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Physics And Electronics

by Quizmine.Com

(22 user ratings)


Download size: 50.19MB
Version: 23.0
Released: 2010-11-30
For ages: 4+


Learn “Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering ” from AI driven coach and satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

App offers bite sized videos, quizzes and AI driven coach to help you become smarter and become great.

Just 60 minutes a week can help you become great in “Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering”

Following chapters are available for rapid fast learning.

Public Relations
Introduction to PMP
Learn Patent, Trademark, and Copyright
Principles of Management
Business Math
Management Information System
Human Resource Management
Project Management
Communication Skills

Please email us at Team@iEdu.io for any questions or feedback.
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Customer Reviews

Can't open app purchased all 300 apps for $9.99 and won't open. Please fix it!

Great app

I love this app, its great for beginners through pros. It is very easy to understand and it doesn't go over your head.


Not worth to buy. I can not open anything without buying extra in-app app for other $1.99.

Good flash cards

This is not a bad resource for intro physics. It is fairly comprehensive and helpful. There is another app called Physics X, however, that is the same price and has videos and better quizzes.


really great / fun way to see what i have remembered or even forgotten...


The electronic section shows up blank for all categories. I feel ripped-off.

This app rocks

The basics in flash with quizzes and flash cards to boot. Just what I've been looking for to help me make sense of the ridiculously large books I'm working through. Thanks Guys, Crispyato


The best reference ap ever.. Love it.

Good app .. slightly misleading

I like the app .. very informative. But found it a little misleading when I realized I had to pay an additional $1.99 to purchase the Electronics portion, when it appeared I was purchasing them both on my original buy. I'm sure I'll get over it :-).

Nice app

I don't know much about physics, this App is awesome.!!!!!.

I like it!!!

Easy and accessible fundamentals of basic physics. Even better when combined with the chemistry app. Especially handy for review or general understanding of scientific definitions (example: mass is a numerical measure of an object's inertia). Diagrams and illustrations are colorful and attractive too. All-in-all pretty good app!

Studying for finals

I'm trying to study for my finals and every time I try to open this app it crashes. Please fix

Will not load

Downloaded the app and it will not load. Wasted $1.99.


I bought it and it will not download

This app rocks!

I use this app mainly to look up formulas and keep the old noodle sharp. However, if I were a physics student with limited knowledge, i believe this app would be equally as helpful. This app does a great job of presenting basic physics in a manner that is not overly burdensome to the non-physics major. I have and will continue to recommend this app to my friends, students and colleagues.


Not bad ... Good studying tool for intro physics

Nice! But.

I would love highlighting & annotation capabilities! I am really enjoying the app. Thank you.


You might as well buy a text book and read it.

Love it


Very Well done!!!

I'm a 48 year old tinkerer. I love this app with its large, colorful, and very clear explanations with the equations. The pictures convey more information in one glance than the Oxford Dictionary version!! This is how a reference app needs to be written. Why don't other developers develop this way? Other apps are usually just a rehash of a bunch of words with no diagrams. I don't want to read a novel on conduction. I want a picture that shows me, with a quick formula combination on how to apply it. This app does that and very well!! Thank you... and keep up the good work!! I highly recommend this!!

A quick Reference

I originally regreted buying this app, However i am pleased to see that there are updates comming out for it. I do appreciate the quizzes. I would like to see some more examples maybe with an interactive lesson like an interactive text book or something. Audio would also be nice. I look forward to any future updates