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TripIt: Travel Planner

by TripIt

(182,492 user ratings)


Download size: 168.03MB
Version: 12.5.0
Released: 2009-04-10
For ages: 4+



Quickly make sense of all your travel plans and create a single itinerary for every trip with TripIt. Stay one step ahead from planning to landing with the world’s highest rated travel organizing app.


Unlike other travel apps, TripIt can organize it no matter where you book. As soon as you book a flight, hotel, car or other reservation, simply forward it to plans@tripit.com and we’ll instantly add it to your master itinerary.


No more frantically searching through your inbox for important details like when your flight gets in, or your confirmation number. Get to them instantly in TripIt, even when you’re offline. With Siri shortcuts, you can even access those details hands-free! Plus, we make it easy to sync travel plans to your calendar, or share them with anyone you choose.


Take a trip down memory lane with Travel Stats! See your distance traveled, trips taken, countries visited and more.

Our Carbon Footprint feature tracks carbon emissions for each of your flights and suggests practical ways to reduce or offset that environmental impact.


Manage all your plans for free with TripIt, or for about the price of checking your bags, upgrade to TripIt Pro to get stress-free travel all year long.

When you upgrade, TripIt Pro will do all this for you (and more!):


• Help you find a better seat
• Monitor for flight refunds
• Remind you when to check in


• Tell you when to leave for the airport
• Send real-time flight status alerts
• Let you know how long the security lines are


• Provide interactive airport and terminal maps
• Send terminal and gate reminders
• Tell you baggage claim info


Your iTunes account will be charged when the purchase is confirmed. Your TripIt Pro subscription will be good for 1 year, and automatically renew each year at $48.99 unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before your term ends (see user agreement: https://www.tripit.com/uhp/userAgreement and privacy policy: https://www.tripit.com/uhp/privacyPolicy). To manage your subscription, including autorenew, visit iTunes Account Settings.


If your company uses SAP Concur, you may receive complimentary TripIt Pro benefits that most travelers have to pay for. Make sure you’re connected to TripIt to get itineraries created for you as soon as you book, and receive a complimentary subscription to TripIt Pro, if you’re eligible.
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Customer Reviews
Travel plans

Helps me organize my plans in one place

I just loved it

That was everything I needed for organize my trips

Organized Travel Winner

TripIt is great because it helps organize my trips and keeps everything in one easy to access app.

Very nice thanks I like very organized


Not dependable.

approximately every three months I loose all my upcoming trips. Impossible to recover.

Helpful Travel Companion

This app has most of what you want when traveling or automatically providing your travel info seamlessly elsewhere. Needs a few more additions or tweaks to be a 5 rating.

Almost Ready

Nice app but please allow the app to go full screen on an iPad and allow us to change the color of the icon. Thanks

Generally good for planning

I loved using Google Trips but that is no longer a thing, so this is the next best thing. It’s not as friendly with sharing as Google was and isn’t as user friendly, but I’ll take what I can get!

Not Up to Date!!

I paid for the Pro version so I can aggregate all my trips in one spot! We travel monthly by air, rail, public transport, hotels, tour groups etc! So it seemed like the smart thing to do! Well until the virus lockdowns came up! Now one last piece of the puzzle was our Jet Blue Flight. Which was cancelled by JB! So TripIt is telling us our flight is on schedule & I can check in! Really? TripIt bots haven’t picked up the cancellation?? Don’t tell me Humans check this info & since everyone works out home they’re asleep on the wheel?

Need help

App support team—please contact me bc I keep getting an error message when trying to reset my password.

It’s ok for free but ...

I sure wouldn’t pay for this app because complex trips with changes in itineraries and vehicles usually produce confused itineraries. Just today, as an example, a flight that was changed twice now lists all the flights piggy-backed to each other. It’s a joke right now. Simple trips are sorted properly.

Worry free

Always able to go to this site for my travel info

Very convenient

I travel a fair bit and this app has been very helpful in keeping me organized. I tell all of my friends about this app.

It stopped working.

No more support for iOS 10. Not fair.

So far, crap

At least in my experience, all details must be entered manually. As I enter flight information, which is extremely tedious, it asks for airports yet cannot recognize or search airport names. You are literally just typing in a word, or an airport code to fill the field. There is no dynamic, or smart capability as far as I can tell. Anticipating the completely useless and expanding hell moving forward, I’ll delete and find another planner.

Weekly travel tracking made easy

I trace every week for work. I book my own itineraries, and it is easy to forget what is done, what is not, for flights, hotels, and rental cars. TripIt makes it easy! Thanks you TripIt!

Lack of Interactive Maps

I bought TripIt Pro for the interactive airport maps while for travel abroad. After paying $50 come to find out that it had no maps for the airports I was traveling to, and these were the major airports in the countries. Very disappointed. The pay version is not worth it.

Awesome -a must if you travel

Makes my life easier.. The app is faster than the monitors in the airport. If there is a flight change you know before they post it on the monitors. Forward your confirmations from Airline Rental car and hotel and bang that info shows on one page! I have used for 3 or 4 years

Beware of telemarketing

I like the technology, but I’m getting daily telemarketing calls from someone identifying herself as with TripIt. I think she is trying to sell vacations, but I don’t let her get very far into her script. When I ask how she got my number, she hangs up. So it may be a scam but the calls started the day after I put the app on my phone.

This app is so convenient

No more switching between plane apps, a calendar and ticket apps to see my schedule. And it does it all automatically!

I love this app!

Great way to organize all my trip information!

TripIt Is My Essential Trip Planning Tool!

I can’t say enough about how TripIt has made my life and travel so much easier. All of my plans, confirmation numbers, reservations, etc. just show up all in one place in chronological order without me lifting a finger! I’ve had a friend, a wife and mother of 2, say it’s the best thing I ever gave her. The fact that don’t have to be online to see it all, since I’m rarely online when I’m traveling, makes it even more convenient. Thank you, TripIt!!

Love my TripIt!

This is an incredible app! I travel fairly often and TripIt is fantastic for keeping all of my itinerary details in one easy to access place. I'm sometimes not the most organized person, and having all of the details for flights, hotels, Rent-A-Car's, etc. in one spot on my phone is invaluable. My only suggestion would be to reduce the price for the premium membership. It adds just a little more convenience than the free app, and if it were at a lower price I would purchase it just to support the programmers of this wonderful app. I recommend this app to others I know who travel a little or a lot, and they, too, love the service provided. Thanks for a fantastic product!

Life changer!

Love it! I travel a lot and it makes all the difference to have all the info in one single place.


Wow! What a great app! Now if you could only make the pro version a little less expensive? I’d give you 10 stars! Or give me the pro version for nothing! LOL

If you travel a fair amount this is one of the best apps period.

Great for people who need others (Friends, Family, co-workers) to know the details of a trip. I especially love it that you can either have guests view or edit.


Buggy when you use google account to create account, parts of the app are not accessible, prompting for password

Missed flight!!

This app had my flight info incorrectly entered and I was doing so much traveling that I depended on this trip organizer to help me and because of depending on it my spouse and I missed the flight. This costed me over $400.00 is losses. I will not longer recommend this app, nor will I rate it well. This needs to be fixed!

Great travel tool

I am on the road a lot and Trip it is helpful in keeping track of my next flight or hotel


I can’t even login despite all my efforts. Non starter. Deleted app.

Best App Ever

This app is a savior for my husband and I. He travels frequently and this keeps us from having to share flight info. I also use it and the is my go to for flight info, upgrades and notifications on my travel. It gathers all reservations in one convenient place.


With all my business travel it’s incredibly easy & valuable to have my itinerary, confirmations, etc in one concise place. It’s intuitive and will combine separate bookings into one trip. It’s also great for sharing itinerary details with others for coordinating....I can’t overstate the convenience, ease of use & functionality.

Gmail Fail

I cannot get this app or website to accept my Gmail account as a valid email, which is really unfortunate because I’ve heard lots of great things about this app but I don’t think I want to use it if it can’t function with my primary email.


This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! It made it so easy planning all the things I wanted to do and a breeze navigating an unfamiliar city.


Complete garbage. States my email address is “malformed”. Gets in just fine through a web browser.

Malformed Email Address

Can’t even log in, no error on website but app never worked. 0/5 stars as it’s useless for me.

Who cares about a flight carbon emissions?

Give us useful features not virtue signaling

Raving Fan

I travel for a living. My administrative assistant loads all my items into Trip-It. Flights, hotels, addresses, confirmations, set up times for events and more. This app is a completely internal part of my life and business.

Best trip organizer

Love the auto generated and filled plans. It’s a great way to get everyone on board and on the same page. Have used this for many trips and always helps to keep track of all my flights. Don’t even need to pay to get these features

User friendly travel info

On TripIt, the schedule is very clearly printed with dates, times, and res numbers.

Organized view

Keeps me organized and knowing whats up next on my trips

Saved me 75 dollars on a flight

I got a notification from TripIt that an already booked flight at Southwest Airlines had decreased in price. I went to the Southwest app and checked. Rebooked the same flight and got a 75 dollar credit in Southwest. TripIt is great with simple airline trips. Does not handle over night Amtrak trios well. Does not clearly show the arrival time under the proper day.

Great way to organize travel

I was heading on a 2 week business trip across 2 airlines and 5 cities. Didn’t matter what/where I was booking, I simply forwarded the confirmations to TripIt and it organized them all into one flow. Much easier than arriving in a city and trying to remember if I am at a Marriott or Hilton or something through Hotels.com and look for confirmation emails or through the various apps. One stop shop!

Not sure what I’d do without you

TripIt has been a great help in my life. I remember the old days where I kept all my confirmation emails in a folder for whatever trip I was taking. Now I have all of my travel information in one place. I even put things such as restaurants we want to visit and things like that in there. Best of all, it outputs an iCal file so it can integrate with my other thing I couldn’t live without: Google Calendar. I even pay for pro because I want to support them. Getting some money back when fares drop is just a bonus. Thanks for all that you do!

Quit lecturing and just track trips

Not interested in carbon footprint and getting pitched to donate. Are you getting a commission on these donations? Just track the trip and step down from the pulpit. Not what I paid for.


I have used Tripit for several years and loved it. For some unknown reason for an upcoming tripit has not synced with my email and I have not been able to get it to do so. At this time it is useless.

Preaching at Me

Love the app, but now your going to tell travelers about their carbon footprint. Give me a break and kind of hypocritical. Just want to live our lives without everyone being so woke.

Won’t let me sign in

Would love to use this since it sounds like it’s just what I need, however it won’t let me set up an account. Shoddy software, must be a piece of junk.

Business travel organized!

I travel frequently for business and TripIt is essential for keeping track of flight, hotel and car reservations. The added features in the Pro app are nice, such as neighborhood safety and airport terminal maps. I also like I can easily share my itineraries with family members.