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Learn CS, MIS and Networking

by Quizmine.Com

(44 user ratings)


Download size: 50.38MB
Version: 21.1.2
Released: 2010-11-17
For ages: 4+


*******This is the last update to this app.
Please download our container app i.e "GoLearningBus University" for more updates*******

Learn “Computer Science, MIS and Networking” from AI driven coach and satisfy your thirst for knowledge.

App offers bite sized videos, quizzes and AI driven coach to help you become smarter and become great.

Just 60 minutes a week can help you become great in “Computer Science, MIS and Networking”

Following chapters are available for rapid fast learning.

Public Relations
Introduction to PMP
Learn Patent, Trademark, and Copyright
Principles of Management
Business Math
Management Information System
Human Resource Management
Project Management
Communication Skills

Please email us at Team@iEdu.io for any questions or feedback.

Note:- We are using only in-app purchase in our app.we are not using subscriptions anymore.
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Customer Reviews
Must download app

I have recently updated my app and I like it ..... it is free from crashes and I like the new look and feel of the app .... 5 stars


Bought it first lesson great I'm just a kid learning about computers so buying lessons is a bad idea especially if it's so expensive


App is constantly crashing when you select videos and tutorials from various sections in the Networking chapters. Waste of money if not fixed!

Please update

Good for learning computer but the app itself crashes to much. I wouldn't mind if the app was updated to today's standards. But over all good app

Don't bother

Need to pay to access the lessons. Doesn't say how much the lessons cost.

Very bad

Same, it need to pay much more than I first bought it. So bad

Good app but...

I liked this app until it said I had limited access on the app and I had to pay for the pro version of the app. I could find just as much information on the internet.

Wow! Perfect!

This app has all of the important components of technology. I respect the developers that have put hard in to this app. Must buy in app purchases! Worth it!

Doesn't work at all

This app doesn't go any farther than the sign-in page. Don't waste your time.





Computer network major

This app is amazing


Only one page of information per subject, have to purchase anything worth while, and it is unclear how much each new section costs. Would not waste your money. Move along.


For once there Is something that helps me with what I WANT to learn

Great app

Great app

So far so good

I haven't gone trough the whole thing yet, but I've decided to rate it now with the hope of it never asking me to do so again.... Other than its constant need for affirmation, I've enjoyed this app and, as a functional computer illiterate, I've learned a lot....

Excellent Resource

Found it to be concise and easily used. Great for summaries and I use this everyday in my classroom.

Rip off

After you buy the App you discover that you only purchased the shell and if you try to open hardware 1 or 2 each one is a separate purchase by the time you open all of the separate modules you have spent way more worth than the actual value of this App. Don't bother it's a trap

Great app!!

This app is amazing. It's easy to understand.

I ❤ this app

This app is awesome the only things I would change is the bookmarking and starting over every time I exit the app other than that I love this app!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

OK for beginners

I graduated with a BS in electrical engineering and am looking into grad-level courses in CS or IT. This app is so far below my current learning curve it isn't funny. I could complete the quizzes I tried without going through the material, even in subjects I received no formal training. That said, this app is clean, cheap, smooth, and would have been awesome for me if I was in high school. Although the lessons I did examine are short and barely scratch the surface of the material. This app is either for high schoolers looking for brief info before they jump into serious studies or for folks looking for a simple review course.

Basic review of key terms

This is a basic review of fundamentals and if someone who was trained in comp science needed a review it is useful for that. I would not try to teach a beginner from this because it would be too hard to pull it all together - lots of facts but hard to pull together into a whole. I did spot one glaring error. In flash cards for comp sci it has a card for the ALU but gives the definition of a IP address.

Very nice!

Informative and in depth on the basics! I read it a lot


Perfect for learning about computers.


We need more apps like this one!!!

Works for a programmer/MBA ...

Good reference when memory is a little weak on the fundamentals.

Not Bad, But Very Basic

First of all, I appreciate this app because of its novelty. There are just a handful of similar offerings available. I needed a basic overview of computer science, and had a difficult time finding a suitable option for the iPad. I held back on five stars because this app needs improvement in both the scope and depth of its content. Even for an overview it's still just a bit too sparse. Nonetheless, it's affordable and I recommended it as an option.

Good resource

I found this to be a good resource for lesson plans. Great illustrations.