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Alarm Clock HD

by Alarm Clock Company

(630 user ratings)


Download size: 67.46MB
Version: 4.0.14
Released: 2011-11-09
For ages: 4+


Wake up and start the day with your favorite music alarm. Personalize your clock with unlimited colors. Create your playlist and fall asleep using the sleep timer. Enjoy...The time is right!

• Set Unlimited Alarms
• Set your favorite iTunes music as alarm sound
• Screen Saver: for devices with OLED display (iPhone X)
• Sleep Timer - fall asleep to your favorite music
• Read the latest tweets of your TwitterFeed
• Local weather information like temperature, weather description & wind details
• Follow the latest news from Google RSS Reader
• Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness.
• Instant Flashlight - shake the device
• Unlimited colors to personalize your clock display
• Full watchOS 2 support

When your app is open, you can use the volume slider within the app. When the app is in the background, use the device volume to set your volume.

As always, we appreciate your feedback.
Please email us at feedback@impalastudios.com with any suggestions or questions.
If you are happy with this update, please let us know by rating and reviewing us in the App Store!

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Customer Reviews
No rain ☔️

Why are there no rain sounds in this well I’ll tell you I’m a thunderstorm right now 🌩🌩🌩 I mean I could have gotten the other one that dose have rain sounds you also have to buy the stuff that you what that is too much

Love this Alarm App ...

Add on: Missing the RS Feed... please fix ❤️ Revision: had to take away a Star 😥 ... Sadly I've discovered a critical flaw. If ones Internet / WiFi connection goes out, as has been known to happen, then Ooooops! No alarm! Yup! Why? Well a notice pops up letting you know about the disconnection, and until you click on it, your alarm doesn't reset. Guess that's fine if a person is sitting around watching for it. But I set my alarm when I GO TO SLEEP!!!! Not too useful then, eh??? Sigh old review, before all those days ... Ummm, afternoons, when my alarm failed to wake me 😴💤 🕐----------⬇ I love this Alarm App. As you're wide awake watching the clock, thinking how you'll never get enough sleep to be coherent again, there's an entertaining / distracting ( good thing ) RSS feed on the bottom. Nice ... Cool choice of colors too, if one splurges and pays the .99 cents, which I did this time, lol :0) Also set Alarms for all my medications, my Chihuahua's ... and which days for them to go off on. Again ... nice. Lots of options and cool features, pleasant surprise.

Mute switch

I get the warning alarm will not sound. Mute switch. I don’t know how to change the mute switch.

Horrible app

With latest update, the alarm gives notifications but no sound. This is both on my phone and pad. Horrible!

GR8 if you like poor volume control

THE GOOD: Has loads of essential features, good clear design, convenience features, excellent ascending fade-in alarm option, and handy flashlight. THE BAD: After stopping the alarm the app volume setting is out of your control. And your device volume will behave badly. This makes the critical reliability of this alarm app pretty sketchy. Try killing this app from running in the background and restarting it. A potential 5-Star app with 8 months of annoying, unsuccessful bug fixes. I update the review with every app update. Testing minimum 12 days on iPhone 8 with iOS 11.4.

Great App

Does everything I need.

Good app but...

News ticker stopped updating 3 week’s ago

A decent and functional clock

Once you get it figured out, it’s a straight forward and easily used time piece and alarm clock. You can readily adjust its brightness level by swiping across the top of the screen (whether it’s horizontal or vertical). Multiple alarm settings can be input for convenience. You may need to tap the face to get the setting menus to show st the bottom of the screen. You can shake the phone to activate your flashlight. It’s probably best to plug your phone in on charge with the app open and running for complete reliability as an alarm clock. If you’ve set your i-Phone to auto sync to the cloud when plugged-in and locked, you might remember to manually direct it to back up before opening the clock app to use it as an alarm.

RSS feed dead again

Why is this app so unstable? Every so often functions quite working.


Great app, but I found one frustrating issue. It will not allow me to select “Allow Location Access” in settings in order to enable the current weather to be displayed.

My favorite alarm

It looks great and works. My favorite alarm clock.

Great Clock

Fun and interesting. Works well. It's a clock!

Wakes Me Every Day

I have used this app for a couple of years now. I have a customized tone which I got from my previous alarm app. This one developed an annoying bug a year or so ago. I messaged the developers. They responded AND fixed the bug. It has worked flawlessly since. You have a happy camper here!


Nothing to crazy. Just right

Mute Switch & Spotify?

I really hate turning on my ringer while I sleep because I hear every single notification while I’m sleeping and I’m a light sleeper. PLEASE fix this and give me the option to keep my mute switch on like before! Also: I don’t use Apple Music so could you possibly get it to where I can use my Spotify music since I pay for Spotify?


Simple and easy to compliment: WOW!!!

Very useful

Great app!

Used to be great

Generally good and intuitive to use...but...for the life of me, I cannot adjust the screen brightness scale. Fix this!

Great but not quite perfect...

One of the best alarm clock apps available and I also purchased for the integration with my Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the app is a little flakey with the watch app in that the next alarm time doesn’t correctly show on the watch or if you have two alarms set, it only shows the next alarm from one of the set alarms and not the other. So for example, I have Alarm 1 for Mon, Tue and Thu for 6:30am and Alarm 2 for Wed and Fri at 7:30am. Once the Tue alarm is done, it shows as Thu being the next due alarm and not the one for Wed. So it does not seem to play accurately with the Apple Watch. I had reached out to the developer in January but never heard anything back. Good app otherwise and hopefully they improve the watch functionality...

Good program

Good program


Awesome app so far. Worth the $1.99 upgrade. No ads. More features. If I exit out of app while my songs play it continues to play where as the free app would shut off. May other great features!

More music choices for alarm sound.

Need more music choices for the alarm sound.

Latest Update

Yeah, the only problem is I can find no discernible way to reset the sleep timer. I had it set to repeat the same song over and over again. If there’s a way to even change the sleep timer’s song, I’d sure like to know what it is. I formerly rated this app at four stars. Loss of the sleep timer function merits a two-star rating.

Love my alarm clock

Easy to set. Great night time clock. Ring tones ideal


I bought this and don't regret it. This app and every app that has a rate us ad pop-up receives an automatic one star. If you also want freedom from rating requests, please do the same. Together, we can influence developers and marketers. ¡Join the revolution!


The best alarm clock ever!!!

Light/ clock.

I use every night!

It’s everything I need in an alarm clock.

Their sounds or my music. Large, easy to see display. I choose my own colors. Reminder of when the next alarm is, so if I need to change it I remember to do that. Everything is just right for me because I can customize everything!

Best App for alarm clock

I have been using this app for at least five years. Great ability to dim and set several clocks.

Too bright

The clock can be dimmed but the backlight cannot. Lights up the room too much at bedtime.

One of the best clock apps out there

I have been using this app almost every single day for the last 5 years. I leave it on the counter while in the shower to keep track of time. This is one of the first apps I download on a new iPhone. It is so useful. And I just noticed that it offers a screensaver mode for the iPhone X and OLED screens to reduce burn in. I thought it was a glitch that the time was moving around, but now I know why it does that. It’s great.

What happened to my great app!

I have had this app for years and loved its reliability and functionality. After a recent update of both the app and ios, the weirdest thing started happening. In the middle of the night, the app jumps to Impala Studios page in the App Store! If I try to turn that off, which is annoying enough in the middle of the night, it pops right back up like it is fighting me for control! If I leave it alone, it starts cycling through my apps trying to open them! Once, it downloaded Angry Birds, which I had removed from the phone but still had in the cloud, all by itself! I don’t know whether I’m being hacked or the phone is possessed! This only happens when this app is on. Tried to email Impala Studios, the only way they would allow contact, but, not surprisingly, have received no reply. Truly sad because this had been one of my favorite apps!

Use it every night

Works great.

Great alarm app but ...

The fade in music no longer fades in, with the latest update... please fix this!

Great clock!!! (No Longer Great Clock)

Works perfectly for me! UPDATE: The last update caused a lot of problems with this app. A constant 2:15 alarm showing up and you can’t turn it off. Tried everything. Finally had to disable notifications for it to stop. Please Fix. UPDATE: problems have been fixed and now this is once again my favorite app on my iPhone X. Works great. Thank you. UPDATE: This app has once again started acting goofy. Same old problem. Had to disable it in notifications for it to stop constant random alarms. I gave this app several chances and now I think I will delete and search for a different one. UPDATE: Looks like all the problems have been fixed. I decided to take a final look and to my surprise the app is working great. Thank you. My favorite alarm clock app once again. UPDATE: To the developer, Every time this app is updated, something else goes wrong with it. Now the shuffle music option is not working well. Same song keeps repeating. You have to shut down the app, shut down the iPhone, then restart everything to get the shuffle option to work correctly. Every night I have to go through this which is Extremely Frustrating. Remember, If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It. UPDATE: SAME PROBLEM WITH THE SAME SONG REPEATING ITSELF OVER AND OVER AGAIN. SHUFFLE MUSIC MODE JUST DOESN’t WORK, AND THIS FEATURE IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME. ZERO STARS. DON’T KNOW WHY THIS PROBLEM CAN NOT BE FIXED.

Still crashing after latest update

I keep having to restart my iPhone x every few days because this app freezes and then crashes when I go to set my alarm. I responded to their email with a screenshot and details but got no response and no fix. Terrible app on dependability.

Not worth even the $1.99

The tone options are stupid. Also, it doesn't work unless I have the volume on my phone turned up. I never have my sound on, so this app was useless for me.

Great App.

I use the alarm clock every day. I have no problems with the app. I refuse to spend money on an alarm clock.

I Ignore new updates

3/11/18: I no longer do updates for this app. After all the random alarms and music that wouldn’t stop I deleted it from my phone. Eventually one of the updates got it working again, so I re-downloaded, and that’s where I stopped. I see updates now almost every week, but I’m not falling for that; people seem to have new issues after every update, so I’m leaving well enough alone. Why can’t the developers stop tinkering with an app that used to be the best alarm out there? Anyway, my advice is if you have a version that works, avoid he updates.

Great Alarm Clock App

When I switched from Android to iPhone, I realized that I had only a handful of hours to find a new alarm clock app. Fortunately I found this one. I love the customization ability, the look of the display, and the way I can change the brightness of the screen with just a swipe of my finger. The only negative is that the brightness settings don’t affect the black space behind the numbers, which can be quite bright in a dark room. If not for that annoyance, this app would be getting an easy five stars.

They really do listen to your suggestions

I really did not like it when they removed the option to disable the flashlight by shaking phone. I always leave my screen on at night and sometimes picking up the phone in the middle of the night it would turn on the flash, very annoying. I mentioned it to them and finally I can turn that off, thanks a bunch.

Only goes off half the time

People commenting on how sleek it looks... Fine. It has failed to go off on half the days I've had it and made me late to work. Unreliable, doesn't do the most important thing its supposed to do.

Great App

I have used this app for a few years and it works great.

Won’t alarm while phone on silent

I keep my phone on silence. But never had a problem with this app alarming while phone was on silent until this morning . Whatever update you made to cause this please correct otherwise, I will be using a another alarm clock app going forward. Edit:After playing with it and uninstalling and reinstalling I really that if it’s P.M alarm it will work, but if it is an A.M. alarm it won’t work . Again please fix!!

Nice Little App

It has never failed to get me up in the morning!

Why am I no longer able to have alarm function while phone is on mute?

This was a great app, then something changed, can no longer have phone on mute and alarm still sound.

It’s great, but...

After a few weeks of use, all of a sudden an alarm won’t sound unless you toggle it on and off again... and then after a c hope more days you can’t turn off the alarm once it starts. Only thing you can do is delete the app. Such a bummer cause you can’t TRUST the alarm. I always have an iOS alarm going off as a sort of failsafe - 30 mins after I should be awake.

Looks Great and Works Great

This is the clock that has awakened me every morning for the last 2 years. The latest update has fixed all minor issues. It has gone thru standard-to-daylight savings time changes automatically. It alternates between current and forecast weather. Also Displays battery state, next alarm and of course, a large time display that is customizable. It works well, looks great and is very reliable.

Stop / Snooze WHAT?

Snooze has disappeared. There’s only a giant red STOP button. User error? It was working before yesterday’s update.

Good clock app

This is my favorite clock app. However, I only use it for the clock. I prefer to use the built in sleep timer in iOS, so that I can listen to iTunes Radio. Unfortunately, this makes the clock shutoff when the timer is done. Still a great bedside clock. If you could make it work with iTunes Radio, then it would be a phenomenal app.