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Pocket Yoga

by Rainfrog, LLC

(1,042 user ratings)


Download size: 177.96MB
Version: 8.0.4
Released: 2010-03-20
For ages: 4+

With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace in the comforts of your own home. Simply roll out your mat, place your device in front, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose between 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty. Learn the poses with the pose dictionary containing detailed explanations of the correct posture, alignment, and benefits.

• Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose, including each inhalation and exhalation.
• Over 200 beautifully illustrated pose images showing correct posture and alignment.
• Dictionary of poses containing the descriptions and benefits of each pose.
• Unlock new environments as you progress in your yoga journey.
• Quickly preview a practice to see if it is right for you before you start.
• Maintains an ongoing log of all your yoga practices to track your progress.
• Practices designed by experienced yoga instructors.
• Play music from your music library in place of the default music. You can even play music through iTunes Radio or other apps while Pocket Yoga is running.
• Play the practices on your Apple TV through AirPlay.
• Works with the Health app. Track your workouts, heart rate, and calories burned.
• Ask Siri to start your practice directly from your Home or Lock screens.

‣ Listed among the “15 Best Beauty Apps” - InStyle
‣ Selected by CNN as one of the "10 great mobile health apps"
‣ Featured by Apple in "Get in Shape", "Let's Get Moving", "10 Essentials" and "New and Noteworthy"

Pocket Yoga works great on your Apple Watch. When you are playing a practice on your iPhone you can get extra information directly on your wrist. See the current pose, time remaining, heart rate, calories burned, and much more. You can even control your practice directly from your Apple Watch.

The “Pose of the Day” Widget helps you learn the names of the poses by showing you a different pose each day. You can see the name of the daily pose in English, Sanskrit and even in Devanagari script. Also tap on the pose image to launch Pocket Yoga and go directly to that pose.
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Customer Reviews
Painful instruction.

The instruction voice makes it impossible for me to connect to my body or breath in any sort of way that would make my yoga session useful or beneficial. The abruptness of the inhale & exhale instruction, which are constant and always in the exact same voice, made me literally feel like I was being slapped each time the word was uttered.

Out of town

I’ve been out of town now for 2 months and needed some yoga. I just did one class and on the app and my body is thanking me. I looking forward to the other classes on the app!

Best Yoga App

I tried lots of Apps for my practice and this is the best one. There are a few set practices and also a pose library so you can look up other poses to aspire to.

Zero customization

Not worth the money. Can’t customize anything, the smallest session you can choose is 30 minutes, and you can’t mix and match and create your own routine. Total waste of money, there’s much better apps out there.

Excelllent for newbs

I love this app so much! The instruction is fantastic. The beginner level describes specific movements to attain and hold poses in proper alignment. It’s easy to build from there to more challenging poses. Desert 45 min for beginners is my jam right now, but I recommend starting with beginner sun salutation. I can increase the practice time which then adds new poses (always with proper pose instruction) so I’m never bored. Highly recommend for home yoga funtimes.

Great app, but..

I love the app, but sometimes it gets going a little too quick for the beginner like me. Not enough time to change poses before changing again. Some moves, like splits and head stands, which I could never do as a child anyway, seem a bit much for the beginner. But overall, it's a keeper.

Love the move of the day feature

Well-designed altogether and helping slowly pull me into yoga


I wish I could return this app simply because the voice over is so annoying and distracting.

Speeds up

It’s a lil weird that some of the poses begin to speed up and rapid fire but it also slows down either way I love this app

Just Gonna Be Straight Up

I LOVE this app, but the truth is I haven’t tried many other yoga apps. All I know is this app works PERFECTLY for me! I love how it shows up on my Apple Watch, I love the music, I love how the instructor’s voice leads me in my poses, I love the animation I can look at to get a better idea of the pose, I love how I can see the poses before I start..... I just freaking love this app! I highly recommend this app.

The perfect DIY yoga app

I love this app. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES OR “UNLOCK” PAYMENTS. I have been using it for years now and it’s still making a visible improvement on my health. My favorite combination is 30min of Intermediate cardio (Ocean) followed by 30min of Intermediate strengthening (Mountain). If you’re serious about yoga but don’t want the yoga-price, get this!

Awesome yoga

I love the Pocket Yoga app. It’s the best yoga app I’ve ever encountered. I love how it gives me karma points to unlock new practices and it connects to my Apple Watch and I can do the practices on it. On International yoga day, Friday the 21, 2019. I celebrated by doing a yoga practice and I got the award on my Apple Watch. I love pocket yoga.

Basic practice

The practices are somewhat repetitive and can get a little bit boring. They also don't explain proper form on some of the poses so it's good to have some yoga experience before using this application. For example it doesn't explain how to modify things if you have an injury. I also miss the Sanskrit names. Sigh! However it is very easy to use. I can use it wherever I am and I can keep track of the practice I do.

Music, classes

I wish there was more music connection apps available not just Shazam. I’ve been using the app for quite a few months now and absolutely love it there is three classes at the moment with a few that I have added, but I also wish that the app advertised monthly new classes so that we can learn more and more classes, also if we made classes if we if it was possible to update upload or submit to the online website so that other people could enjoy our classes as well.


I liked this app at first, but the farther I got into a session it moved so fast I couldn’t breathe because the app was moving at the speed of light. Not relaxing at all.


This app is responsible for me developing my own home practice. Love it.

Not What I Expected

This idea of this app seemed pretty cool at first, but I found the transitions of poses to be shaky and rushed. I tested out both sun salutations and it just didn’t seem to flow. Music was calming and nice, but overall I wouldn’t recommend.

60 minutes is dangerous

On the 60 minute mountain routine I found the speed way too fast. I did set the difficulty to intermediate as I’ve practiced yoga for 5 years now. Another reviewer points out that the desert 60 minutes is repetitive, the mountain 60 minutes is quite repetitive as well. I went through the whole routine but was very uncomfortable. It is a well done app, but there needs to be more variety. It’s too robotic.


Straightforward app that coaches you through a yoga session of your choice in length and difficulty. Each move has an illustration and voiced command associated with it, and the app simply cycles through a preset combination of the moves to build a full session. Despite this, it doesn’t feel robotic at all and contrary to narrated yoga videos where hearing an instructor laugh or say a specific phrase at a certain point becomes repetitive if the workout is repeated regularly, the bare-bones voice commands of this app keep things from feeling stale. If you’ve never done yoga before, this would probably be hard to keep up with and learn the moves from, but it’s great for anyone with even just a knowledge of the basics. I use this on vacation or at home when I don’t feel like going to the gym.

I actually use it

And that's the biggest endorsement I can give. I've skimmed other apps, but this one I actually use regularly, so it's worth the price of a latte. I do agree that it's help if you've taken yoga classes in person for a while, nothing beats human instruction and individual modification to help with your pose.

Perfect but glitchy

I adore this app so much. Best yoga app I’ve found for simple beginner starting out. My only complaint is that it’ll sometimes glitch and close out of itself.


It’s the only app that I actually can practice with it 💚thanx

Pace is too fast

Pace is too fast and transitions aren’t smooth. Otherwise good. Has potential.

Had it over a year, just started.

I love this app, as a beginner.

Diversity Needed ASAP!

I recently purchased this app, and I love the features. However, I have a huge concern with the fact that the animated person is a Caucasian-appearing person. PLEASE create an option to choose the skin tone of the person. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is upsetting and an easy fix (think of the emoji color options). I hope the app creators read this comment and get an update with this feature very soon!!!

My favorite so far!

I’ve been back into a more intense yoga routine for about a week now, after an unexpected 2 year hiatus, and I do like this app! It guides you through the proper body alignment, and if you’ve had some kind of yoga instruction before, (which I have) it’s nice to not have to go through the process of a step-by-step introduction, to the poses. Personally, my biggest concern when I’m doing yoga, is proper body positioning and alignment. There were some poses I needed a refresher on, but those I looked up quickly. I come from a long history of back injury so instruction and proper body alignment matters a great deal to me, and this app does a wonderful job! I’ve tried a few other yoga apps! And so far, this one wins it for me!

Bought this app for the Apple Watch and iPhone

Fix/ update these things & will rate higher 1.) Make app intuitive on Apple Watch it’s disappointing app doesn’t actually show on Watch it turn off screen after 1-3 seconds so cant see quick pose reference ( the Watch only shows heart on phone) 2.) allow us to creat our own pose sequence than just pick from default ones 3.) allow us to shorten the work out time less than 30 minutes 4.) if incentive of karma points is to unlock more backgrounds for avatar can it unlock music? Can avatar be a different color? This app has potential it would be cooler if it worked better on Apple Watch and phone As of right now the best part about it informs how each pose affects your health other than that.... plz fix thanks 🙏

Constantly crashing

I just bought this app after reading the write up for it and I must admit that I was very excited; I’ve already created my account for it and now it crashed every time I attempt to open it. Please fix this issue.

Solid yoga app

I’d like to see a feature when you customize your flows. That would awesome.

NOT available as a watch complication 🙄

VERY MISLEADING. I purchased with the intention of using it on my watch but to my disappointment- its not available on my watch. Why is it available in the watch App Store and have pictures in the previews on a watch if its not available on the watch?!?

Great app.

Very straightforward, and the videos are nice guidance. The app is easy to use, with no extra fluff. The overview of all poses is nice.


So excited to make this a routine!

Guy loving yoga

Great app for guys looking for strength and flexibility! Downloaded this app to work on flexibility when my lower back was giving me problems. Been doing 2-3 workouts per week for almost 3 months (30-45 min, intermediate, mostly Mountain routine). I’m able to touch my toes for the first time in my memory. Seeing muscles pop out that I didn’t see when I was in high school working out 15 hours per week. Losing weight in conjunction with minor diet tweets (smaller portions). Wife is very happy with how I’m looking!

Does not show you how to do positions

It seems to be an atlas of yoga positions with a few practices to follow along with. I was hoping it had videos of how to do all the poses, instead it just has a picture and caption. Waste of money.

Very Solid with the Occasional Hiccup

I really like this yoga app. It provides enough to help you get through a routine without trying to get fancy and do a bunch of other stuff. It’s clean and efficient. My only complaint is sometimes it forgets to tell you right or left side when moving. Since yoga is very balanced and the patterns are repeated on each side of your body, it’s easy to lose track of what side you’re supposed to move first. It doesn’t skip that all the time, just occasionally, and on the sun salutations at least, it’s the left side it misses. Besides that, I love this app. I also like it’s companion yoga teacher app that lets you design routines. Very handy!

Suggested posed to support

Some poses like camel have a category listed as “backbend” but there is no backbend category to browse. With that said, there is no baby back pose in the dictionary. Additional poses to consider to add to the dictionary: Horizons lunge Chin stand Star Horse Goddess Tree Fish Supta bahda konasana

Definitely not for beginners

I went to the fitness section of the App Store to try and find a yoga app and seeing as this was the top rated yoga app I just had to try it. However, I was incredibly disappointed not only are the poses really hard to do, the instructor goes really fast and I just end up giving up there are also only 6 routines which is definelty not worth the price, sorry :/

Way too fast

The playback speed is much too fast, and Im not a beginner. No way to slow it down. It's more of a race

Great starting point

Highly Recommended. Every time I use it I like it more. I'm a beginner. I love it. The illustrations are so much more detailed than having an actual. Everything is well thought out. Would love to be able to make up my own routines, after a while you get to appreciate certain poses, in a certain sequence, but I realize the complexities and ad lib, skip around, or find a way do do it the way I prefer. Put it on my iPad, connected with a Bluetooth speaker. 5 stars

I absolutely love this app!

I’m so much more flexible now at 59 years old than I was 10 years ago. I can do my yoga at home without distractions any time I want. Great app with lots of options. Something for everyone!

Definitely worth the cost

And no constant berating for costly upgrades like other apps. Thank you!


This is a good app with some good features, however; the beginners option goes so fast how are you supposed to keep up? I get it if that was expert mode, but people who are just starting out and don’t know the poses well or aren’t used to doing them cannot keep up. This makes the app difficult to use and not very relaxing.

Bitmoji for Pocket Yoga?

Why does it have to be just a white, female teacher? Why can’t I customize the character so it looks like me, a dude? There should be options for different genders, skin tones, and hair styles. Next update?

Great app

I really enjoy this app. I can take it with me to the beach or use it around the house. I use YouTube a lot for yoga floss. This has been a great change of pace.

5 years and counting

I easily get bored with same exercises . This app has been a staple for half a decade for me now .. anywhere I go from hotels to airports and feel the need to stretch or do a full blown yoga session this app is an amazing Companion . 2 thumbs up !

Great app

This app is simply wonderful

Good Workout

Some beginner poses are not really beginner... over all a great app!

Super well done yoga app

This is the first time I’ve ever felt compelled to write a review. This app is very well done. Clean and clear pose graphics. Very nicely done audio. Printable session sets are nice. Apple Watch integration is great. My only suggestion is a little haptic tap for the breathing and/or pose changes. Maybe single for breaths and double for pose changes. Would let you do it in silence.

Good Review

I like the app, it’s really easy for beginners to follow along. I just wish that there were more guided yoga practices...