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Animated Knots by Grog

by Grog LLC

(6 user ratings)


Download size: 38.36MB
Version: 8.0
Released: 2010-06-25
For ages: 4+


Named best knot-tying app by Outside Magazine! Learn to tie knots the fun and easy way from the creators of the web's #1 knot site. Animated Knots by Grog is simply the best, most comprehensive teaching and reference tool for boaters, climbers, fishermen, scouts and hobbyists. Watch knots tie themselves in simple step-by-step photo animations, or go frame-by-frame as you learn each knot. Tap the info button to get detailed descriptions about each knot's correct use, advantages and disadvantages, and other information.

["Insanely Great!" - Cult of Mac]

INCLUDED KNOTS: (Knots go by a variety of names with the most common shown here. App includes a complete, searchable list.): Albright, Alpine Butterfly Bend, Alpine Butterfly Loop, Double Alpine Butterfly, Anchor Hitch, Arbor, Ashley Bend, Ashley Stopper, Australian Braid, Back Splice, Barrel Hitch, Bimini Twist, Blake's Hitch, Blood, Boom Hitch, Bowline, Bowline on a Bight, One-Handed Bowline, Running Bowline, Water Bowline, Braid Single Rope, Braid Three Strands, Locked Brummel Splice, Brummel Demo, McDonald Brummel Eye Splice, Buntline Hitch, Butcher's, Carrick Bend, Carrick Bend Mat, Celtic Mat, Chain Sinnet, Chain Splice, Care & Cleaning, Cleat Hitch-Deck, Cleat Hitch-Halyard, Clove Hitch-Loops, Clove Hitch-End, Clove Hitch-Half Hitches, Cobra Lanyard, Coil Attached Rope, Coil Unattached Rope, Common Whipping, Constrictor, Constrictor-Surgical, Cow Hitch-End, Cow Hitch-Loops, Crown, Crown Sinnet, Davy, Double Davy, Diamond Lanyard, Distel Hitch, Double Fisherman's, Double Overhand, Drapery Tie Back, Dropper Loop, Duncan (Uni) Knot, Farrimond Friction Hitch, Figure 8, Egg Loop, Directional Figure 8 Loop, Figure 8 Flake, Figure 8 Follow Through, Figure 8 Bend, Double Figure 8 Loop, Figure 9 Loop, Flat Overhand Bend, Flemish Flake-Spiral, Four Strand Square Sinnet, French Sinnet, Girth (Strap) Hitch, Gnat Hitch, Half Hitch, Half Knot, Halyard Hitch, Handcuff Knot, Hasty Webbing Harness, Heaving Line, Highwayman's Hitch, Hunter's Bend, Icicle Hitch, Icicle Hitch-End, Improved Clinch, Klemheist, Lashing-Diagonal, Lashing-Round, Lashing-Shear, Lashing-Square, Lashing-Tripod, Ligature (Instrument), One Handed Ligature, Two Handed Ligature, Lighterman's Hitch, Long Bury Splice, Masthead Mat, Double Matthew Walker, Midshipman's, Monkey's Fist, Mooring Hitch, Munter Hitch, Super Munter Hitch, Nail Knot, Non-Slip Mono, Noose, Ocean Plait Mat, Orvis, Overhand, Packer's, Palomar, Tying a Package, Perfection Loop, Pile Hitch, Poacher's, Prusik, Purcell Prusik System, Radium Release Hitch, Rapala, Rat-Tail Stopper, Square (Reef), Rolling Hitch, Rope Ladder, Round Turn & Hitches, Sailmaker's Whipping, San Diego Jam, Sheepshank, Sheet Bend, Shoelace Bow, ShoeLace Fieggen, Siberian, Grog's Sliding Splice, Slim Beauty, Slip, Snell, Spanish Bowline, Eye Splice, Short Splice, Stevedore, Stopper Loop, Strangle Knot, Stronger Soft Shackle, Surgeon's, Surgeon's Loop, Surgical Tie, Two Handed Surgical Tie, Surgical Slip Tie, Child's Swing, Tensionless Hitch, Necktie (Bow Tie), Necktie (Four-in-Hand), Necktie (Half Windsor), Necktie (Pratt/Shelby), Necktie (Windsor), Theodore, Thief, Timber Hitch, Trilene, Trucker's Hitch, Tumble Hitch, Turk's Head, Underwriter's, Wall Knot, Wall & Crown, Water Knot, West Country Whipping, Zeppelin Bend


5 stars - The Coolest Ever!
Easy to understand and use, very informative with clear instructions on how to makes hundreds of knots step by step, divided by categories for easy navigation, truly inspiring and beautiful knots. Enjoyable to just watch, practical and relevant to learn. This is the second App enticing enough for me to actually buy.

5 stars - New to knots
This is my first review. I would pay twice the amount for this app. I would give it ten stars if I could. It can be done step by step unlike others I've seem that you have replay a dozen times to get the same results. Thank you for you time and effort.
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Customer Reviews

Every so often, comes along an app that is indispensable. This is one of those. I use it all the time to show guys where I work how to do correct knots for rigging.

This is a must have app for everyone!

I’ve used this app so many times, from fishing to camping and around the house. So helpful! I just wish I could remember all of my favorites.

Superb and Indispensable!

I have been using this app for a few years now and I can’t say enough about how awesome it is. If you think you might be interested in learning more about knots and knot tying; if you kinda like, like, love or can’t live without tying knots...well then this is for you! Not only do the Grogono’s offer a substantial multitude of knots to get you off and running, they provide excellent commentary on each. The animations illustrate perfectly how to execute the knots. This is really valuable as books, at times, fail miserably in this area-particularly for the more complicated knots. The value of this app is among the best out there. What a tremendous resource, what a tremendous accomplishment. Bravo fellas!! It took me a couple years to get around to writing a review for this app and I am more excited about it now than when I purchased it. Don’t hesitate. BUY THIS APP!


It’s been many years since I was tested on knots and my recollection is a bit rusty. Not only does this have everything I need in the outdoors, it can also help with my full Windsor and bow ties on formal occasions. Animations are well done and the step-through feature is fantastic.


Now when I go to my favorites list it takes me to the knot list and will not scroll. The screen locks up. Otherwise I love the app.

Super Helpful

I use this app all the time when I'm in a bind and can't remember got to tie a specific knot. They need to release a 64 bit version though to keep up with iOS.

This is the one!

Deleted my other knots apps. Can't live without it!

Great app - Boy Scouts amazed

I showed this app to staff at the BSA's Philmont Scout Ranch- all the staff and scouts who saw it absolutely loved it. Sadly I said it probably only cost a few dollars because I don't typically spend much on apps, but have used this so many times it's worth it.

Awesome app. Pedagogical and comprehensive

I'm so happy that I stumbled upon this app. Other reviewers will be more in depth with their reviews, but I just wanted to add my voice to the list of satisfied customers. I love the ability to flip the video sequences and the explanations and possible issues related to each not listed in the info section are invaluable. This is an essential app for the do-it-your-selfer.

Very useful

Whether your just starting to learn or brushing up your skills, this is an extremely useful app. Great detail on the info pages.

Great as a refresher and learning new bends

It has been many years since I have been boating and I have forgotten a lot of bends that I used to use. This app has been great to help refresh my memory and learn new knots that are equally useful on hard, dry land and when boating.

Awesome Animations

I use the app frequently for various fishing knots. The animations make any knot easy to learn. Huge library of knots.

Excellent app

As a professional rescuer I found this app to be the best available. Easy to use, and the step by step animations allow users to learn knots at their own pace. The information attached to each knot is very useful as well. After trying a many other free related apps, I decided to pay for this one. Well worth it.

Great Product

I've been using this since it was first ported from the web site. It's still the best knot reference I've found. I'm an educator in Theatre & this thing is irreplaceable for backstage knots. The animations make it so even the simplest stagehand can learn the bowline, clove, & square.

This App is GREAT!

I have had this app for over two years- I find it invaluable! I am able to re-learn long forgotten knots used in scouting and I use it for reference for countless practical applications. I taught my five year old how to tie an alpine butterfly with the app. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn knots!

Suggestions for Additional Knots Discouraged

I purchased this app despite the fact there were a lot of other knot apps and many were free. I did so because of the comprehensive list of knots hinted if I upgraded. However, after upgrading, I noticed two rather common fishing knots (spider hitch and uni to uni) used on the west coast by fisherman wasn't there. I thought the makers of the app would be receptive to adding other knots in the future but apparently they discourage communication related to additional knot suggestions. Why I'm not sure. Anyway, it's a good app but unless you see the knot you're interested in, you may want to try looking to see if one of the other apps has it first.

Awesome app!

If you fish or hunt or are outdoorsy you need this app!!! He step by step is perfect if you have a knot you just can't seem to get right. The only knot missing for fishing is a drop shot palomar. Would be a great addition.

The Best

A large collection of knots, animated & step-by-step, with Extensive Information on the history, purpose, benefits/disadvantages, and safety of the knots.

Best. App. Ever.

I am always hunting, fishing, hiking, or doing something outdoors. I always have about 25 feet of paracord with me. Great app. Easy to follow he uses two different colors of ropes which is nice. Get it. Y'all won't regret it.

Best Knot Tying App By Far

I bought a couple other knot apps before this one. They weren't very good because they didn't explain what the knot was used for or what better variations can be used instead. This app has all of the features that a knot app should. This app is far superior to any of the other knot apps I tried. It explains which knots are good for which purposes. I will definitely be using this as a reference for years to come.

Best Knot app Ever!!!

If you can’t tie knots with this app you are hopeless… seriously its a great app for every kind of knot you can think of.

Good app

I especially like the decorative knots


I like knots, and I really like this app. The descriptions are useful, and it's easy to follow the pictures. I use this so often that I gave it to my extended family for Christmas last year - and they loved it as well.

Worth its weight in gold

Clean, clear, and flexible. The "flip" feature is particularly helpful for those of us who learned a know in a particular direction but need a reminder, or for those cases when the situation demands the knot be reversed. Best app I've found for knots. Thanks

Most Valuable App you could own

I have had this app for sometime now, and it has been more handy than any other. It is easy to use, and has helped me more than once. Knowing knots is something everyday be should know, especially preppers, campers, hikers, etc. This app has five stars for ease of use, and usefulness!

Love It!

I use this app all the time.

Can’t animate

osx 10.9.5 iTunes 12 0 12 6 can’t animate this app..Just screen shots. It is downloaded. Did i miss something? Otherwise it is not very useful.


Duplicates the on-line version. Very clear. Easy to use. The step-at-a-time and favorites features are perfect. There is no way to improve this.

Great App

This is a great app!! It is easy to use and navigate. I especially love the favorite feature. This is a must have app for anyone that spends any amount of time around rope or line. It would make a great gift for any of those outdoors folks you might know. Thank you!!

The Best Knot App

This app is super useful and easy to use. The videos and directions are clear and understandable. I love variety of knots and short histories of each one. Thank you!

Awesome app

Been using this for a few years now and love it. Animations are excellent, as are the descriptions.

Very Handy App

It's an a amazing way for quick reference to learning how to tie knots. Use it to teach newbies in high angle rope rescue.


That says it all - loser app compared to all others that don't slyly "rope" you in to pay more :(((

Extremely helpful. Extremely easy to use.

This app is exactly what I needed. Actually reached out to the company via their website asking for a knot recommendation and they responded right away with the call and an email. Very impressive! I'd highly recommend this!

Great app and great content

The app is simple and easy to navigate. The information is fantastic. Totally worth it.

Remember Scouting? Me neither

I love this app. It has a ton of knots and the instructions are easy to follow. I am practicing for my climbing cert and the Fire academy. Very useful. Highly recommend

Awesome app!

Awesome app!


This is the most useful app I own, without a doubt. Elegant design and superb knot instructions. The pause/rewind feature is fantastic, making it easy to (re)learn your knots. I use it everyday for climbing, fishing and boating, even for my animals, as well as just entertainment! The history and background, pros and cons are very useful and well written. Best of all, its 100% offline so you can use it in the mountains when you have no signal!


I am a Boy Scout, so knots generally are a big deal. I help out the younger scouts sometimes, and this app has been a huge help. So much better than a book.

Indispensable App

This app is the most useful app I've downloaded to my phone! Decades have passed since I went fishing with my dad who taught me how to tie fishing line. I needed to tie knots in parachute cords for a wind chime project and couldn't remember how to tie a simple clinch knot. Love this app! Great option being able to pause & move animations step by step. I am a happy camper.

All around helpful

This app is easy and logical to navigate, and the lessons are clear. One word to describe this app - 'practical.'


A great handheld resource for all the knots I'll never use enough to memorize. Very useful when I'm in the middle if nowhere.

Fantastic app

All the knots and their variations are here and beautifully displayed and explained. The only thing that I would add is mechanical advantage systems.

Best Knot App

Definitely worth it. Very easy to find knots, very easy to understand how to do them step-by-step, go your own pace. I love it. Look no further, all other knot type apps are just copycats but just can't beat the best. What are you still reading for? Download it now!

Look No Further!

This app is perfect for people who have never needed or learned to tie knots. I had to tie a string back on my sons toy but it kept coming undone. I purchased this app and found the knot that best suited my needs. I can't wait to use this app again!

Great app!

Each knot has very clear animations and background/application info that explains how and why each knot should be used. One of my favorite apps!

Best knot app ever!

Great knot app for anyone learning the ways of the knot! Thank you for the new update and any future ones!


Great !!!'

Best of the pack

I've tried the others but find this to be the best one for clearly illustrating each knot.