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5 Minute Home Workouts

by Olson Applications Limited

(76 user ratings)


Download size: 62.4MB
Version: 4.8.2
Released: 2012-09-22
For ages: 4+

Don't have the time or the will power to workout? Then try 5 Minute Home Workouts: Quick routines with timed rest and exercise periods to ensure workouts take no more than 5 minutes.

Feel you are a fitness novice? All workouts feature detailed instructions and clear 3D animations.

Get bored of the same routines? 12 sessions and 42 different exercises means enough variety for everyone.

Need motivating? EVERY exercise in EVERY session has a target to challenge you depending on your previous progress.

5 minutes seems too fast? Combine different sessions to create a longer workout programme.

Training sessions are divided onto 6 groups:

Abs - routines to tone your stomach and core for a flat trim look

Fat Loss - full body programme to get a trim figure

Chest and Arms - exercises to target your upper body for a strong powerful look

Butt and Legs - helps create slender legs and a pert butt

Yoga - great for improved flexibility and peace of mind

Pilates- improve your core strength and posture

The easy way to the body you want: Download 5 Minute Home Workouts now!

5 Minute Home Workouts is free to use but we also offer an optional premium level accessed via an auto renewing monthly or annual subscription. If you subscribe all payments will be charged to your iTunes account 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can cancel at any time by going to your iTunes Account settings after purchase.
Privacy policy: http://olsonapps.co.uk/Apps/5%20Minute%20Home%20Workouts_Privacy.html

End User Licence Agreement: http://olsonapps.co.uk/Apps/5%20Minute%20Home%20Workouts_EULA.html
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Customer Reviews
It’s effective

This is so great for people trying to lose weight

Great App

Lost 15 pds. Great workouts and makes you sweat

Workout app

I loved it and I am only 10 and I am I love with it only on day one and I want to do day two on day one and it only takes five minutes


I am already on day two of this and it is helping me

Excellent app

Excellent app! One of the best


Convenient work outs that can be done anywhere


Easy to follow. Great workout.


It's is really great and helpful

Good app

Good app to start working out again


It is so fun but also hard. Maria

I’m fat

I’m 345lbs. 41 years old and trying your app out. I gotta do something or I won’t make it much longer.

nursing student

i am a full time nursing student who doesn’t have much times i use this app as i listen to my recorded lectures at home. super helpful!

5 minutes

Very helpful and encouraging!!

Buenos ejercicios

Me gustan mucho las rutinas. En 5 minutos se hacen muchos ejercicios variados


Really easy to follow.

Love this app

I was always skeptical of 5 min workouts but doing the abs 4 days a week I now have a defined stomach for the first time in my 44years


i think it is a good app

Practical and well directed.

Good exercises, animations and descriptions are thorough and instructive and insure good form. Love the timers. Great app

Good but imperfections

Good exercises but on a ‘crop circle’ exercise for example there was a left circle not followed up by a right; so I did the right but missed out on the good exercise that was in your program ☹️ it would be nice to have the option to add music even by ourselves on the free vereion.

Muy Buena aplicación


Love the app so far

Really enjoying the app

Great workout!

Excellent app for yoga! I am able to get a good workout in anytime. I feel really good after each and every workout and never have to worry about if it's going to be challenging enough because it is.


Recognizable exercises! lol! Easy to follow and incorporate into my day. Easy to customize according to ability, easy to adjust for injuries or age. Simple, straight forward workouts. I only have the free version and it’s all I need at the moment. Great app!

Fun app

Hi my name is Alyssa I'm 9 years old and I had lots of fun with this app I'm trying to lose weight and so far this week I lost 3 ponds on this app!!its fun so check it out !!!😻😍💎😄🍩🙏🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻


Excellent time management

Thank you for the app

I love that you made this app because I’ve been searching and searching to find somewhere to work out get good legs a cute butt some good Abe’s and why not yoga and I love that it’s free because I could not get this app otherwise! Thank you so so much I love working out in the comfort of my home! 😁😁😁 thank you for making this app!


I used to weigh 210 pounds after using this app for 3 months straight I lost 30 pounds.The best app ever !!

Love it


Kickstart My Life

This app really kicked started my life, I work ten hour days and never have time to work out. Now that I have this app I can work out at home and I get a lot of energy after. I would recommend this app to anyone.


FYes bchdgc vtddlicxuixdd gruffly hyghfffgqwsrtvgg high is that good way you too good to be strong for the rest your team and you are strong enough for your love love and love love for him please please let me know him please please thank your daddy for the love love you mama and I love you so very very much


Just here to write a review

Automate playing of next exercise

Please automate the playing of next exercise in each session


I've been looking for an app like this and it's PERFECT! Thanks so much! I use this everyday!

Like I‎t

Just did Pilates but so far so good Hoping the rest works out just as good.

Great workout app

Gives you instructions on how to perform each workout. Easy to follow. I bet the premium is a lot better


I like that it starts out slow for a beginner like me


Gives good advise

Buena aplicación

Buena aplicación


very helpful


I am so out of shape, I am 44 with youngest being two years old. I have a full-time job and zero time. If I can take 10 minutes and select the kind of exercise I want to do, be it for weight loss or yoga if I am too tired, I know these are effective. I don’t have to be creative or dress up for the gym. This is my little personal trainer for my fee spare minutes in the morning

Next button doesn’t work

Can’t switch between exercises. Have to keep closing and reopening the app.

Super workout

I love the pace and balance of these workouts. Suddenly sweating but not worn out.


This app is really amazing and I’m going to use it so much


La mejor app del mundo

Workout from.home

I have been looking for workouts to help on days I can't get to gym this one seems to be great for me


Just stay true to yourself don’t eat bad treats eat healthy and workout


I love it even though it’s simple


Es buena esta aplicación

Great choice

It works great!


10000,0000 cielos Perdie