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US Army News & Information

by US Department of the Army

(11 user ratings)


Download size: 12.21MB
Version: 2.0.10
Released: 2009-12-15
For ages: 12+


Get the latest news from Army.mil, The Official Homepage of the United States Army. Read the latest articles, view the newest pictures, and watch the latest videos direct from your iOS device. Save your favorite stories to the phone for offline viewing. Share news and media with your friends via email, Twitter and Facebook.
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Customer Reviews
U.S. Army

HOOAH. As an fng in the FLARNG, this app really is a great tool at keeping soldiers in the know.


I plan on joining the army. But I don't want to go to war. I want to be a recruit.

Great app

Keeps me caught up with everything that is happening

Won't load ever since 9.0 update

Fix it!!

Needs an update to IOS 9.0.1

I love the articles in the news sections of this app as well as the photos. But since the new IOS 9.0 and newer update it will not open.


Vast improvement from the buggy and outdated list view version.

No game to play

The game and the study guide has been deleted from the current version and was only worth while aspect of the application - has been reduced to a non essential mind funk application so not recommended

Very Disappointed

Really miss the game! The fact sheets are gone which were really helpful for an Army mom. Don't upgrade!!!

Don't update!

Lost fact files, ranks, and game! Big let down. Not even worth having anymore


Game and other fun stuff is gone. Not really worth the memory needed to download anymore. Sad, it was a really good app.


Why can't I save pics anymore? I wanna be able to save pics to my camera roll. And no game or fact files?

What a waste

Updated and no longer have the game I played for so long.

Update to IOS 8 is a step back

Lost a fun game. Lost ranks and other basic info. Don't update.


When ever I hit 100,000 on the game it crashes

Articles won't load

None of the articles open the only thing on the app that loads are the pictures and I don't get on the app to look at pictures. Needs more work to load articles

Loading of stories

Initially the app was resourceful, now I'm having issues with the stories loading when I try and open it.

No articles on iphone 5s

The app opens, but there is no text after the headline.


Good overall app. Great information/news to keep updated, and learn from

Tech issues

The articles do not load. I see that others have the same problem. Any suggestions? iPhone 5 user. Thanks.


Some provisions of this app work on my 5s, but selecting most categories results in a blank screen. Needs someone to monitor the app!

What happened

App used to work great now none if the articles open just shows titles no words or pics please fix this

Needs improvement

First none of the news links or any of the buttons load. If i want to read any of those articles, only the title shows up and nothing else loads. Second i thought this app was only about the army. Going through the Small arms portion i see many pictures of Marines holding the service weapons. I would look into getting better pictures for that part with Soldiers holding or operating that weapon system.


The articles never open, all I get are blank pages.

No content

Click on a link to read an article and the article never appears.....not sure if it is related to latest iOS 7.1 update. Please fix ASAP.

Can't read the articles

When I open an article there is nothing there. I am only able to see the pictures but I would really like to read the articles and stay informed

Good app, but writing needs improvement

The app itself is done well but it doesn't have a feedback option for internal improvement so I will post here. Every news article I've read has grammatical mistakes; if our own Public Affairs Offices can't write properly, how can we expect our Soldiers to do so?

This is great!

I would like to be in the army and knew almost nothing about ranks or weapons or anything. This app really helped me learn a lot about the army! My only complaint is that it can take a while to load.

Very good

Almost all the info you need is in this app


So informative. I love it!


Does not work with the iOS 7


I love the app and all the details, I'm fascinated by the Army. Long Live America!

This + This = Awesome!

This is a good app, but when combined with the MyBaseGuide App there is nothing I can't find! Awesome!

Disabled vet

U that gripe about taxes just shut up. I served and was injured. Would I do it over again? Hell yes! I love our country faults and all! U don't then move out of the USA!

Not happy

I nor anyone should have to pay for this app just to get the update it needs to be fixed I pay enough in taxes and blood and sweat

I am mad

It said I had an update for this app, when I tried to update it, it said that the item I am trying to buy is expired. So I deleted the app and tried to re-install it but it said the same thing. FIX THE PROBLEM NOW!


I love this app, it helped me a lot. & I love that there's a lot of info on here! HOOAH!🇺🇸

Good App

Only rated three stars because it needs to include pay charts, to see what soldiers get paid


I love it is not terrible it is a good app

Great app...when it works

I had no issues with this app for months. Good news updates daily. Then one day the headlines disappeared. You can still click where they would be and go to the article but it's a surprise what article you get. I deleted and reinstalled and am still having the same issues. I gotta assume it an issue on their end not mine. Hope they work the problem soon.

News headlines don't show

Under news tab headlines don't show. Although links work and will take to a story. I'd like to see the headlines so I don't have to click each one


i'm Iranian & i like USA & i like this app

Good but..

Its a good app, but I would like to be able to email my questions to a recruiter online and when I press to email it doesn't do nothing

Good app but crashes

This app crashes on my iPod 4th generation whenever I try to find a recruiting office by entering a zip code please fix it I new to know where I can find a recruiting office


it says it's downloaded bit it's not on my screen

Do you love America?

If you love America, and I know you do, then you should get this app.

Love it

Love the app but it's not letting me email a recruiter


I would like to join the Army after high school plus I'm in a ROTC program so this app can be very useful!!!!:D


I plan on joining the Army after highschool, this app here keeps me filled with daily news and info, glad I downloaded it.

Active army

I give it 3 stars overall it is a good app, but the reason y I gave it 3 stars is the simple fact it needs to be updated and new arsenal needs to be uploaded to the app......