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Fitocracy - Fitness Collective

by Fitocracy, Inc.

(183 user ratings)


Download size: 50.19MB
Version: 3.5.7
Released: 2012-03-29
For ages: 4+

• Work with expert trainers who will help you reach your fitness goals
• Easily track any workout you can imagine. Use any of our free workouts or make up your own.
• Stay motivated by joining the awesome Fitocracy community and meeting other fitness-minded folks

Fitocracy motivates you and helps you succeed at fitness and level up in real life. We make exercise fun! Track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and slay the laziness dragon. Join the best fitness community on the planet and become the person you were meant to be.

* An App of the Year by Men's Journal *
* Mashable's Top Innovation in Health & Fitness Winner *

"This app is magical, revolutionary, and most importantly, life changing. Get it."

"Convinced that the new Fitocracy app has set a new high bar for iOS visual design. There's nothing else like it, just perfect."

"I used Fitocracy to track my fitness progress as I prepared for Miss America, and Fitocrats were a big part of my success. Being a part of such a supportive, encouraging online community made getting and staying in shape fun for me." - Miss America 2013

"It's like Facebook but it will make you a better person: harder, faster, stronger."

"After a little over two months of using Fitocracy I gained 15 pounds of muscle mass. I've never been called cut before in my life until a few weeks ago. The app makes it all the more amazing."

"I promise you, no other service will motivate you to stay in shape more than this one will. It's easily the best fitness tracker in the App Store."

"Fitocracy is a genius idea. It takes the addictive leveling system of games such as Pokemon or Call of Duty and combines it with your workout. You start at Level 1, and each workout you do, depending on its difficulty, rewards you with points that eventually cause you to level up. It's motivation enough to watch how many points each workout will give you, then to try to top the points you earn each time you workout."

* Featured in CNN, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Kotaku, The NY Observer, Apple App Store, Men's Journal, Mashable *

• Incredible speed: arrange and track your workout with minimal effort.
• Powerfully flexible: rearrange workouts, add supersets and circuits, save routines, and more
• Free workout routines: get awesome workouts from the best fitness coaches, whether you're at home or at the gym
• Join fitness teams led by expert trainers who provide personalized workout and nutrition programs
• Embark on an epic adventure: Unlock achievements to visualize your progress. Beat quests to push yourself and take on new challenges.
• Be inspired: Follow other Fitocrats to get daily inspiration and join in on conversations.
• Ultra motivation: Join an amazing community of supportive Fitocrats who will keep you motivated on your journey. If competition's your thing, there's plenty of that too.
• Import/Export: Syncs with RunKeeper, export history to images and files.

• Get support and motivation from our amazing community of Fitocrats just like you
• Your workouts are always synced between the web and the iPhone app
• Automatically post your progress to Twitter and Facebook (optional)
• Browse other users' profiles and find out what works for people just like you

"It’s about time someone created a RPG for fitness" - TechCrunch

"...the best example yet of a digital domain applying the basics of games to getting in shape." - The Globe And Mail

"...provided me with a motivational breakthrough." - Kotaku

Need any help getting started with Fitocracy? Check out this short and sweet walkthrough video! http://ftcy.co/188T3BJ
Want to see more? http://ftcy.co/1u2V51G
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Customer Reviews
Worst UX i’ve seen in a while

While i like the web app the mobile app is terrible. The person who designed it has no idea of UX. It took me 5 min to add a simple running exercise. Guess i have to create a workout first. If i want to change anything in workout i have to go to Options? Really? Why is it options? As i am in tech business working with UX all the time the lack if logic in the app drove me nuts and I uninstalled 10 min after installing.

Love Fitocracy BUT....

please update the app more. It crashes, it’s occasionally difficult to use and buggy, I can’t see what I write in the search bar, lots of exercises don’t have video or even an image. There’s a lot of issues and the last update was 4 months ago. I’d love more consistent updates. But it does have a wonderful community. Earning points to level up is a great way to get yourself motivated and I’ve been using it for years and years. We just want a better app.

Great app. Works perfect. Tons of exercises.

Love this app. The social aspect is cool, but the tracking is where it is at. Easy to input workouts and track weights. Love it.

Great for beginners and hardcore gym goers

I’ve been using this app for several years now and, while sometimes there might be an app or something slows, overall this app has functioned well over the years and many updates they have done. I’ve contacted customer service 2-3 times and received responses in HOURS, not days, and I haven’t paid anything with this app yet. Examples how to do exercises and sample workouts, plus the community functions wherein other people may “prop” or comment on your workouts randomly, is an excellent and free boost of confidence. The community is amazing, never saw or received any negative remarks in my three years. I recently started using the computer platform to set up your workouts in a computer and just start them on the app, and while the computer is a little buggy or not so initiative at times, it still works very well. The fact that the app also logs your progress and you can see t in a chart, tells you about new PRs, and allows you to link up with friends and family (who can see your workouts—or lack therefore—helps keep you on track. I highly recommend this app, and just wish there was a way to pay to unlock more user created workouts (I.e., more workouts that I can create myself because currently there is a capped amount) would be nice. I know you can sign up to be a “hero,” but that’s monthly and expensive, particularly because I won’t utilize the main benefits of hero subscriptions; I just want to create more of my own workouts to choose from.

Best workout tracker app

I’ve used this app for several years. It was the app that fit my needs best then and continues to today. Easy to use. Clean interface.


I needed to lose weight and I found this so I tried this but it won’t let the year go after 2000

Great way to keep track

I need something to keep me on track and being able to track my workout helps me see my progress, but accountable.

Great App

Like FB for gym rats!

Ok app. Recent issues.

This app is effective at tracking workouts and has a decent library of exercises. It’s not stellar but it gets the job done. One way to improve would be to allow repetition of workouts older than a week. I’m not a big fan of the social aspect but you can pretty much ignore it. That said, the app has recently become buggy even though the last update was six months ago. Saving a workout doesn’t seem to work. When I attempt to save the view immediately dismisses and I end up with multiple copies of my workout. It also doesn’t seem to fully support the newest iPhone screens. I’m not sure what the issue is but I hope it get sorted out. This app is worth at least 3 stars for most people.

Fred the robot tho! 🤖

Fred never finished counting my points. The screen froze and I was stuck with Fred... for an awkward amount of time



Great for the gym

Love the app. Love that the points give you some sense of fun by using the app while also keeping track of progress. Only wish it would keep a PR of reps with a weight and not only heaviest weight.

Used to be good.

Was an early user of fitocracy when it was popular on r/fitness. Redownloaded the app after not using it for a few years and good grief. The new interface is terrible. It keeps telling me to do calf raises. I just want to log my workouts. I don’t want to do your crap workouts or watch videos of people telling me how to do exercises that I’ve been doing for 20 years. Sad to see the app go downhill.

Much improved, very useful

This app has come a long way! I can now actually use it in the gym to track and measure my workout! :) Update 2017-06-12 still running smoothly it's my main workout tracker

Love this app

Like Facebook for those that workout - plus fun to keep score. Great workout app to keep track of your workouts

Solid General Exercise Tracking

Nice general exercise tracking app. Wish it could import data from a run tracking app. Very welcome lack of spurious notifications and attempts at up selling.

Best workout tracking app ever

This is the only app and site I’ve used for the past 7 years. I would be sad if it ever left. It keeps a great history if everything I do, tracks my PRs and how long it has been since I did certain lifts. The social side is wonderful too. I can post body progress picks without the leud comments Facebook gives.

General audience app

Says 4 and up but I wouldn’t let any kids in there. Way too much nudity.

Makes it fun

Been using this app for going on 10 years now and it’s always been exactly what I needed. Keep up the good work Fitocracy devs!

Awesome !!!!

Excellent why to track your workouts, and if your new to it like me there’s pictures and preset workouts that all you have to do is follow the prompts. Great for beginners and workout enthusiasts.

Crash redux

This was great until the most recent update. Since August 2nd, none of the workouts tracked in Runkeeper are syncing with Fitocracy‘s app. This is ridiculous.

Returning to FITOCRACY from BodySpace

There’s features that BodySpace has that this one doesn’t, which make it more user friendly and detail oriented. But, overall I believe this is a better app. Definitely room for improvement but altogether solid.

I love fito!

When I first downloaded this app over two years ago I was just looking for something to track my workouts, but I ended up falling in love with the community in there. That is where the app shines. The people who use it are amazing! I’ve made some great friends through Fitocracy. I would recommend this app to anyone. And I’ll never leave as long as it’s up and running.

Great community, very good app & website

The community is where it’s at with Fito! It’s a very good app for tracking as well, but I wish they would update it more seriously.

Need export/backup

Need ability to export/backup data! Other than that this is definitely the best app for tracking workouts out there.


Lots of random glitches, one of the better fitness apps, but in the land of the blind...

Love this app

Love using this app to keep track of my workouts and help keep me motivated!

Overall, Excellent!

I very much like the organized method of documenting my workouts with ongoing cumulative progress rating. I do not like the extremely lengthy process of adding new exercises.

No workouts

When you go to search for workouts there are none. Zero. I tried every filter possible. There are no pre-set workouts. The only thing you can do is make custom workouts.

Can’t get past login screen

Seriously? I put in my username and password on iPhone X and there is no login button, only “back” and “login with Facebook”.

User Friendly & Goal Oriented

Fitocracy has been a wonderful tool in my fitness toolbox. The ability to follow workouts, build custom workouts, and track progress is easy to use. Over the years my personal fitness goals have evolved; Fitocracy has helped those goals to fruition the entire time.

Love this app!

Such a great way to keep track of reps so I can track my improvement!

Good fun

Nice and diverse for tracking, great way to connect with friends. Mobile app a little difficult but using the web portal for the finicky stuff works fine.

I keep coming back

I started using this in high school to track little workouts here and there outside of athletics. In college I trained for triathlons, was in Army ROTC, and would hit the weights heavy and bulk for spring break, while this app allowed me to challenge myself in a different way through it all. After college I turned to the weights as an answer for depression and striving for new workout high scores and PRs on lifts from Fitocracy really made me strive for the best me. A family, new job, child etc got me distracted from fitness, but I’m back. I’m here for good and can’t wait to watch the charts and see my lift numbers approach and surpass where they were previously. Keep it up Fitocracy, I love it

Love the website but the app is too buggy

The bugs in this app make it basically unusable, which is a shame since the website and community are so great. This app regularly freezes, doesn’t respond to touch, or quits out or doesn’t log workouts.


Interface has improved through the years making it much more inherent; however, the social media aspects are still cumbersome.

Tutorial glitch

I've never been able to use this app because the tutorial always ends up stuck at the 3 second walk workout. Waited for updates and this issue has never been fixed.

Wanted to try it

I wanted to try this but I cannot seem to get by the Tutorial. I’m not given any sort of login screen

Great for logging workouts

Still one of the best workout trackers around for the general population.

One star bc I cant even get out of the tutorial

Keeps just locking me into the “Walking” set of the mandatory tutorial before being able to set up account. It wont let me do anything at that point besides moving the set time up or down for Walking, and keeps saying it’s my last set

Doesn’t work!

After several attempts the app cycles through the tutorial but will not advance to the next screen so I can create an account. I’ll just stick with finding workout routines on Pinterest because I have wasted time trying to create an account when I could be working out total disappointment

Won’t move past tutorial

Would love to use app but it won’t move past tutorial. Screen appears and then kicks back to 3 second walking screen. Definitely a bug that needs to be fixed.

Looks promising but won’t get past wizard

The final part of the setup wizard attempts to load a screen after you rate the test walk you run through, but that screen only flickers for a second and you can never create an account or get started. If they fix and I’m able to test I will. Iphone 6s plus with latest iOS.

Fixes needed

The inability to complete workouts and/or them showing up twice (then not being posted on my feed) is highly annoying and, from the looks of it, has been going on too long.

Can’t get into app?

I feel like I would love this app. I’ve deleted it, redownloaded it...I keep coming across the same error. I’m unable to surpass the tutorial, and once I get to the walking example tutorial, I am prompted to hit the thumbs up to “finish”, a purple screen pops up, but then it goes back to the walking workout screen but it’s not the tutorial anymore and I can’t get out of it. None of the buttons but the play button works. I can’t get past this to even create an account.

I can’t get past the tutorial

I tried closing the app, redownloading, etc. I still can’t get past the tutorial part

Needs update

Needs updating has a major bug

Why do I keep using it?

Ui has always been clunky, but with 11.3 there is an odd bug when saving that results in 1 saved and 1 copy of same workout.

Too many bugs

This app doesn't have enough back buttons for all the bugs that you find and then you can't get back into the app without closing out entirely! Tried logging on with Facebook and that doesn't work and then I can't remember my username but I have an account and there's no place to do forgotten user or pass... you're just stuck on that screen until you close out. And every time you close out you have to go through the intro stuff over even though I keep doing it. I'm going to try something else to connect with friends because this is stupid. I tried for like an hour and can't log on... I even tried on their mobile site and it's even worse, they have some pop up that prevents everything.