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Weather Clock: Forecast, Alarm

by iHandy Inc.

(32 user ratings)


Download size: 48.09MB
Version: 1.0.9
Released: 2011-06-05
For ages: 4+


Weather Clock is the perfect combination of a weather tracker and an alarm clock. Enjoy the gorgeous, flip-style clock, which includes an automated background display that simulates outdoor weather conditions, plus the weather forecast for the coming few days.

iPhone 4 Users: This app is also optimized for the high-resolution Retina display.

Check out the screenshots to see this app in action!

Key features include:

* Weather Background *
- The app's background automatically changes to reflect real outdoor conditions
- The app also automatically adjusts the background to reflect whether it is day or night

* Live Weather Information and 4 days forecast *
- View live, local weather information and temperature packaged in a slick UI
- Your city is auto-identified using Apple core location technology
- Freedom to select from list of cities worldwide, allowing you to visualize the weather in other cities
- Display a four-day weather forecast of your location or selected city
- Automatic fahrenheit/Celsius select based on region (you can also manually adjust this)

* Gorgeous, Retro Flip-Style Clock *
- Gorgeous flip-style clock display. Check out the screenshots!
- Ability to display time in 12 or 24 hour formats

* Multiple Alarms *
- Prominently displayed Snooze/Stop Alarm buttons (for those early mornings)
- Multiple alarms supported
- 9 built-in alarm sounds: Ascending, Birds, Classic, Cuckoo, Church Bell, Echo, Guitar, Mbira, Puppy
- Ability to toggle Sound on or off
- Sound volume adjustable
- Ability to toggle Snooze on or off
- Snooze time customizable
- Ability to toggle Vibrate on or off
- Sound Fade In: gradually raises the volume for your morning wake-up call
- Alarm works even when the screen is locked or if your iPhone/iPod touch is in silent mode
- Background Alarm: you will receive sound notification alarms even when the app is not running!

* Art Background *
- With a set of built-in art wallpaper backgrounds, you are able to personally customize the clock's appearance

* Tips *
- Slide/flick up and down to dim the screen's background brightness
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Customer Reviews
Ruined by IOS updates

I used to love this app. But since Apple keeps updating its operating system, this is yet another app that has been hurt by useless updates. When will tech companies learn the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? “

Terrible app

Doesn’t even deserve a single star, unfortunately 0 stars isn’t an option for ranking

Hating this app

Somehow this app uses Daily Doppler. And I don't know why but now I have a daily doppler mailbox that has taken over my additional mailboxes. I can't delete it. It's affecting my mailboxes. And of course, I'm getting a ton of new junk mail because it has my email address

Great apps

Great app


As a longtime user (years), this is the ONLY weather alarm clock I swear you’ll ever need. It literally has every feature you want (but don’t know you want until you discover the option available). 👍🏼👍🏼

Love it


Very poor app

This app is loaded with ads.

All the Help U Need

Pleased with visual display & ease of use! Great for handicapped. And, no cost helps any budget conscious person. On a personal note, my Dad was trained at the Waltham Clock School after WWII Bronze Star & Purple Heart Awards, and he would have been amazed by this App. It's more than a 17 Jewell Movement🙏. Thanks, Dr. G

Nice time to DL WeatherClock App

With 4 day display very cool ... And useful for travel... Or hide it. 🤘🏽 Nevertheless this app well worth having.

I absolutely loved the look and then the accurate forecast was added as a separate inbox

This was a scam...I agreed to accurate weather forecast and the app added an inbox to my iPhone which immediately started accepting spam in my inbox. Disgusting sham. I also got a warning this app would slow my iPhone because not updated. ...it slows the iPhone because of all the spam!

Full of ads

It's annoying seeing all those ads

Just downloaded it

It was easy to get started - will try using it and then write another review - so far so good

Pretty dope

Preeettyyy dope

Storage Gobbler -- Big Time

Many good features, as others have noted. BUT . . . Gobbles up a huge amount of storage space, so every month or so, I have to trash it, and then reinstall. Just five minutes ago, my iPhone's total usage of storage was 28.3 GB, of which 14.3 were used by Weatherclock. Also, alarm feature doesn't work. Every time I try to set, the app crashes. They really need a software revision.

Great information

Another great weather information app. Localized pertinent current. What more could we ask!


Needs update. Will not work on my phone!

Nice program.....but

Nice program. The alarm works great.....for 1 day. Same with weather. I have to reset it every time I use it. Once I set it its fine and seems to be reliable but I have to set it everyday. Inconvenient.

Weather Alarm

Great little program except it no longer allows me to turn an alarm off. If I am off on a day the alarm is set for, I have to in-select that day. Aside from this issue, it is a very dependable program.

Ad fest

Cant even try it without asking to rate so you get 1 star

The best thing ever

Five stars


Fantastic! Quick and checking it Constantly

ℓσνє тнιѕ αρρ!

єαѕу тσ υѕє αи∂ єνєяутнιиg ι ωαит ιи α ωєαтнєя αρρ!


There are only a very limited amount of sounds to choose from. Will go back to using my old alarm


Awesome app


I find this a little buggy, it has some stability issues.

Quick time & Temperature

It's really nice to get your outside temperature so fast. It just takes a few seconds and you know how to dress for the day!!

Great and useful app

This app is awsome. Deffinitly the best alarm app i have ever used and to top it off VERY few ads. Which is great cause NOBODY likes constant pop up adds.

Alarmed. !

Great wake up alarm choices.....................

Clock app

Not what I'm looking for. Have to open app to see time.


Does what it is supposed to


I have not yet found an iHandy app that wasn't a pleasure to use.

Love this weather app!!😋

I have been using WeatherClock for awhile now and find it quick and easy to check my local weather with 1-click! Highly recommended!




I like it.




Beautiful thanks

Great app

One of my favorites. Works so well especially the weather. I use in a dock

Great Ap

Great ap really like using it

Clock wallpaper

Works great helps me keep track of time

Weather Clock

I just downloaded a few days ago so I really don't have anything to tell u right now. I will when I start discovering all the things I can do on it. Thanks


Never fails


A little tough at first but woke me with a really nice tone that made me dream of Bali...that was a problem haha.


little app :)

جنة الأحلام


Perfect Alarm⏰

Easy to use and always works‼️All ways WORKS💯


Gives me the information I need. Time and weather. Nice picture too.

Alarm& clock budy

This app is amazing I use the Alarm every morning, I love it and I might get the pro too. Because I want to play my own music , but for now I will stick with this one 😊

It's ok not great

Would have rated it 5 but you can't set it as the wallpaper on the main screen,

Love the visual

I like the big bold visual plus the alarm and weather make this a must have.