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Army Knife 10-in-1 *NEW TOOL*

by reduxsoft

(603 user ratings)


Download size: 4.1MB
Version: 3.0
Released: 2008-11-15
For ages: 4+


Army Knife is a 10-in-1 Multi-tool for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

For less than a cup of coffee you can be prepared with nine quality tools to use at the most unsuspecting times.

**NEW TOOL IDEAS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! Email support@reduxsoft.com**

The tools include:

- *NEW* Tip Calculator!
- Unit Converter
- Ultrasonic Whistle
- Protractor
- Heart/BPM counter
- Measuring Tape
- Digital Caliper
- Two levels
- Flashlight
- Emergency SOS Light

All of these tools fit nicely in your pocket, and all on one application.

Why pay for just one of these tools when you can have all nine for one low price?

Unit Converter:
This tool converts units in four different categories, Distance, Volume, Weight, and Temperature. The converter is very intuitive, and easy to switch between different units.

Ultrasonic Whistle:
This is a whistle that is on the higher range of human hearing. This can be used for multiple tasks such as repelling mosquitoes, training your dog, or annoying a teenager. The frequencies range from 440Hz to 22KHz, and can be pulsed or looped.

Measures angles from 0 to 180 degrees with accuracy up to a 10th of a degree.

Heart/BPM Counter:
Calculates beats per minute by how fast you tap the screen. To use this tool simply tap the pad 10 times, once with every beat. If you are measuring your heart then hold two fingers on your neck to find your pulse, and then tap the pad with each heartbeat.

Measuring Tape:
Can measure any distance. Simply place your finger on the screen and slide your iPhone/iPod underneath your finger until you reach the end of the screen, then lift your finger and place it at the opposite side of the screen and slide your iPhone/iPod again. Repeat this until you have slid your iPhone/iPod the distance you want to measure.

Digital Caliper:
Measure small objects precisely down to 0.15625mm.

Two Levels:
Make sure your surface is even with either the single axis or the dual axis level. Unlike most levels, this is able to do full calibration.

Helps you see in the dark, and the iPhone/iPod sleep has been disabled so your light won't shut off.

Emergency SOS Light:
Could possibly save your life. This tool will repeatably blink SOS in Morse code if you are ever in distress.

You can customize your Army Knife by tapping the shield logo and choosing one of 14 different colors and styles including camo, plaid, and denim.

If you have any questions please use the support email address and we will be glad to answer you 24 hours a day!
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Customer Reviews
Great but needs a modern update

Great app for years now but it needs an update for larger screen sizes.

Measurements are wrong on 6+

The caliper and tape are incorrect on the 6+. What it says is 1 inch is actually 1.25 inches.

Please fix my great app!!

HELP!! Great app! Always my goto app for multiple solutions! BUT...the tape measure and caliper renderings are increased in the larger iPhone 6 screen. Please fix!

Ios 8 update

Can't use conversation function to full use since new update. Not able to change what we want to convert.


the bpm tool helped out a lot when my heart was racing the other day. but there is one flaw with the unit converter, under the volume area it spells "litre" when it's supposed to be "liter", the level tool would be better if the long level was on the right side of the screen because the iPhone has buttons on the left side which causes unlevelness (if that's a word) but the right side is perfectly straight and even.

I want the toothpick and tweezers

It is very good but whenever im eating corn its not very usefull perhaps along with the guy below me's knife idea maby a toothpick would work.

real flashlight

I think that it would be cool to add a flashlight from the iphone 4 flash

Worth it

I think it's worth it, however the tape measure is useless


Es una de las mejores aplicaciones verdaderamente utiles y sencillas; pero sobre todo a un muy buen precio. Saludos desde Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico:)

Good Tool.

Worth a buck. Does what it advertises.


This app is the best especially when ur in the wild FYI adust the frequency and tap the whistle. U don't have 2 blow

Good app

I luv this app


This tool is so useful! It could seriously save lives!!! It has an SOS light and a heart beat thing and lots more! It's loads of fun for only a dollar. Great app.


Hey you know what this wouldbe a good update for iPod touches if you could set the whistle where you could just tap it instead of having to blow in a mic please


It's not how I pictured it. But it's pretty unique.

I like it, but could be better

This is cool but where is the knife? Haha. Anyway its cool.

Great app



App doesn't live up to its name. It's a 9-in-1 army knife with no army knife? WTF?

This is sweet

I love this app it's so cool and wrth the money

I love Sunny E. Marshall

I truly do if you can read this I love you truly not fake love I didn't mean to let you slip away in elem. But I have to move but I will still always will remember you!!!!!

Pretty cool!

Fairly nice app! Hard to use a caliper, but there's definiteley a 'cool factor' about the whole thing! Great job!

Needs a compass

Level is awesome SOS ... What's the point Unit converter: the UNITS app is better Flashlight is okay Messures are okay


A few minutes after I bought this, I discovered that this company has the same thing AT DOUBLE the PRICE for the privilege of having a default tool that it opens with. Since that double-priced alternative has a posting date BEFORE this app, I have to conclude that they could have included that feature here. Perhaps they want people to think that it is the same app (since it has all the same tools and interface) and that if they "buy" it again they won't be charged (as would normally be the case if a customer accidentally tries to purchase an app they've previously paid for). I'm angry about this 

Need more

U should be abl 2 save images 2 your photo list


This is an awesome app. I love the whistle, it's so fun to play around with. My dog never responds to the whistle when it says that dogs can hear it, and she is quite young. She doesn't respond until you get to age 18 or 24, just depends. Great app! Nice work!

There when I need it

I don't use it often, but when I need a level or calipers, I have them for a buck. Great to show off what an iPhone can do, too. No dog has ever responded to the whistle. Maybe I need to play with volume settings.

Very well done

The heart-rate thing is kind of nerdy but can be used for other things. Everything else is fantastic! I used the calipers to measure a meteorite I found. I love that it does mm. Way to go!!!


This app is one i use fairly often but it doesnt drive me to want to open it daily which is why i gave it four stars. I use it more to show people some things like the whistle. But i used the level and flashlight a ton. I used the level a lot in the Air Force when we were loading 747's but the light seems to be the most useful item. Good App for many people!


Philly jeff the dog whistler works


Best utilitie app out right now

Completely ridiculous

The whistle doesn't work... Even setting it to 440 Hz (the tone an orchestra tunes to) produces no sound. The heart rate app requires you to tap the screen at the rate you think your heart is beating. My advice: take the 99 cents and buy a candy bar.

Refund please

Please I need a refund I accidentally bought it oh I am I'm big trouble please I really need a refund

Needs more

This app needs a blade otherwise a great app

Switch blade

Good game but wish had more knives

Worth every cent

This is a five star app. Having all these tools under one icon has save me much needed room. Keep up the great work!

Love this tool

I use it all the time. Was very excited to see the new conversion feature. Would be great for planning my upcoming cruise with the ability to convert miles to nautical miles, oops not there. :-( Maybe in the next update. My son would like one for the protractor. Great for estimating the slope / avalanche danger in the back country extreme skiing sport.

Most useful app ever!

The app updates monthly... I love all the updates and it is super useful. I use the flashlight often but the rest are also very useful. It's definetly worth the 99 cents.

Good app

The unit converter is the most useful.

Great app!!!

Love it, very useful!


I love the new converter, very handy!

Not working

The convertor us not working and I tried restarting my iPod and it still did not work!!! Help please?!?!?!

'¡¿«₩’. 匕首世必千亿

why isn't there a money converter in the new update?

Good Tool To Have

This is a tool that just keeps getting better. Good purchase, very useful.

You D*ck

I was waiting for ever for a new tool update and it cost 1.99 you are a deuc*e bag. Hom0

Imposible for people who bought this app

I cant belive that we have to pay ones again to get what it has to be an update. Please make this app the deluxe one thats not fear with us "your customers" come on redoux

Cool, but fix the whistle

I like this app. It was worth the $0.99. The only thing that is disappointing is the whistle. The test tone works, which I believe is a recent fix, but the other tones do not. Please fix this. Thanks.


I got this app the day it was originally released (a long  ago). The  dates/improvements have made this a  app I especially like the new icon. Thanks Mr./Ms. Developer. 


Do you expect us to pay 99 cents for the delux, and get a friggin unit converter? Not worth it. Should have a note pad of sorts


please make "deluxe" a free update. I will change rating after this happens

1 complaint

Y'all were prmising more upgrades soon, but then stoped. I did notice a new more expensive app u made that only has 1 more tool than this one, is that the upgrade!?!?!? Please upgrade, other than that yer app is great and y'all did a good job.