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Science Glossary

by Visionlearning, Inc.

(3 user ratings)


Download size: 8.78MB
Version: 1.1.9
Released: 2009-09-22
For ages: 4+


A glossary of scientific terms and short biographies that support our science education website, http://www.visionlearning.com. All definitions link to related terms and to free, detailed science learning modules. Though geared for high school and undergraduate students using our website, the glossary and modules are appropriate for anyone generally interested in science.
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Customer Reviews
Very good app

It's a very useful app

This sucks😭💩😰

So I was doing my science homework which was look up some vocabulary words and so since I was on my iPad. I downloaded this. App so I turn to look up my first word which quantitative observation.... IT DIDNT HAVE IT so that night I got a bad grade on my homework. I'm not blaming the app, but can someone please fix that . Thank you in advance.

Needs update

I'm very disappointed of how some words are missing, don't have the iOS 8 design, this app needs update or it's deleted

No help

I tried finding 30 word and it only found 1 and it was not helpful this app is useless


Has NONE of the words you need. I was looking up words strait out of a biology book too!!!

No mitosis!

I entered mitosis to see if it was really that bad. It is.


None of the words i need are included! If you added a much larger variety of words and made it so you could mark words or hilight them or bookmark them or something it would be great!

what is this???!??! 😡😡

this is for BABIES! i need a dictionary that has a lot of words and that doesn't cost $30!!! goodness. UPDATE YOUR APP PLEASE AND THANKYOU.


I dont know what i was thinking when i downloaded this... It didnt have any words on my whole assignment. Cant believe i even got this, such a waste of time. Dont get this app! WORST APP EVER


This app has NONE of the words I need and no one should waste their time. Doesn't even have the word concentration or capillary action. Terrible app.

No specific words

This dictionary only covers the main topics. I was looking up genetic related words for homework and it had none of them. IT'S BAD DONT WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING IT!


Would be a wonderful app and very helpful, but is simply lacking loads of even common science words. Needs more words! As of right now, not worth your time.


This is a good app and advanced but the one thing it needs is a search bar, if there isn't one.


Not worth even downloading to check out. Basic science words aren't even included.

Not High Quality👎

I was trying to find some vocabulary words for my science project to help me get some info, so I downloaded this app to help me. Well, I looked up just one of my vocabulary words, subsurface topography, and they didn't have it. So, I just typed in another vocab word, geological forces, and it didn't have that word either. Also, I notice some words in the app were misspelled too. Ps: I'm only in 6th grade so the vocab words might be kinda babyish to some of u ppl reading this review.


For 5th graders

Are you kidding me?!

I'm trying to look up my fifth grade science words and I can't find any in a freakin dictionary and I try here and I get no results MAKE THIS HAVE MORE WORDS FOR FIFTH GRADE

Not bad, but weak

This app does have a fair number of science definitions but nothing beyond an 8th grade level. I tried to look up flash point the other day only to get nothing. All in all, not bad. But don't expect it to help you in high school or college.


The app did not have any of my chemistry definitions in if.

Good program

My students use this one to help make flash cards


A very informative free app, lots of info, great for just browsing out of curiosity....some missing, yet important items, i.e. ..Tesla and Planck, makes it less than perfect....but what is? Cadre Duxbury MA

Good app for general knowledge

This is a good app for general knowledge, or for finding definitions and information on basic scientific facts. But there are many areas that it is lacking. Another reviewer noted and I concur that it is reprehensible that Nicola Tesla is not highlighted in here. There is a section on Florence Nightingale, and not Tesla? I mean, come on!


A really great reference for basic scientific terminology. I have learned several things I would have otherwise overlooked. Thanks!

Great but...

If they are going to include convection they should also include conduction. Otherwise a good all around app.

Missing a lot

Just get wikipanion

Leave a lot to be desired....

I was excited o find this when i was given an assignment to look up definitions of 57 science terms, but it fell short of my expectations. There are a lot of major terms not included in this app, like States of Matter, plasma, open/closed systems, acceleration...and the list goes on and on.


Nice quick way to look up scientific terms.


Only has like a 50 word glossary and most of them are people DO NOT GET THIS APP

Still mad

Does not contain entry over Nikola Tesla. Not even the unit for magnetic flux (Tesla) You cannot have science without him.


I tried to find details about Max Planck,Nobel Prize in Physics 1918,but I couldn't find his name. Do you think could be possible to update the info. Thanks! I love this app, it's very helpful.

Fun and useful

Simple definitions and at they are right at your fingertips. Highly recommend.

Seems good!

The negative reviews below are probably about old versions. This (possibly updated) version is pretty good. It's easy to use. It's good for looking something in particular up or just flipping through random terms and facts while sitting in a waiting room or in line. It might be nice if there were a back button so you could easily return to one you just looked at, and a quiz feature would be awesome!

Very good.

I recommend it.

I have yet to use app

This looked like a great app however even though they tried to fix the problem the app doesn't want to download or install on my iPad


Didn't help me with my homework lol.


I'm a science teacher in Ca, USA highly reccomened

Works again

Thanks for the update, it works again! It's the best free science dictionary around.

What the....

Hardly any words and the words they have, horrible way of describing Example: Acid Rain- Rain with ph and moluces.

Needs more words!!!

Put more vocabulary On it

Not even worth getting

So few terms. It's useless.


Horrible App very limited in teems don't waste your time, unless you are in middle school it's useless.


Good only for kids in Europe and American students - both groups share similar, limited, knowledge level.


This app is awesome. I know a lot of people say it doesn't have enough terms, but they don't consider the fact that it is free. To show my point look up the app: Encycopledia and you see that it costs $9.00. Overall this is a good app because it is for one thing free, and has enough Scientific terms to satisfy.


Helpful but doesn't have a lot of terms in my book

Good for a 10 year old

I really like the concept but the collection of terms is VERY limited. You'd be better off launching Safari and pull up a Wikipedia page.

Limited chem

The icon for this app shows a beaker with liquid inside bubbling suggesting that this app has some chemical focus. This is not the case. Chemical elements appear to have been ignored in this science ref.

What up (v1.14)

How do you bag out in go to something eles

Any important words?

I tried to use this app for my ap bio class and I had to look up 100 words for a study guide and it had 1 word. It was like chapters 1-3 of simple biology and it had 1 word. It's useless. When you scroll from the top to the bottom of the list in two seconds you know it's too short of a dictionary. Needs more words. Alot more words.


It didnt help me at all and yeah it didnt even have the word cell in it. im deleting it.