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Radar Cast Elite - NOAA Hi-Def FutureCast, Push Notifications, Driving Directions, Lightning Strikes & Weather

by WeatherSphere

(109 user ratings)


Download size: 29.58MB
Version: 3.0
Released: 2013-04-01
For ages: 4+


Know what weather is coming your way with future-cast technology, allowing you to see hi-def radar and anticipated conditions one hour into the future. Instantly know when it’s about to rain or snow with push-notifications to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

The Only App That…

- Shows hi-def animated past, current and future-radar in a single continuous sequence on a fluid responsive map without having to press a single button
- Can instantly show predicted rain/snow start/stop times for any point on the map
- Allows you to control the loop speed and choose the interval between individual frames from 5 minutes to 1 hour
- Automatically augments land-based radar images with latest images from NOAA satellites covering the Atlantic/Pacific oceans into one single screen

Key Features:

- Stunning hi-def and fast loading radar
- FutureCast radar for up to 60 minutes in the future
- Push-Notification for when it’s about to rain or snow at a bookmarked location
**- TurnCast – weather based GPS driving directions
- Hourly forecast for the next 24 hours, as well as 5 day forecast for any location
- Bookmark multiple locations for quick access
- Easily send radar screenshots via email or social media
- See weather forecast, severe weather warning boxes, storm direction arrows, hurricane forecast tracks, wildfires, & current drought severity on the same map
- Get fast support from within the app

Coverage Notes:

- If you live in a very-high-altitude town in Colorado (e.g. Fraser, Vail, Aspen), most likely this app will not meet your needs since radar beams get blocked by the tall mountains. Alaska coverage includes only the southern coastal areas, and does not include the Aleutian Chain. Cloud coverage does not include Alaska and Guam. Also, push-notifications for rain will not work reliably in Hawaii, Guam and Alaska. Aviation Sectional Charts are not available for Hawaii.

This app is only useful for users in the US, including all 50 states and territories including Puerto Rico and Guam.
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Customer Reviews
Radar Cast

Used to give notifications when it would start to rain, now nothing. Support will not respond to requests for correction. Get with the Program!

Still the best weather app around

I've tried many other weather apps and I always end up deleting them. Along with Dark Sky, these are the cream of the crop.

As perfect as it comes

Never displays a message asking for an App Store review!

Good but needs to be updated

I have used the app for 4 years now and it has been the best radar app I've ever used but now it is starting to get buggy and not working please update the app I don't want to get rid of it!the navigation does not work at all it just crashes and when changing your icons for saved locations, nothing pops up except a blank white screen and sometimes it tells me I have been signed out of my account. I can't really use the app right now so please update it for the iOS 10 users

No longer supported

I bought this app for the route function as you can get the radar function for free on "MyRadar." The route function however does not work and multiple queries to support have gone unanswered. Then I noticed that their last update was 2015. My guess is that they have abandoned this one by the roadside.

Absolutely the Best Radar/Weather App I've Found.

...I've downloaded a lot of them. It was the only one that showed Hurricane Matthew's correct track. No it didn't give multiple possible outcomes. It just showed the correct track. And I could see the shorelines better than any of the other apps. This is a great app! And it has never been slow to load for me.

Please update app is crashing

Great app but way too long between updates... Please update for IOS 10! Last update was spring of 2015.... Where is the love?

This app often does not update for 10 minutes or more.

This app does not update often enough. I have 10 minute old information in this app regularly.

Great! It can really save your life!

It can show hurricane paths and forecasts it can show every cloud to ground lighting strike in the U.S. One day back in May I saw two storms near my area both were tornado warned one was moving towards my location so I went and told my parents and my friends over text the storm hit it decided to drop a twister near west Chester and not were I live but if that twister did occur over my area I could have been dead because I was not paying attention to the weather until I saw the warning! great app!!! UPDATE: IOS 10 causes crashing. Have had the app quite twice so far still five stars just update it for IOS 10

Disappearing place icons

The place icons are disappearing!!! Where'd they go??????


Radar is nice. But not sure why I paid 2.99 for another when I already had the 1.99 app. Navigation does not work. Wasted money.

Fairly good

Does not predict showers well, even if I can see them coming. Also, frequently can't retrieve weather, amazing. Come on boys, fix this thing or I'm moving on.

Radar Cast Pro

Was 5 stars but lately no support from within the app or from the support on their web site

Waste of Cash

As bad as other apps- could even predict rain while it was pouring on my head Save your money

It's ok

I used it today traveling and it didn't work so well. I think traveling at 70mph and the radar delay didn't match up at all. I was sitting home yesterday and I was waiting for the rain this app had me under yellow (moderate rainfall) 20 minutes before it even started raining!!! And I wasn't on future cast. There are many many more accurate apps out there don't get this one!

Paid for it use to be the greatest now blank map

I have the paid version. Use to be the best weather app ever but now all I get is a blank screen with my location dot. Needs updated bad. Will change my review if it starts working again. I phone 6+ up to date 8/3/16

No support

I paid for the driving directions and it no longer works. The app says support has a fast response but my experience is no response. The only thing worse than an app that doesn't work as advertised is a paid app that doesn't work. I would look at other weather apps and leave this one alone.

Used to be great, but really needs work

Like some have said, this app doesn't keep up with IOS updates. Before I updated to IOS 9.3.3, it worked great. Since that update, it won't show any future radar. It only shows the past radar, which its sister app already does. Wish the developers would keep up with the times.

Not that goog

Widgit wont load


This app WAS great, but just deleted it. It went wonky on me and kept skipping over the areas I wanted covered. I tried everything in the book, then, final option, I deleted it so I could reinstall it. BUT, you want me to buy it again?!! I'm not sure I want to throw money at something that might or might not work. Especially with no income now...

Waste of Money

This forecaster is never right, I don't know where they get their information from but it's terrible, DO NOT BUY!!

Needs work

Apple Watch radar not even remotely close to what iPhone shows iPhone shows nothing on radar while watch shows storms rolling through

Great App, but....

This really is s fantastic weather app, the radar is great! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I have had this app a little over a year now and it has never came out with an update for the app in the entire year I have had it. Seems kinda crazy that there is nothing that needs updating within a year time frame. But it's a great app and worth it, it is definitely one of my top weather apps besides DarkSky!

Love it

Been using this app for years. Very accurate and detailed. I love the notification widget as well. (If you can't decide between this or "Hi-def Radar", get this. It's the same thing except this has a few extra features such as push notifications.)

The Best

Great update, back to being the best weather app on my iPhone again!

Pretty poor at forecasting

I purchased this app specifically because it seemed to be able to give precise forecasts about when rain would start or end at my exact location. What I found in reality is that it did an average job as long as the rain/storms were constant. It consistently failed to predict rain when the storms were developing near my location. I could see the growing and intensifying areas of precipitation on the radar, and could extrapolate the trend to deduce that it was about to start pouring, but the app itself failed to make such predictions, insisting it would remain dry. It also failed to predict when rain would stop. Again, visually I could see gaps in the radar indicating the rain would let up for an hour or so, but the app kept saying rain would continue.

Awesome app

This is an awesome app. Great weather detail it gives with alerts, usually right on, when it's going to rain. The option availability is so great.

Not very accurate

The radar prediction functionality and this app is not accurate. For example it is pouring outside currently and the weather radar app says it won't be raining here for 40 more minutes...

App is end of loved don't buy. Another dev jobs customers.

Do not buy The paid app has clearly been end of lived where their freemium app has had a massive update. It's unfortunate they chose to join the growing trend of app developers who forget their customers who supported them early on. Don't buy - it's not been updated in ages. And needs to be. Their other app my weather may be great. I won't be trying it after buying this one. ----old review---- iOS app is pretty good if a bit cumbersome. A lot of info and great maps. But he ui has a learning curve for a weather app. The local rain indicators are seldom correct. And they probably try too far out. I get a fair bit of it will rain in 23 mins and nothing comes of it. Even 45 mins or so. Also the notifications are far too frequent even set to one every ten minutes it doesn't seem to respect that setting it's not optimized for watch os2 but loads surprisingly fast for a non native app. Unfortunately the map overlays vanish and it's a bug that's been around a fair bit of time I'd like to see covered. (Zoom and play ) there's obviously no complication either to launch from Watch face and present information. If like to see his app updates more. Updates seem VERY slow to arrive. Overall the iOS app is good for map lovers and accurate weather but lack some design acumen and accurate local Notifications like dark sky. I'm surprised the notifications aren't more accurate given how good the temp and radar is it's trying to catch up with some Of the newer competitors features which as of yet aren't quite implemented right. And despite a recent redesign really needs some ui help (cmon hire a designer!)

Excellent Weather Resource

(iPhone/iPad apps) Especially if you or loved one travels, you'll find this to be a reliable and practical weather app, *a 'go to' weather app* for staying informed on current weather conditions around the globe. I ran a 6 mo. trial, going back and forth btwn several weather apps (from apps like Yahoo's and LivingEarth's beautiful graphics to apps like TheWeatherChannel's straightforward charts,) browsing predictions and following up on outcomes, all led me to conclude once and for all which was to be the one most accurate (at least in my area of the world), and this is it. Plus big bonus!, it comes with several bells & whistles, awesome features that for example, let you flag/drop-a-pin anywhere, personalize that label (a house for ur home, a skier for that mountain trip vacation, or various colored pins to drop along the rout to visit family a couple states over.) Thanks Weather Sphere! Please don't forget to continue updates!

Great app....

This app is great except it doesn't show rain in all areas. It will be raining at my house and no rain is on the radar in my location.

Stopped creating updates so now this app is becoming trash

This app used to be fantastic and was my go-to radar source. For the last six months, however, the app doesn't seem to have been updated to keep up with iOS updates. As a result the app is glitchy, has poor radar quality, and lacks customer support. I recommend you use a different radar app until these people hopefully get with the program.


App is not as billed. Storms don't show up on the radar. I even had the app highlight an area and gave me an advisory today but the app showed nothing on radar. Check weather channel app and other NOAA apps and sure enough, the storm was there. I wish I could get my money back.

Great App. Watch app loads slow and Location icon interferes.

Great App on the iPhone and for that is deserves 5 stars. The Apple Watch maps load VERY slowly…so slowly you have to be careful not to press the zoom in, or zoom out, button again before the maps have a chance to update the first time! Also, the location icon at the bottom of the Apple Watch screen consumes about a 1/5 of the total Watch screen real estate. They really need to just get rid of that icon and assume folks know which map location they’re looking at. Or, have a MUCH SMALLER one or two letter identifier as to which location you are watching. Please developers, address the size of the Apple Watch location icon in the next update. All in all, however, GREAT APP!

Great app when it works.

Love this app but the weather forecast feature quit working on Dec 22. Radar still works fine but can't get the 5 day forecast now. How disappointing when you need it for holiday travel it doesn't work. Even tried reinstalling.

Good when I bought it a year or two ago. Now bad.

Bought it for the notifications, which DO NOT work anymore. However even if they did work this app makes notoriously bad weather predictions. Outside its been raining for hours, but this tells me it's not likely to rain. Looks like they did some cost cutting. Do not buy this app.

Super App.

I have fooled around with any number of weather apps. and have not been satisfied with any radar screens until I loaded the HD NOAA weather App. This version is greatly improved...I wish I could find one this good for my Mac! Please design this App. for full screen OSX.

Does not work on Apple Watch

Great phone app but no data loads on the Apple Watch. That was the main reason I had purchased it. Fix it and I will give 4 stars. The latest iOS is fully updated on both watch and phone but maps still don't ever load into watch.

A great buy

I'm on the road quite a bit and this is the best paid weather app so far. I've tried many and the in-app support is prompt and highly effective should you encounter issues. Great job

Awesome App

This is a fantastic weather app. It has so many awesome features and really allows you to customize it to your liking. If a storm is moving towards your location, you can tap on it and the app will show you important information such as the chances for hail. This app also lets you track Hurricanes & their path which is a very nice feature. Another great thing about this app is that you can add different locations so you can alert those you love of incoming severe weather. Then, it also shows warning boxes on the radar like Flash Flood Warnings, Tornado Warnings, Severe T-Storm Warnings and also weather watches. There is a problem I have had with the app that prevents me from rating it 5 stars though. Most of the time when the app notifies me that it might start raining soon, it never does rain. Sometimes the app is correct and it does rain. But it usually isn't right. Other than that it's definitely the best weather app I've had by far. And I've purchased many pro versions of different weather apps too.

New update crashes

To just see the weather it's nice, but i noticed that when trying to add a new bookmark from contacts it crashes every time.also watch app slow and kind of strange to use

Simply the best

I've been using it for years, and it never ceases to amaze me. I am an avid inshore and offshore angler. NOBODY does weather better than NOAA. Consistently accurate and real time information. Forget your local weather person and your "local forecast". This is the only source that I truly trust. Thank you NOAA!

Awesomely Accurate

Fantastic weather app. Completely customizable. Love watching as the weather through my window matches up perfectly to the radar on the app as storms roll through. Being able to track the lightning and wildfires in real time is fascinating. This app is not only incredibly useful, it's a ton of fun to boot!

More frequently updated hurricane tracks please

Hurricane tracks are not updated very frequently. As of today..TS Joaquin is just off the coast and Ida is gone yet the app still shows Ida and Joaquin is nowhere in sight. This is an advertised feature yet is is days behind.

Accurate but Needs....

The app is accurate, very customizable. It needs a pollen tracker option to make it complete.

It's ok

The radar part is awesome but the rain warnings only work half of the time

Great app

Easily one of the most useful apps. Great for a final check before takeoff. ADS-B doesn't provide weather until you are in the air. This gives you a great "big picture" before takeoff.

The best

Best radar app bar none, and I have a few.

Alerts stopped working

Was a 5-star app until alerts stopped working within the last two weeks.

Notifications Broken

This was a 5-star app until the weather warning notifications stopped working recently. Reinstalled and verified settings, but still fails.