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Sleep Time : Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker, Insights Analysis, Better Soundscape

by Azumio Inc.

(444 user ratings)


Download size: 138.17MB
Version: 5.28
Released: 2012-09-11
For ages: 4+

Fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed!

Sleep Time doubles as a comprehensive sleep analysis app and alarm clock. Celebrating the release of version 2.21, Sleep Time is the first sleep app with iOS 8 support and Apple Health integration!

With over 35 million users, the award-winning Sleep Time app is all over the web.


“Azumio has fulfilled the need for an accurate, state-of-the-art algorithm for sleep analysis that is consumer-accessible as an integral part of a complete mobile health solution” - Dr. Paul Zei, Stanford University

5/5 “I’ve tried several apps that log the amount of sleep and the types you experience, and the interface of Sleep Time is the best by far. It’s easy to understand and simple to use.”

5/5 “Fascinating results. It works remarkably well providing helpful information.”

Featured on: TechCrunch, Mashable, Lifehacker, 148apps, eHealth, and many others...

#1 Sleep Analysis app in United States
#1 Sleep Analysis app in Japan
#1 Sleep Analysis app in United Kingdom
#1 Sleep Analysis app in Australia
#1 Sleep Analysis app in Germany
#1 Sleep Analysis app in France
#1 Sleep Analysis app in China
#1 Sleep Analysis app in Russia
#1 Sleep Analysis app in Canada
… and many more.



√ Set the alarm clock with a single gesture

√ Fall asleep to soundscapes or white noise!

√ Alarm rings even in silent mode

√ Choose from any of our 20 built in alarms

√ OR wake up to your favorite song from iTunes!

√ Sleep Lab™ with sleep cycle analysis

√ Detailed monthly and weekly graphs

√ Advanced wake-up optimization algorithm

√ Instant Heart Rate integration to detect pulse after waking up

√ Full history and graphs make comparison easy

√ Backup and restore your sleep data on the cloud

√ No glasses needed for our easy to read interface!

√ Apple Health Integration

We make Sleep Time for our users and we’d love to hear your feedback – tell us what you think so we can implement your ideas and suggestions in the next update!

Upgrade to Premium to receive unlimited access to Premium Programs and Playpen Freeplay workouts, HD videos, dynamic and motivational audio, workout email summaries with tips and advice on healthy living, priority support, and more for $8.99/month or $39.99/year through renewable iTunes subscription.

Sweet Dreams,
Azumio Team
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Customer Reviews
Alarm stopped working

I’ve been using this for about 3 years or so. Loved it because it woke me up slowly. However recently, the alarm has not gone off at all!! Causing me to be late. I can’t be worrying whether my alarm will go off or not, or I won’t be able to sleep well. The ads are annoying, but I could deal with that. However now I have to find another app.

Loud jarring ads

App works great, but after you wake up, it takes your heart rate. THEN IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT WARNING BLARES A LOUD ADVERTISEMENT WITH NO OPTION TO MUTE!!! It is a terrible way to wake up.

Too many adds

I finally gave up with this one. It kept crashing at night so it wouldn’t go off in the morning. You have to leave the app open without locking your screen for it to work. I liked that you could flip your phone over for the snooze, I will miss that. But there at least one add you have to watch before setting the alarm each night.

Good but bad ads

So I use this app pretty much every night and it’s almost perfect, only problem is that I got an ad for the app hooked and it popped up as a terrifying face which is definitely not what I want to see right before I go to bed all alone lol

Do not rely on this app! Alarm does not go off!!!!

I have used his app for a year or so and recently the alarm just does no go off. I woke up three hours late (!) today because it didn’t make a sound or vibrate. When I picked my phone up and looked at the app, only then did it start ringing. And it’s not that I just slept through it or hit snooze; it literally just stopped tracking at 7am (my alarm time) and said that I hit snooze 0 times. Horrible! I missed an important work meeting after staying up all night to get the work done! This app could get you fired from your job!

Falling Popularity and Rising Costs, find something else

As a free app, it was ok, but not good enough to pay for. The number of reviews say it all, not many and not many good.

App Insights are not Private

Sleep Time insight charts are not private - other users have been “liking” my sleep charts. As far as I can see, there’s no way for me to adjust my privacy settings either. For me that’s a deal breaker - will not be using this app and allowing my private health information to be shared with their other users who are complete strangers.

Beware Ads with Loud Sounds- might be finding a new app

I’ve been happily using this app for over a year and just recently there has been the addition of ads with loud sounds. I love using the app, but if this doesn’t change soon, I will be finding a new alarm app. I have woken up my family twice trying to set the alarm because ads with sound now pop up. It doesn’t seem to make any sense to have ads with sound for an app that is supposed to help you get a good nights rest. Especially since you have to set the alarm right as you are settling in for the night.


App Support: the heart rate tool after the alarm has stopped working it will flash the light twice and then not work.

Needs updating for the new iOS

Updating to iOS 11 changed the behavior of this app in negative ways. The app needs to be updated to get back to where it used to be.

Does not work as advertised

Stop bothering me to Rate your app. This app does not work as you claim. and therefore is not worth one red cent. It's bad enough I can't get my money back for this worthless app. Leave me alone! I paid $2.15 this included the tax. By the time I realized this app was worthless I couldn't get my money back. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!! Your diagram is a lie!

Only one problem

I love this app and would give it 5 stars, except for one thing. When I’m turning off the alarm and an ad pops up that is much louder than the alarm, it wakes my husband up. He has sleep issues, so it took a long time to desensitize him to my alarms in the first place. I can live with ads, but please make them silent ones.


ok honestly thought this was a joke when I first downloaded it but then used it every night. I haven't really used it since senior year of high school (3 years ago) but I have been feeling extremely tired recently so I decided i'd try it again. i'm so impressed, the first night after using it I felt more awake than I have in months. great app!!!!

Used to be great

This app worked great on iOS 10 and earlier. Ever since upgrading to iOS 11 it crashes all the time. I was almost late to work this morning. Deleting the app and going with one that updates more often.


Great app but WHY IT AUTOMATICALLY TURNS THE VOLUME UP?? Just why not turn it like till the middle? Every time i use this i get a stroke after playing a goddamn song or video😮

iOS 11 support?

App usually works very well, but my alarm hasn’t gone off at all after updating to iOS 11. Please fix this.


This app failed to wake me up twice because the app crashed. Do not rely on this app as your only alarm.

Great except for loud ads when you wake up

I’ve been using the free version for over a year. I understand the purpose of ads and had no problem with them in this app until recently. On several occasions, a video ad plays at full volume immediately after the alarm is turned off. This is a deal breaker for me and seems totally backwards for an app like this. The last thing you want at 6am is a full volume ad for a toothbrush that wakes up your partner as well.

Ads are now loud videos

A great way to wake up your bed partner and give yourself a fright. Wellshire farms video convinced me to uninstall. I would pay for an ad free app. But they want you to subscribe to a plan. 9.99/mo or 29.99 year. This app is not worth that.


Love this app. I have not over slept once since using it. I feel great when I wake up

Great App

It's cool to see your sleep cycle in the morning!

Good app

I love how this app gently wakes me up. I definitely notice the difference in my day when using my regular alarm which is jarring. I feel more rested when waking up with this app.


Helps confirm that my sleep is different at best and now I can work on changing that. Also very interesting, to say the least.

Very Aggressive Marketing Tactics

I'm done. Marketing tactics are very aggressive. Pop-ups, slide-ins, "limited time" offers are incessant. Very obnoxious. Very old-school ineffective marketing approach. I choose not to pander to companies that subject users to this. Bye Sleep Time.

Nice lil app

I like this app and it tracks my sleep patterns just like I needed it to.

Awesome app

Works great so far



Very good app

Love the heart rate sensor and helps me wake up a lot better than iPhones normal clock!!

No longer works 😡

Get Sleep Cycle instead! I had given an older version of this app 4 stars -- I loved it. But it has finally entirely stopped working as an alarm clock, yet they keep trying to extort MORE money out of me. No, I will not pay you more for the garbage that doesn't work. That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!

Works 70% of nights

Love the app & cycle recording. However about 30% of the time I wake up and the alarm is as if I never set it. I always set a secondary alarm and have needed it several times.

Sick of Ads at full volume!!!

Stop it!!! Ads with no sounds please. So frustrating.

Good app marred by intrusive ads

Worked great a year ago, but gradually started to push annoying full-page unskippable ads that were deceptively difficult to close every time you use it. Ads were notorious for hiding or disguising the close button, or making it so small you automatically click on the ad. Enjoyed using the app, but updates became a deal breaker.

Ad curation is horrible

Ok, so, you know what's not great for a sleep app? Loud as hell ads. I get it, it's free, it's going to have ads. I'm ok with the silent ones. Why aren't all of them silent? It's really jarring and prevents me from falling asleep or spikes my heart rate before I measure it in the morning. Curate the aps better, the rest of it is decent.

Don't download newer version

Once was great, but now every time I start it, I get an infuriating GAME screen that prevents its use. I paid up and enjoyed it for two years, but now I have to warn you to stay away. Sent from my iPhone

Too many ads, but worth the effort

I find this one actually seems to hit better wake up times for me than a straight alarm.

So simple

Love the mess out of it!

Oh the ads...

Love the app - but the ads have to go. Half the time they won't close until I close and relaunch the app. Horrid!

Nite nite

Love it!

Sad sad sad

I used and loved this app for over a year because it was simple to use and it woke me in the morning with bird sounds. I did not need or want all the frills like the heart monitor and the exercise stuff but they did not interfere with the alarm clock so I ignored them. Then I made the mistake or updating. Now I can't use the morning birds without paying them. I can't set the clock without watching ads. And I can't use it to track my sleep without giving them personal information that can be used to identify me in a future health database. AlI I wanted was an alarm clock, not Big Brother. Sad, sad, sad.


I love this app. It gives you detailed instructions and is very easy to understand. Since I've been using this I've been less groggy when i wake up, hit snooze less, and became more motivated to get out of bed. I definitely recommend this.

The best sleep app ever !

I'm so happy with my sleep time I use it every day it's the best doctor says it's amazing and it helps me keep track of my sleep patterns the way he wants it thank you sleeptime I love it '.

Too many adds...

I've had this app for over 2 years now and I used to love it prior to the last two updates. Since last two updates, the adds progression has gone from bad to worse to the point of using full screen adds that simply pop up...very annoying. I understand one or even two adds in moderate screen size, but 4-5 continuous adds?? Cmon!!

Saving my life...

I knew I didn't sleep well, but I had no idea how bad it was! This app has given me information that I can share with my doctor and finally get some help. Thank you.

Dr. J

Loved the app BEFORE all the ads that take forever to close as you're about to fall asleep. Common sense is lacking with this app.

Annoying adds

Worst alarm

Pretty good, just a few bugs

I really like this app! It always wakes me up at the right time with an alarm that is neither frightening nor annoying. The only real problem is that occasionally it won't let me change the time when I want to wake up.

Unhappy with the loud ads at 5:30 in the morning.

I got this app mainly so I could wake up gently before my whole family is up for the day. Turning off the soft alarm tone to be jolted into a panic with a loud ad that will likely wake my light sleeper in the next room totally defeats the purpose. Overall I could manage the ads if not for the sudden videos.

Love this app

I wake up refreshed and ready to hit the gym.

Wow... Perfect... this is perfect!

Idk what it does but I always wake up at the same hour that I want without feeling tired, it's amazing!

Continuing to downgrade due to ad nonsense

2017: Compelled to update bc this has gotten worse due to the bait and switch ad tactics. Good luck getting to the main screen to set this. If you are willing to launch and app, click through 2-3 screens AND then figure out how to extract yourself from the never ending ad campaign with no escape good luck. Good app function if you can get to it. Incredibly poor user interaction snd monetization. Go find something, anything else. The shenanigans are not worth it. Your standard alarm on your phone is enough to wake you up. Any other sleep app that 'measures' sleep stages has the be less of a hassle than this. Too bad they can't figure it out. 2016: The functions of this app are good but the last update has made it ridiculous to set. I was considering purchasing the premium version for the storage but not after the last update. Now they want you to log in or buy the premium version. If you can locate the button to skip this process among the clutter them you get served up a completely irrelevant ad. You then have to wait for the ad to finish (which it sometimes never does) to click out of it. If you can't click out and attempt to close the app and reopen it it usually crashes at least once before you can attempt the whole process again. I've been using the app for a year but am looking for a new one because of the nonsense. There are other sleep app options with less in your face unrelated advertising and no ridiculous logins.