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SpeakToSnooze Pro HD

by j labs

(1 user ratings)


Download size: 78.34MB
Version: 15.0
Released: 2013-02-15
For ages: 9+


Say “Snooze alarm” to snooze your alarm!
Say “Alarm off” to turn off your alarm!
Better than a cup of coffee and cheaper too!

• Top 100 Paid Utilities

• No ads!
• Set multi-day alarms
• Fun voices like Stewie and Honey Badger that motivate you to wake up if you keep snoozing!

• Control your alarm clock without EVER having to touch your phone or open your eyes!
• Say “Set alarm for 7:30 AM” to set an alarm
• Say “What time is it” to hear the time
• Say “Flashlight” to turn on the flashlight. No fumbling for the light at night!
• Set a “I have to get up by” time, at which point a diabolically annoying sound will play and you won’t be able to snooze anymore
• Beautiful, customizable alarm clock design

• "Best alarm clock app on iTunes" brftb
• "I hated the ads on the free version and I waited forever for this to come out!" SkippyCakes
• "I am a VERY deep sleeper and I didn't wake up to a fire alarm, but I wake up to this when volume overdrive is on!" Sis

• Visit us at www.speaktosnooze.com
• Email us at support@jlabs.me
• Tweet us at @jlabsTeam
• Like us on Facebook!
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Customer Reviews
App is lit

Best app ever! Love it's features like talk and it tells you the time.

Good App

It works great. I use it on business trips because I don't like wake-up call and can't be bothered figuring out a hotel alarm clock.

Love the app

Great app

Nice app

Good clock


This app does not perform properly...some in-app purchases do not download. App has not been updated in over a year, and Jason has apparently taken his website down ( link provided does not work ). The in-app purchases are too expensive, and can not be restored to your next device. Jason...time to come home, and " clean your room "!!!

Great app, wonderful alarm

Definitely worth the purchase

Loving the app

So far I'm loving this app just wish that if you forget to leave it on it would sound as well when it is time to go off. Also wish you could say snooze or shut off at anytime and not just when the sound pauses.

Good app

It wake me up when I want and to what I want. I recommend this app

Works well

Like the large display and unique voice however I am unable to speak back to it effectively.

To many IAP w/no restore

I love this app. It's the only alarm clock I use. Only downside is there are way to many IAP especially considering I paid full price for this app. I shouldn't have to upgrade again and again once I upgraded to pro version. Not to mention if you get another device there is no way to restore all those IAP you have already made. It's still pro when you restore but forget about all the IAP you made prior; i.e. speak to set alarm, different voices. You have to start all over again either purchasing expresso with real money or saving up that 1 yes 1 expresso a day you get every 24 hours for turning off the alarm. At least give us more like maybe 5 or 10 expresso. Fix this and it would totally be a 5 star app.


Love this app


A great clock to wake up to.

Ring ring

It's my favorite alarm app

Best Alarm Ever!!

Great app

Great App

I love this app! It's fun!

I've tried then all

I've tried every alarm app in the store and this one is the tops. Love the voice feature and love being able to set the alarm just by speaking the time I want to wake up. Also being able to just say "snooze alarm" and sleep another 10 minutes is awesome. No more turning over and trying to find the snooze button.

Wakes the Bears from hibernating!

It works!!!!

Voices are annoying

This would be a great app if you could turn off the nag voices. After a few mornings of hearing theme, I went to ihandy clock. It also nags you with these stupid in app purchase nag screen. The snooze buttons are also way to small. The one thing this app does great is control screen brightness, it doesn't fake out dimming, it actually controls the phone brightness.

Great app. Love how you can dim the clock with the swipe of a finger.

Great app. Need to shorten voice commands.

Mr. D

It's Awesome for a Great Cup Of Coffee.

Pretty stellar app

Easy to use no hassles like some other alarms I've tried like iPhone's alarms quits working even with all the updates.

Use it!

This makes it fun to wake up to. You gotta get the day started why not make you smile as your alarm goes off.

Pretty Good App

Pretty Good App

Great app

I've used many. This one is light years ahead. Highly recommend it!

Awesome App

Awesome app no complaints! I must have!

The best

Very easy to use best one I've used


This app has been a real help so far since Apple products have been going through some kind of bug where all of my alarms cut off. and the fact that I don't have to turn over and turn off my alarm I can just say alarm off is very helpful when I want 10 more minutes of sleep

Works great on IPhone....

Not as well on iPad.


This is a great app & helps me to get on time . I love the voice command feature 👍🏾

Only alarm clock I use.

I love this app.

Speak to snooze

I think this is a very good app. I do wish it had more voices.

Love it!!

I rarely take advantage of the voice commands, but the few times I do, no problems with it. My only suggestion is I would love to be able to have the app randomly pick a song from my playlist rather than me picking one. Other than that, love the app!!

Could be better

**update still needs louder alarm option and more voices Needs to have louder and more alarm choices. I often don't hear it. The voice recognition needs work. I have to yell at it sometimes cause it doesn't seem to hear me say turn off alarm or snooze.

Great app!

I have a hard time getting up in the morning and have found this works better than anything I have tried!

Still Works great

Still works great even with the new updates.

I hate that every day I get asked to review so you get one star

If I want to review I will ask one time then Stop just I bought your app you made your money don't be sad I do this for all pushy apps


I love this alarm it is the best phone alarm out there

If you have a hard time waking up this is for you

I am not a morning person, so i always have time waking up in the morning regardless of what time i go to bed. If you are in the same boat this alarm is for you, it has not let me down a single time! You will be amazed of how annoying this alarm is to the point you will be out of bed just to shut it up. Ps. It works better if you left it out of your own reach.

Best alarm clock

This alarm clock is the best I have used.


Works good not great but it gets the job done!


Love it

Not bad

Speak to snooze isn't too bad, except that sometimes it doesn't understand my commands. I wind up waking up because I have to repeat myself and sometimes yell. But, still not too bad.


Great app. Powerful alarm almost always wakes me. Obviously I have to be supremely tired for that to not be the case.

I'm truly L-A-Z-Y!!!!

I HATE mornings on any day. I'm an insomniac and get my best sleep between 5AM and 2PM which is not acceptable with a NORMAL lifestyle. Therefore, I need Xtra help getting up! This helps me (as best possible) to get started!


This is a really good app


Very good app, works to my needs


Great app

Good not great

I am still looking for the perfect alarm clock app. SpkToSnooze is on the right track. I love the color options, and I love the swipe to dim--finally a clock I can dim enough that it doesn't keep me awake. The problem is with the alarm sounds. Whether it is one of the included sounds or an iTunes track, the sounds cuts in and out. I have yet to hear an alarm sound without this annoying problem. In addition, speaking when the wake sound or track is finished is not good enough. I want to be able to say "Snooze" at any point and have my snooze function enabled. Please make these improvements happen and I give you 5 stars.

It wakes me up!!

I like how easy it is to use. Some of the voices make me laugh I just wish there were more. It wakes me up because it's a bit interactive but not too much to get me in a bad mood. I really like it

Expensive junk

In-app purchases are required to get basic features that should be included. Such as setting iPod music to wake. This costs extra and can only play one song! Most good modern alarms will shuffle a playlist. Voice wake up cost extra too as well. No way to restore purchases either so be careful when considering deletion. I feel ripped off.