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Navigation Rules

by Double Dog Studios

(56 user ratings)


Download size: 35.11MB
Version: 4.1.1
Released: 2009-08-29
For ages: 4+


Navigation Rules contains a complete copy of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972 (COLREGS), including amendments and the Inland Navigation Rules, in effect for all inland waters, including the Great Lakes. App is COLREGs most recent version dated - July 2015.

This app includes an annotated table of contents and a search function to help the reader quickly find the rule and related references. A Favorites page allows quick access to commonly referenced pages. Use the email function to share a page with others.

If you are a boater you need to know this information.

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Customer Reviews


Easy to use and keep on hand

All vessels are required to keep a copy of the rules on board. This set is very easy to use to enable finding the applicable rule quickly. I look forward to it keeping my set of rules up to date.

Great one

Good none


Great app

Great App from the perspective of a maritime student

Great App! It definitely helped me pass my bi-weekly rules of the road test. I would give it 5 stars if it had the option for some quizzes or test.

straight bad

Terrible. All it's useful for are the Colregs which I could have gotten a PDF file of if that's all I wanted. Not what they advertised and I feel cheated.

Very useful

Great tool on and off the water.

Excellent and handy

Excellent and handy

Well done!

Great if you need the rules of the road on the go! The pictures and quick guides help explain the more complicated rules.

Pass with Flying Colors

I'm in BDOC and the tests control your freedom so you need to do well. The lights and sounds quick guides helped tremendously with better visuals and comparison of lights under the specific rules. I HIGHLY recommend this app if you struggle with lights and sound signals. Test was cake.


Great to have information at fingertips

Outstanding app

Great reference tool for any sailor or boater.

Great app

This is a good app to learn or review the NAVRULES! Good study material for use deck watch exam or review.

Like this

This book is excellent has everything you need too study plus it's easy too learn.. As being someone who works on a boat I think it is a wonderful app


Quick reference to the right answer! Helping me study for my tests.

Good on board reference tool

Good and important app for any boater. Table of contents and organization are very good. These rules are crucial to boating safety. If you can't afford a boating safety course - at least know these rules and help us all stay safe out there.

very handy

excellent, all those less used rules I knew for the caps test easily accessible right in my phone

Fantastic Rules Book App

Has both international and inland all in one. Love the bookmarking ability. Lots of color as well. Built in calculator as well.

Great App

Perfect to keep the rules fresh in your mind when not out sailing. A great quick reference when needed.


Great ap. quick reference and plenty of diagrams. Really helped studying for license. Keep up the good work.

Great App

Over all good application of the Navigation Rules. Great for work and is handy when the book itself is not around.



Effective reference

Excellent, handy reference while out on the water!


It would be cool to put some kind of basic knowledge test in here, but other than that, great!


Very good reference and search tools

Great app!

Very impressed.

Navigation Rules 3.1

App is exactly as described. Well laid out. Reads just like the books. Recommend any boater who plies navigable waters install and use this app.

Fantastic app

Very user friendly


This is a must have app for anyone who works or plays on any navigable waters. Being a career merchant mariner I would have loved to have this instead of hauling the books around. I have found this app to be very true to form in comparing it to the book itself. My thanks to the creator of this app. Steve

Well done.

I am studying for my 100 gross ton masters exam and this app has been more than helpful. Definitely would recommend to anyone

Serving in the auxiliary

The app is great!


This is a great reference and is easy to navigate.

Handy app!

A must have for any mariner or boater. A great study tool!

Great Guide

Easy to navigate with all of the Rules of the Road! Perfect study guide as well as quick reference for any potential SWO!

Big country

Accurate and concise information


So easy to find the Info u need

Not quite a reprint.

This is almost an accurate copy of the navigation rules of the road with a few exceptions. There is no differentiation between international and inland rules. Having the rules on your cell phone may give some credence to having your phone in the wheelhouse, but I doubt it. Overall a very useful app, I would buy it again.

Great app

Sitting for my 3rd mates exam, love the app!

Great except...

The app has everything, assuming all you want is a 100% copy of the actual coast guard manual. The pictures suggest there might be additional features (light flash cards, etc), but that is not the case. It is simply a searchable form of the actual manual, and that's it. Like I said, it's good for what it is, but don't expect any addition features or bells and whistles (no pun intended).

USCG Rules of the road

It's a digital version of the Rules of the Road !

Great app

This app is great it is helping to study for my 1600 ton master license

A great start.

Great for preparing for 054 RR. Missing a few things. Saw some typo's. I would buy again if I had to.

Rules of the Road

Excellent reference to have to occasionally review a rule when needed. As an USCG Auxiliary Coxswain is great to have with me at all times, knowing that it is always up to date.

Excellent App

Very useful for either initial learning of the rules or for review of the rules in order to stay fresh...also recommend Signals International...

Very handy!

A great pocket reference for the licensed mariner or pleasure boater. Nicely made app and easy to navigate.

Hard over!

Great app to have in my pocket!


Excellent for a licensed mariner who wishes to literally have the rules of the road at their fingertips. VERY HANDY!