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My Diet Coach - Weight Loss

by InspiredApps

(3,303 user ratings)


Download size: 143.23MB
Version: 9.0.28
Released: 2013-03-05
For ages: 4+


** So, how does My Diet Coach HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT? **

My Diet Coach helps you find your inner motivation, stay on track, make healthy lifestyle changes, resist food cravings, avoid exercise laziness and other weight loss difficulties:

• Set your goal (We'll help you to achieve it.)
• Track your progress (New! Visual weight tracker – See your weight drop).
• Get reminders of what's important (Your goal, motivational photos, fitness class)
• Make small, healthy lifestyle changes - You'll never forget to drink water again!
• Boost your weight loss motivation with our inspiring tips and quotes.
• Be rewarded for your success – Lots of fun and super motivating (for women!)

My Diet Coach offers a full set of lifestyle changing and motivation tools:

*** Boost your weight loss motivation ***
• Get rewarded for your efforts -
It’s a fun, motivating way to stay committed
• Helpful tips and tricks for common weight loss setbacks -
Food cravings, Exercise laziness, Family meals …
• Motivational Photos –
Keep photos that motivate you and be reminded about it!
• Visual weight tracker –
Your LOST weight counter (Your efforts are precious)
• Daily inspirational quotes -
They will energize your whole day

** A playful experience - Enjoy losing weight and get fitter **
• Customize your avatar – Earn virtual fashion items
Oh, it’s so much fun – Suddenly you’ll want to log …
• Your avatar slims down with you -
Break your weight loss down into small victories
• Your future slim-down animation-
Visualize your success - If you can picture it, you can do it!

** Naturally lose weight - Change your lifestyle and mindset **
• Perseverance Tips -
Realistic helpful tips for each challenge
• Useful diet reminders -
Drink water, prepare veggies, eat slowly...
• Daily Challenges -
Create healthy weight-loss habits that last a lifetime
• Food Cravings Panic Button -
All the tools you need to curb your next food craving

*** Easy meal logging, ultimate progress charts
• Weight and measurements charts
• Diet diary and calorie counter - Easily log, save time, avoid distractions.

*** What makes it so fast and easy?
• Log repetitive meals and exercises just once!!!
• Memory of meals and foods
• In a hurry? Take meal snapshot
• Recipes calorie calculator
• Also: Barcode scanner, exercise calorie counter, track water consumption ...

Apple Health integration:
Complete integration with Apple's Health app for weight and calories. Your data is shared with Health only according to your permissions and preferences. (From app's settings page).
Integrating Health will import and export calories consumed and burned into the diet diary as special Health rows. Calories will also be added to the daily summary. Measured weight can also be imported and exported and will appear inside app's weight chart.

The app offers a Monthly and a Yearly premium subscriptions. Those subscriptions are offered now in a special Launch price and will grant you an advanced coaching program!!!
•The subscription are renewed automatically.
•The monthly subscription is billed monthly and renewed automatically each month. It costs 4.99$/month
•The yearly subscription is billed annually and renewed automatically each year. It costs 29.99$/year ( 2.49$/month)
•Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
•Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period
•You can manage the subscriptions and turn it off by going to your Account Settings or through App's Settings->Subscription
• You can’t cancel the current subscription

Terms of Use: http://www.mydietcoachapp.com/terms-of-use
Privacy Policy: http://www.mydietcoachapp.com/privacy-policy
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Customer Reviews

I upgraded thinking it would be better. Nope! Logging your food is impossible. It won’t let you for instance, log 10 almonds or 1/2 of anything! I tried emailing them at the address given and no one every replied. I’m now out 30$


This really helps me get motivated to workout and get in shape

Lost 25 pounds in a month!

I used this app to count my calories and keep track of my exercise and everything. It is so helpful and easy to use. I have never went on a diet before so using this app really helped me stay on track. I lost 25 pounds in a month just by cutting calories and exercising.

Cheesy and not syncing properly with Fitbit

I'm 39. Getting avatar clothes for points is pretty dumb, especially since it doesn't even let you pick your own items. I don't have a white purse in real life, why would I want it on an avatar. A lot of food info is not recorded and the barcode scanner has only worked one time. There are no recipes. It's not working with Fitbit even though the sync setup worked. No wonder they don't charge more than $30 a year. The "coaching" on this is what it has that my Fitness pal doesn't if you're not a fan of hearing from or about other people.

Thank you!

I’ve lost over 30lbs and still going. I have PCOS and this is something that has given my life back..

Amazing app!

This app is so easy to use, and although it does have a premium offer; the free account is very easy to use and get around with. I would recommend this app 10/10.

Love it

I love this app. I just wish that the clothing fit the character better

Please add option to correct BMI

Ok so I have the premium version and I love this app...except it haven’t lost weight for a few weeks now after my initial 5 lb weight loss. However my body mass index has started to drop significantly. The app shows my BMI as 59 and my actual BMI is 52.7; I would love the option to enter the correct BMI as for me it is an important part of my weight loss journey. My entire goal is to be a healthier version of myself and lose at least 140 lbs. love the concept. It makes it like a game so I’m not getting bored or anything ❤️ Update: there is a place to record BMI but it could be a bit more user friendly like the rest of the app.

Love this app!

I love how you get rewarded in the app for just staying on track and logging and using the apps different resources it has available. Defiantly worth buying!!!!

Fun app

I’m really enjoying this app. It’s fun and the more I learn what it can do, the more encouraged I get.

How do we reset the start date?

Unfortunately this app no longer has a Feedback/ask for support option. I started using this app or year ago but then I got sick and had a period of inactivity and gained a bunch if weight. Now I am back on track and in the last 2 weeks I’ve already lost 9 pounds but the app tells me I’ve lost 9 pounds in 300 days. I think it would be a much better motivator for me if I could see that I had lost 9 pounds in 15 days... and it would encourage me to keep up the momentum. How do we reset the start date??

Works for me

I really love this app. Best one I have found. It keeps me motivated and I love having an aviator that shrinks as I do. Thanks !


I like the app - especially how it can be personalized; but it’s complicated to use and took a while to understand how to use it; I’m certain there are actions I’m not aware of yet. My least favorite part is how to update weight; instead up typing in the number there is a gliding, rolling type maneuver that is very sensitive and hard to see and use.

Support is non existent

Don’t know what’s going on but the app home screen is glitching (keeps telling you to enter goal, doesn’t show pounds lost) and couple other issues that support will not address - for a paid user it makes the experience sucky.

Great app

Great App. I love that it lets me see my Macro nutrition breakdown without paying extra!

Poor customer service

The app was good until approximately a month ago. I thought it may just be a glitch and resolve on its on. The rewards will not load. I have contacted customer service 3 times with no response. Unfortunately I have already paid for a year.


I was really satisfied with the way that my Diet Coach send me reminders and was able to keep up with my calorie intake, and how many calories burned through my daily activities. I would recommend anyone to use this app it is easy and convenient and did not take long to figure out how to use it.


These tools have helped me stay on track

Not what I expected

You can input your info on any device, but you need to go back to that device to see the details. I expected the info to sync and be on all my devices. Very disappointed!

Love this app!

I’m not a habitual app user and so when I found this app, I was skeptical—mainly, I didn’t want (or need) another “thing” that promised to save me time...while, in actuality, wasting time. This app is not a waste of time at all. It is user friendly, comprehensive as a tool to assist with weight tracking/caloric intake/exercise...And the history it keeps about my goal and steady progress is super thorough and easy to review—did I mention, I love this app! I’m recommending it to my friends at the gym.

This app is amazing 😊 Help me so much

I like it


I actually loved this app and It was awesome until I broke my phone and had to purchase another phone so I downloaded the app again and tried to restore my premium account that I paid 24 dollars for just for it not to work. I contacted the email support team 5 times to get a generated response of you will be contacted in 48 hours. Complete waste of money and if you buy this app I hope you don’t ever switch phones and try to get back your account you paid for 🤦🏾‍♀️


I like it. I haven’t used one of these calorie counting apps before. It makes it easy. I’ve already lost a few pounds. Food recently recorded is at the top of the search. I like the scanner feature. Unfortunately many of the organic items I buy aren’t in the database. It’s nice to realize how many calories food items are. I like that I can input burned calories from walking so it increases how many calories I can eat. I downloaded the Pacer app to find out that information. Overall, pretty satisfied, but it could use some improvements like with the scanner and inputting items they don’t have in the database.

Won’t get back to me. Subscription won’t show

I used to love this app and use it all the time. I got a new phone so naturally I had to redownload it. I did and ever since then, nothing. It keeps telling me to upgrade to premium. I already have a premium subscription until May of this year. I’ve hit restore about 1,000 times and it doesn’t do anything. I’ve also emailed the developers at least 3 times if not 4 about this problem and have yet to get a response or a fix. So now I really can’t use the app the way I want. Feel like I’ve wasted my money at this point and will not be renewing my subscription in May although I told them in the emails that if they fixed my problem I would. Oh well. It was good while it lasted.

Such Silliness

To be honest I really should have researched the health apps better but in my haste I chose this app. I like that I can track my progress on a graph but there are other apps that do the same thing. There are positive reminders which are nice. I do like the nutritional value of meals eaten so that I can track what not to eat. The silliness of earning clothing as you complete tasks is pointless and does nothing to motivate me as a mature woman. My main reason for giving this app a low rating is the customer service. I had some questions when I first made this purchased. Within minutes I received an email informing me that I would get a reply within 48 hours. Well it’s been almost ONE month and I have yet to be contacted. A company is only as good as its customer service! So basically they got my money and said, “Screw you.” Needless to say I won’t be renewing my subscription.

I love this app

I love the frequent reminders and entering what I eat helps me control my portions and makes me accountable


I scanned a trail mix that I had and it said it was unavailable so they don’t have everything updated or listed.

On my way!!!

I love this app!!!

Great App

I love this App... it keeps me on top of my intake!

Best app ever

I am in love with this app it is amazing though you do have to pay for a upgrade the free stuff is pretty great I would absolutely recommend

Outdated clothing

I’m 22 and the clothing for the avatars are really out of fashion, I can’t imagine anyone wearing these. It would be more fun to have in fashion rewards.


I paid Weight Watchers for a year and it wasn’t as good as the free version of this!

Exercise - walking

Please add STEPS to walking — duration does not work well when you are stepping all day long.

Help stop subscription

How do I stop my subscription I go for help and it won’t help me it says it doesn’t work

Love it, Lose Weight!

Started this app as a part of New Years Resolution and its absolutely beneficial for weight loss & also fun dressing my avatar! I only gave it 4 stars because I’m only using free basic version, wishful that I had the other features of the premium version. It’s definitely helpful though lost 5lbs in 5 days!

Not working

The clothing rewards are no longer working so when im award new clothing nothing populates it just spins. Ive missed about 20 items

How Cow. It’s helping.

Started using this app January 1 weighing in at 230.8 pounds. Weighed myself today on January 7th, and I’m now at 226.4 pounds. That’s 4.4 pounds in a week using 1,820 calories. Not sure if it’s just me being sick of being morbidly obese, or just a brilliant gimmick that does magic on my mind. Granted I have a long road ahead of me. I’m only 5 feet four inches tall and almost 40 years old. I hope whomever is reading this, please send positive vibes my way, because I need all the influence I can get.


I’ve only had the app (including Pro upgrade for $29.99) for 4 days, but I’m finding it really helpful for planning meals. I like being able to scan the bar code of an item to quickly get the numbers that are important to me. I used the app while grocery shopping yesterday to make good choices on buying food that fits into my plan. I’m also able to log my Omega 3 into my daily count, along with my daily exercise on my stationary bike. Oh, and I’m able to easily keep track of my water intake.

Free easy helpful

No need to give email to use. Simple free

You’ll love it...

and as the app will continue to grow more, people like you- dedicated to health and wellness, will form a community. Love the features and very nice calorie counter. Can’t wait to see how it progresses, but you’ll love it.

Not the app for me!

I couldn’t get it to connect with my iPad or Fitbit.



So much fun

I’m loving this app! Dressing my aviator was a blast but the daily motivational tips was perfect! I am upgrading to premium

FUN and Helpful!

I just downloaded this APP and am enjoying it very much so far !

Effective weight loss motivator

I really like being able to dress up my avatar. Seeing my future self is a big motivator to stay the course.

So easy and fun to use!

Love this app!


It’s a great weight loss app☺️

Fun and Motivating Tool

Enjoy the different options this app provides. Fun way to keep track of weight loss and calorie counting.

Don’t waste your money!

I wish I could get my money back for my yearly subscription. I was highly motivated, so I took the plunge. Big mistake. Basic grocery store foods aren’t included in their database, and when you scan the item, it says it’s not found. If you’re going through the effort of tracking your calories everyday, you need the process to be as streamlined as possible. It’s just not an intuitive app.