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Military News by Military.com

by Monster Worldwide

(94 user ratings)


Download size: 25.48MB
Version: 1.3.3
Released: 2012-12-01
For ages: 4+


Military News delivers top United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard headlines alongside pay and benefit updates. Now you can experience more of what matters to you from the largest military and veteran membership organization on the go.

Key Features:
Get breaking news updates first.
Military.com serves top content to bring you the latest and most trusted military news.

Handpick Your Newsfeed.
Select topics to personalize your feed and quickly access the military news & headlines you care most about.

Pay & Benefits Updates.
Never miss an update or change to your pay rates and allowances when you enable Military News alerts.

Browse Most Popular & Military Original Videos.
Now add the 'Military Video' feed to your custom news experience to watch the latest military videos.

Available Newsfeed topics for customization:
Military Headlines
Army News
Navy News
Air Force News
Marine Corps News
Coast Guard News
Gear & Equipment
Global Hot Spots
Pay & Benefits
Veteran Benefits
Veteran Jobs
Fitnes & Off Duty
Family & Spouse
Special Operations
Military Videos

Other features:
-Search Military discounts in your discounts newsfeed.
-Browse veteran jobs in your veterans jobs newsfeed.
-Save Articles in the app for offline reading.
-Featured articles pinned to the top of your “Home” Feed.
-Menu access to Military.com’s Transition app for military separation and veteran jobs.

Military.com was founded in 1999 to revolutionize the way 30 million Americans with military affinity stay connected and informed.
Military.com’s free service connects service members, military families, and veterans to all the benefits for active duty, reserve and national guard service.
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Customer Reviews
Best app

The Best web tool

Good App - Could be better for Vets

The application is convenient & easy to use. It is loaded with information on military news, active duty, & retired benefits. It would be nice if it had more info for non-retired Vets.


Great app keep up the good work!! Up to date info on military news and pay plus great helpful links. Love this app for staying up to date with my military info.

Military news,

A timely news source that keeps you informed about a underreported part of America. Seems to present both sides of a story without comment one way or the other but is not always successful as the facts it leaves out show it's bias .

Bundled just right.

I like having a dedicated news service like this. It is a really good collection of timely reports on the military.

My News Source

I pretty much read this and nothing else


Gives great articles on trending military news. The app is very useful if your interested in keeping up with current events having to do with the military. I wish there was a way to search for just videos though

Great app

Really good app. Lots of useful information on it.

Great News

Thanks for the great news updates!

Great App

Very informative!

Very informative!

The most Up to date information on current events and tips for making the most of your time in the military, this app has been a huge help for me since my husband joined the army recently.

Great way to keep up

This app/website is a great way for this father of an active duty service member to keep abreast of the events and issues that our military faces on a daily basis.


Great coverage. Haven't found any fake news which is great. Well written articles. Awesome insight.

Great news app

Great app, it keeps me informed.

Military NEWS

Like the info being retired and disabled I like to know what's going to happen to our past present and future Military Personnel. Where do we stand?


If you want military news you're in the right place.

Good Up To Date Military News

I have been retired from the Air Force for 37 years and Military News has been keeping me up to date for some time now. After the Air Force I worked on Air Force projects and the rumor mill kept me informed but afterward I relied on Military News. For me, it's mandatory reading as it provides insight on most items of interest to retirees as well as active duty personnel. Well written, easy to read, and timely topics. Recommend Military News to anyone interested in Military matters.

Reliable app for Apple products

This app just works. No real issues to complain about. It does not get 5 stars because I have to be impressed with the app in very way

Air Force

Keeping updated on Military News helps me stay connected and mindful of their sacrifices.

Military News at Your Fingertips

Wonderfully written articles delivered at a moments notice upon enabling notifications :)

Great App!

My go to news source for military matters.

Great updates

Great app


6/07/17, after spending 30 years in the U S Navy, this app is so refreshing for me to keep up with the current military situations. The new is first handed and not politicized. Keep up the good work.

Great App

For those of us who served or are still serving, this app keeps us up to dare on all things military.


Use this often to keep up with world news & things related to my son who is our current active duty family member. Like being able to choose branch news when narrowing the news focus. Only problem is when they seem to forget I've been signed up for years.


Keeps me a bit updated on military news.

Great App

The only way for me Tokelau up with Military News

Great app

Best military info out there

Use this almost everyday!

Great app, thanks!


Love this app

Military dot com

As an Army brat and veteran, it's my source of keeping up with the latest on gear, deployments and happenings! Love it!

Great App

I like the army news and other categories. Helps me stay updated with all the benefits the military can provide.

Genuine News!

The most accurate and relatable news for all military service members.

A senior vet appreciates Military News

I served 50+ years ago, and appreciate the way Military News keeps me up to date on a myriad of military matters.

Great App!

This app is awesome it is always helpful and informative and very easy to navigate

Great app

Good source for news

Great app!!

Great appa1!


My key news source!

Great app!

I'm very interested in the Coast Guard and I can always count on this app to give me the news about the Coast Guard and other military branches!

No sound in videos

No sound in videos, good stories

What ?

Meaning no disrespect here , But never ever bad mouth any branch of our military services. Alright to speak your mind, being a former marine myself. But all of our man and woman in uniform are serving with honor and respect. All branches are unique and different as I can attest too, but in the ending Analysis , all serves one purpose, TOO PROTECT THIS GREAT NATION OFF OURS. Nothing more , Nothing less , Freddie DeJoint, USMC , 1977

My code nickname

I absolutely recommend the USAF for all our USA young men/women as they'll be treated as humans not a nbr. I spent 22yrs of honorable service. Three of my brothers were drafted into the Army & wait to be-discharged. Mean-ing don't wait, Go Air Force!

Great For Military

I am currently a 17-year-old senior in high school and I was confused on which branch of military to join. This app and it's website has helped me decide that the Marines Is the best branch for me and I couldn't of decided without the help of others or this app. This app has all the information you could need plus more !!

Hilighted articles not downloading

Clock runs continually. No response to highlighted articles.😩

Red Horse

Great app for Military News and updates frequently. It does a HEART good to see the kindness that soldiers deed, on a daily basis, comes to fruition... instead of being ignored on other media sources!

Needs Work

Although a good source of military news, the app itself is disappointing in it's inability to be adjusted in terms of increasing the font sizes and darkening the fonts which are way too light for reasons I fail to discern. Apparently the creators of this app think that only twenty-year olds read the information contained within.


Good source of military news and news interesting too the military. I check it daily to get information that main media might miss.


This app shows no obvious bias in reporting news stories. All types and kinds of current military news


Perfect app to keep up with our military. Excellent in all aspects.