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Alarm Clock Xtrm Wake & Rise Pro HD Free - Weather + Music Player

by Radin Alcira

(55 user ratings)


Download size: 44.37MB
Version: 3.77
Released: 2011-04-28
For ages: 4+


Featured on New & Noteworthy and Top 10 Free Utilities App in the USA App Store and other countries!

Simple but stunning alarm clock for your iPad. The reliable and user-friendly clock application built especially for iPad.

None will come up for Alarm Clock Xtrm Wake Pro's appeal. Listen to your music with three music player skins. Fall asleep gently and wake up with your favorite playlist. Fade out music sleep and fade in music alarm. What more you could ask for?

All simple features:

- easily dim the screen with the vertical slide of a finger
- easily change LCD color theme with the horizontal slide of a finger
- easily set alarm by tapping few buttons
- easily stop or snooze your alarm by tapping large buttons
- easily select music or playlist
- easily pinch in or out the live weather conditions
- easily explore all other features instantly

Alarm Clock Xtrm Wake Pro is a feature packed application yet anyone can simply start this app and see the simplified user interface; so easy to use that anyone can pick it up and understand it immediately. And there's a lot to like, particularly the best music player skin designs for music lovers who can’t sleep without listening to their favorite tunes.

See the live local weather information right at your fingertips. Pinch out to see accurate weather conditions for today and tomorrow. Or pinch in to minimize your display to current conditions.

Set your alarms the way you want it. Whether it’s multiple, once, daily, every other day and even set different music playlist for each alarm. Just keep the app in the foreground even if your device is in sleep mode and your tunes will gently wake you up in the morning. If you forget to keep the app open, it will still wake you up with the built-in alarm notification. There’ll be no worries…

1. Weather data initial setting refreshes every 6 hours. Double tap to manually refresh.
2. Depending on your current volume, music sleep will begin slowly fading out at the set time. It may take a little longer to sleep when in full volume.
3. Weather display and music player will automatically close after music sleep to minimize bright display when you glance in the middle of the night. Double tap each area to display both again.
4. Weather server may sometimes not feed the current condition. Please refresh by double tapping the weather area to reset weather display or please wait until the correct feed shows up. There is nothing wrong with the application.
5. It is recommended to plug your device overnight so as not to deplete your battery in the morning or make sure it is fully charged before going to sleep.
6. This free version contains all features of the paid version except that this is ad-supported.
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Customer Reviews
Alarm weather

This has an awesome that will surly wake one up, on the flip side there is no weather to speak of, the weather thing comes down but there is no weather to speak of, you all need to bring back the weather to keep having people use this site

Poor brightness feature

Can not adjust brightness via controls in ap. Ads show up at full brightness in the middle of the night and wake me up.



Great Travel Companion

The only con I have is that the weather information always fails to load both on my phone and iPad. I have since found another app that works much betters do has pre-loaded snooze noises with timer.

I really don't know why I can't use this app

I have no clue on how 2 customize it so it plays from Music Or ITunes

Weather Doesn't Work

Weather Doesn't Work.....please fix and update the App. Thanks

It just stopped working

It stopped working suddenly a few weeks ago while I was testing it and relying on another alarm. When I follow the settings to contact the creator to report it I am not able to get to their website....says something like the site is down?

Not good anymore

Definitely do not get this. There is no longer app support for this and the last two IOS updates it stopped finding the location or weather. It was a great app before.

Was perfect but...

I LOVED this ap but recently the weather function doesn't work and it hangs up when trying to open. I've read the other reviews that address the same issues and it's not on older phones because mine is an iPhone 6. What's up with the bugs not being fixed!!!

Was Great

This was a great app for a while. Then after an upgrade the app fails. First the weather report fails to upload. Then the music feature stopped working. Now the alarm clock stopped going off. I've checked all the settings and it simply doesn't work anymore. Unreliable.


This app will get you up in the mornings. Easy to set and don't worry about whether you're going to be awake in time for work. No ISSUES! The features are cool too. I've tried many other alarm apps over 5 years but this one is the one I now use. Suggesting that your snooze button and off button be accessible from a lock-screen in a slider notification format. A shake to snooze feature would be a nice additional feature. Thanks ... FIVE STARS!

Need help and developer is unavailable

I have really loved this app, but recently all the weather info areas are blank. It just says failed to connect. My IPad is working fine. Tried deleting app and restoring it. Same problem. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Carol R



Tried the rest & this is best

Love this App...I hope it stays great!!!!

Alarm clock

Great. I count on a good alarm in the morning. And the feature to get louder is good.

My alarm clock

I love this because I can use my music to wake to so glad I finally found this :)

Snooz is Busted

Been using this app for years now. Always good, but latest update now causes the app to crash when you press the snooze button. The alarm will stop, but it won't go off again to wake you from the snooze.

It's okay

My only complaint is that the volume control icon pops up on the screen when the alarm goes off. You can't see the snooze button.

Good app

Love it, especially being able to use my own music.

Love it

Very flexible and feature rich. Alarm presets clear and day to use. Easy to use. Display color change great for night viewing without disturbance .

This app is so awesome

I've been using this for a long time and still looks great. At first I'm worried that my clock failed to work after the update. Then I remember theres an instance that we need to reset our app and install it again, and it works. Thank you for having this kind of app. A worth to have. 👍👍👍

Still keeps updating and works fine…

Been using this for more than 3 years now, I think and they consistently update the app whenever the new iOS breaks some functions. With my iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6, everything seems fine and works perfectly for me. Support told me that they are looking for the bugs on older devices.

Awful update

This update has ruined the app. It freezes when opened and then takes forever to close. I'm deleting and downloading another.


Best ever app. Love it

works perfectly

been using for a long time with no problems at all

Easy, accurate and reliable

I never seen an alarm so reliable like this one👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

Use to work great?

I'm not sure what has happened to this alarm clock app, it use to work great, but now sometimes it takes 6 or 7 tries to get it to open and run! The app keeps crashing now. :-( Please update and fix it. This is my favorite alarm clock app out there! It worked great for me in the past!!! Not sure why it isn't now??? Crashes on both iOS 8.2 and 8.3


Love this clock and the Alarm! But how many times do I have to do this?

I'm yet to hear an alarm

I set alarms like I would with my iPhone and no alarm goes off. I read the notice that says I need to turn my volume on, on my iPad to hear my alarm. I don't want to hear my iPad rings when I am trying to sleep, but I try it and no alarm. When I turn my iPad on it shows a screen that says something about tapping the screen yet no audible alarm. What is the point?


Cool. Love this app

Never Failed Me

Been using for more than 2 years.

Annoying pop ups all the time

This app required to give your location. Other ways, it show pop up in the middle of the night or in the morning; and warning hide the time, so I have to answer to the same question again and again.

Easy to use

I have used this clock since I got my iPad. It is easy to use, reliable and I love that you can integrate your own music. I use it as a clock during my classes and s my daily alarm.

It's About Time!

I'm glad I found this alarm clock app, as it works well. The previous one I tried wasn't reliable. Thus far, this one has served me well. Now if I can only get myself to stop pounding the snooze button too many times ;-)

Great App

One of the best alarm clocks out there!

Great app

Since the update this app works perfect now This is the kind of app I was after😃

Super Clock!

Luv the big numbers and ability to see weather and time!

"Go To" Alarm App

Dependable!!! The most important thing for an alarm app.

Great app

Works great and very easy to use

Alarm clock

Great alarm. I like being able to see weather temp. And wind conditions.

Xtrem alarm

Great app, I've tried other apps that played my iTunes and this is the only one that hasn't let me down.

Love it!

This alarm has nice tones. So far, it is the best one I have found.

Keeping this

reliable, wakes me up everyday!

Terrible since update

I loved this alarm until the last update. Now it freezes & lags. My alarm rarely goes off anymore. On my son's app the time was frozen at the time he opened the app so his alarm didn't go off either. Deleting app! Need an alarm that will work.

Updated Listed Doesn't Work

It was stated that now you could use music from other apps with the sleep timer. Tried Tune-In and Pandora and got error message for both. Fail.

Awesome clock app

I've searched for clock applications that I could use at home or for travel. When I found this application I needed to look no further. This application has met all the requirements that I was looking for. It has an eloquent design, an easy to use interface and gives me the ability to use my own music to wake up to.

Awesome app!

I have been looking for an app like this for a long time! I needed an app that would sound its alarm even if the cover was closed and the sound was off. Most apps don't work like this! It is an added bonus for me that it can play music from my iPad, since waking up to music can set the tone for the day!! All around, it's a fantastic app!


I'm an avid fan of clock and this app is the best. Though there are lot of clocks on the store, it gives me a lot of benefits. I never seen a clock that you can play your favorite song without asking for another charges. 😄 It's functionality went well and you can say that this clock is a bit cozy.

Doesn't work correctly

I have anew iPad Air 2 and this alarm doesn't work. I set the alarm, put the iPad to sleep, and I have to wake the alarm up for it to run. Not so good when you wake up an hour late for an appointment. Also, it won't allow me to use music I have bought. It says it is protected. So it doesn't allow all iTunes music. And yes I have iOS 8.1.