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Charts&Tides (US East)

by Navimatics Corporation

(18 user ratings)


Download size: 523.28MB
Version: 4.7.13203
Released: 2009-10-05
For ages: 4+


****PLEASE NOTE: There is a newer app called simply "Charts & Tides" with updated charts and a modern iOS 7/8 interface. Please download the new app instead of this one unless you are using a device that only supports iOS 6 or earlier.****

Charts&Tides is the first full resolution, seamless charting iPad app for marine navigation with full compatibility for the iPhone. Purchase Charts&Tides for one low price and run the software on your iPad and your iPhone. It's like getting two apps for the price of one.

Charts&Tides makes the perfect companion to your onboard navigation system. It offers a secondary navigation solution for backup and alternate views, and provides the most comprehensive point of interest (POI) data available with support for ActiveCaptain markers. Always know where you are and what's up ahead. And with the addition of offline updating and reviews you can contribute your knowledge and experience to ActiveCaptain right from your iPad and iPhone.

- Supports standard NOAA vector charts for accurate data.
- All chart data is built-in and automatically updated with program updates ensuring you have up-to-date navigation information.
- The only true heads-up display instantly rotates your chart as your boat turns, including text, making it the most readable display available.
- Chart quilting for seamless display as you move chart to chart so you always know what's ahead.
- Stores the entire ActiveCaptain database offline providing you with instant access to the most accurate guidebook (marinas, anchorages, hazards, bridges, reviews, plus a lot more) allowing you to plan you boating adventures with confidence.
- Contribute updates, additions, and reviews to ActiveCaptain right from your iPad and iPhone.
- Fully synchronizes the offline POI database with the ActiveCaptain server when you have an internet connection so you can have the latest information possible.
- Built-in search mode for finding any location, marina, bridge or other navigation items quickly.
- 3D Bathymetry view for a different perspective of your navigation surroundings.
- Plus integrated tides/currents, weather, sun/moon calendar and much more.

For half the price of a single paper guidebook, you can purchase Charts&Tides today and receive a full featured navigation program for your iPad AND your iPhone along with the most comprehensive guidebook available anywhere.

COVERAGE: This product includes the data for the US East Coast including all of Florida. The product does not include any Canadian coverage. For Canadian coverage look into our US & Canada East product.

Visit our website for more detailed coverage.
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Customer Reviews
Gone downhill

I've use this app for years on another boat and another iPad. When I tried to install it on my current iPad I got a program that would not link to active captain nor did the company respond to any inquiries I made to the company and I made three. i'm not sure what happened here but the companies information brochure is out of date 2008- 2010 so my guess is they are no longer in the . I'm going to have to try another navigation package unfortunately.

Best marine app now updated with 64 bit support, much faster

I've used this app for the last three years in passages from NY to Key West on the ICW. I've bought every navigation app on the market, this one is the best: Pros: - Best display of Active Captain data of any app and you can make AC changes within the app. AC data is stored within the app, no internet needed. - The new charts for 2015 are excellent, good detail without clutter. With the 2015 update there are no longer any missing areas (NOAA finally updated all their ENC Charts). - Routes can be imported and exported in GPX format. - Labels are now shown on the charts for buoys, hazards markers, marina names, islands, cities, etc. Very convenient for quickly locating nearby points of interest. - Best distance calculator. Just tap the screen to start and then tap out your route with turns, etc. The total distance is then shown. Most apps just have point A to point B calculators. - Best search function of any app (and I've used them all) and it works off-line. - Tides and currents icons with the present tide height or current are shown on the charts and can be accessed with a tap for any date. - Boat speed to tenth of a knot is shown along with heading. Cons: - Some current stations are missing Buy this app, you cannot go wrong!

Total junk

It didn't come with any charts at all Total crap


I bought this 20 dollar app for its bathemetric capabilities. I saw some ad for navionics new super bathycharts. All This app had was a watered down color coded chart from noaa. A standard noaa chart would be much better. And some 3 d version the ad boasted was absolutely useless. The detail is terrible.

Don't do it!

This was probably the most money I spent on the worst app I have. Worthless! If I could find a way to get my money back I would!

East Coast Charts & Tides

By and large a very useful app that could stand a little improvement. Recently made a 4 day cruise from Maine to Connecticut with 3 very experienced skippers aboard and all thought it well worth the money. This was in a power boat with pilothouse so visibility on the iPad screen was not an issue. Suggested improvements: In "course up" mode the vessel location should be 2/3 or 3/4 of the way towards the bottom of the screen instead of in the middle, for greater "visibility" of the chart ahead. Vessel speed is only given in full knots, and even then I suspect they are always rounded down to the lower full knot. Speed should be given to the tenth of a knot. The "info" and "page" buttons on the lower right corner of the screen are too close together. On a rolling vessel, it is too easy to hit the wrong one. The horizontal situation indicator could be smaller on the iPad screen. It would be nice if there were a temporary waypoint feature, so that you wouldn't have to record these as full fledged waypoints and then delete them later. By far the most frustrating feature may be due to the chart source and nothing that Navimatics can do anything about. When zoomed well out, absolutely no detail is given -- even New York City is not labeled. A couple of zooms in and sometimes you get quite a lot of useless information -- for instance, at Westport Harbor, Mass, a medium zoom level will label every rock in the harbor, but not name the harbor itself. Sometimes the only way you can find the harbor name is to go to a nearby tide station or Active Captain marker. Active Captain is great.


This app is terrible. Don't waste your money.

Charts are horrible Active Captain - just ok

The charts are very poor quality charts that are not even close to the quality of the NOAA ENC charts. For navigation, it is not only useless but also dangerous due to the lack of detail. What I mean by lack of detail is that this app does not show all the data and most particularly "soundings". The Active Captain data is less than you find online with many marinas and data missing. Even after an update. This app is not even close to what u get on active captain online. Very disappointed in the lack of value or quality.

Not worth it

I have this app on iPhone 5.it will not track me.does not show where I am on the map. The round button on the left bottom keeps going out. What am I doing wrong ? It looks a really neat app but won't track my boat

Well Done

Good all around back up system - potential for even better, if I can figure out how to activate all functions. If Active Captain Integration words as advertised, it would rate 5+ Stars. I will review again after I figure out how to get it all working.

Well worth it!

This is a terrific app, and it would be a bargain at twice the cost. I have and use both the iPad and iPhone versions. The charts are accurate and the GPS feature means you always know where you are. Integrated with Active Captain, you have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips about anchorages, marinas, shoaling, etc. Drop waypoints and navigate to them - simple. The speed over ground feature is more accurate than the Raymarine instrument I just installed. Measure distances accurately and easily with two taps - this is invaluable. I have used this app to go to an anchorage that I have never been to - in the dark! Have used this to navigate to many places and it has never let me down. I never go out on the water without this app!

Very useful program!

I just delivered a sailboat from Long Island NY to North Carolina. I referred to this app many times daily for tide/current info, for latest updates on harbor depth/shoaling, for Marinas and anchorage info and much more. This is a GREAT app.


In some ways it's better than the expensive chart plotter integrated on our vessel! Get it- you'll love it!

US East Navimatics

Very poor app-save your time & money. Buy the Garmin mobile app which is useful for navigation & planning.

Very non-intuitive

It is pretty but not very useful. Apps that provide raster versions of standard navigational charts plus simple vessel position data are readily available. This app makes simple position plotting as complex as possible. An update is sorely needed.

Needs improvement

Charts not very good but having active captain is nice. That is really all I use this app for. I've found the charts on iSailor to be better and the app much more intuitive.

Boat owner

I got the app because of its offline integration of ActiveCaptain, since we only use Apple products and wanted to use the iPad aboard. The app does not show us our vessel location at the moment. Don't what's wrong. We use a DualGPS Bluetooth receiver. Under the same conditions of use, iNavX works fine. This app is still very helpful via ActieCaptain cruising information. UPDATE!!! Just talked to Bill at Navimatics and he gave me the directions to get the vessel location working. On IOS 6 Location Services are on tier down from the main level in settings. Navimatics must be activated for DualGPS signals to be employed. Thanks, Bill!! I'll add the final star when I try out the features. Recommendation: permit increasing the size of the icon so that it is easily recognizable from other marks when the chart size is either busy with them or scale is such that the icon is hard to locate.

Out standing navigation app

As a charter captain who uses different boats, it is refreshing to have an app that is my navigation chart plotter tide and weather station that I can take boat to boat. Great app well worth the money started with the app on my phone for kayaking and now use it all the time to mark fishing hot spots and drifts. Also a good back up to on board navis. The only thing this app lacks is an AIS system. Which is only needed in minor instances..


Lousy app. Not very intuitive, cannot perform simple route planning, e.g calculating course and distance between waypoints. Could not create an "active captain" account. I just wasted an hour and $20 on something that doesn't work. Save your money !

Get it!

Very useful, easy to use, accurate and versatile! Must have at least as backup. But you will end up using as primary nav.


If I could give it 10 stars I would. Better than a $1000 chart plotter. Thank you guys. You've made my voyage a success.

Great app

Been using this for a few years and have never had a problem. The tides and currents are excellent and the position is perfect. The only thing better would be AIS integration, but I have MarineTraffic app for that.

Puts me 60 miles away

Emailed back and forth a few times and they gave up on me and no longer answer. Thank.

Very good app.

Simple, accurate with ok features. Could be more in the help data.

Terrible App... Not as advertised

This app is totally useless and not as advertised. Complete waste of money. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!

Very helpful app for us boaters!

I use this app frequently and find it to be very helpful and accurate. Who better than boaters to provide feedback for boaters. As long as the reviewers remain honest, it will continue to be a valuable tool for mariners.

Active Captain &Charts & Tides

Great app combo for boaters. The hazards icon with comments has been a lifesaver for keeping us from running aground. It is really a navigation and cruising guide combined which is constantly being updated. Simple to use if you spend a little time reading the instructions.

Great ap

Very useful, easy to use.

Great app for cruising

The app does what it promised. I use it mainly for Active Captain support which is great. Charts are right on and very easy to follow.

great back up

wonderful for Maine. great back up for a lightening event and perfect for bed time planning for the next day,

Great App

We love the app. Great information provided by the application as well as the reviews. We sail with our dogs so the pet friendly info is great to know. This app will keep getting better and better as folks contribute information.

Most used app on my iPhone

Great app. I rely on it when ever we leave the slip.

US East

A very useful apt for the Chesapeake when used with Active Captain.

Active Captain

This a great apps, so helpful to cruisers going south or north on the ICW, the reviews are from the members or user, so the informations are boaters to boaters not by advertisers . Michel

Useless not user friendly no support or help

Poor not intuitive

Makes great chart plotter with a built in guide

Fantastic, best thing on the boat after Rocna and Watermaker. Active Captain makes this an amazing tool.

Would like to input Active Captain Data?

It's a handy interface to Active Captain, but I would like to see a mechanism to update the AC Data, by adding a review? BJO

excellent tool! excellent value!

even with itouch extremely versatile and matches very well with gps values. navigated from Newburyport to boothbay, having forgotten my charts... but not my compass. with active captain updates should only improve. one problem I did find in navigating: although I set magnetic direction the rose continued to show true. urgent update: after latest update (10 June) the app no longer recognizes waypoints and has slowed considerably.... hope navimatics fixes or provides path back to pre- update.. too bad as I have come to like it very much.

This is a $.99 app

This app is not anywhere close to what you think you are going to get for $20 bucks.

Well done

Hat's off to this app. Works real well. I'd love to see ability to build routes and see wind info. Thanks for latest update too. Very good value!

Nice Idea

Could be Better. Tracks don't seem to work. Market depiction on screen awkward to see and cumbersome to determine identification. Active Captain links are very useful.


Unusable garbage....what a waste....and no way to get support

Great app

This app works great for me in the lower Chesapeake bay. The tide and moon phases are easy to navigate and very useful. 5 stars

IPad version

The app runs great on the IPad allowing Active Captain to be very portable. Excellent tool for the ICW. Well worth the small investment. However, there is a section of the ICW between Jacksonville Beach and the St John's river that does not show up.

Most useful App on the water, PERIOD.

Get it. Nuff said...


Use this often to plan trips. Not so much to set route.. waypoints.., but for anchorages, marinas, etc.. Would be the best of the best if could get to all the features on my iPad2. Please work out something that can be used since Flash is not allowed by Apple!! Maybe the app by Garmin-- plan2nav-- will be used with this to get around the no Adobe Flash problem... I just do noy know. ANYWAY, I'll use AC all the time for anchorages, marinas, etc-- great for that!!


This app has no buoys marking the ICW on the West coast of Florida. I asked for a refund and they basically said tough luck.

St Johns River

Why is there no chart for the upper St. Johns River? The waterway between Jacksonville and Sanford is an active cruising area.

Active Captain Sold out!!!!

The Active Captain application is a great PC tool and integrates into NOAA charts....... This ap falls way short of that. While the Active Captain data is there it is placed over really poor charts. Hold off and DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE! Maybe Active Captain will partner with someone better Bill

Active Captain integration is great, nice backup chartplotter

I use this as backup to my Garmin 5212 chartplotter. The Active Captain integration is great to have while underway. The app also stores all chart and active captain data on the iPad so an active network connection is not needed (I have a WiFi only iPad). To get GPS position data I use the Dual Electronics XGPS150 Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver which works great. Be sure to update the Active Captain data periodically, this is an easy menu selection in the app.