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Boating Weather

by Blue Whale

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 18.23MB
Version: 4.7
Released: 2009-09-24
For ages: 4+


Need to know what the marine forecast is before you go boating or during your boating trip? The Boating Weather App for iPhone and iPod Touch is the answer.

This intuitive app will show you the wind speed, surf and wave height for your coastal zone in the United States. Marine weather data is provided by the National Weather Service (NOAA).

- One touch National Weather Service forecast for today, tonight and this week.

- Shows wind speed, seas wave height and surf forecast.

- Add a location to Favorites for easy reference when switching between zones

- Shows small craft advisories.

- Set your default location to show your local boat weather forecast.

- Simple, intuitive design, quick loading

Whether you want to go on a boating trip, out fishing or for a quick sail, the Boating Weather iPhone App will tell you in a snap what the seas are doing!

Please Note: This app does not show forecast for inland waterways/rivers and does not show the forecast for Puerto Rico.
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Customer Reviews
Stopped working

App just repeated was is available from other sources without adding any value. Now it has stopped working completely. Don’t waste your time.

Recent problems

I used to love this app and use it all the time but it doesnt work any more. It just says “loading” and never shows any information. They dis an update but it still doesnt work.

No longer works.

Used it a lot in the past. This App is Crap now. It's literally been "loading" for more than 40 hours. Useless. G O N E from my phone & laptop. I'll find an app that works. App Store should offer a "no star" rating for totally useless apps.

Not Working

not working

Stopped downloading NOAA weather

Worked well for years to easily see NOAA weather zones text forecasts. Then it just stopped working.

Doesn’t work

No longer works. Won’t load data.

Never and Don't

Please this is a waste of money don't download !!

Buyer Beware

Paid for the app and it didn't cover my state. Check before you click buy

Fake news

This app is terrible whoever post what the wave forecast are going to be is probably same people who decide how long snapper season is .This Saturday for port fourchon to lower achafayala 20-60nm the app said 4-7ft with a occasional 9ft wave #👌wrong well we went and fact checked them and seas were 1ft or less the whole day. This app can be trusted about as much as Rachael Maddow #fakenews #fakewaves

To basic to pay for!!!

Not worth it, there are free apps that do more than this one. No radar no buoy readings no maps just 2 line blurb about the that days/weeks weather. I bought Outcast app at the same time. Much better, same price but everything you would expect that this one SHOULD'VE HAD. Don't bother with this one people, its a waste.

Where's Charlotte Harbor

Not sure why Charlotte Harbor is not included. It's a huge inshore fishing and sailing spot. Tampa Bay is listed. No good to me if I can't access Charlotte Harbor. Before you buy, confirm your location is represented.

Accurate, Reliable, and Easy

I use this app everyday and refer to my clients to use. It is extremely accurate and very dependable. I am on the water several times a week. I use this app along with another, but has been my favorite go to app for sure.

I'd like a refund

If you do any web search for noaa marine forecast for your area, you get the exact same information, verbatim ...for free. This app does not add any additional value whatsoever.

Exactly What I Was Looking For

If you want a straight forward weather forecast and wave report, this is it. No more Googling for the NOAA site - it pops right up! This app will get you on the water quick, and safe.

This is my new go to app

I used seatows app until there recent catastrophic update rendered that app useless to boaters. This is exactly the information all boaters need to know! Bravo on an app well done!

This App is Crap !!

This app used to work but now is very unreliable ...Hasn't worked for the past 3 days and rarely over the past few times I have needed it.

Simple and I like Simple

Set your zone the open up the app and get my forecast. No more trying to get to noaa website or all the other weather garbage.

Worked then stopped

Worked for a week and has not for the last two weeks. Says temp problem but has not worked.


Incredibly resourceful, never leave the dock without checking. Updated frequently so you can rely on it as long as you monitor (weather changes quickly and sometimes without warning). Customer service is very responsive. I highly recommend this app.

Boat Weather

This is a wonderful app. I live on Cape Cod and boat all the time. It's simple and gives you just what you need without trying to wade through the NOAA website!!!

Best marine weather app!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No comparison to any other marine weather app on app store. Im an avid fisherman and bought and tried them all.., hAnds down this is the last one you will ever buy And will be an integral part of keeping updated on changing conditions for any boating needs!

Why no offshore forecasts?

An app this rudimentary should at least include the offshore vs merely the coast forecasts. Same NOAA data so why the arbitrary exclusion?

Not Worth It

Not enough information given. Not specific too general. Not worth the download.

Pretty useless

No temps, wind only, waste of space


App does not update the forecast in a timely fashion. It's 7pm and the app instill showing the 10am report. The new report from noaa was posted at 3pm.

iOS 6 update

Blue Whale App has taken care of the problem with the ios6 update and everything is back to normal. Use this app daily. Thank you. If you work on the water this app is a must to have.

Great App - now works on IOS6

Submitted a issue via FB page and developer provided s quick resolution. Great job guys!! App is perfect.. A+


I liked the app it was what I wanted and it worked just fine, Since the upgrade to IOS 6 the App just does not work at all it just shows the Blue Whale Logo. Please find a fix for us users version 4.1 is not compatible with the new operating system.


Used it every weekend until IOS6... NOW WON'T WORK :(

iOS 6

After I updated to the iOS 6 is will not work at all. Please fix!

They need to up date they app

Worked great until I updated too iOS 6 now doesn't work at all

Don't buy

Doesn't work with iOS 6!

iOS 6 broke it

Help, Help! I just bought this a few weeks ago and use it all the time. Unfortunately, it won't load ever since I downloaded iOS 6. I even tried to reinstall. Fix it and I'll definitely make this a 5 star!

It works

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Fast, easy and clear access to the Marine Forecast. I never go anywhere without checking this first.

Great intuitive app for coastal boating weather

Although the weather data appears to be limited to coastal regions this app provides one of the simpler and most elegant ways to display NOAA offshore weather information I've seen in the app store.

Got what I need

Simple and the data is accurate that is all I need....nothing fancy and simple to use.

Would be nice to know!

Terrible app that doesn't even include Lake Mead in Nevada! It's a huge lake that 1,000's use daily and has choppy water in windy weather. Would be very useful and save me time if this area was included. Total waste of $2

Poor waste of $$$

App locks up, cannot scroll page. Also not formatted for iPad screen size. Don't waste your money!

DON'T Buy if you live in North Dakota!

Totally useless for me! You should post the States that you DO NOT cover. May I get a refund please?

Great app data missing

App would get 5 stars but only shows near shore for lake Michigan where is the open lakes forecast????

Why are you forcing IOS5

I have 227 apps. You are the only one which requires IOS5 to update. :(

Simple, Beautifull, Usefull (v4.0)

I am very new to boating but fairly technology savvy. This app provided me exactly what I was looking for in a clean, usefull and stylish format with the neat favorites feature. I highly recommend it.

Simple and to the point

Tells me when it's safe to go fishing. Now has a refresh button, very usefull.

Time saver

This app gives me exactly what I expected, my forecast with a tap of a button. This app is great for quick access if u don't care about radars and other bells and whistles.


Excellent! It is the same weather you get on VHF without the endless waiting. Invaluable when filling out logs.

Does what it says

Pulls the NOAA offshore forecast.

Boating Weather

This app does exactly what it advertises. Much easier to get the info than surfing the web on the phone. Minimal interface. Apparently no way to delete favorites once they are established.

Do not buy

Very Very misleading!! This app must be good for this company only! It has nothing about my local area which it clearly states it does. The app states that it will help n your area. Well, my area is the very very large TN river. The local news gives the lake water info and I was looking for an app with the same info. I GOT BURNED ON THIS APP!!! Do Not Buy!!!! Please, I say again, Do Not Buy!!!!! These folks have ruined my trust n apps. By the way. They claim their a BBB company. I'm contacting the BBB and giving them my bad report on this company. Don't try calling this company to complain about their app. U'll get answer machine!!!

Synopsis of NOAA Weather Print Out

App runs fine and has some decent basic features. It gives you a highly readable NOAA forecast for an ocean area, similar to if you flipped on your VHF and listened to a forecast zone. (Except that it is printed). Or, very similar to a forecast fax, if you know what that is. For me, it was worth it at $1.99 to have it at easy access. The app would be cool if these guys could tie in some other weather data though. That would make it a 4 or 5 star.