issue is that wave height info is missing from most buoys I've checked along the eastern shore. NOAA comparisons show the data (just not provided from within the app). Excellent marine weather info otherwise.

Thank you for the long term

I set the app aside for years after apple undeveloped the platform. Today Buoy Data is as good as the day it started, lol.


This is hands down the worst app I have for tide charts. Rid of it please.


What a bust. As long as you have gps running the program works. If you have it off to do some planning, it will not work. This is not a navigation program. Once I store my favorites, I should be able to access them. Anytime!

Excellent marine data service

Quick access to nearby or favorite buoys. Includes ship reports. Tide stations. Lots of goodies. My favorite "real time" marine weather app.

Very good

You don't need nothing else to go offshore

Best Buoys App

I am not sure why this app is getting some very low ratings. It's easy to use on my iPhone 6. I like having the list of nearest buoys so I can choose one - or view all of them on a map. You can always search for buoys that aren't near you easily if you are planning trip.

Don't leave home without it

I use this app various times throughout the day whether I am out in the water or not. Would never think of leaving the dock without checking with this app. The new upgrades puts everything at your fingertips and is very user friendly.

Great update v7.06

A great buoy app made extra super with v7.06. Highly recommended if you fish offshore and/or are a scientist. Love it!


Agree with want refund. Can't find wave height, interval data etc that seemed advertised before I paid.

Best nav aid that's always with me

One of my favorite boating and because when Im on a friend's boat or my kayak I know that if I have my phone on me I always know where Im at and where I can go

Can't save buoy favorite

Since iOS 10 I've been unable to save any buoy as a favorite. Also the app doesn't readily show non-NOAA buoys.

Error Loading Data

This app no longer works. All I get is an error message that says "Unable to Load Data" Error B1098. The last time they updated the app was like 2 years ago. Looks like it's kaput.

Great app but definitely needs an update

I use this app almost daily and have for years. When it's working it's great. I'm using a 6s and it doesn't seem to be updated to function like it should. It's laggy. I frequently have to close it out and re-open. Hoping it's fixed soon or I'll be shopping around. Please update!!

Good simple solid app

I use this all the time. It's accurate and easy to use. Actually reports buoy data so there is no prediction, it's fact. I have sat next to bout 10 miles offshore and temp and swell dead on. I wish it did some swell map predictions and some SST predictions but I doesn't that I can find. Oh well, like I said it's a ample app that works great.

Apple Watch

I appreciate and use this app every day for work, but it would be amazing it the app were configured so that it was compatible with the Apple Watch. Thanks!!

Poor coverage. Too few Bouys

Don't buy

Good App

Provides everything that I need when at the shore. I usually need tide info, bouy info and weather map. This app provides all, wave height would be a plus.

LA Shrimper

Very good app and it's pretty accurate when it comes to future wind speed. It's a must have with every fishermen.

Refund please.

This app is awfull, difficult to use, and very limited in scope. I would like my money refunded.

Easy to use, set favorites. Useful every day

I walk my dogs next to the SF Bay, and this app will tell me the temperature and velocity of the wind off the water. My regular weather app (Weather On) is right on the money for ambient temp and wind speed, but the buoy data tells me the wind temp and speed off the water, and whether or not I'll need a jacket. Maybe a "one trick pony", but it's really good at it, and I use it every day for that. The tide data is there also, but is easier to read in Tide Graph Pro. I'd buy both, if you're by the water. Tip: Pick a few “favorite” buoys near you, and those are the only ones that will come up when you tap favorites (so you don’t have to sort through all the weather on the coast, but you can if you wish). The app responds quickly, so the delay from home; screen to favorite buoy air temp and wind speed takes about 3 or 4 seconds max. Simple, and well written. Good Job.

My Husbands' Favorite

We live in Central Florida and my husband fishes offshore out of Port Canaveral and this app tells him if the seas are fishable for him in his size boat .

No wave date

Neglects to provide important swell height and period data for buoys that have this info on the NOAA website. Useless app if you want to know ocean surface conditions.

Noaa bouy

Thought this would provide same data as the NOAA site, I fact thought it was the NOAA site.

Awesome app

I gave four stars because it locks up from time to time but awesome overall!!!

Went from 5 star to 2

This WAS my favorite App for fishing and duck hunting, but the latest version freezes and hangs up. I still use all the time but it has become very annoying. I hope they update this app as soon as possible because it's such a great app as long as it's working correctly

So useful

Every time I boat/fish, I check wind speed using this app.

This is a great app

Because it works consistently and provides exactly what sailors need. I sail out of Port Aransas on the TX gulf - very windy and often tough - this is a lifesaver.

Works like magic

Perfection. If you spend time on or near the water in the USA you need this ap.

Great app

Good app...easy to zero in on buoy near you and good information if you want tide, temp and wind I your boating area. I tried a couple of wind ones that were a total waste of money...just deleted as waste of space on phone. This one is a keeper. Only logical thing....be sure there is a NOAA buoy near you

Great for sailors

Love the ease of use for tides and winds Perfect

Great, works, better than NOAA app

I got this to replace the aging Windbuoy app that was only crashing since Ios6. Nice easy to use favorite switch. Well done!

Poor app for real world

Not worth paying for. The little data here is everywhere. Could not get close enough to my fishing areas to be specific for my use.

Great real time app for surf

Use this everyday to check what the surf is doing

Killer app

This app is great, it gives me everything I need.

Great app

I check this every time I go out on my boat. Tells me everything I need to know. In the MS gulf coast.


Ok. Slow. Little info. Not recommended.

Love it

Been using this for at least a year and couldn't live without it. We fish base on tide a lot of the time and this app gives us what we need. Also great for checking actual sea conditions.


This app won't win any design awards. Lacks overall design coherence. User interface is awkward. This is not an official NOAA app, however it does pull in NOAA data. Should be $0.99.


Great presentation of NOAA buoys and tide charts. All info available from particular buoys is available including water temperature for some. More detailed weather than many weather apps. Easy and fast to find the info you need. Like the new lunar phase feature too.

Great app.

Does exactly what it claims to do.

Best fishing app so far

Finally someone incorporated tide, weather prediction, radar, sunrise, sunset and moon phases in one app. I'm sure there is more buoy data such as water temp that can be added. So far I love it!

Keeps crashing

Every time I open it to view buoy data it keeps crashing.... Or when you click on the wave icon it crashes.... Please fix it...

Pretty good

Could be better. Needs water temp and a better radar for the price!

Missing water temp

Just an OK app. Need water temp too