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Pocket Yoga

by Rainfrog, LLC

(1,455 user ratings)


Download size: 125.29MB
Version: 7.0.0
Released: 2010-03-20
For ages: 4+

With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace in the comforts of your own home. Simply roll out your mat, place your device in front, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose between 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty. Learn the poses with the pose dictionary containing detailed explanations of the correct posture, alignment, and benefits.

• Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose, including each inhalation and exhalation.
• Over 200 beautifully illustrated pose images showing correct posture and alignment.
• Dictionary of poses containing the descriptions and benefits of each pose.
• Unlock new environments as you progress in your yoga journey.
• Quickly preview a practice to see if it is right for you before you start.
• Maintains an ongoing log of all your yoga practices to track your progress.
• Practices designed by experienced yoga instructors.
• Play music from your music library in place of the default music. You can even play music through iTunes Radio or other apps while Pocket Yoga is running.
• Play the practices on your Apple TV through AirPlay.
• Works with the Health app. Track your workouts, heart rate, and calories burned.
• Ask Siri to start your practice directly from your Home or Lock screens.

‣ Listed among the “15 Best Beauty Apps” - InStyle
‣ Selected by CNN as one of the "10 great mobile health apps"
‣ Featured by Apple in "Get in Shape", "Let's Get Moving", "10 Essentials" and "New and Noteworthy"

Pocket Yoga works great on your Apple Watch. When you are playing a practice on your iPhone you can get extra information directly on your wrist. See the current pose, time remaining, heart rate, calories burned, and much more. You can even control your practice directly from your Apple Watch.

The “Pose of the Day” Widget helps you learn the names of the poses by showing you a different pose each day. You can see the name of the daily pose in English, Sanskrit and even in Devanagari script. Also tap on the pose image to launch Pocket Yoga and go directly to that pose.
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Customer Reviews
Enjoying the free app—Always room for improvement

Really enjoying the app for what it’s worth. The music and guided voice as well as the image is subtle but clear, calm, and professional. I would love to have more shorter yoga options (10-15 min) and especially if the user could pick a set of the exercises from the all inclusive list to play consecutively but as it is a free app which I use in a pinch at home as an easy stretch and yoga routine I am just grateful to have what is available. Thanks so much!

Great App!!!

I love the options that you have and that you can take this anywhere. I can even do intervals at the office on stressful days!! Love it!

Review on beginners yoga

Rather than counting down on the hold, it would be nice to just hear, “ lengthen your inhalation and lengthen your exhalation. Transitional movements should be slower.

Great Except for Crashes

This is my go-to yoga app and has worked very well for me until recently. It has great exercises that work parts of you body, and all of them work your mind. If you are looking for a simple yoga app that doesn’t require a subscription, this app is for you. ...The Apple Watch app, on the on the other hand, is a different story. It CONSTANTLY crashes. I’m able to complete my session, but since the app crashed on my watch, it doesn’t record part or any of the session in Activity. Though not the real point of yoga, it is frustrating to not get credit for the work.

Love this app

I travel a lot for work. I take my iPad to the hotel roof top pool or whatever pool area and do my pocket yoga while everyone else is packed in the gym.

Years of use

I got this app years ago when Starbucks pushed it and its been a reliable yoga workout for when I’m traveling. It works flawlesly and has variable time settings so I can do 15, 30, 45 or 60 min depending on my needs. Also a beg, int, and hard setting. Not sure how it monetizes because there are no commercials and it’s free but I am a faithful user.


This app explains everything so well! I’m brand new to yoga and this is perfect for me. It helps me relax and unwind after work or before bed.

Best Yoga App

Who needs a studio when you have a step by step coach telling you what to do next. Not to mention the customization of the three different levels!

Kind of

It’s a nice app but they don’t use the correct names for poses for example: “come into your box” means table pose. So for someone who is used to doing yoga you’re going to have to watch the screen a lot.

It’s a real blessing to my life

Simple exercises explained and guided just get it it’s awesome

Love this app!!!

Have been using it almost daily for years! Easy to use and great for you!

Yoga app

Great app, take you step by step to yoga just like you have teacher next to you!

So Good

What a great way to start your morning!


Beginner workout is actually a little too hard for me, but I modify by following along at a slightly slower pace. I really like that it syncs to my watch. I don’t have to fumble for my phone or come out of a pose in a bad way, I can just glance at my watch and it will show me the current pose, how much time is remaining for the current pose, and my progress in the workout overall. Despite it being a little beyond my physical limits right now, I’m able to adjust and am really enjoying the app. There are a lot of individual poses you can do as well which is really nice.

Great app

This is a great app for yoga. Lots of different workouts, levels, and workout times. Easy to follow. Great to use while traveling.


It’s worth the price. They don’t make you do weird stuff to have access to their programs. It’s not a bait and switch for a subscription model or anything. However, at least so far, the yoga style seems a little robotic. I have like other styles better. But it is a legitimate app. PS- not for beginners

Good enough, could use a churching up

I've used this app off and on for years and it’s pretty good. The art design is simple and un-intimidating. The karma points is a neat gimmick. Some mildly fun customization that keeps you interested. It's convenient to have it on your iPhone and be able to AirPlay it up to your Apple TV. The simple flash-card style visuals are an understandable way to create an inexpensive product, but first-time users think they have to jump or spring to the next pose. Even a brief mid-move card would help. The narration is pretty good (but odd that she doesn’t know how to say any numbers between the 10s), the ability to skip to the next move is useful, being able to print or even preview all the poses is good, but I wish there were a shuffle button. I’d like to just be able to open my app and with one click, just go. Worth the money? Yeah. But there are probably better apps out there. I’ve used one called Yoga Studio that was more comprehensive but easier to get lost in. This one only takes a few buttons to get to the action, but I still want a one-click option. It’s good enough.

Great between work out days!

This app is a blessing for those days when you seriously can’t bring yourself to do that high intensity work out. It’s calming and it also helps with anxiety. I recommend this for any one who needs to relax AND work out

Nice App, Frustrating to Use.

The transitions are awful. Announce the transition and the body placement before the avatar moves. This way we have time to assume the position and then verify that it’s correct. It’s not possible to look at the screen the entire time. Also if I hear the words inhale and exhale the way the woman says it one more time I’m going to shoot myself.

Great for all stages!

Hey yogi! Even if you’re a beginner, this app will help you stay on top of your practices if you can’t make it to a lesson or the gym. The voiceover is easy to understand and you have the ability to pair it with your music! There are some poses that I can’t do in the expert level and I’m looking forward to building up my strength and mental capacity. Best of luck!

Love the simplicity!

Straightforward, good yoga practices... love it!

Can't always have a yoga instructor

I'm between jobs right now and shouldn't be spending on yoga classes, but this is the next best thing. Great that it maps to different types of practices and levels, just be careful with "Ocean", especially if you're not in shape quite yet. Excellent app, thanks!

Great App

I love this App, would love it better if you could customize the time of the sessions.


I am so blessed to have this app since I moved from Texas!!!

Great app!

I've done lots of yoga in my life and many different kinds. If you are tight on time or simply want a quiet, guided session in the comfort of your own home then I highly recommend this app!

Yoga so easy

This is such a great app to have while at home, or traveling!


Awesome for getting back into yoga after a few year of not doing it.

Great app

This is a great easy to use yoga app. The yoga practices can be a bit intense for a beginner like myself. Intense in a good way though.


Thank u. The developers care about people; that’s the only explanation for such a wonderful app. I love the print-step-by-step option! Everything I need

Great app

I am a Yoga regular and when I’m Out of town I hate not being able to attend class. This def is a great substitute and if I didn’t have a studio I loved I feel pretty confident that this would be a great regular practice. Note though-it’s challenging. As I said I attend yoga three times a week and so went straight to the intermediate 60 minute routine. It’s for sure a very good work out and I had to stop a couple times to rest

So so

First I was disappointed that the app does not run stand alone in the Apple Watch, it only shows your progress, you must use your phone. Also there’s a problem recording workouts to the activity app. Some days no workouts will appear other days it shows as many as 6 when I’ve only done one. That said it’s easy to follow and there’s no pricey subscriptions like most of the other apps. I wish there were more workouts but for the price I can’t complain about that.


Same poses and sequences over and over. Down Dog is a cheaper app that changes the practice every time and is more than just 6-8 sun salutations in a row. This may be good for beginners but not experienced yogis. Waste of money.

Love all the Yogic capabilities!

Love the pre-programmed routines. Love that I can add my own music. I don’t really care much about the backgrounds, but it’s cool that you can change them. I love being able to do yoga at home and that I can choose the detox, cardio, or strength versions AND 30, 45, or 60 minutes!!! I bought the Yoga Builder app too and am working on developing my own flow. Great apps!! Highly recommend for beginner to intermediate (I am not advanced so IDK what it’s like for them!)

This is GREAT

So little time but always with me at work when there is down time - I love the app


So good for your body and mind. Practice when you can to relieve your stress. This app is what you want!

Great Yoga App!

I downloaded this a few weeks ago to help increase my flexibility and overall physical health. I scoured the App Store looking at the different apps and this one seemed to be the best... and it has not disappointed! I’m not a yoga expert by any means, but this app has been great in challenging my body to bend in ways I had not attempted since high school (15 years ago!). The great part about it is that I can stream the sessions on my TV through my AppleTV from my iPhone and see my progress on my AppleWatch. The “teacher” doesn’t include any chit-chat throughout the lesson like other yoga videos I’ve tried; she just says the moves as you make your way though the routine. Overall, my flexibility has increased, my stress has gone down, and I have been sleeping better. My husband thinks it is a little whacky, but intrigued nonetheless, so I’m hoping he’ll join me one day - he’s not going to have the same metabolism forever! Yogis of all levels, if you’re debating this app, get it!

Decent app, could use and update

This app is becoming very dated. It’s a decent if repetitive lightweight yoga app. Useful for travel yoga.


This app gives very little audio guidance, from neglecting to call out which leg or side you’re moving to little tips to help you appropriately get into the positions. I’ve been doing yoga for over a decade, doing classes, videos and apps. It was frustrating to have to break pose to look up at the screen to see which pose was being referenced and it made me nervous that someone could seriously injure themselves if they didn’t know better. The app goes way too fast through poses and doesn’t take into account the minute movements that are required to accurately get into the next position. Be warned also, the class I did (desert, 60min, intermediate) was very repetitive and didn’t have a good variety of poses. It felt as I was going through the program that no one actually really went through to quality check these things... now- did I get a good sweaty workout in? Yes. So that was a plus, but it was boring and difficult to follow. Was the app itself simple to use, yes. Was it cute appearance-wise? Yes. Still be very careful, and better yet save your money and get the yoga studio app. I will not be using this app again. *delete* Wish I could get my $3 back...

A step backward

My app no longer displays the Series B Sun Salutation.

Liked it but sign in for Karma Points

1st off, this app's "beginner" level felt much too hard for a total noob like me. I had my wife join me for the first lesson on this app so she was able to help me understand what was going on. Also, I had signed up on my iPhone but ended up using the app on my ipad. Then I signed in on my iPad and lost the 2 karma points I got from doing the first session. Not a huge deal but annoying. Felt punished simply for logging in. Which is a shame because I felt rewarded for getting the 2 karma points. I wish there was more instruction and guidance but over all, this seems like a good app so far.

Great watch compatibility, but no new routines

I would give this 5 stars if they would add some more routines/flows. The three ones they have are great! I’m just bored with them.

Handy for this app-trained practitioner!

Really great app for putting a complete set of yoga practices in your pocket (once I felt fully confident enough to really dig in & use it 😊)! I especially appreciate the first-class Apple Watch support — for tracking that nitty-gritty metadata of your vigorous vinyasa practice. If I might make one small practical suggestion: have you considered adding a sound effect at the end of a full practice sequence (e.g., bell, gong, &c.)? I probably held my adho mukha śvānāsana much longer than necessary today — which I can’t actually complain about, really; but some sort of signal could be nice. 😊

Love this app!

I have had this app for over a two years now and I must say this is my favorite app out there for DIY yoga. I love the karma rewards and how I can purchase upgrades to my classes. I also enjoy how I can customize the class depending on what my needs are - time, intensity and course. Absolutely love!

Convenient and challenging

I appreciate being able to hop into class without leaving my home. I also appreciate having a different format to keep me on my toes.

An excellent app! Very accessible for the blind

I love this app I like the environment exercises, and the poses area where you can find descriptions of each pose. It is very good for beginners as well as advanced yogis. I also like that it is accessible for the blind using the voice over on iOS devices thank you for a wonderful teaching app. I am already recommending it to my friends.

Convenient yoga

I can only go to the gym so often. Once winter comes, I naturally become lazy. Pocket yoga keeps me active at home. I am still using the 30 min beginner. Once I develop some stamina, I will move on to the next level.

Handy and easy to use

Easy to use at home and on the go. Like the calming music.

Perfect for home/travel use

Great app, all the basics of yoga in the convenience of home/hotel/whatever the locale may be!!!

Love this app!

Has such clear and concise pictures and narrative. Wonderful for a beginner like me, especially when don’t want to run a long playing video.


This app is very convenient when I can’t get to the studio- I love the flow of the sessions, it gives wonderful movement instructions and pictures! I hope they continue to add new flow sessions to their library!