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Rise Alarm Clock

by Kellen Styler

(74 user ratings)


Download size: 77.86MB
Version: 5.8.2
Released: 2012-12-20
For ages: 4+


Rise is a simple alarm clock with a lot of smart features. With its refreshing and clever way to set time, Rise is one of the easiest alarm clocks you'll ever use.

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Reach out and touch the screen. Every element is meant to be interactive. Left handed? Yes, Rise loves you, too.

Pull it up or down and watch the sky change as you pick a wake up time. Turn the alarm on by pulling the screen left or right.

Or, simply shake your device to quickly set an alarm for a short nap or to use as a timer.

Wake up to the sound of the woods, ease into the day with a custom Rise melody, or your favorite song from iTunes.

Tap to snooze and be a little late, or pull the screen to turn off the alarm and be on time. Hey, it's your life.

From the lock screen: Shake to snooze or turn off the alarm.

Easily create repeating alarms for any time with custom labels for each alarm. Toggle all your alarms on or off from one screen. Rise will always show the next alarm when you open the app.

Large clock in either portrait or landscape (for docked devices) with clock background options: Night or Skyscape. Swipe to change the clock background and dim the screen by sliding up or down.

Use SleepTunes to make a playlist from your iTunes collection to help you fall asleep. Set a timer for your playlist so it doesn't run all night.

- Rise is made for iOS 9+ compatible devices.
- Rise works with "Do Not Disturb" and the silence switch as long as it's in the foreground and / or auto-locked when using those two features.

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Customer Reviews

I really wanted to like this app. There’s so much potential. Two stars because the alarm tones and progressive alarms are really lovely, but that’s it. As others have said, the alarms are unreliable, and god help you if you just happened to absent mindedly close the app on your phone because if it’s not actively running, your alarm won’t go off. So that defeats a pretty central purpose of this app. The final straw for me is the UI/UX—classic example of bypassing usability in favor of “ooh shiny!” fancy transitions and bells and whistles. And I say that as a front end dev who is tempted by that stuff all the time. It’s pretty but terrible to use. Give me an ugly but logical UI any day.

Stopped support

So disappointed they stopped supporting the app. It was my favorite alarm clock of all time. But it hasn't worked in quite a long time.

Used to be good. No longer.

This used to be one of my favorite apps on my iPhone. Then, it stopped working reliably. Now, it won’t even open up. This is my way of saying goodbye.

Another missed appointment

The app MUST be running in the foreground with the device ON. If you get an email or other notification overnight, that appears to be enough to put the device to sleep and for the alarm not to go off until you wake on your own and wake the device up, only to be mocked by the now-late alarm. I don’t know what attracted me to use this app in the first place. Oooh, a cool UI where nothing is apparent. You just have to know where everything is. Oh don’t worry, you’ll remember everything from the tutorial when you are running hours late after no alarm. Uninstalling for good this time.

New Tones Please?

I’ve been using rise for about 4 years now probably? Anyway, I liked it because the tones were not abrasive and came up gradually. However, it’s been a long time waking up to the same group of sounds. Would love for some new one to be available.

Doesn't work

I have been trying to use this app, but the alarm failed to go off! I tried it a few times, but even though it said my alarm was set and on, Nothing happened. Not something I would recommend.

Unreliable alarm

Bought this when I had an iPhone 6 and it worked well, but I updated to an iPhone X and now I can’t rely on it at all. Obviously it doesn’t use the whole screen (not a big deal, I only use it once a day) but ever since I upgraded phones I can’t count on Rise to actually play sounds. Half the time, it only vibrates when the alarm goes off. I’ve slept through too many alarms recently to ever trust this app again.

Unreliable. Deleting.

This app is completely unreliable. I do everything it asks me: leave the app open and make sure my sound is on. But nope, it’ll only work when it feels like it. I’ve used this app for years but I’m deleting it today. I’ve overslept way too frequently for this to be acceptable.


The alarm seems to work fine BUT DO NOT SNOOZE! If you SNOOZE it, the alarm switches into SILENT MODE which makes for a VERY BAD alarm! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!

No longer dependable

The most important thing for this app to do is to make sure the alarm works. It is a beautiful clock and I have used it for years. But recently it has been unreliable. Tried all sorts of solutions - restart app, restart phone, change settings on notifications. It shouldn’t be this hard to set an alarm. No response from email to developers.

Updated Review: Unreliable and Now Deleted

I used to love this app, but it has become increasingly unreliable over the past year or two. Sometimes the wake up system would work correctly, other times it would not. Sometimes my iPhone would only vibrate, even though all settings and controls had been double checked to allow full volume. Sometimes nothing would happen - no sounds, no vibration - even though an alarm had been set and turned on. Sometimes the alarm functioned as expected, just not often enough for me to keep this app on my iPhone. I tried powering down my phone and restarting it just before bedtime; I tried uninstalling the app, then reinstalling it; nothing seemed to help. So, farewell to Rise. I will miss the gentle waking of the gradually increasing volume, but I cannot live with the unreliability.

Doesn’t work.

Setting your alarm should be easy right? I purchased this last night, set the alarm and settings and woke up an hour late. No alarm. Needless to say, either I didn’t set it right or it doesn’t work. Either way, it’s an alarm. It should be simple and failsafe.


Ever since the latest updates this alarm does not work. It won’t go off. When I try to set the alarm tone to a song from my phone is freezes. I have to close the app down completely before it changes. Horrible. Luckily I have a back up alarm that plugs into the wall, but still... this used to be my go to alarm app. The only one that actually woke me up!!! Now it’s just letting me down every morning when it either refuses to go off or goes off and there’s no sound to the alarm. Just odd. Bring back the old Rise app that worked! :(

It works

But I can’t understand why they would make it so the volume control buttons on the iphone8 change the alarm volume. It didn’t do this on my iPhone 6. Now I have to remember to reset alarm volume every night. Annoying!

Worst update ever

This was a five star app....now it is one. I miss alarms all the time now because they don’t ring even when the app is in the foreground. It crashes when I open it and try to snooze. The only thing I can say that’s good is that it is horrible consistently. Congrats on ruining a great app, I’m stuck using the default iOS alarm until I find a replacement.


Used to be simple and worked. Now UI is complicated and even deleting an old alarm is a mystery! Trashed it today!

A wonderful app with inspiring quotes

This is a beautiful app. It is intuitive to use. There are a variety of soothing sounds to use for alarms. The quotes are always inspiring. This is definitely an app to use to start your morning off right!

What happened!!!

Update: 10/23/17 Not sure if I’m the only one but I’ve noticed this thing fails to go off if the app isn’t opened. Old: Disappointed with this app now. I've been a user since it first launched, it behaves oddly and decides to set the "quick alarm" off (vibrates) at random times... No way to delete this "quick alarm".

iOS 11 and Rise

Since iOS 11 was released I can not use Rise any more it uses so much battery that my phone can not charge overnight. Please fix this issue! Thank you

Fine, but very annoying

Works alright. The progressive sounds (they start quiet, then get louder) are an improvement over the native alarm clock app. However, this application is incredibly annoying. There is a “get to know rise” screen that shows up _all of the time_. No matter how many times you click the obnoxious button that is labeled, “no thanks, I know everything,” it will continue to show up. Dear dvelopers: please get rid of that terrible introduction.


I think all the problems you are probable reading about are fixed. It's a great, sharp looking, alarm app with a gradual volume option.


0 stars. Did not work. Very disappointed since this had a bunch of reviews saying it was one of the best alarms for iphone out there. I've already deleted it. Do not buy it.


I seriously think these bad reviews are due to human error or of not having a proper understanding of how the app works it's working fine for me Thanks for always maintaining the app 👌🏼

Great but issue now

I've been using this app for years and it's worked great. I don't mind leaving my phone or iPad unlocked since they're always plugged in at night. I use my iPad since the larger screen is easier to snooze! The problem is I used to be able to leave it unlocked to see the dimmable screen. It used to bypass the auto lock. Now my screen locks and it's a bit of a hassle with morning hands to unlock the iPad, then hit snooze. Hopefully they improve this app as it's getting several negative reviews.

Used to be a Great Alarm clock

Clock is very buggy. Clock doesn't stay on even when charging. No updates. Very poor.

Nope you cannot Come and get some ham

Way back in 2014 this was a stellar alarm clock app. On the new phone it seems to be a complete waste. Who wants to leave an app running in order for it to waken one? My phone upgrade caused all my alarms to be MIA. No nice tones. No nuanced waking. I guess I'll just go back to the operating system alarm clock because it is reliable. I'm sad because this is a very beautiful app but I can't see it when I'm sleeping so I really don't care how beautiful it is. Previously 2014: I caught you a sweet bass Cuz I got up in time To practice lovely hula hands And wet my line

Doesn't work in the background

I've used this app for years but the updates have diminished initial quality. I even paid for the upgrades years ago. The alarm doesn't work in the background. I get that I could just leave it running but the off chance I don't means no alarm. No longer reliable and I don't use it anymore.

This update ruined my alarm

This app use to be perfect but now it doesn't even work. My alarms no longer go off in the morning and it constantly freezes/crashes when trying to turn it off. Literally had to downgrade for it to work properly. I did enjoy the new look, but that can't win me over if functionality isn't there.

No longer works

I just missed another appointment because my Rise alarm failed to sound. The developers move to Swift has been disastrous. The app fails to function as an alarm clock at all. Rise has always been a little idiosyncratic: the UI is well intentioned but confusing (I often accidentally turn off recurring alarms when I merely meant to stop an alarm from going off — Rise makes snoozing an alarm easy but turning it off very difficult). The great redeemer of Rise has been the wonderful alarm sounds that come with the app. Now, however, while you can still snooze an alarm from the notification, the app crashes if you try to turn the alarm off. The only solution is to delete the app and reinstall it. Unacceptable!

Update ruined the app

This app was the best alarm I've used and after the update it doesn't even work. It has bugs and the alarm doesn't even go off anymore.


This app used to be good but now it really blows. For some reason it's required to keep the app open or else your alarm function won't work. It wasn't always like this and i struggle to see the benefit in implementing such a requirement

Crash problems

Updates have left this app unusable. The user experience is terrible

Great in Theory, Not in Practice

I really, really want to like this app. I love the dimmable clock that shows how much time until your alarm goes off. But I have to agree with a lot of other reviewers: it is often "buggy" and unreliable. For some odd reason, if I set the alarm for 6:00 am, it goes off at 5:58. If my iPhone does an automatic update during the night, the alarm resets itself to default settings--no alarm! And it does have to be open all night...not such a problem if you're plugged in, but a mighty big battery drain if you're not.

Best alarm app so far

The other alarm apps is useless

Avoid at all cost!

Do not get this app!!! I almost missed my exam at school because the app decided to reset itself or something. If it wasn't for noise outside to wake me up, I probably would have missed my exam.

Breaking up in the atmosphere.

This used to be a great app. I used it all the time. Now I cannot stand it. What happened? Now I just rely on iPhones built-in alarm clock, which is at least reliable and I don't have to have the app open in order for my alarms to go off.


I love and use this app tons! BUT...now I have to leave it open on my screen or it gives me a warning. I hope they get it fixed ASAP.

So far so good

So far it's been reliable and easy to use. Still have an alarm set one the stock app as a backup alarm.

App has become totally unreliable

It used to be my great replacement alarm clock but it the past few month it has become completely untrustworthy. Almost missed two flights because of this app. If the phone is in do not disturb mode the app is supposed to override that but doesn't. Also on occasion it will decide to skip today's alarm and just reset itself to wait for tomorrow. Real shame what developers have done to this app. Alarm clocks are not rocket science and do not need to be loaded with "brand new features"...

iOS 10 ruined this app

I've been using this app for years and they can't seem to pull it together for 10. Save your money and save yourself the trouble of being late cuz the app doesn't work anymore. Disappointing. Update: even with the updates it's not reliable. Alarm clocks need to be one thing: reliable. I want a refund.

Going downhill fast

I got this app a few years ago and really liked it. Now it will be deleted from my iPhone because it is terrible. It had a few quirks when I first got it, but they were all manageable. Now in the past year, the developers have fiddled with it so much that it is totally unreliable. I wouldn't recommend using it to wake up when you have an early flight to catch, because half the time it doesn't work at all. It used to work fine if the app was open but in the background. Then they changed it so the app had to be open, yet even when it IS open, the alarm does not go off. This morning I overslept becasue the alarm never came on. No thanks; I'm going back to the iPhone alarm.

Turning dim

As 'running rev' pointed out 4/18/17, handle with care. Takes over the foreground or fails. After setting the wake time the app can easily disappear if sleepy fingers errantly brush another button.

Former star fading fast

What used to be a great little ap to replace the iPhone version has gotten less user friendly with every release. Now you have to leave the ap open and running in order to be woken up. Bit of a problem if your sleep outlasts your battery life.

I love this app

Hahaha! Omg! 4 new rules and expensive soap! Sign me up!!! I use this 7 days a week for my schedule. Love waking up to Birds in the Morning!

Getting better

Can we get options for how long we want the alarm to fade in? 2 minutes, 5, 10 minutes?

Love the fight club references

Great app, keep it up!

Broken App.

I thought I'd reinstall after being away for months. Surely an update would have fixed it? Chose a lovely soothing alarming only for the app to choose some digital alarm when it decided to go off. I mean… how difficult is an alarm app to get right? I'm out.

Alarm Works!

I'm happy they fixed everything. The snooze now properly works & I love it. Well I don't love getting up, but I now feel comfortable this app won't fail me. Thanks for fixing!

Just updated it

I've always loved rise and have been loyal to their app for years. Lately there have been bugs with the alarms. Yesterday I missed a class because my alarm never went off. Today I missed another class because the alarm deactivated it self. I hope updating it today will fix those bugs. Still have hopes.