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Alarm Clock Pro

by iHandy Inc.

(333 user ratings)


Download size: 24.71MB
Version: 1.13.1
Released: 2009-11-05
For ages: 4+


Alarm Clock Pro turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful digital clock with gorgeous themes and an alarm clock that sings your favorite tunes. There is even a built-in flashlight to light up the darkness!

* New feature *
- Now you can shake-to-snooze when alarm goes off, without having to unlock screen or enter password.


Now it's the No.1 top paid utility app across 30+ countries!!!

This is the ultimate alarm clock app you've been waiting for -- Alarm Clock Pro!

- Choose your favorite iPod music or playlist to wake you up
- Select from gorgeous designer themes, big LCD display and more coming
- Turn the clock into a flashlight instantly
- Fall asleep to relaxing songs, podcasts and even audiobooks.

All the features that you required are here. So why wait? Grab it now while the sale is still on!



* Clock *
- Gorgeous color LCD display: Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow
- Vertical and horizontal modes
- 12 or 24 hour format
- Show/Hide seconds
- Customizable auto-lock time

* Alarm *
- Select your song or even playlist as alarm
- 11 built-in alarm sounds: Ascending, Birds, Classic, Cuckoo, Digital, Electronic, High Tone, Mbira, Old Clock, Rooster, School Bell
- Super big Snooze/Stop Alarm buttons
- Multiple alarms supported
- Sound/Music ON/OFF
- Sound/Music volume adjustable
- Snooze ON/OFF
- Snooze time customizable
- Vibrate ON/OFF
- Sound/Music Fade In: Wake up gently in the morning!
- Background Alarm: you will receive sound notification alarms even when the app is not running!

* Sleep Timer *
- Create your own playlist with songs, podcasts or audiobooks
- Shuffle playlist
- Music/Sounds gently fade out when time is up

* Live weather conditions and 4-day weather forecast *
- Display weather conditions and temperature in your area
- Automatically find your local weather, no need to search through lists of cities
- Support both Fahrenheit and Celsius display
- Display 4-day weather forecast of your location
- Detailed weather info: wind, humidity, and "feels like" temperature

* Flashlight *
- Shake iPhone to toggle the flashlight

* Tips *
- Slide/flick up and down to dim the screen
- Shake to toggle the flashlight

Buy it now before the price goes up and enjoy the FREE updates!
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Customer Reviews
New update needed

Doesn’t wake to the selected music since I updated my iOS. Needs to be updated to work with new iOS.

Wake to playlist quit working with iOS 11

Tried removing and reinstalling but still doesn’t work. Have used for years but looks like this isn’t supported anymore.

iPhone X update

Have been very happy with this app, but since upgrading to the iPhone X, the home bar is a glaring white beacon against the subdued background of the clock. Please update for this platform.

Alarms do not work once edited.

Alarm does not go off if you edit it in any way. You can create an alarm with all the settings (time,sound,volume, etc.) but if you edit any of those, that alarm will no longer work. You have to create a new one. This has caused me to oversleep about four time now. Uninstalling. Alos, for a paid app they still pack in a lot of advertising for their other crappy apps. Don’t waste your money.


Recently update to iOS 11 and app is not working at all times I’ve restarted phone and alarm goes off and NO sound Went to app and tried to link to developer site or app support and no valid link Disappointed as I’ve used this app for years that’s why I paid for the professional version

Home bar is too bright

I really like this app, especially now that I have the iPhone X with the OLED screen. The background is now pure black. My problem with the app now is that the ‘home bar’ is too bright and there is no way to dim it. I’m

Randomly plays music alarm with no audio.

Music alarms with no sound don’t really accomplish the desired effect. This app has made me late for work more than once. It’s unfortunate that music alarms don’t work reliably.

Used to be a great app 🙁

This app used to work great. But since the last iOS update it has started messing up. Now when the alarm goes off, there is NO SOUND! I can see the alarm is going off, but there is no noise to wake me up. Sadly this has happened too many times and I can’t rely on my once-favorite alarm clock.

Stopped working

I loved the app up until recently, but over the last week or so it’s stopped making any sound when the alarm goes off! When my backup clock radio alarm goes off I can see the app appears as if the alarm went off but no sound. This is the worst behavior I can imagine for an alarm. Will be shopping for a replacement.

Good alarm but is missing 2 important elements!

App icon NEEDS to show current time or next scheduled alarm instead of perpetual 7:30! Apples calendar icon changes to show current date... I like this alarm app. It replaced my bedside clock radio. It has updated many times but this issue has not been addressed. Also as I've mentioned in past reviews this app should include a battery status indicator bar. In alarm clock mode it shows: weather, time, date and when the next alarm is scheduled but no battery life and since this app uses up a lot of battery that would be a good add on. These 2 changes would earn more stars from me! Updated 2017 alarms while in the background have started going off 15 min late- NOT acceptable! Lost another star and with the rest of the things it needs I will be looking for a new app

No Sound During Alarm

Has stopped working after new iOS 11 upgrade. ********** February 18 update: I have a 6+ iPhone, the only notable difference is that the clock on my screen is remarkably smaller. Why? Please fix this. **** I have have this app as long as I've had an iPhone (4 years) I have compared this app to at least three other Alarms in the past, with this app standing head and shoulders above. At the last two updates this alarm has completely stopped working. I have asked for support multiple times and have had very little help, aside from the obvious like "have the sound on and the app running in the foreground." The alarm will work if the screen is on, but stops working when the sleep button is activated. Before the update I was a happy camper. The developers need to repair their "update".

Unreliable after iOS upgrades

I have been using this app for years. I prefer it to other alarm clocks because it will fade in the music for a gentle wakening. However every time there is a major iOS upgrade there app won’t play sounds or music as in the case with iOS 11


You have to remember to open the alarm app each night before going to bed in order to utilize it’s enhanced features. Otherwise it’s no different then the built in Alarm Clock. I want to set my alarm so it will remind me not me have to wake it up to remind me. Might be great for some but for me a waste of time and money

New version doesn’t work!!

Can’t get alarm to work. Won’t go into landscape mode anymore. Used to be reliable and easy. No longer what I paid for. I hope it’s fixed soon!

Great alarm, latest version not playing right sound

Great app. I have selected "ascending" as my wakeup sound. Latest update plays traditional beeps for about one second before starting "ascending." Earlier version would just play my chosen sound. Please fix. Thanks in advance. Still love the app.

Was great - problems with new iOS

Worth the upgrade from free, but I wish it'd stop trying sell me other ihandy products. I've had no issues ever with the alarm, in the paid version or the free. Edit— After the last iOS update the alarm on the app doesn’t play music reliably. For some reason it plays some tracks but not others. Please get it fixed.

No longer plays music.

I’ve used this app for years, but the most recent IOS update has killed its ability to play your iTunes music. When alarm is going off, it shows that it’s playing with the volume high, but nothing. Only classic alarm sounds currently work.


Sadly this app fails at its main purpose. Versions < iOS 11, the alarm was pretty good but would randomly not work. After upgrade to 11, alarm is on but never makes a sound. It appears to be going off, but no music and no noise. Yes, my vol is up and settings are correct. Also random white screen crashes. Very buggy and needs update for iOS 11.

Doesn’t work properly with iOS 11

I’ve loved this app for a couple years. But after upgrading to iOS 11, the alarm doesn’t go off to music. I’ve been late to work several times because of it. Buggy now.

Great App.

Used it for years


Not worth your time. Has to be running to work. Only plus is that you can change snooze time. RIP $1 I could buy a hash brown at McDonalds with (The hash brown at least wouldn't leave me disappointed).

Better than buying a $15-$20 bedside clock

I spent all day looking at cheap crappy clocks on Amazon and then I thought all this stuff is on my phone. Why cant my phone just keep a clock display on while plugged in? I found this app, paid for the full version. I would rather pay 0.99 for this than some cheap crap clock.


Great. Love music and info

How did I live without you!

This alarm and music app has saved me time as well as my job. Especially like the "ROOSTER" sound when alarm sounds off. I can sleep through most other alarms, but not this one. THXS for creating it ... have been using for (4) four years now.

Great Alarm App

Update: after years of solid performance, this alarm now is incredibly inconsistent. Alarm will show that it is going off, but no sound. Sometimes it does, but more often than not, nothing. Very frustrating. Works like a charm- love waking to my own playlist. Easy to set and modify multiple alarms. Even shows the current weather. Great work!

Sound gets set louder on its own.

I have a problem with this app when it comes to sound. I set my alarm, set the sound or so I think and when the alarm goes off it's louder then what I set. I've used it on my iPhone 6 and now 7 and no change. I've tried everything to fix it. I've seen on blogs others have this same problem.

Fail! You make me sad.

What happened? Can't play music on alarms anymore? Silence instead of an alarm going off? What a shame. This was my original review: "Love this app. I do. Best I've found. I've since stopped looking. Nice work fellas."

Simple and elegant

The app shows clock and alarm in beautifully designed interface. It is simple, retro and aesthetically pleasing

Don't waste your time on this buggy app

I had this app your years and really liked it. But recently I had to delete it off my phone because it somehow grew to almost 2GB! Ever since I reinstalled it, it's been horribly unreliable. The alarm rarely goes off, and if I pick up my phone while the app is open, the screen goes completely white. So I've deleted it again and will be finding a different, hopefully far more reliable, alarm clock app to use.

Alarm clock


Now, less reliable. Good design/function, but bottom line is has to consistently work.

Update on prior review. Changed from 5 Stars to 2 Stars. Far too often, alarm has no sound, and fails on it's most critical function. At first I thought I was doing something wrong. I would double check everything, and still happened. Now, I see several other users with same problem. It's a little too easy to accidentally turn off alarm, when you meant to just hit Snooze. This can even happen when 2 alarms are set. Being able to set Snooze intervals between 5 min & 15 min would be a plus. Overall, used to be best Alarm App I had seen. Now checking for better.


I just got the app & I don't know yet.

Just me

I've needed a nice and simple, and easy to read clock. Nothing fancy. I'm very satisfied.

No longer works

Have used this app for years for numerous alarms. Like another reviewer said, it recently quit working! I upgraded my phone and since then it works 'now and then', which is not good enough. If a fix isn't presented soon, I too will be looking for a new app to replace it, which is sad as I love many of the features it offers.

Now it don't work right

I've had this app for a very long time. I've gone through several phone with it and it was always reliable BUT now it want alarm when it's supposed to and doesn't play my music Half the time.

Had to go back to Apple

Was great. Now possessed, resets its self or turns it's self off and cycles thru the additional app offers in the middle of the night. Let me know if you ever fix it.

Orientation not working

The latest for the revision for this app screwed up the orientation -- if you turn your iPhone into landscape mode the clock stays in portrait mode

Feels incomplete.

A good app. My only concern is that I have to set the brightness every night and I would like the date displayed.


The only reason I bought this was because I thought it could play podcasts. But it can't.

Best alarm clock

Best alarm clock to date. Don't change a thing.

It's Time

Great App. Display could use a little work.....


I used the alarm one night, with music to fall asleep. Worked great. Will update later if app fails.


Only had this for a day so we'll see, but so far so good

Still works great after all these years!

I needed an alarm clock app that worked without issue and that's exactly what Alarm Clock does! I have found it to be easy to setup, provide pretty useful features (swipe down for dimming being my favorite), and, most importantly, the alarm sounds when I need it to. I'm not sure how much more an alarm clock needs but the simple display, easy to use features, and user-friendly setup make it one of the few apps I always move from phone to phone. Keep up the great work and thanks for not getting too crazy with updates.

Has become very unreliable

I have used this app for well over a year on my and my wife's phone. The app started out great and worked without a hitch. As of recently though (over the last 2-3 months), there have been numerous instances where the alarm does not sound. The alarm actually goes off and I can see it on my phone when I wake up with a notification, but no sound actually played. When I look at my notifications, I see "Notification - Alarm" and that is it.

So far so good

Has all I need. Plain and simple. Do wish the snooze button bigger but getting used to shaking. Keep it simple please. Thanks

Very bad

I get the u$ 0,99 for NOT get advertisements and this version has a lot. That's incredible

Love it

It just works.

No Longer Reliable

I have the paid version and been using it for years with no problems. I connect the charger and prop it up on my night stand to use as a regular alarm clock . Some time ago the screen started going white when it lays flat ( which happens often when I try to adjust it) and I have to restart it to get the display to come back on. Worse, the display often turns itself off during the night - just a black screen. It is no longer reliable as an alarm clock.

Great app!

Lots of color options for display. Can set several different alarm times and there are lots of sounds to choose from. You can also play songs from your music. Highly recommended. You won't be disappointed!