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Get set to strap on your Jet Pack and save Futura City from Control of the Robot Commandos. It won\'t be easy, as their stealth bases are spread out across this game and a challenge to infiltrate. Jet Pack Max: Runner which comes on the heals of the other popular game in the series; JetPack Max: Skyrun, is a fun well designed game designed to keep anyone entertained for hours. The graphics are wonderful, and the game is quite addicting. Once to you get to the point where you unlock the \" Street Ronin Superbike, \" you are hooked. On a phone break, I let my eight year old niece play it, and in short order she became completely involved in the Viridian Timbers, and I was unable to get it back from her….. One important feature I found impressive and a great overall addition was the fact that each time you play it a feature randomizes and changes things up just a little so every play becomes a slightly different experience. NICE ! With many levels to master, and tons of add-ons to attain, JetPack: Runner is a winner and a 2014 Top Pick Game for all ages. Enjoy
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