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iNavX - Marine Chartplotter

by GPSNavX

(99 user ratings)


Download size: 85.59MB
Version: 5.2
Released: 2008-08-02
For ages: 4+


Navigate Confidently, Navigate with iNavX
- the world's #1 Handheld Chartplotter
And, the ONLY app to provide all your favorite charts from your favorite chart providers including Navionics!

“Editor's Choice” - Practical Sailor
"The Standard" - Cruising Magazine
"Must Have List" - Cruising World

Trusted internationally by casual and professional sailors, cruisers, boaters, fishermen, and divers.
Downloads iNavX TODAY and automatically receive a complimentary copy of the official and up-to-date high resolution NOAA RNC United States marine raster charts.

iNavX is the ONLY APP to give you access all of your favorite charts directly through the app. Fully enabled with one-touch purchase and download, iNavX gives users the most streamlined access to the broadest set of marine charts and maps from multiple providers.

iNavX takes handheld marine navigation to the next level for sailing and boating.
• Anglers: Discover new fishing spots by scouting out deep holes and inlets. Locate the best fishing conditions by identifying cold fronts. Save your best fishing spots with the only app that offers unlimited markers.
• Sailors: Plan great sailing routes with waypoint and route management. Have proactive sail management with GRIB weather forecasts. Then keep watch with integration with external AIS receivers and responders. And remember great sailing locations by geotagging photos.
• Boaters: Stay up to date on boating conditions with weather forecasts that includes currents, winds, and swells. Manage your boating equipment with nautical instrument integration. Then save and share great boating routes to share with the track log.

ADVANCED FEATURES - iNavX is the most feature rich app available for all sailing and boating needs, and all for one great price:

Advanced Chart Plotter
• Plot your position in real-time using your device's built-in GPS
• Easily pan, zoom, and rotate charts (including course up)
• Print a detailed chart to use in combination with the app

Advanced Navigation
• Create waypoints and plan routes to navigate between them
• Track log allows you to record your actual route
• Import/Export data in KML (Google Earth) or GPX format

Advanced Instrumentation
• Acts as a repeater for popular marine navigation software MacENC
• Supports NMEA data over TCP/IP (using Wifi)
• Integrates with external GPS, AIS receivers & transponders
• Connect nautical instruments: Depth, Speed, Wind, Engine, Batteries, etc.

Essential Toolkit
• GRIB weather forecast
• Tides/currents
• Anchor alarm
• AIS integration
• Port/navaid search

“iNavX is the original and still one of the best navigation apps.” – Practical Sailor
“The most full-featured navigation app around and viewed by many as the standard” – Sail Magazine
"The #1 recommended marine charting app" - iMarineApps

iNavX is Compatible with: Navionics, CHS, Fugawi, NV Charts, Theyr Weather, Waterway Guide, Trak Maps, Solteknik, SiiTech, AIS, Brookhouse, DigitalYacht, ShipModul, vYacht, Vesper Marine, NMEA 2000, Chetco.

Purchase all your favorite charts. Chart subscriptions vary by chart and provider from $9.99 to $199.99 annually, charged to your iTunes Account, which will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renew can be turned off anytime by going to your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Website: http://inavx.com/
User's Guide: http://inavx.com/help/

Terms of Use: http://inavx.com/terms
Privacy Policy: http://inavx.com/privacy
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Customer Reviews
The One to Have

We have used INavX for 10,000 nm of travel, mostly on the ICW and adjacent waters. Because it used NOAA charts, it works well in part because we always have a paper chart handy just in case. At first, our blue water sailing friend was skeptical, but after two days he agreed that with INavX and an IPad, there is no need for a chart plotter.

Great App

One of the best compliments to my onboard systems

Too expensive for what it offers

Things it is missing: * quilted NOAA charts without spending $20 * Navionics charts cost twice as much as the Navionics app * Can’t show tides and currents in app or for any given time The UI isn’t very good compared to SEAIQ or Navionics. I got this because it has support for NMEA instrumentation, but there are other apps which do that and offer better charting at a much lower cost.

Drastically down hill

This used to be an a+ app but unfortunately it has just gotten slower and slower. The latest version running on an iPhone X is unusable. Save your money and get something else.

Best sailing app ever!

I have used this app for the past three years. I no longer plug in my Ratheon chartplotter. It has all the tools I need to amange the boat on a cruise or a local race. I just need to start using it on the iPad so I can see more!! SV Fin Sail Amelia


I really wanted this to work but unfortunately it is not a practical solution. I’m a full time cruiser on a sailboat, we do both coastal voyages and long open ocean passages. I was very excited about this app and dumped way too much money into various electronic charts. With the latest version, the app now runs in the background and constantly uses Location Services. It kills the battery of my iPad forcing frequent recharges, not realistic on a boat. I contacted Support and the only thing they suggest is to force quit the app every time you put down the iPad. That means every time you need a chart, you first have to reopen the app and wait for it to load — which unfortunately takes ~45 seconds with all the charts I have downloaded (on a brand new iPad Pro). Again, not realistic in the real world. Worst of all is the attitude I got from Support. You’d think I was asking for something unreasonable to have a working app after spending $200 bucks on charts. If you’re looking at this app, I would go with Navionics instead until the background Location is fixed.


In order to get this app to function well one must purchase a Navionics package that is designed for it and costs more than a regular Navionics chart of the same area.


I want to love this app because it provides access to NOAA raster charts. I like the simple interface and obviously the portability, as well as iPad and iPhone support. As a navigation tool it should never interrupt or distract the user with irrelevant information, and unfortunately now it does. I would happily give it five stars if it: 1) removed the pop up ads and “tell us what you think!” surveys. 2) improved chart switching. Right now it takes far too many taps to locate adjacent charts or charts at different scales. You have to slog through the entire chart library to find charts you already have, and the search function doesn’t seem to work with chart numbers. 3) improved lat/lon coordinate entry. Scrolling through every degree/minute second is tedious and should be replaced with direct entry. I want to use this app but find I use Transas iSailor instead...much more complex but more purposefully designed.

I love iNavX and the support has been phenomenal.

Great for planning as well as a chart plotter, the benefit being you can take it off the boat and use it. Clear graphics and easy to zoom in and out as well as in conjunction with weather and tidal apps

This navigation app is awesome!!

I have this first in a small boat as the only electronic nav aid, and now in a larger one. It's superb, with an easy to use interface and excellent support. The U.K. Navionics charts are excellent value and very detailed.

Works very well.

Great app that works so well. I'd rather have INAVX than any of the other packages such as raymarine costing 10x as much.

Best navigation tool.

Provides much better navigation than fixed chartplotters. It is particularly good for race navigation on the sea.


This navigation system with Navionics charts is by far the the best I have experienced in 30 years of long distance sailing.

Great software.

Anyone spending serious time at sea should acquire this software.I use iNavx is very good. Highly recommended

Fantastic app for all sailors

I just spent 2 weeks sailing running iNavX. Fantastic apps amazingly easy to use, very comprehensive in planning route, waypoints... very good maps easy to buy ... I have a lot of experience with PC based navigation software, iNavX brings the power of all these applications right at your fingertips ...


I only wish weather routing be added.

Very good

I tried most of sailing apps and this is by far the best I tried. Very complete. Maybe not the most amazing from a UI stand point. The support is fast.

This is a great app.

The cost of the App + charts + Tablet is less than a chart plotter and is just as good or better. I am a retired Airline Pilot so I know something about Navigation.I have checked the GPS positions against my basic Garmin 128 GPS unit and readouts agree exactly.

" Good app, very stable - User friendly, no-nonsense. "

Stable app. Easy and fast plotting and planning, correcting on the fly, panning and zooming. All you need and more for a fraction of the price of a RayMarine. Add a water tight housing (beware for direct sunlight exposure and subsequent overheating!), and you have your chart plotter at hand in every weather condition. I wouldn't want anything else.

Use this app often if you work at sea.

This app was initially recommended to me by my first sailing instructor. I cruise often now and bought many other marine nav apps but keep finding myself using iNavX. This app has all the features of my on board chart plotter and is more intuitive in my opinion. Thank you for keeping me safe and creating beautiful memories. If you sail, do yourself a favor and incorporate this app into your regular equipment rotation.

Need more application like this!

It can download raster charts, look at them and get a familear course and velocity indicator.

Very professional

For a professional skipper, it's probably the most powerful and the most efficient application to sail.

5 stars!!!

Large set of maps for reasonable extra cost (at least as far as marine charts go). The interface and settings options make this app or choice for true navigation. And finally: you can plan your route at home, enter all the waypoints and then have everything handy at sea. Five stars well deserved.

Again the best AIS supporting map.

The new update solved all problems I found! Thanks for the well working programm!

I feel safer using this app!

iNavx in combination with Navionics charts have been my favourite navigation app for sailing inshore and offshore. Options like night vision red screen, GRIBs, AIS data and wind data make it a strong supporting tool for safe navigation.

Perfect tool.

Clear screen, use the anchor watch function often.Works perfectly

Best app ever

I usually use it all the time for trip planning, even on sea!


This app works flawlessly. We don't leave the dock without it. Thanks!

Give 5 stars for this app!

I'm a new user of this navigational app and I really like it so far!

Worth great, easy to use

I've been navigating for decades. This app is helpful in real time and for trip planning. Worth it.

This is just great! As a low power chart plotter it is ideal.

I am very happy with iNavX, the Navionics charts I bought through the app - looking forward to the next trip!

Love it!

I have used iNavx several times now and find it an perfect for my needs, we had detailed planning and voyage info for a fraction of the cost of fully detailed charts, even the most detailed charts are not a patch on this. performs as well as any chart plotter at a fraction of the cost.

Best idea for this application

Purchased on the water with our first boat when the chartplotter stopped working. Had to navigate some skinny bay water and the app performed its job. Since then I continue to use it planning out routes, fishing spots, etc and am very happy with it.

Love this app

I have received immense value from the purchase. While it is always best to confirm location with other means, iNavx has never failed me. Being able to have redundancy, allows for extra piece of mind. Updating charts is easy. This app will be a necessity in an upcoming Great Loop trip.

Great support and continued upgrades

Great for planning as well as a chart plotter, the benefit being you can take it off the boat and use it. Clear graphics and easy to zoom in and out as well as in conjunction with weather and tidal apps.

Use it all the time for trip planning, even on sea!

I have this first in a small boat as the only electronic nav aid, and now in a larger one. It's superb, with an easy to use interface and excellent support. The U.K. Navionics charts are excellent value and very detailed

Just love it.

I intended to use this app as backup to my plotter. It is so good I have used it as the primary plotter to sail. It's easy to plan on and modify routes and waypoints. I really wonder why plotters are still selling when this App is so much better.

Very helpful.

I have tried a number of the marine navigation aids for phones/tablets but this is by far and away the best. A fully featured solution which provides all the functionality of a plotter minus the radar. Have used this for racing and cruises. iNavX has made it an essential piece of equipment.

Not user friendly at all

Can’t plot course, waypoints are all over the charts, charts don’t look good. Waypoints are difficult and cumbersome to remove or rename. On Garmin I can create a course, here no way. No directions either. Not intuitive at all. One of the few apps I’ve purchased which are totally unusable. Absolutely waste of time.

AIS Live is Useless for most Boaters

The $99. “AIS Live” addition to iNavx’s product line is useless for boaters who do not have a live internet connection away from the dock. This is not mentioned in the above promo for the product. BUYER BEWARE!

No charts for what I need

Have to buy and if I’m going to spend $55 for charts I’ll just pay the same for Navionics app. Spent 20 minutes trying to use and find charts for Ensenada BC Mexico and frustrated. Really want a refund.

Do not but this !

Go for navionics better cheaper and faster!!


This app does not work it is John do you not buy it they will not give you a refund

Too Complicated and $100 for AIS

Switched over from a different app, because of the AIS. Quickly and installed when I saw how complicated it was and AIS was 100 bucks.

For coastal use only

I bought this for use in lakes and rivers. It only covers coast line areas. Buy the Navionics it covers all inland areas.

What the heck

I specially selected Navionics USA and Canada and somehow this is what downloaded. Some kind of pop up scam or something. Get off my iPhone.

Okay but not user friendly

While the app has a decent number of features the chart function is extremely not intuitive. The fact that every chart must be downloaded separately (around 8 for the Jacksonville, FL area alone), and swapping between charts in small area is difficult at best, is a very significant hindrance to this app. As a long time user of iPad aviation Apps like Foreflight, I expected marina nav apps to be similar. I may switch to Navionics, I've been told they download a more global chart.

Complicated. Difficult to use. Expensive

As far as I can tell, the app is useless unless you buy a subscription to one or more chart providers ($80 per year for the US). This is in addition to the app purchase price. I tried to read the lengthy user manual but it only displays partial pages on my device. They do have very slick marketing though.

Chart plotter

More or less useless. You will have to spend more for what you need; brace yourself.