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Boater's Pocket Reference

by Double Dog Studios

(66 user ratings)


Download size: 102.96MB
Version: 4.1.2
Released: 2009-07-24
For ages: 4+


Hundreds of pages of boating information on your iPhone,iPod Touch or iPad! The Boater’s Pocket Reference caters to all levels of boating expertise with a wide variety of content including 800 illustrations and photographs and a myriad of charts and graphs. Boater’s Pocket Reference is a popular and useful printed book and the app is even better.

Handy, Fact-Filled Boating Guide

Boater’s Pocket Reference offers handy, how-to-do-it information and reference facts, figures, formulas, graphs, and tables about boating.

Who needs this book?

New boaters: This app provides an extensive introduction to all aspects of boating.

Experienced boaters: A great reference and memory jogger.

Everyone who wants to make their boating safer and more enjoyable.


* Piloting and Navigation—including the use of charts, GPS, radar, and sonar.
* Communications—VHF, SSB, satellite.
* U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard boating regulations
* International, U.S., and Canadian Navigation Rules (Rules of the Road)
* Understanding aids to navigation
* Understanding weather—air movement, fronts, clouds, weather maps.
* Boat types, design, and construction as well as boating terminology
* The essentials of good seamanship—the basics of operating a boat.
* Marlinespike seamanship—lines and knots—including 50 different knots.
* Mechanical—engines and propellers.
* Electrical—circuits, DC and AC wiring, batteries, chargers, inverters, lightning.
* Boat trailering tips, techniques, maintenance, wiring.
* General reference tables—time zones, holidays, weight and volume of liquids, and more.
* Extensive unit conversion tables
* Boating resources—organizations, phone numbers, web sites, including Coast Guard and Power Squadron.
* Glossary of marine terminology.
* Over 100 boating-related calculators.

No boater can afford to be without this valuable and handy guide.

About the Author
Thomas McEwen is an avid boater and former mining engineer. Tom is also a member of the Boulder Valley Sail and Power Squadron in Colorado.

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Customer Reviews
A valuable App for every boater!

This App is my go to for any question on boats from operations to conversion tables! Worth the money to buy.

Outstanding reference guide!

I’ve had this little book for about 15 years now, and while it may have been updated to reflect current technology, the basics will pretty much always be there. I’ve done a fair bit of offshore sailing and (you may think this weird), I read various sections of the book regularly as a way to pass time. E.g, the section on clouds - I can never remember the names of the various clouds - we’ll, there they are! I can’t speak highly enough or this reference. Thanks to the author!! I just bought this on-line version for my iPhone. There it is on the screen now. Also, if you’ve never seen or bought Grog’s knots - do so. Fabulously easy to fathom how to tie knots. Well done!

Useful for Boaters

Still exploring but I like what I've seen so far.

Great App

This has an incredible amount of information that any boater whether beginner or advanced. Definitely worth the cost of the app!

Most Excellent

More info than 4year university degree. + more. Love it. Bad weather, can't sail, read it.


Great app. Lots of great info for both new boaters and Old Salts.

Great App - wealth of knowledge

This is a wonderful app. Has a great depth of knowledge. I'm not sure if this is an abridged version of the hard copy book version, but this has great tables and the various in-app calculators are great. Information is accurate and well organized. Well worth the money.

Great resource!

Lots of useful information is a very easy to access format. A+++

App Review

Amazingly easy to use with tons of info


This is an excellent book with all sorts of useful information. I've learned a lot!

Awesome app

It's my go to quick reference, but I also recommend everyone new to boating, or needs to up their skills, read this cover to cover. Very informative and well written.

Love it.

For a beginning boater like me, it contains a ton useful information.

Great App.

Plenty of great info, some very advanced. More than enough info for your basic boater.


This is by far the most comprehensive boating reference app I have seen

Great App..!

I would recommend this app to anyone who owns a boat or just likes to spend time on the water. Whether your a weekend warrior or a professional mariner you're sure to gain valuable information from this resource. Thanks, Capt. John 1600/3000 ITC Master

Lacks substance

A waste of money. The focus of the app is to present tons of choices, but the information displayed is lacking in contend and detail. There are a lot of other marine apps that are free or less expensive and much better. Some of the functions are found in other apps that are free. The apps best feature is the description in Itunes. I will doubt that I will ever use the app.


I purchased this as a backup "go to" in case I didn't have Chapman's etc available- however I find myself using this primarily now and it's much more expansive and thorough than I had initially thought. Kudos-- excellent app. Well worth it!

A Pocket Classroom

Looks basic until you hit the menu button! Excellent reference work! A must have for the serious cruiser.


Frustratingly basic in use and design. Feels old school and is boring.

Comprehensive for novice or expert

A wealth of marine information - the one text to have on board.

Excellent Pocket Ref for any boater, old or rookie.


I love it!

This is a great boating reference. I highly recommend it!

Good Review

This is a good application. What I do not like is when I am charged for grammatical errors. Proof read before going prime time, please.

Excellent App

First boat with twin engines so finding information provided to be very useful. Great app, thanks.

Great reference app!

A lot of information at your fingertips

One of the top 5 marine apps

Incredible amount of useful information presented in a well organized fashion. Lots of tables and diagrams illustrate many of the sections and the text is easily understood, clear and concise. A very thorough and practical reference book done in a helpful and utilitarian manner.

Great! Boating a lifetime

We can't carry Chapman's around so this is near perfect. Docking procedures are finally in my wife & kids brains due to great graphics! It is also good for boat newbies- guests who want to learn what I need them to do from docking to anchor procedures. Love it ..highly recommended for all boaters!

Good app

Good app with a lot of information that you don't often find such as how to measure wave heights, all about setting up your boat on a trailer. We'll worth your time to download and install.

Real knowledge!

I've been boating for years but am stepping up to a 44' and coastal operation, this gives me the knowledge to be confident in my actions and boat handling as well as the actions of others around me!

Most useful app

After reading once, I thought I've done with it. So far it is most useful app for boat and rope tie. I've been keep coming back to this app for rope knotting and die other references. Thank you.


I was in the Navy, and have boated for 50 years, sail and power. This collection of essential boating knowledge and tips is an awesome addition to your mobile device. Amazing wealth of useful info. Must have if you are a boater!

Very informative

As a novice boater, this reference guide is very useful. I learned a lot and will bring this app along with me on my next boat trip. Very much recommended and worth the cost.


Very informative, stable app. Great information if you're learning or preparing for a test.

Tons of info!

This app contains tons of information for both the beginning and experienced boater. Handy checklists that can be printed or emailed ensure you're always prepared for your voyages and that you don't forget any important steps.

Great App!

Valuable, easily understood information. Diagrams are well drawn and explained. Great tool for learning seamanship.

New to Boating

I took a boat safety coarse and like most things learned they are lost when not applied. I used this app to give me some refresher. It helps point out the areas you need to practice and learn before they become habit. The layout is well thought out and easy to use. Job well done and well worth the money!


Excellent informational app. I read it to reinforce navigation rules and to maintain navigation skills. Truly a great resource.

All at your fingertips

This app puts so much useful boating information on your iPad. It is probably the best boating app out there. Covers all aspects including navigation, weather, rules of the road, and boat systems. As a new boat owner and after talking to several veterans, this is the app to have!

Handy reference

Complete and easy to use

Boat ref

Very Good Reference!!!

keeps getting better

I love that they keep adding info to this app, very useful!!!

Handy reference

Great app and handy to have on the iPhone. Glossary is somewhat limited but still helpful.

Best boating reference app ever!!!

Text, calculators...everything you could want to know about boats or boating right at your fingtips.

Great App

Great App. Materials clear and to the point and to be able to use on both the IPad and IPhone is a great. Finally, the printed copy is the ultimate backup to a fine electronic tool.

Great stuff

Learning lots and lots for me to learn.


Very well done. Excellent layout, easy to use and navigate. A plethora of information. The newest update makes it nearly perfect. Keep up the good work.

Great reference app

This reference is very good for non boaters and novices looking for broad high-level coverage of power and sail boating terminology and concepts. Lack of navigation, search, bookmark and output prevented fifth star.

Great app

Very informative and helpful reference!

Great learning tool!

Just learning about boats. This is getting me a great head start before my formal training. In the future I can see this as a good app to go back to for a quick reference.