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Walkmeter Walking & Hiking GPS

by Abvio Inc.

(3 user ratings)


Download size: 131.2MB
Version: 10.8.3
Released: 2009-10-09
For ages: 4+

Walkmeter is the most advanced application for walkers and hikers ever designed for a mobile device. Built from the ground up for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iCloud, it makes your iPhone a powerful fitness computer — with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans and more.

• Obsessively complete... a killer app — Wired
• Records a wealth of data — Macworld
• Clean, easy-to-use — New York Times

Experience core features and dependability for free, then upgrade to Elite to add advanced features.

iPhone Powered
• Records an unlimited number of workouts — years of workouts only take up the space of a few songs.
• No website login required.
• Swipe across the stopwatch to see pages of stats, maps, and graphs - completely configurable.
• View your workouts on a calendar, and by routes and activities.
• View bar and pie charts summarizing all your workouts.
• Analyze your workouts on your iPad, updated with your latest data using iCloud.

• Exclude stopped time with automatic stop detection.
• View terrain and traffic maps with Google Maps.
• Record heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence, and bike power with sensors.
• Records steps all day and cadence during workouts using your iPhone 5S or later.
• Supports the Wahoo RFLKT+.
• Automatically record the weather.
• Start and stop with your earphone remote.

• Supports cycling, running, walking, skating, skiing, and many other activities.
• Keep on track with extremely configurable interval training, zones, and targets.
• Set up repeating intervals, pyramid intervals, or tempo workouts.
• Hear announcements that keep you in the zone.
• Analyze your split, interval, and zone performance.

• Select from more than 120 configurable announcements including distance, time, speed, elevation, and heart rate.
• Hear stats automatically at time or distance intervals, or on-demand with your earphone remote.

• Compete against your previous workouts along a route.
• See your virtual competition on a map and in graphs.

• Includes 5K, 10, half, and marathon running plans.
• Design your own training plans.
• Synchronize your plan with your iPhone calendar and your online calendars.

Analyze Online - See abvio.com/explorer
• View the Workout Explorer on your computer or on your iPhone.
• Shared by email, Twitter, Facebook, Strava, MyFitnessPal or dailymile.
• View within the app on any Info page for a workout.
• View your graph, splits, intervals, zones, and more.
• Select a zone to see your map path drawn with zone colors.

• Post workouts to iOS Health app.
• Use email, Facebook, Twitter, Strava, MyFitnessPal and dailymile to share your workouts online.
• Automatically keep family and friends notified of your location and progress.
• Share your workout calendar with your friends and coaches.

• Import by tapping on a GPX, TCX, FIT or KML link or file in Mail or Safari.
• Export detailed CSV, GPX, TCX, FIT or KML files for use in maps, graphs, and social fitness sites.

Apple Watch Enhanced - See abvio.com/applewatch
• Set up, start, stop, lap and finish a workout all from the Apple Watch.
• Bring your iPhone with you on your workouts. Does not support standalone use.
• Intensely configurable pages track any of more than 220 statistics.
• Includes beautiful gauge pages with zones for speed / pace, heart rate, step cadence, cycle cadence, and power.
• Splits and laps/intervals pages keep you seeing the trends.
• Force touch to start, stop, lap, or access settings from any page.
• Glance page quickly shows your latest workout stats.
• Notification pages prompt you with time, distance, intervals, and target alerts.
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Customer Reviews
5k runner

Too inconsistent! Activity and Walkmeter used at same time for same distance I get two different results. Also, VO2max hasn’t worked right since December 26 2018 and I can’t figure out why it’s not reporting the data.

Great app.

This is one of the few apps I've given five stars. It has lots of functions, and is highly configurable. The UI is very pleasant and effective.

I enjoy this app

I’m thrilled with my Walkmeter app. It is easy to use and gives me the information I need and tracks the data that I can use to maintain good health .


Accurate and easy to use. Have not figured it all out yet, kind of clumsy when it comes to the instructional part of the app. Fortunately it is easy enough to use right after downloading. Done 3 races now and have not had a single problem. The one thing that would put this app in a league of its own, is to allow for real time tracking for friends and family. Update are great. But not the same. Allowing user to pre-draw the route so others can follow, but it also allows user to visualize the route and know what is up ahead including hills and big turns. Love the app. CTH

Cannot record many exercise types

Very few exercises can be recorded even though the ad says that all can. No help at the website either.


The free app did nothing, so I paid for the Elite. It’s ridiculous. This continues to add distance even when I’m standing still. It is useless.

Live saver ..

I love this App..! Not just to help me to stay fit, but also helped me to find my car after along walk in a neighborhood ..👍😀

Generally good

I have only one complaint. The app regularly pops up with a request that I turn on Background App Refresh in Settings. However if I go to Settings to do that, that option is not available to me, so I'm stuck with the regular popups.

App will not allow to upgrade

I have had the Walkmeter app for several years. When it came time to renew my elite subscription this year, the app stalls and will not allow me to follow through with the purchase. Walkmeter needs to fix this!


I have the Elite version of this app and it handles all I need it to do, walk bike. I recently needed some help. Emailed Support and within 8 hours had my answer.


The reliability and accuracy of this app is seriously in question! Sometimes it makes sense. Other times, on the map it shows me making loops or detours that I did not take. When compared to another device I have, it show me walking as much as2 times what I actually walked. It’s a nice set up but for accuracy it is very poor.

What happened ?

My daughter and walked the same trail and we both have Elite but in the mist of our walk mine quit and said it was because I had used another app which I had not. If my daughters had not kept working we would have got lost.

I rate this a 0

I can’t even figure out if it has a pedometer. Which is what I wanted. I hate this app and want a refund

It WAS Great, until the morons messed with it,

Why do these AH’s find it necessary to change something that worked perfectly?

Overestimating distance

This app was great until the last update. Now, the stopwatch is fine but it keeps severely overestimating your distance. It seems to think you go about 1.5 miles for every 1 real mile now. This also makes it overestimate your speed a lot.

Great app

I love this app, and the maps and all the data they provide! And customer service is stellar! Very quick response and solved all my issues. Thanks, Fran!

Paths are noisy and therefore too long

The idea behind this app is great, and I like the interface as well. Unfortunately the paths it records are often *very* inaccurate and zig-zaggy and so wind up being too long, sometimes by 50% or more. This makes the app pretty much useless for me, despite my wanting to like it. Today, for example, I recorded over 3 miles for what I know to be a two-mile walk. Looking at the map, I could see why: where I had actually walked a straight-line path, the map showed numerous spurious loops and switchbacks. My supposed pace during this segment was 6 minutes/mile. This may be due to inherent noisiness in the location information provided by the iPhone. If so, the solution would be to use much longer time intervals (e.g., 1-2 minutes) between samples. This would ensure that the actual distance walked between samples is relatively large compared to the inevitable slop in the location info.

Not very accurate at all.

I do a morning walk with my dog. Just long enough for everything to shake loose, so to speak. I have one route that Walkmeter says is 1.85 miles. I’m thinking that I’m going to get buff walking 1.85 miles. Apparently NOT! One day I tried another walking app. Same route but only 1.1 miles. So I drove it with my vehicle with the digital odometer. Still only 1.1 miles. Yet every day I use Walkmeter my route is 1.85 miles. Not getting as buff as I thought.☹️

Not accurate

So, I don’t usually do reviews but since I’ve had such a difficult time with knowing the distance that I walk, I thought I’d share my experience with whoever is reading this. So, I started power walking the same paths daily. I noticed about a month ago that the faster I would walk the same exact path, it would record less the amount of distance. I was noticing walking about 2 miles that I would get 1.6, 1.85, 2.2 and so on. I kinda didn’t think to much in to it. However on Monday (today is Wednesday) I forgot to turn my walking app until approx .5 mile in and my total distance was 3.08 The following day (Tuesday) I turned it on right as I hopped out of my car. My total distance that day was 2.88 miles, a lot less then mondays distance. So, I downloaded run keeper and today it came out to 3.4miles and proves that this app is not accurate for some reason. Maybe they need to update it because it should go by gps. Other then that I think the set up of the app is wonderful. It’s easy to use and haven’t had any issues having it run in the background as I play music, get on the internet, or text. Good app, just not accurate and I will be using run keeper from now on.

Now Flooded With Ads

Disappointing release as I had given it 5 stars for years. Now ads cover the screen when it starts, ads cover the timer screen. I could not find any setting to pay $0.99 to “remove ads.” So take a guess what I will be removing soon if this new policy isn’t rescinded? (No, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure that out, either.)

OpenStreetMap support

I just downloaded this and am looking forward to going elite. I am an iPod touch user and don’t always have networking available when I am out and about. I would go from 3 to 5 stars if I could use downloadable Open Street Map tiles with this app.

Bad bad

Bad app. Works well on 1st walk but couldn’t start a second walk, only start a new lap on the first. 3rd time I tried, it opens some game with no way out.

Uses your personal info

To even view this app, you are required to set up an account by which you must agree to let them use and share your personal info, and to let them subscribe you to email marketing lists. The agreement also mentions it is a paid subscription service, not free.

It’s got it all !

Capture multiple sports and activities measure your results and feel good about yourself !

Love this App!

Well worth the price! I’ve had this app for 6 years. Still love it and use it almost daily!

Just a stopwatch

The free version of this app is simply a stopwatch, not a tracker.

Great free App for running

Before I found out they had a running app, I have been using this one for my runs and it works amazing. It tell you your pace throughout the whole run, your fastest/slowest pace, elevation, mileage, maps, and many more things by use of lists and charts. Easy to use and super helpful!

Not for 9.99

Ok app but $10/ year really does not get you much. Most people will do fine with free version. Having a fee renew yearly and app doesn’t really get any better. What’s the point ???

Love this app!

This app is very easy to use, quite intuitive. It keeps an incredible amount of data which you can easily review within the app but it is also easy to export data to a spreadsheet. And it syncs with a number of other apps I use. I highly recommend Walkmeter.

Accuracy Problem

After the last update my app is no longer accurate. I’ve been walking the same route/area in my neighborhood for years and now the app tells me I walked 4 miles in 30 minutes. Today it said I walked 2.7 miles in 30 minutes. I walk fast but not that fast. My average in the past has been a 15 min mile, so I walk 2 miles in 30 minutes. Is anyone else having this problem?

Turns itself off after 5 minutes

On its maiden voyage, this app shut it self off twice after five minutes. So I decommissioned it, took it off my device.

Video game - not a walking tracker

Every time I tried to use the app some game pops up instead. Not too sure what the deal is.

Worked great for a couple of days

Not sure what happened yesterday. I walked the same 2 mi track I have walked before. It shut off somewhere in the middle of my walk. Not sure why.

This was a great app once

This was a great app once, now it’s the worst. because it’s hasn’t been updated to work with the latest version of the Apple ISO operating system. so now it does not work at all. I guess it’s too late to ask my money back.

Great ; NVM (UPDATE)

it’s a great app for calculating the distance you’re walking/the pace/ & the time. UPDATE: So I was walking yesterday and I set everything to reset, so it was calculating how much time I spent walking and I clicked to go onto a different app and next thing I know, I go back to walk-o-meter and it says i’ve been walking for 20 minutes for 0.00 miles, like how is that even possible? That kinda made me upset specifically because this use to be a great app, but might delete now.

Consistently inconsistent

Sadly, I had to replace this app with a different tracker app. My workouts were not able to be recorded due to "poor gps time". This is a problem that wasn't as frequent in the past, but so far I have not had one workout able to record. Otherwise I would have kept it and recommended to others. Hope it's resolved.

Wish it supported apple watch 3

I used this app for all my workouts for a couple of years. It was perfect! But then I got an Apple watch 3 and found that this app didn't work without your phone. I got the watch so I could leave the phone at home so I had to find another app. Run keeper is my current choice


I wonder if you could make this app round up the miles above.5 and down below.4


VERY impressive support team!!!

Very good customer service

Recently stated using this & had some issues on using some of the features, contacted their customer service & was very impressed with the prompt response, very helpful with clear instructions. Thank you Fran.

What happened?

This use to be a good app. Used it all the tine. Then all of a sudden the App wouldn’t open becuz the developer had not updated it to the latest OS. After months of this nonsense, the App now appears to be accessible, but after re-downloading it, the App only takes me to weather apps and game apps.


What the title states


What a useless non user friendly app. Don’t even waste your time downloading it.

App works great, seems to add more minutes of activity to watch

App works great (as long as you don’t somehow turn on indoor mode which stops location tracking) and it seems to add more minutes of exercise to the apple watch activities vs using apple watch’s built in exercise tracker.

Recent update messed up GPS

I have the Elite version and have had NO problems until most recent update. Now my GPS signal doesn’t register well. And...U tried turning my phone off, then back on as suggested. I am unable to open the troubleshoot page for GPS trouble. I hope this is a temporary glitch, but I’m currently not a satisfied customer. 2/21/18 Today I am a VERY SATISFIED customer. Product support worked with me diligently to fix my problem. I am pleased to say everything is resolved. I am again a +5 star customer. 3/21/18 In the last 10 days or so, I again had problems with a poor GPS signal. Customer support reviewed every walk I took to find out where the problem was. It was finally determined that the GPS had stopped working on my phone. So, it wasn’t a Walkmeter problem at all, but rather a phone problem. Walkmeter suggested ways to approach how to get my phone fixed. I contacted my carrier, adjustments were made and my GPS was repaired. I am again registering accurate walks. PS—my map apps also are working now! I am a very satisfied customer. Walkmeter went beyond helpful to get me up and running.


It is beautiful and useful

Why would anyone pay for this

There is no way I would pay a subscription for this app. Are people crazy? Well, probably.

The core of my workouts

In December 2017, I received a heart rate monitor as a gift, and decided to upgrade the app to the full paid mode, to take full advantage of the app. I happy I did. Integration of the heart rate monitor was the key feature I wanted, the announcement system was the biggest and best surprise. The app does everything I could want, it tracks my hikes, records the miles, the climbs, my heart rate and feeds all the data back to me, it graphs, maps and charts. I’ve tried a number of apps to follow my progress, from free to the fancy paid apps. None really work as well or provided the data I wanted. The best feature I didn’t know I wanted is the voiced announcements, my phone tell me my heart rate every ten minutes and related information and every 1/2 tells my my distance and a few other keep pieces of data. This little feature is cool. While hiking I have the announcement come from the phone’s speaker, I keep in my camelpak (I don’t listen to music on the trails), while jogging it comes in over my Bluetooth headphones.


I tried to use the app and for my trouble was presented with a full page ad before I even started and then it wanted to send me notifications, nope not in this life. Deleted, gone done.