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Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds Free: Guided Meditation for Relaxation Cycle, Hypnosis and insomnia

by iLBSoft

(3,408 user ratings)


Download size: 104.39MB
Version: 2.1
Released: 2012-12-10
For ages: 4+

Genres:Health and Fitness

● From the creators of Relax Melodies with over 40 MILLIONS users ●

Your new companion is here! Alarm Clock Sleep Sound is a progressive wake-up and sleep-aid clock specially designed to give you a sweeter and better sleep experience. With the help of tuned programs enhanced by different stages of aural entrainment and custom melodies, you will get the help you need in order to sleep faster and wake-up refreshed. But that’s not all! You can also use it while meditating, during your yoga class or even when you need a quick power nap!

Sleep better, wakeup refreshed and enjoy your day, everyday!

Try it and tell us about it!


● NEW: Guided meditations!
● Sleep programs: Get that sleep you deserve
● Wake-up programs: Get positive energy when you wake up
● 3 Different brainwave types to choose from:
- Binaural beats
- Isochronic tones
- Monaural beats
● Isochronic tones and Monaural beats can be uses without headphones!
● Up to 44 High quality sounds to choose from to create your own personal ambience
● 13 Custom alarm sounds to wake up safe
● Set multiple alarms and timers. As many as you need!
● Screen brightness adjustable by the swipe of a finger.
● Night theme with low brightness
● High quality graphics with unique animation effects


Meditation , Direct Sleep , Calming Relaxation , Simple Relaxation , Quick Meditation , Deep Sleep , Dreamy Sleep , Delta Session , Deep Relaxation , Lucid Dreams


Quick Awakening , Confident Day , Energized mind , Calm , Morning Relaxation , Progressive Wakeup , Smooth Awakening , Awareness , Concentration


Air Conditioner , Green Noise , Summer Birds , Balcony Rain , Grey Noise , Thunder Storm , Bees , Frogs , Train , Birds Chirping , Heartbeat , Tropical Rain , Blue Noise , Inside Car , Turboprop , Brazil Jungle , Kayak , Vinyl Cracking , Brown Noise , Mediterranean Waves , Violet Noise , Bubbles , Pink Noise , Water , Camp Fire , Rain On Umbrella , Water Dripping , Cat Purring , Running Stream , White Noise , Cicadas , Rustling Leaves , Wild River , Desert Wind , Shower , Wind , Eerie Sitar , Singing Bowl , Wind Chimes , Fan , Small Birds , Wood Creaks , GrandFather Clock , Small Chimes


Get that sleep you deserve with just a few taps. Use the brainwave entrainment and choose whether to tell your brain to simply relax or that is time to sleep.

Download it now and become one of the rested users of Alarm Clock Sleep Sounds!

Simple, beautiful and works!

Online - http://www.ipnos.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ipnossoft
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ipnossoft
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Customer Reviews

Use it all the time and has never failed me, love it. Waking up to birds chirping is sooo much better then an annoying buzzer!

Works well - and lots of options

Works as advertised, and I’ve used it to successfully alter my sleep habits to a much more livable 11:00PM-7:00 AM after 13 years working night shift.


I really like it. Great app

Sleep apnea fixed

Used to not be able to sleep much each night, getting roughly 2-4 hrs. Using this app for roughly two weeks trained my brain on how to fall asleep. I don't even have to use the app all the time anymore.

Does what it should

It has occasional issues, like going off two hours early when going off daylight saving time...but otherwise reliable!

Great for falling asleep

I work nights, so I have trouble falling asleep in the morning. This app really does the trick for me.

I love This app!!

At first, I was like oh this app is "meh", but then I really started using that then I was like " wow,this app is great!"I recommend it to anyone else who has trouble going to falling asleep at night.

Had this app for years!

It works like a charm when I'm having trouble sleeping!


I love waking up with a calm alarm, rather than one that scares and rattles me awake! Thanks


I rely on this and it didn’t work with the latest update. I paid to upgrade this inside the app. It was great when it worked so I uninstalled and reinstalled it. It works now but I lost all my presets.

Good app

Very soothing... Wakes me up subtle but sure.

I used to use this app every night and as my alarm

I use this app to help me fall asleep each night and wake up with the alarm every morning. I choose the sounds and volumes for each and my favorite part I that the alarm is a gentle and slow wake up call. June 2014 ****Revision— breaded os spam and phone hacking! I reported that several time in the middle of the next chat while I’m sleeping my phone is baking used and hacked. Please beware! Oct. 2017

Great for a calm wake up

I love how you can adjust the volume and the sounds are so pleasant to naturally wake up better.

Awesome App

Found this while looking to escape the jolting morning heart attack that comes daily with my regular alarm. Works perfectly for what I need it to do, even as a free version it is amazing.


Love this- thinking about purchasing I wake up calmer since using it


I sleep so well with this app

💤 😴❤️

I love this!!!! I can never sleep at night and now I'm out in 5 minutes!!

This app is awesome

I have used it every night since I downloaded it. Love that I can customize the sounds to what I want to listen to

Fantastic App!!!!! (Updated)

I can actually sleep through the night...can't say enough good things about that!! GREAT APP!!!

Definitely recommend

Easy to use, nice to look at and the sounds to help you drift off to sleep actually work. Highly recommended.


I love this app so much! I use it every night to fall asleep and it works within minutes.

Great sleep aid

I love the soothing sounds. This app lets you tune into what calms you and sleep better.

It’s ok

I’m just use to my old app but it’s not bad once you learn how to use it. I wish more natural sounds came with the free version

Great wake up app

A much more peaceful way to start the day than with a loud blaring alarm. Wish the app didn't have to be reset every day, that's the only negative. Love this app

Really nice sounds

Sounds are good. Love being able to blend several to get the individual noises I want.

Love this app...

Love this App... almost as much as I love my Ambien to help me sleep through the night. 😬

Upd8 Pleasw! 👸🏻♿️

Is this still an app?! Please. Upd8! So I can actually USE it!

It helps with what I need

This app's sounds help me turn off and sleep. The guided meditation is great. I hate waking up to alarms, but even the wake up alarm isn't traumatic like most alarm clocks.


Love it


I have been using Relax Melodies for over a decade. I’m constantly impressed with how the app has grown. I have only been using Relax Meditations for a little bit. But, I really am noticing how different I feel since I’ve been using it in the mornings !!! Calm, focused, and alert (if I’ve slept). I love the gradual wake up with the isochronic brainwaves. I am not a cranky morning person, but I am also not a morning person. Being able to gradually raise my consciousness, rather than awakening suddenly is amazing!

Great app!

Only app that helps me sleep

Best alarm app!

Helps me wake up gently and gradually!! Highly recommend.

Finally no snooze

First time ever I've been able to wake up with out endlessly hitting a snooze button! Love this app!

So far, so good!

The gentle wake up cycle is great. I don't feel abruptly woken up. It truly is a gradual wake up process, plus I love the ambiance sounds.


Getting to sleep better, waking up gently--this app is fantastic!

Love this app

I was looking for a less jarring, more gradual alarm (because my baby in the next room kept waking up with the usual alarms on my phone). This has been a great solution! Love all the options and it's so much nicer to wake up this way!

Enjoying the app.

App works great. Incredibly nice to wake up to. Love the customization. I believe you must open the app and have it running in background in order for it to work. I use my iPhone alarm as a backup.

Helps me fall asleep

I have trouble falling and staying asleep due to medication. I don't want to add more pills to my daily routine, so I use sound and soothing things. The guided meditation helps me get to the point of falling asleep, and since I've been using it, I don't wake in the middle of the night as often.


I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, which makes it difficult to sleep at night. This app, with all the different ambient sounds and options has definitely help me sleep better. Thank you!

Don't sleep without it

I use this app every night. It's so easy to use and there are so many options. Love it, cant imagine bedtime without it!


Meditation voice is annoying and it's too expensive.

Beautiful app!

Beautiful app! I have been going through bad anxiety and needed something to calm me down. Waking up to calm soft sounds rather than the piercing standard alarm tones has made an actual difference to my mental health. No obnoxious advertising and great free content. Recommend :)

Life Changing

I used to set 4 alarms and snooze all of them. Haven't done that since I started using this app!

Great app!!!

Unless I'm seeing it wrong, I'd like to hear the sounds before I commit to buying them :). Other then that, I think it's a great app! Helps me sleep better!

Helps me wake without stress

I love the sounds you pick from to wake up to. You can layer them in any combination and volume you like. It's soothing and helps you wake peaceful and energized without the heart racing, irritation inducing usual alarm sounds. I'm a hard sleeper and NOT a morning person but this has been a life saver.


Best alarm clock! Energized all day!

So far so good!

This app does the trick. Helps me to fall asleep and wakes me up quickly and painlessly in the morning. Everything I was looking for.

Very relaxing

This is definitely one of my favorite sleep apps.

Great app

Easy to use. Lots of sounds to choose from. You get a few for free but then have to pay for the big and better ones. I've used it for a while with no problems.

Better than I expected

This is very easy to use and you can customize it to whatever works best for you. It really helps you to relax and just drift off to sleep. It's definitely worth giving a try!