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Alarm Clock HD

by Alarm Clock Company

(2,003 user ratings)


Download size: 68.89MB
Version: 3.1.8
Released: 2011-11-09
For ages: 4+


Enjoy...The time is right!

• Set Unlimited Alarms
• Set your favorite iTunes music as alarm sound
• Sleep Timer - fall asleep to your favorite music
• Read the latest tweets of your TwitterFeed
• Local weather information like temperature, weather description & wind details
• Follow the latest news from Google RSS Reader
• Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness.
• Instant Flashlight - shake the device
• Unlimited colors to personalize your clock display
• Full watchOS 2 support

When your app is open, you can use the volume slider within the app. When the app is in the background, use the device volume to set your volume.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please email us at feedback@impalastudios.com with any suggestions or questions.
If you are happy with this update, please let us know by rating and reviewing us in the App Store!

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Customer Reviews
News feed

Might be great if it was a CLOCK and not the NEWS I thought if I PAID for it I’d have a choice BUT NO. I have to know every bit of every NOSE-picking crap going on in POLITICS EVER MINUTE? I WANT A REFUND IVE BEEN LIED TO.

Outstanding Alarm Clock

I really enjoy using this app! Highly recommended!

Great App! One gripe related to iPhone X

If possible, can you please dim the home bar for the iPhone X. It’s white and very bright. It doesn’t change color with the clock but if it dimmed I would greatly appreciate it. Other than that I like this app, so far, I didn’t think I had been missing a bedside clock but this took care of that anyway.


Purchased just so I wouldn’t have bright ads in my eyes at night. Ads still popping up. What’s up with this??? I could understand if I was still using free, but you got my funds and yet the onslaught of ads continue. Love the app, but geez would give it a 5 rating, except for the ads thing.

Alarm Clock

Love it!!!!

Clock Rocks

I’ve scoured the App Store for clocks and I’m extremely happy with this one as it has all of the features you could want and more built into a user friendly interface. This clock rocks.

Great alarm

I have used this alarm for a few years now, almost everyday. If you plug your phone it is great. Never missed a wake up. Many choices for tones and you have a flashlight next to you all night.

I use it everyday

I use this app everyday to wake me up. Occasionally I use other features like sleep mode. No issues with it.

Love this clock!

I does just what I need. Simple and solidly functional.

Functional and Trustworthy

I travel nation-wide in my line of work. I can always count on Alarm Clock to have the right time zone and always wake at the time I set. The news interface, weather updates, and notices have proven more useful than I had anticipated.

Nice features

I love being able to set daily alarms so when ones schedule changes, it’s not a one alarm for every day.

I use this app every night

Great app the blue is perfect for night sleeping to see the time when I wake during the night!

I love it!

I had to set the correct time, wait for 60 seconds, and change. That is all.

Too hard to turn off

When your yanked out of a deep sleep it's just too hard to turn it off. Frustrating. Everything else is really good about it.

I’ve Loved this app for a long time!

Great app that does exactly what I need with my specific needs like set snooze minutes and what music to wake up to. Love the updates and help I've received to work the app. Awesomeness!

Always liked this one

This is a dependable and VISIBLE clock with pleasant alarm sounds and plenty of display options.

Very Useful

This app on my iPhone functions as my clock and when necessary alarm clock every nite. Love it and have used it for years. Simple. I’ve used it every night for 3 years. Love it!

Alarm issue.

Occasionally the alarm will not sound. It will display that the alarm is set to go off but never will.

Power Hog

Runs the battery down ... quickly. Can barely get through the night on a full charge. If plugged in to power supply the battery status remains unchanged while app is running.

Alarm function work at all

How can I even use this alarm when the alarm function doesn't even work?!

Decent app. Some odd bugs

This app does what I want. Provides a good clock face for my phone so I could get rid of my old alarm clock. Some bugs and or improvement suggestions: Sometimes the Weather bar and alarm indicator won’t show up even though Weather is enabled on the display settings. If I close out the app and restart it, then the weather displays. Sometimes the weather will show up in portrait mode but not in landscape. Setting the alarms seems tricky. There’s a bunch of iPhone settings you have to enable for the alarm to work. I really don’t need the alarm function as al always seem to wake up without an alarm. But if you depend on an alarm to get up, this could be a problem. Display seems smaller than it could be. One of the things I like about using my iPhone as a clock is that it can display large numbers. When I wake up and want to see what time it is, I don’t want to have to put my glasses on to read the clock. The numbers on this app in portrait mode is too small for me to see. Landscape mode is just big enough. But there seems to be lots of screen space left on the table by this app such that the full numbers and other info could be much larger. Not quite sure why this is. Besides that, this seems like a good clock app. I paid $1.99 to get rid of the ads.

broken since upgrade of ios

can’t get the alarm to work anymore

Almost a 5

I dig everything about this alarm clock app, except that the only music one can use is through iTunes. It would be super-awesome if the sleep timer would support external media as well (Pandora, Podcasts, Amazon Prime, etc.)

Thumbs Up

Does everything I need it to do. The pop ups aren't annoying, as they don't take up the home screen & seems to adapt to things I'd be interested in. So has been useful at times. Only bummer, I'm a heavy sleeper, so there could be more alarm choices or make the available choices LOUDER. I had to hook mine up to speakers. But all in all, I dig it!

Works well

Easy to set for different times to get up and nice to see the weather at a glance.

Location warning

Would have given it 5 stars but with each update they never fix the warning that I need to turn on location services when I open the app. I don’t use location services so it’s annoying to have dismiss that warning each time I open the app.

Used to be able to work with ringer off

Liked it better before.

Works Great

I've been using this alarm app hooked up to an old Bose Wave radio for years and it's reliable and works great to wake to my favorite music. All bugs seem to have been worked out with the recent update for iOS11. 5 stars.

Confusing Start Up

The user has to have both the free and paid app to get ad free version. Because there is no difference between the apps icons, it's hard to remember the placement of the paid ad free one because they look identical.

It’s great so far

Lots of features in this alarm clock. Choose your own music, it fades in so you aren’t jolted awake, change display to any color, weather, news, repeat alarms, nice big snooze button. I was looking for a replacement for my old buggy alarm app that didn’t have near what this one does. Very happy, and the purchase was worth getting rid of the ads.

Almost great

The black parts of the screen need to actually be black. When I dim the clock at night I don’t still want a big grey rectangle shining on me. Please make the black true black.

useless flash light on iPad pro

the back led flash light not work on iPad pro 9.7 ios11. give new update to fix it so i'll give 5 stars.

Silent mode warning annoying.

Have used this app with no complaints for a couple of years... until now... I have one: It seems with the new update that I'll set my alarm and turn the screen off.. and then my screen lights back up with a alert/warning saying my phone is in silent mode and the alarm might not sound. I goes off just fine while in silent mode, so why the annoying lock screen alert? Can I disable that?

Good App

Occasionally shuts down during night when on charger. (Developers are reviewing). I was having another issue with multiple notifications but developer responded very quickly and advised of a setting that fixed the issue. App works as expected.

Great for alarm

Use this everyday either for time or alarms. Really like it 😊

Alarm Clock

This clock relinquishes time control on my phone to the system clock in other words the work around is to leave this clock on in the background. That being done, I'm lucky to get awakened in the morning ( phone battery is dead) system clock works whether or not. App is turned on or off. This app has to be left on for this app.

Screwed up application

I paid for this app and it was pretty good up until the last update where the alarm keeps going off over and over again even though you silence it. This app has been screwed up for some time and it needs to be fixed and updated quickly. People depend upon this App to actually get up in the morning.

The alarm WORKED GREAT...til recently

This alarm worked great up until recently..now it won't go off and it is no longer loud enough. When my phone is on the charger I wake up late and look down at my phone I wonder why my alarm didn't go off...can't figure it out?!?! It goes off when I test it but if it's left for a prolong time (overnight for sleep) it doesn't go off in the morning..I'm frustrated. Alarm doesn't work when I use music from my iTunes library/Apple Music as the sound to be played as the alarm. FYI I was able to get it working using only the alarm clocks app sounds.

Good clocks


Alarm whisperer

Too easy yo

Great little alarm click app!

I'm very pleased so far. I like that it is customizable to my needs. I no longer use my old alarm clock since I have an I Phone with this app. Used it for several years...works great.

Good one

Works as advertised


This app used to be really really useful, but for some reason it's been glitchy and stupid lately. Few mornings it doesn't go off and then I end up almost late for work

Could not live without

This alarm is great since it is customizable, user friendly - and works!

This app replaced my old clock!

I love the graphics and especially love the alarm ring tone that starts low volume and gets louder and louder. Snooze button also great feature.

Use it every day!

Nice app. I like the gradual volume increase.

Looks beautiful it has lots of functions you can change the colour

It shows you the weather and you can also read your tweets going across the bottom tons of different colour choices and you can also keep The brightness at any level you want I said once before is that the colours are also really nice you can have it play music and also Lots of very nice alarms it is very aesthetically functional and beautiful it is simple and very useful I honestly believe once you pay a couple dollars to get rid of that adds on the bottoms which I think is only $.99 five for eight years my favourite alarm clock I have tried so many different times and this one is by far my favourite I would give it 10 stars if I could and I'm sure you don't hear most people rave about it and alarm clock but this one is worth the time and I really hope everyone out there gets one great Clockgo out and get one it cost less I'm getting one for my brother cigarettes

Love this clock

Great clock, most versatile, selective music for alarms. Multiple alarms, color's & intensities. Weather & daily forecast are a plus!


Use it everyday. Good app.

Best looking digi clock in App Store

Please add the option to disable the shake to disable flash light.