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iNavX - Marine Chartplotter

by GPSNavX

(5 user ratings)


Download size: 83.11MB
Version: 5.1.1
Released: 2008-08-02
For ages: 4+


Navigate Confidently, Navigate with iNavX
- the world's #1 Handheld Chartplotter
And, the ONLY app to provide all your favorite charts from your favorite chart providers including Navionics!

“Editor's Choice” - Practical Sailor
"The Standard" - Cruising Magazine
"Must Have List" - Cruising World

Trusted internationally by casual and professional sailors, cruisers, boaters, fishermen, and divers.
Downloads iNavX TODAY and automatically receive a complimentary copy of the official and up-to-date high resolution NOAA RNC United States marine raster charts.

iNavX is the ONLY APP to give you access all of your favorite charts directly through the app. Fully enabled with one-touch purchase and download, iNavX gives users the most streamlined access to the broadest set of marine charts and maps from multiple providers.
• Navionics
• Fugawi
• NV Charts
• Theyr Weather
• Waterway Guide
• Trak Maps
• Solteknik

iNavX takes handheld marine navigation to the next level.
• Anglers: Discover new fishing spots by scouting out deep holes and inlets. Locate the best fishing conditions by identifying cold fronts. Save your best fishing spots with the only app that offers unlimited markers.
• Sailors: Plan great routes with waypoint and route management. Have proactive sail management with GRIB weather forecasts. Then keep watch with integration with external AIS receivers and responders. And remember great locations by geotagging photos.
• Boaters: Stay up to date on boating conditions with weather forecasts that includes currents, winds, and swells. Manage your equipment with nautical instrument integration. Then save and share great boating routes to share with the track log.

ADVANCED FEATURES - iNavX is the most feature rich app available, and all for one great price:

Advanced Chart Plotter
• Plot your position in real-time using your device's built-in GPS
• Easily pan, zoom, and rotate charts (including course up)
• Print a detailed chart to use in combination with the app

Advanced Navigation
• Create waypoints and plan routes to navigate between them
• Track log allows you to record your actual route
• Import/Export data in KML (Google Earth) or GPX format

Advanced Instrumentation
• Acts as a repeater for popular marine navigation software MacENC
• Supports NMEA data over TCP/IP (using Wifi)
• Integrates with external GPS, AIS receivers & transponders
• Connect nautical instruments: Depth, Speed, Wind, Engine, Batteries, etc.

Essential Toolkit
• GRIB weather forecast
• Tides/currents
• Anchor alarm
• AIS alarm
• Port/navaid search

“iNavX is the original and still one of the best navigation apps.” – Practical Sailor
“The most full-featured navigation app around and viewed by many as the standard” – Sail Magazine
"The #1 recommended marine charting app" - iMarineApps

Purchase all your favorite charts. Chart subscriptions vary by chart and provider from $9.99 to $199 for 1-year from the date of subscription and will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew can be turned off anytime by going to your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Website: http://inavx.com/
User's Guide: http://inavx.com/help/
Privacy Policy: http://inavx.com/privacy
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Customer Reviews
Best app purchase ever!!!

I have had this app for over 5 years, and I have received immense value from the purchase. While it is always best to confirm location with other means, iNav has never failed me. Being able to have redundancy, on both my iPad and iPhone, allows for extra piece of mind. Updating charts is easy. I have traveled extended trips in the Great Lakes and connecting river, including anchoring out using the anchor alarm feature. This app will be a necessity in an upcoming Great Loop trip.

Very Satisfied

We have been using iNavx for years. From the start, found it extremely easy to use and equally helpful. Customized instrument settings provide the info you want balanced w readability and font size. Loaded on both iPad and phone (at Nav station and on deck). It is very simple to touch and drop a WP and to see location on chart; range; bearing; SOG; COG; VMG. Great tool and very intuitive from the start.

Very useful

I've been navigating for decades. This app is helpful in real time and for trip planning. Worth it.

Map selection so clumsy it is useless

They didn't even try to make the map selection user friendly. You have to scroll through pages and page to get what you want.

Great App

Fairly easy to use! I have been using a Furuno chart plotter which is a bear to operate. More time to figure out than time of actual navigation. I like the idea that I can down load and update any chart anytime anywhere. NOAA charts are free! Some of the procedures aren't as intuitive as I would like. I'm of an age where my memory isn't quite so good so would like to see a simple easy to use set of basic instructions. As it is an app on installed on my iPad It reduces the need for a standalone chart plotter and other computer gadgets greatly reducing onboard clutter and frustration. Overall, a great app at a fair price. Customer service is great too!

Powerful and easy to use

Purchased on the water with our first boat when the chartplotter stopped working. Had to navigate some skinny bay water and the app performed its job. Since then I continue to use it planning out routes, fishing spots, etc and am very happy with it.

Open water sailor

New user of this navigational app and I really like it so far!

A little complicated but worth the learning curve.....

It took a little time to master but we have been cruising full time for almost 4 years using INavX and love it...


This app works flawlessly. We don't leave the dock without it.

Great, but flawed

This is a great app for the price. However, managing Chart downloads is extremely inefficient and time consuming. They should give you the option to download only specific regions (i.e. New England, or Florida) and not a whole coasts. They should also allow you to batch delete charts and not have to delete them individually, each with the multiple menu selections just to remove one chart at a time.


Love it!

Wicked awesome

Just love it. Getting data from the MacBook down below makes it absolutely nuts! I can check VMG, tack angles, wind forecast, absolutely everything from anywhere on the boat! Then I can take it to my friend's boat who has no instruments and plot out the laylines for the Saturday W/L course without missing a step. This is a must have. Now if only a manufacturer stepped up and made an elegant waterproof case solution, Apple and iNavx could/would give Garmin/Nobeltec/MaxSea and all the others a run for their money! 6 years later and it is still my go to. Just completed another race/delivery 500+nm without a single problem from iNavX.


With Navionics charts on iPad Pro it crashes all the time. It is a safety hazard and should not be marketed or at least with a warning.

Awesome app

Use it all the time for trip planning, even on land!

I like it!

So far this app has been a good backup to my local chart. It also has an advantage or two, like displaying true heading and speed. Thanks.

Too complicated to use

I have had this app for several years, and only use it ever so often. Every time I have to go back and re-read instructions to use. It just seems overly complicated compared to, for example the Navionics app. Specific examples would be: Way points appear as a long list. How can the user tell which is which? Why not group by route and/or date?? Measuring distance-if you reach the edge of a map on the screen it won't pan over. Navionics does. Keeps adding an additional waypoint to the end of a route and thus distorts direction. Can't seem to add additional WP in middle of a route. How do you easily track where you have been? Seems to be complicated for something so essential. If you use a chart that the program doesn't think is relevant, you have to go back to the list and find it again. Why not leave it under "recently used" or similar?? Area this applies to would be San Juan islands in Washington, where several charts apply to one location. Creating a route is excessively complicated. Why not create this on the screen?? It's a basic function of a gps based system! Summary: this might be useful for someone who uses every day, but is too cumbersome and complicated for the average user. It seems like it tries to be "all things to all people". Navionics, for example, is a far better choice. Can never reach any help to get advice or support. Very disappointed.

Will not work with iPad Pro

I bought the app and corresponding add ons last fall only to find it constantly crashed after less than two minutes. Support has been of no help, as of July 2017 the best they can say is an update is coming "sometime soon". Not good enough. I paid over $100 for the app and add ons necessary to use the app and I have current hardware and it's still unusable 10 months later, ridiculous.

Excellent product

Way more detailed and updated than my handheld farming product. I love being able to use both vector and NOAA raster charts

LOTS of Bells & Whistles

It's a sailing app - I decided to buy it after looking around on the APP Store. I'm a day sailor so this app is overkill for me. I like it because it is simple to use and the GUI is intuitive. I'd like to see if it has the the ability to include POI.

Love it

Works great!

The Go-to app for navigation

Great support and continued upgrades

Very nice app

Even without a chart subscription it has a good representation on free charts.

Alaskan Cruiser

The best app for boaters here in Alaska

Recommended by my sailing instructor

This app was initially recommended to me by my first sailing instructor. I cruise often now and bought many other marine nav apps but keep finding myself using iNavX. This app has all the features of my on board chart plotter and is more intuitive in my opinion. Thank you for keeping me safe over many years and creating beautiful memories. If you sail, do yourself a favor and incorporate this app into your regular equipment rotation.

Got us home

Our Generator and all electronics went out in the middle of the night this app got us home


Must for sailing

Deletes your Charts!

I'm sailing the South Pacific, (Currently in Tonga) and use this app all the time. Works great, when it's not deleting your entire library of charts! Seriously, Poof! They're gone! Not an issue if you are around high speed internet, and have a few hours to spend with tech support. The reality is, iNavX have known about this issue for years, (see below) and they have not fixed it. For those of us sailing across oceans using it, it's a nightmare, unsafe, and should not be allowed on cruising yachts. Yes, it happens when you update the OS from apple, and then, depending on the update, Poof! I've had all my charts just vanish at least 3 times. Next is a discussion about if you've paid up on your year subscription of chart updates? YOUR OLD CHARTS SHOULD NOT VANISH! This problem needs to be addressed, and your customers need to be made aware of this problem. This situation comes up on the SSB radio nets in the South Pacific all the time - Vanishing iNavX charts!!! PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE AND FIX! I wrote the following years ago, and the major issue of entire chart loss has still not been corrected or addressed. It happened yet again when I was preparing to depart New Zealand, in May, 2017. What happened to my Charts when I upgraded my iPad operating system? They disappeared! I sail in the South Pacific, and I would be screwed if this happened in Tonga. Please help! This works better and has more options than my Raymarine E-7 touch display instruments. If the iPad was waterproof, it would be the best navigation equipment. I sailed with it from San Francisco to New Zealand in 2012. On some remote islands in the Pacific, the chart detail was better than the Raymarine, even though the charts are from the same company. The only thing I did not like was that when you get to 180 Degrees West, you have scroll back across the globe to see the charts at 180 Degrees East. (And there are a lot of islands to enjoy at that position!) Overall it is far superior program, as long as you don't drop your iPad, (break it or sink it,) in the middle of the ocean!

Great for kayaking

I have used iNavx on Mini ipad as a backup for navigation charts kayaking in San Juan, Gulf, Broken Group, Mission Group and Haida Gwaii. Upon several occasions, it has helped me find obscure campsites. It is also great resource to study new coastlines without having to lay out multiple marine charts. The Theyr tide and current add on is awesome as well. sometimes adding waypoints is kludgey, but beyond that, only high praise.

Very useful

Easy to use.


Crashes on the iPad Pro with Navionics charts. Also, when exporting a route to iCloud, you must scroll through every folder and sub-folders in alphabetical order to get to the one you want. Tedious, at best. Otherwise, the app seems to be logically designed.

App crashes on iPad Pro - cannot be used on one

This needs prompt attention. I see many reviewers saying the same thing.

Getting worse :(

Just when I thought my disappointment was at a critical low, iNavX got worse. In the last version I was frustrated with the inability to remove a waypoint from a route (without destroying the waypoint). Hoping it would be fixed in this version, I updated, only to find that not only is the bug still present, but now I can not reorder waypoints either. iNavX has come a long way since the article I wrote in Cruising World... a long way down.

Not what it advertised

This just gives you information to buy other apps. Not very informative

Useless chart selection

This is the most expensive sailing app in the App Store, and yet it: a) does not let you input custom charts, b) charges you yearly for using otherwise freely available charts, and c) does so in an outdated way. I'm an Amazon and Solimões river pilot and I need something to help me quickly locate myself and jeep track of my previous voyages and calculate ETAs. Amazon's charts in the app are outdated, and Solimões charts are inexistent (ok, because they don't really exist). But we make our own charts, and I simply cannot use it in the most expensive app in the App Store! How great!

Necessary for all boaters

Bought as a back up but ended up using it all the time. On other people's boats I can navigate to my numbers as well as get all instruments in my pocket, distance to destination etc. This year I bought some extra iPads and waterproof enclosures for my big boat and am going to use as another display at helm. Works everywhere off the gps.

Works great

Fog came in while I was sailing on a friend boat. This app got us where we wanted to go.

Awful unfriendly app, wish I didn't buy it

Not user friendly at all, tried using it a few times and finally gave up after this past weekend where I had planned to use it while doing some boating in my area. I would love to have my money back. This app is terrible to try & figure out.

Awesome app!

I highly recommend this chart plotter! Great charts, great weather overlays, great AIS via internet and great customer support! JimSails

Excellent App! 4.5 stars!

I've used this app quite a bit. A bit of a learning curve for some features (I.e. Left swipe to delete waypoints), but no worse than any other navigation hardware or software that I have used. Lots of features and integration with other products. Accepts NMEA data over WiFi. Supports large (unlimited?) numbers of waypoints and routes. Free U.S charts, but you may want to consider the $10 for the "Quilted" charts, so you won't have to keep selecting charts. The Navionics charts ($60) look great and are also "quilted". Routes are extremely fast and simple to create if you have already entered the waypoints: (1) Select a route, (2) switch to Chart view, (3) press a waypoint, and (4) select "Add to Route". Repeat steps 3 and 4. What I'd like to see to get to five stars (and near perfection): (1). Larger instrument display instead of a banner. (2). A memory feature to remember your last chart (when using NOAA charts). (3). A filter/folder structure (also remembered) to better manage Waypoints when you have hundreds of them. (4). Integration with Active Captain (PLEASE !!!). BTW, the application developers were extremely responsive to my questions. Top-notch support. Tip: Develop a naming structure for your waypoints so they sort/display in the order you want. For example: Country-State-Location-Waypoint Name "US-MD-Severn Rvr-Entrance" is the name I have for the entrance to the Severn river in Maryland, USA.


With iNavX on an iPhone 6 Plus. I have a garmin gpsmap 4208, which I hate, as backup. But I don't use it as anything but a second opinion on close in nav. INavX does everything else. Get it!

Amazing App! Incredible Support!

Amazingly wonderful app. Great interface and integrations. The support is top notch! Used iNavx for 3 years sailing through the Med and never had a problem. 👍

Solid nav app

Used this app for years on East coast of US. Navigating from Maine to Florida. I use it as a back up on delivery (mostly sailboats in the 50' range). Find it easier than most to open and get quick info on route planning. Also very handy for small local boating when I just want a quick location confirmation on the iPhone. (Important, you need decent cell data or wifi connection to load charts. App will not save multiple charts, best have the one you want loaded before heading out). Yes, you have to buy the charts. Believe I paid once for full package and has been reliably downloading any chart needed since. Would get 5 stars if I could save a couple of charts. 5 stars for overall reliability and long run satisfaction.

Great program

I have use it for a year on different boat and I like it. Need to a few more Charter some missing inland.

App crashes

If this issue could be resolved it would make this a great app. While using the app it crashes and closes itself. You need to reopen to keep using it. Please fix.

Accurate portable iPhone iPad friendly.

Have latest Raymarine system. INavX accurate and is another nav system on board. Up to date Noaa charts at home superb planning tool. Excellent value! Alex Peck Newer revisions even more useful Alex peck

Google maps for the waterway

I've had nothing but good luck with this app. Even the overlays that show the weather work perfectly. Usually I use this on my iPhone so I can navigate lakes in my area. If I ever need to bring along the iPad to get a full Potter size view.very good detail and the live information provided is excellent.

Great Navigation Program with AIS

I bought iNavX in order to see AIS targets on my chart plotter on the iPad since I don't have that on my older Furuno radar/chart plotter. I'm very happy with the display of targets and information in the program. I'm about to take a long coastal cruise, so I will give it a good trial and evaluate it again after that. Used iNavX on a long coastal cruise from San Francisco to Catalina Island and back. Worked great and was very useful.

Major issues

The latest version of this app still has major issues. The charts I've purchased are still unavailable and it makes this app absolutely useless for even the most basic navigation. This isn't the first time an update breaks the app, so I'd recommend looking at a more reliable provider for your charting/navigation.


Great Program

Update 5.0.6 breaks charts

Don't apply the update to 5.0.6. It makes your charts unavailable. The iNavX folks have uploaded a fix, but apple hadn't made it available yet on the App Store as of 9:30 pm EDT. Love the app, hate 5.0.6😳