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U. S. Air Force Academy

by Straxis Technology

(4 user ratings)


Download size: 89.31MB
Version: 6.0
Released: 2011-04-06
For ages: 9+


Official App of the United States Air Force Academy.

Keeping in touch with the U.S. Air Force Academy is now easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

With this app, you can check out News and the Events calendar to find out what's happening at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Use the Campus Map to find your way around campus, and grab a photo from the Pics section to set as your iPhone Wallpaper.

Everything you want to know about the U.S. Air Force Academy is now at your fingertips.

• Multimedia - Watch USAFA YouTube videos and look through photos.
• Athletics - Find out the latest Falcons sports news and updates.
• Twitter - Stay up to date with news and links.
• Polls - Answer interactive questions to play an active role in the Academy.
• Fight Song – Play The U.S. Air Force Academy fight song at the next game, or out with friends.
• And much more!

Go Falcons!
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Customer Reviews

I really want to join the Air-force when I’m older. This app will probably help a lot.


I wanna be an air force pilot. This app may help!


I listen to KAFA when I do school work.


Very nice app i plan to go here I want to serve my country

Go Air Force!!!!!!

Love this app so I can see what's going on at the college I plan to go to!!!

No Text Wrap

Nice app. Unfortunately, when you click on "more" to read the rest of a story, the text only wraps after hundreds of characters, making it extremely annoying to read a story. One has to use the slide bar back and forth to read!

Love it

In the future I want to become an astronaut and this is how I can achieve my goal. Can't wait until around 2018. Look out Air Force here I come!

Crashes Constantly

I really like the concept and setup of this app and what it's 'supposed' to do- it just doesn't. This application needs some work to help it load faster- stop freezing and crashing after selection of elements in the application. If this was corrected would definitely give it 4-5 stars. Until then, it's just not useful. Nikita - c/o 2008

Alright, den.

Not bad.


I wish to join 2016, and until then, I feel right at home. Future airmen like myself, it's a must have. Also has an info tab, which is great.

Admissions crashes

When opening parts in the admissions part it crashes the app

Very helpful

I am extremely happy that I found this app. I hope to become an Air Force Academy cadet in two years and become a part of the class of 2018

Looks cool

This looks like an amazing app but it won't open. It downloads but when I try to open it, the app crashes.


It used to work but it no longers opens. Probaly from new update. I tried redownloading it. I can download it but it still wont open

Academy Radio

Great App. Useful in all things Air Force Academy. I would like, however, that the music being played on the radio be displayed. Like if they're playing a song, I would like to see the album artwork and name and artist of the song. Also, I would like backgroung listening to be a feature because I would like to listen to the radio with out keeping that app open. Just food for thought. Thanks and other than that, good idea.


This is a great app I am so glad I found it! I hope to be admitted to the academy and graduate with the class of 2019 an this app is great reference!


Will not open, crashes to app page


This is a great app!!! I am so happy I found this! This can help me learn about the USAFA. I wish I can make it to the academy in three years! I will be USAFA class of 2018!!!


Worked great then got the update and it would no longer open Even after redownloading it.

Great app to keep track of the Falcons!

Me and a bunch of my extended family (males only!) attend the AFA & military-academy football game every Fall and this is a great way to keep track of everything AFA. Go Falcons!!!

Consider Your Friends With iPads!

This app is great! But please make it universal!!


I'm only 12, I'm the only falcons fan in my family, and I've only been to the academy once before, but I'm very dedicated to making into the academy. Every time I do badly on a test or assignment, I always tell myself,"The academy won't accept that! Do better!". :)

Good app but needs one thing

Please please please make it to were you can play music in the background that would make it ten out of 5

I can listen to KAFA away from my computer!

A very neat app--attractive setup and very easily navigable. Best of all, I can listen to DJ Chappy away from my computer! Go Falcons! :)

One of the best

This is one of the best designed and functioning apps I've run across. It load and runs fast, and the content is fresh and not just your run of the mill "this is who we are" app. Air Force excellence shines through! Go Falcons!


Awesome application. Keep up the good work. Great pictures and other activities inside the academy.

Awesome app

Lovin it


I wish our Cade homepage was half as nice

Great app!!!

Really resourceful App!! Great quality!!!

Very intuitive and comprehensive


Finally USAFA!

Love it!!!!


Nice app! Good info.

Very Handy App

I've been waiting for something like this for a while now. It is great having all these resources in one place, and I especially love having the campus radio station. All in all i think it is a very good first effort. I would like to respectfully make some suggestions for the next version, which I think would make this app even more useful. Since you have USAFA's Twitter feed on the home screen, I think it would be nice to have your Facebook page on the home screen as well. This is where I get a lot of my news. The Air Force song button on the bottom menu bar stops playing the song before it is over. It gets almost all the way to the end and then stops. It would also be nice to have the Cadet Choir version of the song instead of just the instrumental, and you could have the lyrics on screen while it plays so people could sing along. There is a multimedia button on the home screen, but also video and pic buttons on the bottom menu bar, so there is some redundancy there. With the campus map, in addition to the google map, perhaps you could include a much more detailed campus map with building names, etc., kind of like what the parents get for Parent's Weekend. Finally, I would love to see a button on the home screen to take AOG members directly to the WebGuy site. Please don't look at any of these suggestions as criticisms, I think it is a great app, and those would just be some nice upgrades for future versions. Once again, congratulations on a very nice app, keep up the good work, and GO FALCONS!