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ChronoGrafik-Alarm Clock + Shake to Snooze

by Goodtimes Urban Toys Inc.

(3,732 user ratings)


Download size: 43.51MB
Version: 1.0.7
Released: 2012-05-16
For ages: 9+


Welcome to ChronoGrafik! On Sale for a limited time!

There is a new clock in town! The Universal clock conversion for your iPad and iPhone all in 1 APP. Featured on Mashable and App of the Day, ChronoGrafik is now being enjoyed by over ONE MILLION users!! Huge thanks to all of our fans!

Transform your iPad and iPhone into a designer timepiece. 10 beautifully rendered faces, each with their own unique features and colors to choose from. ChronoGrafik is great for your nightstand, office, travel, kitchen and more!

Try "Magnetick" and proudly display your photos. Feeling a little urban? Give RotoGraf a shot! EZTimer is great if you need a quick countdown.

Each timepiece has their own special style. From retro, designer, calculator, industrial, luxury horror to geek its all here!

Some of the great features included in ChronoGrafik:

Universal App
Tired of buying the same app twice? ChronoGrafik will work with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. No need to spend extra here!

Chronografik boasts one of the most versatile alarm clocks on the App store. Even if you accidentally close the app…we got you covered! Chronografik will play a preset alarm and send a notification to alert you that your alarm went off!

iTunes Music
Wake up to your favorite song! Use your own Music library to create as many custom alarms you want!

Shake To Snooze
With a simple shake you can put the alarm into snooze mode. How great is that!

Your local daily weather and temperature is always displayed so you don’t forget to bring that umbrella or bring a jacket.
Featuring the services of World Weather Online for the most up to date weather information!

Countdown Timer
Great for the kitchen, never forget to take the cake out of the oven again. Need a 15 min power nap? Not a problem!

Smart Power
ChronoGrafik will automatically run in background mode when your battery hits 20% just in case you left your display on! (in app only)

Sleep Timer
Choose from any of your iTunes playlists, set the timer, and gently fall asleep. It's that easy! Also features a "Shuffle" mode and a fully customizable playlist. (The app must be OPEN to use this feature, but it's OK to lock the screen to save battery.)

Portrait & Landscape
Custom tailored to transform into landscape and portrait mode to maximize the use of your screen. Unlike other clock apps that just have a landscape mode rotated into portrait mode with empty black areas.

Supports Retina screen for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5!

Clock Modes
24 Hour Clock (Military Time)
Standard AM/PM

Select between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Accurate daily weather from WWO - World Weather Online

In app brightness control by sliding your finger vertically on the screen

From Us
We hope you enjoy this app! We have tested this app in every possible situation to make sure you never miss an alarm!

If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to send us an email and we will do our best to make this the best alarm experience!

Cheers and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for their support!

~the crew from GOODTIMES!
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Customer Reviews
Please update!!!

This is the best alarm clock around!! Please update so I can have back the only alarm clock that wakes me up.


Needs to be updated, so that it can be used with fiOS 11 or higher, I cannot use it anymore

Best alarm and I've been through a lot!

I've used this alarm for over a year. Never fails!!! It has just enough features and no unwanted ones. (I don't want to know the news when I'm waking, especially not facebook. I'd never get out of bed.) I love the shake snooze! It's a real shake snooze, not the one that turns it off or shaking that makes it louder. Not once has the alarm failed to go off. One problem- the newest update says this alarm won't work. PLEASE! PLEASE! Update this alarm! I've tried so many and none has been this reliable. I've put off updating but I can't any longer. Please don't let me loose the perfect alarm!

Best alarm

Absolutely love this alarm. But it’s not evening opening with the new iOS. Which is disappointing. Please update.

Losing my alarm

This has been my alarm clock for years, but iOS 11 is disabling it next week. There's nothing else as good. I really wish I could keep my damned apps.


Notifications even are better than default

Love the styles

Only downside is the display seems a bit power hungry and does best left plugged in to a charger

Love it!

This is a wonderful alarm clock. I can't believe that I only had to spend a dollar on this. It's easy to use and has so many different clock faces. You can use your own pictures, you can use your own music. It's very adaptable. I'm hoping that one day they may add some new faces just to have. Id buy it all over again at a higher price!

Great dependable clock app!

Works very well! Wish it offered a few more display options...maybe some customizable colors.

Its ok

nice alarm clock

Beautiful, but one major flaw

I love the options and clock faces, however the lack of one major feature makes this app unusable for me... I cannot set a playlist to the alarm just one song. I enjoy listening to my music in the morning and this app only allows me to hear one song over and over until I turn it off and start my music app. This would be a perfect app for me if I could set a playlist the same way I can for the sleep timer. Such a shame.


It's a cool looking app, but that's about it. Make sure your phone isn't on vibrate only, otherwise your alarm will not sound. The shake snooze doesn't always work. I would also like to see a fade into full volume option.


Bought this so l could wake to music from my iTunes. Works about 20% of the time.

Great Clock

Great Clock app! Love it!

Awesome Clock Application

This is a great application and I recommend it to everyone!


Great app

Its a clock!!!

Good enough... Sleek choices in clock skins...


Awesome setting!!!! Easy to use. :)


Great looking app, does what it's supposed to.



Worth it

Getting this app is so totally worth it , just knowing I can change it is awesome.

Worth it 10/10

Wow it actually works and I'm not late for work, strongly recommend to anyone who has also troubles, plus the customization is great.

Super Cool

Straight forward and fun.


I like it... And it's cool


Love this clock. You have many clock styles to choose from and clock will work even when the app is not open. Must try this!!!

Great app!!

Use it every day!!

its really easy and accurate

for whats its worth so its good

I like it right off the bat

Good clock app. Thinking of replacing my regular clock app with this one.

I like it

Serves its purpose. I'd like to have more alarm tone options but aside from that, I find this app handy and reliable.


Hope to see more dials..

Very cool and clean

The app does exactly what it says on the description. Well done

Looks great!

Many faces and a lot of functionality for a clock app. Highly reccomended

Great App

Love the interfaces and the colors! Super cool and awesome to use.

Nice, and easy to use

Really like it

Vary good app

This app has a lot of cool back grounds for the clock. Really useful. And the best part is you wake up to your music not a beeping sound.

Minor bugs/issues

It looks nice (if you are plugged in to charge) and has some good looking skins. The problem is that it has minor issues with music that is playing when you activate this app. If you are playing audio and turn this on to have a convenient clock to see, it pauses your audio. To solve this you either have to go back to the audio and un-pause it and then go back to the clock, or if you are using headphones with a pause button, just press it and it works again... But there is another issue. If you adjust the volume for the alarm, it affects the audio you are playing as well. Again, minor issues but a little annoying.

Very cool

The GUI is awesome!


I love it. Period.


Good app

Love it!

Best one I've tried!!

Nice App

Nice App

Very good

Very good

Want the last skin...

So I'm writing the required review.....

Amazing ness

Love this app gets me up in an instant

Great Graphics

This app has some beautiful colors and some sweet options to choose from to make this one of the best apps I have downloaded.

Good clock


So far so good...

I'm writing a premature review because I want unlock a feature setting. I like the graphics and the options to set sleep music to my play lists. Haven't had to actually wake up to it, yet however I don't suspect it'll be an issue.




Awesome app

Alarm awesome

This app is a awasome alarm