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Living Earth - Clock & Weather

by Radiantlabs, LLC

(476 user ratings)


Download size: 162.21MB
Version: 4.0
Released: 2010-08-17
For ages: 4+


A clock and weather app unlike any you've ever seen. Living Earth presents a stunning live 3D simulation of our planet with weather, forecasts and world clock for cities around the world. View global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms. Explore weather dynamics on our planet with real time weather maps and tropical cyclone tracking. Gaze at our planet floating amongst a universe of thousands of accurately rendered stars and gain a completely new perspective on time and weather.

"A stunning app that shows the Earth in real time, based on global weather reports. " - WIRED

"Living Earth is proof that a world clock and weather app can be beautiful." - Apple @AppStore

"Living Earth is visually impressive and just fun." - MacStories

One purchase for all devices - iPhone and iPad


● Live clouds from near real time satellite cloud data - updated every 3 hours. View global cloud patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms.
● Live weather maps of temperature, humidity, wind and forecasts.
● World clock and weather for over 3 million cities. 10 day and 2-hour forecasts powered by Weather Underground.
● Tropical cyclone notifications. Receive push notifications of new tropical cyclones and updates on current storm systems.
● Today Widget provides quick access to weather essentials, sunrise/sunset times, world clock and active tropical cyclones.
● Home Screen temperature icon. The current temperature for your location can be displayed on your Home Screen icon.
● Stars, constellations, and the Milky Way are displayed accurately in time and space.
● Alarm Clock with music playlist. Wake up to a stunning view of the planet with your favorite music.
● iCloud city syncing between all devices including Living Earth App for Mac.

Quality detailed weather information provided by Weather Underground (www.wunderground.com). Weather Underground is the world's best source of the most reliable and accurate weather data available.

EMAIL US: support@radiantlabs.io
BECOME A FAN: https://www.facebook.com/LivingEarthApp
FOLLOW US: twitter.com/livingearthapp
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Customer Reviews
Don’t waste your money

I thought this app would give me a closer look at locations in weather but I am very disappointed. Wasted $4 for nothing

Great app

Amazing display. Concise weather. First class.

So cool

A real time view of our world- what’s not to love?

Extremely cool app

Follows You around because the temperature city you’re in hurricanes and typhoons

rain estimate

This would be a big plus

Sunrise & sunset

I wish they would add the sunrise and set times back.

Weather updates take days

Does not update weather map regularly. We in the western pacific we’re hit by a cat 5 typhoon (Yutu) 3 days ago and living earth is showing the same view the typhoon when the eye was right over us days ago. The last typhoon was not even listed on their storm watch. Not a reliable source for important weather updates. So disappointed.

Intuitivo, fácil, exacto

Es el mejor para conocer condiciones climáticas; muy útil para viajeros. Pruébalo, no necesitas mas.

Love this App! But, there’s a Problem.

Amazing app! I love it!! Although, when I open the app, scrolling the earth around is not smooth at all, stuttering and choppy on my iPhone XS


used for a long long time, used to be a 10 found a more useful app

Global view.

Absolutely love this app. Local and world weather patterns but also where the terminator falls seasonally as well as daily changes. Awesome programming.

Frustrating. Beautiful.

The daily high and low temp is never consistent with hourly temps, i.e.- high/low might be 60/40 but hourly high never gets above 53. It doesn’t reconcile itself with a refresh. Or ever.

Consistently works well - and beautiful

This has been my go to daily weather app for many years. I use Weather Underground for more specific, localized information. But living earth is #1 on my iPhone! I have never had a problem with it at all through numerous phone updates. The graphics are beautiful.


This app gives you a fast looks at weather throughout the world and makes you aware of storms that affect the rest of the world

My favorite app

The only app I'd miss if I had to live without a smart phone.


Love this app. I’m always looking over the world to find what temps are. Loved that I could also keep tracks of hurricanes, tropical storms, etc. Problem tho, since yesterday, when I’d click to see storms, it says it’s updating. Every time. For the past several days. I’m curious as to what’s going on?


I love keeping track of all the "Third Rock". Well done. Beautiful.

graphic failure

like the app, but one of the latest updates messed up the graphics in the western pacific near asia-now it's a big white geometric shape...

Very Nice User Interface

I use this app every day. The user interface is intuitive and simple. It gives great information - and it's pretty accurate as far as weather apps go! And as an added bonus, the background is beautiful!

Great app

This is a very great app I get updated forecasting everyday specially regarding active a new storm.

My Favorite App for the Last Ten Years

I look at one feature or another numerous times a day. It shows what’s happening to the Earth from so many different perspectives, from simple weather forecasts to storms, temperature views, fires, air quality, and much more. I feel like it is the most reliable real time record of climate change that we have. A huge thank you to the developer. By the way, I have never felt moved to write an app review before, but this earns my heartfelt endorsement.

Smart and beautiful

and well maintained by responsive developers.

Why can’t use this as a lock-screen and/or home-screen background yet?

The demand is here. And by here, I mean allll of here. LIVE feedback from our satellites and collective weather sensors tenderly displayed as a render of our beautiful home, Mother Earth? All in the palm of our hands? It’s a home run! Radiantlabs, LLC... Apple... let’s make this happen, yo! Aight, thanks.

An alarm that doesn't always buzz

An otherwise beautiful and elegant app, drops the ball not being reliable at buzzing. Two messages to the developer asking for help remain unanswered. Regretful!

Useful and beautiful

It’s wonderful to find Living Earth on my opening screen. It gives useful information in a direct style. The entire app is elegant and has beautiful visuals. It’s value is on display.

Great app

Two things I want. 1. I want this to be the lock screen, not just an open app. Maybe I am missing how to do this? 2. The default spin of the earth is way too fast. I would like it more if it were a slower (much slower speed) to give me a relaxing view of our collective home on my desk.


works very well internationally. .....sometime the temps are not to my liking,.,,but one cannot have it all!

Weather forecasts are awfully wrong. Not even current weather shown

Bad forecasts. Not even current weather correct


We have a farm in a remote location of Casta Rica. It’s very difficult to find current radar and satélite for this area. Living Earth is the most accurate weather app I have found. The only draw back is, I wish it would let you zoom in more to get a better, closer look.

Works as expected

Just like it looks in the pictures. The clouds shown on the Earth are the actual clouds in the sky! You can even brighten the clouds that are in darkness to be able to see them better. Only thing it’s missing is the moon among the stars in the sky (though it will show you the phase of the moon and so on) and no Antarctica weather information (except the clouds, which it shows).

Need something

The thing i want its that i want a forecast time machine so i can see the seasons and i want it for internet only


Sometimes the projected temperature for the day is quite a bit lower than it turns out to be. Perhaps this demonstrates that “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” Nevertheless, I appreciate what I get from the Weather Underground. Thank you. Clif

Broken app

The app’s location based temp is locked at 97 degrees and won’t read accurately.

Wrong temp

Awesome. A weather app that displays the wrong temperature... very cool graphics and all but how can my temperature be off by 12 degrees?? Very disappointing

El Oh El

I Finally Have Given Up On This App. It Doesn’t Always Work And When It Does Its Not Always Accurate. Stick With Your Favorite Search Engine.

Today Widget no longer displays weather

The Today Widget doesn’t displays anything. It only displays UNABLE TO LOAD.

Beautiful App

I thoroughly enjoy using this app to keep up with weather events. The realtime view of the globe is stunning and the color overlays are really cool, too. As a resident of Interior Alaska, I wish the developers would add some script to automatically adjust the hourly forecasts to keep up with sunrise and sunset. The result of not having this is that our hourly forecasts all summer long in this, the Land of the Midnight Sun, display nothing but he moon icon - all day long. I contact them, and they fix it (thanks for the update, folks), but given that the app displays sunrise and sunset, it should be possible to integrate that data into the daily app icon displayed. We do have short days in the middle of winter, but it’s never the case in my area that the moon is the only orb potentially visible between sunrise & sunset. Is it safe to assume that the same issue arises in all subarctic regions, north and south, for users following the weather in those locations? This can be resolved programmatically.

Not worth paying for pretty!!

Nice when it works. Really not a lot to it, but it’s seldom gives you the information. Not worth it when you have to sit there and wait and wait for it to do something and still nothing happens. It’s another app that tells me hey stupid don’t pay for an app until you see what it does!!!!


Simply fantastic. This one of my must haves. The new updates make far superior to all others My favorite weather app. Visuals are stunning

Alarm works only some of the time

Had to buy an alarm clock for back up. Have had this app for a few years and got to depend on the alarm feature. It failed recently and caused me to be late for work. Even after rebooting several times, alarm feature on this app is still very unreliable.

Awesome and upto date refresh

Living Earth is one of those apps that catches the attention of all my friends and makes them wanting to get an iPhone. I also have the Mac version and its a pleasure to use this app. Thanks for such a wonderful app.

Temperature Inaccurate

Temperature is inaccurate.

Feels like temp inaccurate

I have used this app since before you also reported the weather. Unfortunately, lately the temp is way off. The “feels like” temp in Tiverton, RI has been 49 degrees F all morning. Accuweather for my location says 64 F. Accurate temp has been a problem for weeks. Not sure whether this is a function of “feels like” vs. current temp, or whether the local Accuweather feed is bad. I also would like to be able to choose whether the app displays current or “feels like” temp. It’s a beautiful app, and when the weather is working, my go-to.

Looks good- does not work

Multiple fairies to alarm when using music I deleted and downloaded again with same problem If you depend on your app to wake you up, this one is not for you

Love this app,

Well made , beautiful to look at, This app was great till recently , its buggy now and somewhat inaccurate, i had to resort to aquweather for correct temp. Please fix.


Where’d the watch app go?


This app was my favorite alarm clock/weather headsup. Ok, it doesn’t compete with Dark Sky or Weather Bug but it’s meant as an alarm. At least it was. Now it mutes the sound just as the alarm is supposed to go off!!! The only alarm is the wake/snooze button appearance. You’ve failed me for the last time.

Looks like no more iWatch support :-(

This is a great application. Gives me everything I need as a world clock an weather together. Amazing graphics not only on the iPhone but on the iWatch as well. The only problem now with the iWatch version, since the last update on the iWatch to 4.3, a couple of things are not working any longer. Issues on the iWatch: 1) On the first screen for my current location, I can no longer scroll up and see the weather forecast for the week. 2) On the second screen for all on my locations, I can no longer scroll / page up to see all my locations. Only the first page Is visible and clicking on show more does nothing. This is a bummer, I enjoyed and used this app everyday on my iWatch. It's a 5 star on the iPhone and for the moment I am keeping it at 4 because of the iWatch issues. I will drop it if no fix for the iWatch. I reached out to support via email, however I do not have a response yet. 😞 I hope there is a fix coming soon. 5/3/2018: I see a new update, however it looks like support forced iWatch was taken away. Are you not supporting iWatch any longer. The reason I purchased this app was due to how nicely and detailed it was on the iWatch. Not good to be taking features away and not explain it in the version updates. 😕


I have been using this App and many other. On my opinion this is the more accurate weather App on the market at this time.