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by Erway Software

(8 user ratings)


Download size: 19.47MB
Version: 3.1
Released: 2011-12-03
For ages: 4+


Physics! is a physics calculator which allows you to find:

- Force, Mass and Acceleration

- Momentum, Mass and Velocity of a moving object

- Period and Frequency of a Pendulum

- Distance, Time and Gravity

- Pressure, Area and Force

- Potential Energy

- Kinetic Energy

- Velocity, Wavelength and Frequency for Waves

The app uses SI units.

There is a pro version of the app which allows you to calculate everything in this version, as well as:

- Universal Gravitation
- Work, Force and Distance
- Power, Work and Time
- Rotational Inertia
- And more.
- Plus, you can create your own formulas with an intuitive interface.

The Pro version allows you to easily select different units for your calculations.

Also, check out Geometry! for all your geometry formula calculations.
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Customer Reviews
Another paid app

Another app you have to pay for in order to have personal custom

Not a bad app

Did what I needed it to do.

I recommend Physics X

If you are looking for quality content, I recommend the app Physics X, also on the app store

Waves, graphing, theory

needs -amplitude -temperature needs -3D graphing to measure spheres against cubes; and the like needs -principles in detail by name -analysis of pi concept -general relativety -quantum mechanics - dimensional analysis If the full version had any of these additional measurements or theories it would be more worth purchasing


Equations aren't correct and f=ma is Newton's second law


Calculator for these equations isn't necessary. I thought it would've been a little more complex equations. Animations or plotting would be nice. Also, f=ma is newtons second law, not newtons first law, and this is only when mass is constant.

Could use more equations

Not sure if the pro version offers more equations, but this version a couple more advanced equations. Also I gave you my email but the ads still exist


This app is worthless. If you need an app to calculate F=ma then you need way more help than this app could provide (like a brain or a clue). That there's a "pro" version that lets you use English units is comical. Apps like this signal the coming of the apocalypse.

Well, if algebra is physics I suppose this is OK'D

More of a demonstration of how to write an app than an application per se. Perhaps they should include a spelling checker so that "pendulum" could be spelled correctly.

Good job!

It should also have a theorycal part, but still it's great.

Review on physics

This uses less it doesn't teach you anything. All it is is a calculator

Very poor interface

Doesnt show the formula. Just good for getting answer.

Not very useful.

Not enough formulas to be helpful.


This app helps me so much.I use it for homework and for fun when I make my own equations.I Love This App! :)

Pretty good

It needs a little more equations, for example, universal gravitation, waves, relativity, etc. plus, it is great, but it doesn't really show you how you figure it out like writing the equation with the solver.

It's kool

But, you can't use negative numbers??


Can't enter negative numbers??? Really?

Well done

Makes solving basic physics based calculations fast.

Great app

Nothing for the huge physics majors but nice for basic calculations :)


Really helpful app