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Pocket Yoga

by Rainfrog, LLC

(3,797 user ratings)


Download size: 340.65MB
Version: 9.0.5
Released: 2010-03-20
For ages: 4+

With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace in the comforts of your own home. Simply roll out your mat, place your device in front, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose between 27 different sessions of varying duration and difficulty. Learn the poses with the pose dictionary containing detailed explanations of the correct posture, alignment, and benefits.

• Soothing, detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose.
• Expertly designed practices by experienced yoga instructors.
• Over 300 beautifully illustrated pose images show correct posture and alignment.
• Dictionary of poses contains the descriptions and benefits of each pose.
• Play music from your music library or Spotify in place of the default music.
• Quickly preview a practice to see if it is right for you before you start.
• Unlock new environments as you progress in your yoga journey.
• Track your progress with an ongoing log of all your yoga practices.
• Accounts sync environments and progress across devices.
• Play the practices on your Apple TV through AirPlay.
• Integrates with the Health app. Track your workouts, heart rate, and calories burned.
• Ask Siri to start your practice directly from your Home or Lock screens.

‣ Listed among the “15 Best Beauty Apps” - InStyle
‣ Selected by CNN as one of the "10 great mobile health apps"
‣ Featured by Apple in "Get in Shape", "Let's Get Moving", "10 Essentials" and "New and Noteworthy"

Pocket Yoga works great on your Apple Watch. When you are playing a practice on your iPhone you can get extra information directly on your wrist. See the current pose, time remaining, heart rate, calories burned, and much more. You can even control your practice directly from your Apple Watch.

The “Pose of the Day” Widget helps you learn the names of the poses by showing you a different pose each day. You can see the name of the daily pose in English, Sanskrit and even in Devanagari script. Also tap on the pose image to launch Pocket Yoga and go directly to that pose.
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Customer Reviews
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The subject line says it all.

Very good

I really enjoy this app and find it to be a great balance of challenge and release.

Speed change

The movement speed increased suddenly after half of training, I can’t catch up comfortably

Great at home yoga!

Works perfectly when I can’t get to the studio. Just wish the breathing was a hair more smooth. Still, great app!

Uncomfortable series

I’ve tried to use this app to guide me through a series when I’m not motivated to lead my self. Unfortunately I’ve had to quit early the last two times when I felt that the series was just filling in time with awkward poses. Going from child’s pose to up dog 10x in a row? I opted to follow a much more natural, instructive series on YouTube. I wouldn’t recommend this app to a beginner.


Nice workouts, lots of poses, good flow

Keeps losing calorie count

The workouts/practices are nice but it is very frustrating that it keeps losing or resetting the count for calories burned randomly through the session. App is up to date and watch is secure so not sure why it happens.


I have been a user for a couple of years I would give the pervious version a 5 star rating However the current instructor is not in my opinion not as good as the previous one Cadence is at times to fast and then too slow Not always clear about which movement is next or which side we are working on You fixed something witch wasn’t broken Bring the previous instructor

Good Program

I have been using this program for over four years now. It is a good program overall. It offers a good variety of exercise that will keep any user entertained because of the variety it offers. I downgraded my rating to three stars because of an issue that I believe needs to be addressed. You see, I am a forty seven year old man in good shape. Although I am able to keep up with all of the beginner workouts, I don’t think the poses were well thought out for beginners. You see, in the Ocean beginner workout, it requires that a beginner do a split as one of the exercises. Really? I have been doing this program for over four years two to three times a week. As a man, I’m simply not flexible. How in the world do the creators of this program expect any beginner to do a split? I find it unrealistic. I wish that they would take out any splits from all beginner workouts because it is an unrealistic pose for a beginner and simply demoralizing. After four years, I’m never going to be able to do that pose and am frustrated every time it comes up. In addition, I’ve unlocked all of the different backgrounds by using my karma points. Now I have over eight hundred karma points that I can no longer use because there is nothing else left to unlock. I do wish that they would offer new perks to unlock for us dedicated users. It gets boring not being able to use those karma points ever again.

Best yoga app I’ve found

I’m not normally someone who reviews stuff especially apps but I love this app and I tell everyone about this app. It’s hands down the best yoga app I’ve ever found.

I love this app

It’s easy to use, and the graphics make it clear what you need to do. The voice reinforces it without being annoying. The music is unobtrusive, but you can use your own soundtrack if you like. It gives you various times, like 6 min sun salutation routine, or another routine that’s 30, 45, or 60 minutes. If you want to be a little lazy, you can do the bare minimum, or you can be hardcore. Love it!

My Go-To

This is a great little app! It really helps if a user is already familiar with yoga... it’s not a beginning-teaching app. But, a wonderful to supplement your practice and uses low data, so especially nice for travel. I like the soothing music and appreciate the options for scenes. The voice-overs have good diction/enunciation ... very clear.

I actually use it

And that's the biggest endorsement I can give. I've skimmed other apps, but this one I actually use regularly, so it's worth the price of a latte. I do agree that it's help if you've taken yoga classes in person for a while, nothing beats human instruction and individual modification to help with your pose, but a regular practice when you don’t have something else around (or that you can afford) this is great. The updates with the improved voice instruction make it even better.


These folks designed a fine pair of Yoga applications. The drawings are simple and provide a clear picture of the asana. The voice is pleasant. The spoken instructions are well-timed, concise, clear, and instructive. I am sure I could say the same about any number of other Yoga applications. So what brings me to this rave review was something I learned from the companion application 'Pocket Yoga Teacher.' I wanted to construct a series of poses in 'Pocket Yoga Teacher,' and it balked at doing them in the order I proposed. Suspecting a bug in the program, I contacted support and got a prompt reply from support. Let me repeat that. I GOT A PROMPT REPLY FROM SUPPORT. The folks supporting the application pointed out problems with the series of asanas I had in mind and offered improvements. The problem was an operator failure (me) and they corrected it. These folks know a lot about Yoga and programmed it into their applications. It may not be blatantly obvious, but it was there lurking beneath the surface to help me.

Great app!

I like the flexibility this app offers for my practice. I can be anywhere and just turn on my yoga class and go. I also downloaded the teacher app so looking forward to creating my own practices as well! BTW the teacher app is a little (a lot) more complicated than I thought. But this app is AWESOME! I have owned it now for about 8 years is my guess and it never fails me!


The intermediate level ocean practice was just....the slowest sun salutations that I’ve ever encountered. Over and over. It was only three dollars, but I kind of want it back? I double checked to make sure I hadn’t accidentally clicked on the sun salutations practice and I hadn’t. Don’t buy this app. It’s garbage.

5/5 ✨ 🧘🏽‍♀️

( dev plz fix Apple Watch can you let it have audio or a haptic feedback to alert us when to change to next pose because at this point mostly use phone to do exercise since watch screen keeps turning off and it’s quiet. It would be nice to use watch for more than a heart rate monitor during exercise :( ) I bought the yoga bundle which was 9.99 for customize yoga teacher poses & I can’t remember how much it was for just pocket yoga Apple Watch version. I was very hesitant to buy the bundle, I ended up buying it because the yoga poses are very detailed with exceptional audio and customization. Sadly you have to have the entire bundle of both apps to enjoy the full experience. If you just get the Apple Watch version your going to miss out on a lot of features. This is a steep price to invest for apps, but hoping it’s worth it in the long run as it appears the developer is active and updates frequently so the app should have longevity. I’ve actually created my own yoga package morning routine and it did synch over to the Apple Watch version, so it does work! If your trying to get more serious about yoga just buy the app you’ll learn more about the poses and feel more motivated to actually do it.

Absolutely love this app

I love this app and it’s partner app. I can or recommend them enough. At first it wasn’t quite as robust - but they are constantly adding more poses and upgrading more options. These guys are really on top of the app and always adding new features. Definitely check them out!

Great alternative to a class

Great option when I can’t make it to a yoga class.

Mobil Yoga

I’m 65 year old man heading towards my 2nd hip replacement. For my body and age yoga provides almost all the exercise I need. This app with its free sessions, ways to make each session easier and shorter, works great for me. I sometimes can’t keep up the pace of pose changes but I just move at my pace and catch up as I can. I end up doing more yoga because there is no drive time and I don’t have to fit my schedule to the yoga class times. I really enjoy this app, it’s helping keep me stronger, more flexible, better balance and more agile.

Can’t Play Apple Music

I wish you could play Apple Music through the app, as it will not allow you to use both apps at the same time.

Great app!

I really enjoy using this app! It’s challenging without being overwhelming. The directions are clear & easy to follow. I’m not very good at yoga, but this app makes it very accessible even for a non-flexible, weak beginner like me. Highly recommend!

Fantastic for Beginners

Love this app. Needed to find something that works for a busy schedule, help me get in shape, and de-stress. This does all of those things and is easy enough for someone who isn’t very good at yoga.


Keeps me straight

Good not great

Good pose library and basic instructions. I wish the app had better pose graphics and the routine guide voice is very mechanical and computerized sounding. Not a lot of features but decent basic yoga app for looking up poses.

Really nice app

Just completed a practice and feeling great! Love Ocean! Great illustrations and high quality experience. (Your review screen is typing in white by the way)

Can't always have a yoga instructor

I'm between jobs right now and shouldn't be spending on yoga classes, but this is the next best thing. Great that it maps to different types of practices and levels, just be careful with "Ocean", especially if you're not in shape quite yet. Excellent app, thanks! UPDATE: A few technical issues creeped up on the app from my last review, and the update has squashed most of them. There’s a few nitpicks I have still: though Spotify integration is fixed, I’d really like the option to randomize music selections and to be able to select playlists rather than individual songs. Would be nice also to vary the routines a bit. The app also doesn’t really prepare you adequately for some of the more difficult poses, so an instructor is definitely needed at some point. I also like to do some post-shavasana meditation, as is common in actual classes, which could be helpful to guide a student through; however, the app stops its routines at the end of shavasana (a.k.a. “naptime” at the end of yoga). But, the app works. I started going to yoga classes at my new job after about a year with the app, and it’s pretty rare that a routine gives me trouble. I rotate between Ocean (Advanced), Desert (Advanced), and Mountain (Intermediate) 1-hour routines, am much stronger than I used to be even when I was taking work classes, and I look about as cut as I ever have with those 3 practices a week.

Voice change not good

Was my favorite yoga app until this last update. The previous version had a less human voice over with a deeper pitch that was bland enough to fade into the background and deliver instructions well but still be soothing. This new voice sounds too excited and noticeable, almost grating? I like the updated script just not the perky, higher pitch cheerleader voice reading it out. Aside from the voice over, which was a big draw for me, the app does as described well.


I used this app before and I enjoyed it, but for some reason, it doesn’t let me play Apple Music anymore.


This is absolutely an incredible app. I was looking for something to have Yoga poses in one place with easy access. Thank yo so. much.

Very good, but...

What I like: good design, friendly voice, varying levels of difficulty and styles of exercises, syncs perfectly with my Apple Watch. What I think it needs: Shorter options for when you’re on a time constraint or just don’t feel like a full 30 minute workout. 10, 15, and 20 minute options would be great.


No control on the watch without iphone. You can not leave your phone and go to park and use the app. Dealbreaker. Sorry.

Subtle but great improvements

The new updates gives two great improvements (that I’ve noticed). One, you can use AirPods to control the lesson. Two, the important one, is an entirely new voice over for the lessons. I actually stopped using the app completely before, despite its great features, because the old voice was not grounding and completely took you out of the moment. They’ve done a much better job with the voice recording this time around

New update is awful

This used to be my favorite yoga app. Now, they won’t let me play my own music unless it’s with Spotify. Trash move. And pointless. So, it’s either find another app (none are that great) or just go thru an hour long workout in silence. What are you doing, app developers???

External music no longer works

I’m connected to Spotify but it will stop my music and begin playing the yoga apps music. I don’t know how you guys “improved” the integration, but it’s clearly not working like it use to.

Update killed Spotify support

Spotify is paused by opening the app while music is playing. Worked before, please fix.

This is fantastic for a quick yoga workout

No nonsense. Good poses. Super useful!


I can’t even open the app! I click on it, the screen flickers, then I am back on the home screen! I paid 2.99 off NOTHING!!

Favorite yoga app

I have been using this app for years and I still love it. It moves at the perfect pace for me. I do not like to go to a gym or studio and this gives me the flexibility of practicing right from home whenever I want. I do wish they would add a few more routines. I would even pay or use karma points. But this is my favorite yoga app.

How to hurt yourself with yoga

This is yoga without a soul. The poses are intermittently too fast or too slow. It’s essentially the same thing repeated over and over and there’s nothing thoughtful about it. Bummed I spent any money on it but mostly bummed I wasted my time.

Painful instruction.

The instruction voice makes it impossible for me to connect to my body or breath in any sort of way that would make my yoga session useful or beneficial. The abruptness of the inhale & exhale instruction, which are constant and always in the exact same voice, made me literally feel like I was being slapped each time the word was uttered.

Out of town

I’ve been out of town now for 2 months and needed some yoga. I just did one class and on the app and my body is thanking me. I looking forward to the other classes on the app!

Best Yoga App

I tried lots of Apps for my practice and this is the best one. There are a few set practices and also a pose library so you can look up other poses to aspire to.

Zero customization

Not worth the money. Can’t customize anything, the smallest session you can choose is 30 minutes, and you can’t mix and match and create your own routine. Total waste of money, there’s much better apps out there.

Excelllent for newbs

I love this app so much! The instruction is fantastic. The beginner level describes specific movements to attain and hold poses in proper alignment. It’s easy to build from there to more challenging poses. Desert 45 min for beginners is my jam right now, but I recommend starting with beginner sun salutation. I can increase the practice time which then adds new poses (always with proper pose instruction) so I’m never bored. Highly recommend for home yoga funtimes.

Great app, but..

I love the app, but sometimes it gets going a little too quick for the beginner like me. Not enough time to change poses before changing again. Some moves, like splits and head stands, which I could never do as a child anyway, seem a bit much for the beginner. But overall, it's a keeper.

Love the move of the day feature

Well-designed altogether and helping slowly pull me into yoga


I wish I could return this app simply because the voice over is so annoying and distracting.

Speeds up

It’s a lil weird that some of the poses begin to speed up and rapid fire but it also slows down either way I love this app