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AppBox Pro

by AllAboutApps

(0 user ratings)


Download size: 76.34MB
Version: 4.6.11
Released: 2009-06-10
For ages: 4+


AppBox Pro®: Useful 28 Tools in One

Get started
– Customize your app using Home Screen Style and Theme colors
– Turn Passcode on to secure your valuable data
– Quickly and easily share your data via AirDrop, Mail, Messages, Twitter or Facebook

Intelligently create
- 19 fully customizable, built-in categories and templates to securely store bank information, credit cards, membership numbers, accounts, photos, video and more in Wallet
- 6 Customizable built-in calendars; count days from event dates and use slideshow in Days Counter (aka Count Down)
- Easily manage your budget and checklist in Expenses List
- Track periods for multiple women’s accounts; check the average and trends from charts in Ladies Calendar

Innovative conversion tools
- 167 currencies in Currency Converter
- Solar/Lunar Calendar Converter ~1901 to 2042
- Work with 53 languages and listen to 42 languages in Translator
- 17 categories & 358 units in Unit Converter

- Explore 104 countries’ holidays
- Enjoy the amazing background photos of different locations around the world
- Abbreviations
- Kaomoji

Advanced calculate
- Basic/Scientific Calculator
- Date Calculator
- Loan Calculator
- Percent Calculator
- Sales Price/Tax Calculator
- Tip Calculator
- Compare Unit Price

Powerful utilities
- Battery Status and Device Information
- Gorgeous new Clock including waves, flip and digital theme
- LED Flashlight
- Level
- Use Magnifier with brightness, flashlight, invert or zoom and snap a picture of any object
- Use Mirror with flip horizontal, photo effects or zoom and snap a picture of your face
- QR Code
- Random number generator
- Ruler
- Pedometer

* Some features may require internet access
** LED Flashlight is available on iPhone 4s and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later.
*** Photo effects are available on iPhone 5 and later, iPod touch (5th generation) and later, iPad (3rd generation) and later.
**** Pedometer is available on iPhone 5s and later.
***** AppBox Pro® reads Floors ascended, Steps, and Walking + Running Distance from Apple HealthKit data. Data collected from HealthKit will not be used for marketing and advertising purposes.You can change app access of HealthKit data in your device Settings > Privacy > Health > AppBox Pro.
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Customer Reviews
Trouble in Paradise

I have been using the app for years, especially the wallet. Suddenly today when I open the wallet I get a dialogue box saying, “Touch ID for ‘AppBox Pro’ Unlock AppBox Pro. EVERY TIME I TRY TO OPEN THE WALLET. But I cannot figure out how to use the Touch ID; after clicking cancel to get rid of the dialogue I still have to type my passcode. I tried to use the developer support link in iTunes but the web page just shows an error message. “Error establishing a database connection.” 😤

Crashes always

Love your app ! And kept using the L Calendar Which Helped me in Family planning! Now it keeps crashing each time I Open it 💔 Didnt find a Calculator like Yours!!! Please update it I Love using the App on daily basis

Many Useful Apps In One 👍

This app packed many useful tools all in one, a plus ❤️ 😎 ... highly recommended! **NOTE** Translation app, when play audio no sound, bug on iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10? Please fix it! UI icons flat boring, not inviting ☹️

Pretty, but why all the Ads?!!

I purchased AppBoxPro after using the unpaid AppBox for several years, mostly as a period/fertility tracker while occasionally using countdowns, ruler, and the occasional game. But the ads. OMG the ads. Popping up when you open the app, switch between functions within AppBox, leave and come back after several minutes, etcetera. When it was discounted last year (2017) I jumped at the chance of having more features and ESPECIALLY not having to deal with ads, as most apps/games will remove ads when you purchase the full version. WRONG MOVE They COMPLETELY changed the period tracker app into one far less user friendly and just plain ugly. I forced myself to use AppBoxPro to track my periods— it’s been just over a year since I purchased it— and I still hate it. I especially hate having the ads all over the place and, inevitably, tapping one and having to deal with switching/shutting down apps when I’m in the middle of something. WE’VE PAID FOR YOUR APP, WE DESERVE TO USE IT AD FREE!!!

Verry nice App

Verry useful and complete App

Good app with lots of useful tools BUT...

It’s the perfect app for widget use but doesn’t have it. I mostly use it for data and currency conversion, would love to have widget functionality for things like that.

Very useful & feature-rich but ...

I swear the Wallet loses info. Entries I save in the wallet app disappear occasionally. This has cost me a lot of hassle

Missing Serbian Orthodox Easter day

Holidays calendar for Serbian Orthodox Easter is missing line. It is marked with Saturday, please correct that.

Lots of tools with Ok GUI

I’ve had this app since my first iPhone many moons ago. The GUI on most apps really could be a bit more user friendly. The sliders and graphics show their age. That said, there are tons of tools here. What is missing is a time calculator. (Minutes <> Hours). I want to be able to put in .6 hours and get 36 minored and vice-versa. Also...#KIR is missing from Abbreviations.

Unable to use

I purchased this app when it first came out. Lots of good useful tools. However it now is telling me I need a data migration encryption code. I have not been able to use it for a while.

Great App

When I purchased the iPhone 1, this was one of the first apps I installed. I don’t even come close to using all the features (there are so many), but the ones I do make the app one of the most useful on the device. It’s a great app and I tell everyone that this is a must have app.

What a bug.

I like this app have been using it for quite sometime. My daily use is for the pedometer count from health app, yesterday health app showed 4,651 steps and app box pro showed 2,514,540. I can ignore that one time glitch but it throws off all my averages.

useful app

the color grid is back for the different apps. thanks for responding. some of the apps like emoji one are pretty lame though. i miss the old battery indicator where it said how long it had left when in different modes

i use this app all the time ...

great app .. i use it on my old iphone 4 , my old ipod touch (one of the first gens) , and the newest ipod touch and an iphone 6 ... would highly recommend this app to anyone -- battery monitor is key .. love the flashlight options (makes your old iphone, have iphone 7 flashlight features) , and lots of other pluses -- not sure what the cost of this is , but i think i payed 1.99 for it, 5 years ago and it was worry every penny -- thanks to the developers for constantly updating and making sure it works on old devices !!! keep up the good work sirs and madams :)

New color less no good

Do not like the new color

App Box Pro

I love this but why have I lost the color on all the apps. I don't like just black.

Missing ino

Used app for a long time on a regular and it did the Job as my right hand man until phone crashed and all the papers and personal stuff went down the in.......horrible app to me now looking for a n wew vault neede

Do not try to use with Icloud

I have used this app for a while, so far it was OK. When I boutht a new Ipad I decided to install it and use it on my Iphone and Ipad. I realized that the data on Ipad was missing itens, when I decided to check on my Iphone, the data was equal to Ipad, with missing data. The backup on Icloud was overwritten and I lost many sensitive data. End of history, this app is out of date and been updated. Get it out!!!


It's nice to have my passwords in one place but only when it doesn't lock up on me. Just frustrating to have to close and reopen 6 times to get to my info. Looking for a new app.

So far so good....

You can't trust the reviews best thing to do is to try it, see if you like it and if you don't, delete it! I've written several reviews on this app and others and somehow they never show up! Let's see if this one does.

It was good before

New update have killed the backup to dropbox! It was sweet when you could backup to dropbox. But it errors out everytime now. It might be a file size issue. Either way Backup no longer works!

Paid app yet still get ads?!

Upset that I paid for this app yet still have to deal with ads!!! Remove the ads or I demand my money back!!!

Please Help!

So, I had this app and loved it, but once the new update came out it disappeared from my phone, including my app history! I've missed this app and wish I could re-download it, but the dang App Store won't let me!

Ditto on great tech support

I had trouble with backups when changing phones (not due to AppBox Pro, but Dropbox.) Steven responded very quickly with the needed information which was successful. I use AppBox Pro everyday for various tasks and it has been very reliable. The wallet is one of my favorites and is protected by thumbprint.

Great Tech Support

I was a bit confused using one of the app functions. Steve responded immediately and walked me through the procedure. Unbelievably fast service, thanks!

AppBox Pro

It is a good App, however it will be excellent if you add English language in the available Lunar App beside Chinese and Korean languages. Thanks

No app, no review

The app update hasn't reloaded in tow days. It is just sitting there with "installing" in terminal hold. Please take care of unfortunate download. Really enjoyed the app before this incidence.


I've been using that box pro for a long time. Now I've lost all my information and I'm really mad.


Beware of crap ware.


The currency didn't work!!! 👎👎👎👎

DateCalc no longer working

DateCalc no longer works on iPhone. Date selection window resides partially off screen. Used to be my go-to app.


THIS APP IS A MUST!! I don't write many reviews, though I know I should, since I always read the reviews for every app I consider getting. I've had this for years now & it's never let me down!! The Wallet is a great way to store important information. Don't forget to try out the other apps within AppBoxPro! They're very useful. Please, give this one a try. It's very easy to understand & use. I highly recommend this one to all!! Nice going gang! Keep up the great work!! Many thanks!!


New pedometer! Every update, I can delete another app! 😘 Enjoy it. Appbox pro will never let you down.


Where is the pedometer? Why did it not load with the upgrade like it was supposed to.

AppBox Pro

The main screen with the rows of icons uses the bottom line to show three icons (AppBox, Numpad, Moment) that seem to be impossible to remove. Is some method available to remove these "to buy" icons. What started as a good App is getting worse with each update.

Great app but please...

Add a tally counter. That would be awesome. Thanks.

Again the pop-up adds?

The updated version worked smooth for the 2-3 weeks and tonight the adds started to pop-up again. I can't believe it! 1 star from me, after more than 3 years as a user of this paid app.

Been using for years

Enough that I can't actually remember the how many it's been. It's always done everything I need it to and done it well. In fact, just today I wondered if it had a QR code reader, and surprise--this update does! This is like one of those big Swiss pocket knives in app form.


I always use this app. It works perfect. 👍👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿

Back to a 5 star app.

Good job developers! All the problems introduced in the last big overhaul are fixed and then some. Love the new app, and the screen layout options are genius!

Appbox Pro is Junk

This app is not worth your time or frustration, it has never worked!


This app just keeps getting better and better by the day. Love the new look, and the features remain simply awesome!!!

Not worth it

I had to pay for this app when I first got it. Now it wants an extra 4.99 to remove the very intrusive full page ads.

Why the pop ups?

I open the app to look at my wallet, and I now get popups telling me to visit Walgreens! I'm really ready to delete this app now.

what a great upgrade!

Finally, the user can select the menu style!!!! It's amazing.

Love the app

BUT, right now it's not working well. Trying to open up, it freezes. So I can't consistently get it to work. Please fix!!!

No ads please

I paid for this app before it became adware. Now my screen is polluted with ads.

I use it every day

This is amazing app I use it every day‼️ especially the wallet‼️ about the only improvement I would make would be to make the wallet printable for a backup copy⁉️

LOVE the update!

I've had this app for years and after the new updates started rolling in, it gets better and better. I love the option to change the menu style but I kept mine in list form. The added color made it much easier to use. Clean and simple interface and love the Touch ID access!